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Blood Moon Tetrad WINDOW Events for May 2014

     Israel: 1.  President Simon Peres will go to the Vatican June 8th to meet with Pope Francis and President Abbas of the Palestinians to pray and discuss the Peace Agreement. (WOW,this may very well begin the implementation of Daniel 9:27 and we ALL know what most ominous event that implies.  

     2.     Pope Francis’s trip highlights in Jerusalem and Palestinian West Bank:  a) In Bethlehem, he quoted the Palestinian people  as “The State of Palestine” b) Pope deliberately stopped at the Security Wall to pray.  Coincidently or Prophetically his exact stopping point was under a graffiti writing on the wall that said “Pope, we need to see someone to speak about Justice”.  c) Opposed by Jewish Rabbis and devout Jews, Pope Francis followed through and celebrated Mass in the Upper Room of Jesus’s Last Supper and also prayed at the Western wall.  d) No feedback as yet from major Israeli news media on Israel’s purported ceding  of the Temple Mount and David’s Tomb to the Vatican.  

     Palestinians:  1. Have established framework for new Unity Government between Palestinians on West Bank and Hamas in Gaza, who’s ultimate desire is bent on annihilation of Israel.  This pact is exactly what killed the 9 month Peace Process that ended April 29th, also the exact date of a Solar eclipse in Southern Hemisphere.  

     2.  The Palestinians were VERY satisfied with Pope Francis’s visit that it enhanced their international call for Statehood.  

     3.  President Obama has invited the newly selected Unity Govt. President Hamdallah, to visit him in D.C. next month.

     Ukraine:  1.  New President of Ukraine elected May 25th.  Within 3 days nearly 200 Ukrainian soldiers and rebels died.  The conflict is still white-hot in Eastern half of country as Russian Bear continues licking his chops in Moscow waiting.  

      Europe:  1.  388 million Europeans voted for the new EU Parliament which now select the new President of Europe.  For the first time ever, since formation of the EU, the Parliament will include both Neo/Natzi and Anti-Semite factions in the 751 seats. (Hungary’s portion of these anti Israel members was 15%, Greece’s Golden Dawn was 10%, Germany’s 1% Fascists representation, and France’s anti-Semite leaning La Penn getting 25% of the French Parliament members. (The Euro-Skeptic vote was much stronger than leaders anticipated, however, not enough to stop the meta-national institution with power willingly relinquished by the member countries and transferred to this supra national central entity. 

Egypt:  1.  Military leader, General Al-Sisi gets 93% of Egyptian vote for President.  However, only 43% of the People voted as most stayed away because of their great dislike of his cruel leadership (sounds like Issiah 19:4=”and I shall give over the Egyptians to a cruel leader…” ).

Syria: 1.  National elections will be held June 3rd, Assad heavily favored.  2.  Presently fierce fighting going on in the Golan Heights (Israel/Syrian border, Issiah 17:1,14=”Damascus shall be a ruinous heap…at evening tide there is trouble and in the morning he is not”).

USA:  1.  The US has been the sole leader in obtaining the latest Peace Agreement between Israel and Palestinians since July 29th, 2013, under Secretary Kerry.  They failed on April 29th, exactly”9 MONTHS”later (1 Thes.5:3=”When they say peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them like a woman in travail with child.”)

2.  This Peace Agreement from Hell (Issiah 28:18) divides the land of Israel even more than its present miniscule size of New Jersey and asks for Jerusalem to be divided, with the bulk of the Holy City to the Palestinians.  (Jerusalem is mentioned 843 times in the Bible and  O times in the Koran.)   Definitely,Zachariah 12:2,3  is “spot on” today as 2700 years ago.

3.  Also  “spot on”  is Genesis 12:3=”I’ll bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee.”  Just look at May’s events in the US:

a)  The horrific Veterans scandal exploding everywhere in the country

b)  The massive CIA leak of the US’s top spy revealed in Afghanistan

c)  US’s explicit telegraph to the Taliban on exactly when the US leaves and exactly how many troops will stay.

d)  US gross domestic product = -1.0% for 1st quarter,2014

e)  US food inflation is 10.0% and projected to be 22% later this year because of extreme drought in the Central Valley of Calif.  where 85% of our fruits and vegetables come from.  (just look at your hamburger cost today)

f)  Mentally Ill college student kills 6 in Santa Barbara.

g)  Next week, the EPA will absolutely carve up our energy sector with forced unachievable  regulations in the name of climate change.

h)  In San Francisco this past month a contest was run in the gay community to see who looked, dressed, and acted like Jesus Christ–How disgusting is that??

Friends, these events are not “lead hammers”  yet.  But, Oh, can’t you just see that we are so so close for something Mighty and Supernatural to happen in the Tetrad WINDOW we are in (week 7 of 76 weeks to Sept. 28,2015).  HE is truly coming back sooner than we may think.  May we PRAY and WATCH what our Lord has planned within these Blood Moons.