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Blood Moon Window End Time Events, June13

Friends, the confluence of events that have been so rapidly converging in the last 2 weeks is absolutely astonishing.  “But let our hearts not be troubled” for although we are “locked in” in this 8th week of the current Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW (68 weeks to go to Sept. 28, 2015, fourth Blood Moon), may we be mindful that Almighty God is in full control of all these prophetic “birth pangs”  about us.  So, let’s go:

A 1.  American events in the WINDOW:  Our govt. is fully immersed daily in stepping in “squishy muck” from 10 major blotched decision making events/scandals/etc.  No matter what happens in D.C. it literally fails miserably.  The latest 2 events being a) the freeing of an American soldier who’s claimed by liberals to have served with honor and distinction and that all his platoon soldiers he lived with 24/7 in Afghanistian are “psychopaths and raggedy”.  Actually, his platoon calls him a deserter;    b)  The busting at the seams  of 45,000 parentless border children in Arizona bussed in like cattle from Central America since the beginning of the year has reached a threshold of Humanitarian Apocolypse with no end in sight as the children keep flooding in unabated and our govt. is totally “solutionless”.

2.  8 tragic mass shootings resulting in 24 deaths and 1 multiple stabbing of a 12 year old girl by her 12 year old friends who were mesmerized with a demonic SlenderMan internet character concocted by Satan.

3.  Sodom and Gomorrah had exactly “zero” trangenders in the times of Lot when the Lord destroyed them for their deviant and depraved, illicit, sexual immorality.  Time magazine, last week on the front cover displayed one of America’s 1,500,000 transgenders.  OK, let’s do the math:  1,500,000 minus zero leaves us with 1,500,000, a most pernicious and poisonous perscription which our Lord will surely judge.  (Genesis 19:5,13,24).

4.  KAPOW, just like a cannon blast out of nowhere with such lightning  speed, in 72 hours, some 10,000 Islamic Caliphate starved barbarians-who even Al Queda fears-have murdered and beheaded 1,700 Iraqis.  They’ve swallowed up 6  consecutive cities including Fallujah,Tikrit, and Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city of 2 million.  They’re  moving methodically and exceedingly fast towards Baghdad, 55 miles to the South. Who knows, by the time the protest plagued  World Soccer Cup in Brazil is over Baghdad will be besieged.  America’s 4,477 dead soldiers and $733 Billion spent will be for exactly “WHAT” in just a few days.  This is the real “Shock and Awe” .  Even the U.S. trained Iraqi soldiers have willingly thrown their weapons and uniforms on to the streets and run for the hills licketty split.  These Islamic State of Syria and Iraq “butchers” are now toting around with American spoil of Humvees, tanks, weapons, etc.

5.  America’s disdain with our leaders inability to lead is alive and well.  Our President says he’ll be back with some decisions after his Palm Springs golf vacation.  Another bombshell of Eric Cantor’s election defeat surely drives a wedge of how ordinary citizens are literally yearning for real leadership.

6.  Do you remember the song in the 60’s :  “If you’re going to San Francisco …”, well, the gay community there recently had a contest to see who could look, dress, and act like Jesus Christ, …What can I say but relate to:  Rev. 6:10=”how long, Oh Lord, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth.” Come quickly Lord Jesus, WHEW!!

7.  The most nefarious Blood Moon WINDOW event for the U.S. is unequivocally our leaders’ full and unfettered acceptance, of the newly formed Unity Government between the Palestinians and Hamas (Gaza) on the exact day it was signed, June 2nd.  No problem, Sec. John Kerry says he’ll monitor every dialogue and action of the new govt.  Friends, we’ve been down that road before, haven’t we (Iran nuke dialogue, Crimea, Ukraine, Syria chemical weapons red line, – All went for squat).  Everything our American leaders flounder with, with respect to Israel, surely seems to be ending up with Genesis 12:3=”I’ll bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee”.

B. Europe :  The EU on June 8th installs a “negative” interest rate of minus 0.1% on ALL  checking and savings accounts for the first time in history.  (watch for similar maneuvers implemented in America beginning July 1st via Congress’ HB2847).

C.  Asia and Africa:  1.  Highly disliked and feared military leader Al-Sisi is Egypt’s new President.  (Issiah 19:4=”To the Egyptians I’ll give over to a cruel leader”).  2.  This Spring, Eboli virus in Africa and MERS in Saudi Arabia, both incurable have taken 240 and 222 lives, respectively.   3. In Nigeria militants Boko Haram have killed over 400 Christians in 2 weeks (ABC, CBS, CNN, and mostly NBC and White House, “where are you??”  And how about the Christian Sudanese woman who’s to be hung after she gets 100 lashes for loving Jesus.  And oh, she just gave birth in prison with no help and her legs were shackled with chains.  (where’s America’s pen and a phone to help her)?  (Matthew 24:7,8, for sure).  4.  TURKEY on June 5th, aggressively cuts off the flow of the Euphrates River. This instantly threatens Syria and Iraq.  This is a monstrous crisis.  (Rev. :16,12= “The great River Euphrates was dried up…”).  Friends, remember the WINDOW.

D.  On June 8th, 99.9999% of the world missed (and me included for sure) “The Beast” Asteroid that approached earth within 777,000 miles, it was the largest Asteroid to come so close to earth.  Totally shocked NASA says The Beast came unexplainably right out of nowhere on to their radar 6 weeks ago, on April 29th.  NASA says this never happens to them tracking asteroids, ever.  Friends, FYI, April 29th was the 9th month to the day, the futile end of the U.S. sponsored Peace Process with Israel.  (can’t you just see that this is no coincidence, 777,000, shocking unexplained appearance 6 weeks to April 29th. It’s the Lord, HE’s trying to grab our attention to those who seek HIM.  Kind of like the 777.77  point drop in the stock market, kind of like 7% that day on Sept. 30th, 2008.  Kind of like the $700 billion TARP fund to bail out U.S. banks.  Yes, yes, yes, HE’s talking to us again.  What an Awesome and Undescribable Lord we have whom we so abysmally failed.  Oh yes, the market dropped 7% also the day the stock exchange opened one week after 9/11/2001).

E.  Israel :  June 3rd, P.M. Netanyahu chastises our President saying: “I’m deeply troubled by the U.S. decision to maintain relations with the new Palestinian Govt. … the alliance with Hamas is unacceptable.”  Friends, please visualize the “sandwich” Israel is sliced between Palestinians on the North portion of the new Unity Govt. and Hamas (Gaza) on the South half.  Really, how can a country coexist “within” two parts of a country who wants to annihilate them, yet still wants to live in peace.  (1 Thes.  5:3=”When they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them…”).  Also, how fitting is this Blood Moon WINDOW with Issiah 28:14,15,18 on the “covenant from hell”, ie. Peace Process.

F.  The Vatican:  1.   Pope Francis celebrates Vatican Mass on May 25th in the Upper Room where Jesus had the Last Supper.  2.  Pope leaves parade in the West Bank, runs over to the massive controversial Security Defense Wall, lays his hands and prays on wall graffiti writing that says : “Pope, we need to see someone to speak about justice”.  3.  Pope leaves Bethlehem,  stops, lays his hands on two walls with graffiti, one in “red” graffiti that says” free Palestine” and the other with “black” graffiti that said “Occupied Land”, and prayed on them.  Really, what skewed message must this portray with his true feelings about Israel and Palestinians.  4.  The Pope’s entourage calls the Palestinians “the State of Palestine” in Amman, Jordan. 5.  He prays with the Presidents of Israel and Palestinians in the Vatican June 8th, and says “I hope this visit will  MARK  a new journey toward peace in the Middle East” (forgive me for spontaneously thinking about Rev. 13:17 ??).  6.  Pope says the Church is “not Masculine for man but Feminine for women, like Mary, eh…”.  (thinking again this time Rev. 17:4,19 ).  7.  On June 9th Pope meets with America’s mega church Pastor Joel Osteen and Senator Mike Lee, Utah  who represented the Mormans for high level meetings regarding church unity.  Joel Osteen was enthralled and said “I like the fact this Pope is trying to make the church larger and more inclusive. That resonates with me.” 8.  Pope will also meet with worldwide religious leaders in several groups through out the year regarding “more tolerance and more unity among all churches of the world”.  9.  For the last two weeks the Vatican has been holding supervised Masses for Christians only in the Upper Room.  All Jewish people or Rabbis have been denied entry by Israeli police.  Rabbis are planning several protests as they say the Temple Mount and Upper room of the Lord are now defiled, desecrated, and tainted forever with all the pagan idols and idolatry worship including the incense burning and graven images during the Masses where our Lord 2,000 years ago spent HIS last night and supper as a human on earth.

G.  Friends, can’t you just SEE IT?  Why in living daylight in this world can we not acknowledge that our Lord is literally screaming at us in this Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW that we are locked in and only the Lord has the key.  HIS Heavenly SIGNS permeate everything mentioned in this article.  Please view again the category 2014-2015 Unprecedented Blood Moons and look at graph 8A, The Lord’s Perfect Sign, WE ARE THERE, this is it.  Prophecy is literally exploding exponentially.  May we chose wisely and pray, pray, pray (Psalm 55:17).  May we also watch,watch,watch,(Luke21:28) .  Next week several more of the Lord’s Perfect Sign statistical verification enhancements will be posted.  Please tell your family and friends to watch.  May God Bless.