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Blood Moon WINDOW End Time Prophetic Events, Aug. 2, 2014

Countdown 22%

Thanks for clicking on.  Hope you had a chance to read why so many major prophetic events evolved  during the previous 7 Biblical Blood Moon Tetrads.  Additionally, please view graph 8A , our Lord’s Perfect Sign that is divinely perfect and symmetric for the current Blood Moons (see 2014-15 Unprecedented Blood Moons category on the main web page.)  This graph verifies absolutely that HE is literally out to grab our attention as never before within this Blood Moon WINDOW we are locked in as it is now 22% completed ( 4th Blood Moon, a “Supermoon” ends Sept. 28th, 2015.  Note there are no more Biblical Blood Moons for 600 years (NASA) and therefore no Heavenly SIGNS  as per Genesis 1:14 from our Creator, so scary.  That is precisely why this tetrad is so profound and has been set up for such a climactic ending, that only our Almighty Creator knows.  The countdown is on, we are there, so lets go:  Just when we think this world’s in a pretty bad mess these last few months, well it just a got a whole lot worse this week.  And oh, how prophetic this puzzle is adding up.


1.  Hamas, whose charter says that it must annihilate the State of Israel, has declared the current war as the “War to end all Wars”.  Psalm 83:4:  “Come let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance”.

2.  They have broken 7 out of 7 Cease Fires ( 4 Humanitarian).  You’ve seen all the horrible carnage of loss of helpless innocent civilian life of Gaza people.

3.  They drag civilians by force, even the old and the young helpless children back into their homes to be used as sacrificial human shields just to pile up the death count to attract worldwide sympathy from the Int”l Community.  This demonic creed has perfected their propaganda with a total disregard for human life as if like stepping on an ant.  This is their game and they are quite happy about how it is currently playing out.

4.  Qatar is fully bankrolling these brutes with weapons help from Iran and other support from Turkey (latter 2 will regrettably for them see Israel again in the Ezekial 38 Gog and Megog War, just prior to the Great Tribulation.

5.  How about the anti-semitism  gaining momentum worldwide, it’s making Israel look like a pariah state:  a.)  over 100,000 Palestinians in West Bank are protesting daily, 6 deaths, and the chant is growing in calling for an uprising for a Holy war (ie. the 3rd Intifada).  b.)  Nearly all of Europe is displaying rhetoric not seen in generations:  1.) over 6,000 French Jews have left and are leaving France in 2014.  Never in the history of the State of Israel has there been as large a Jewish Community in the free world that has sent this large a proportion of Jews  back to Israel. 2.)  WOW, Brazil, Bolivia, Chili, Peru, and Ecuador have closed their embassies in Israel,  again another first. 3.)  3,000 protesters march in Times Square, New York shouting anti Jewish remarks.  4.) All over Wash. D.C. , thousands protesting starting at Lafayette Square, then 4 stops and finally the White House today, several speakers, several chanting Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is committing genocide.  5.)  Protesters vandalize and graffiti  a synagogue  in Miami,  6.) Students in Chicago show Jewish students pictures of ovens and tell them “Get in” (like Holocaust).  7.)  Outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta protesters mass after a bias report favoring Israel, and on, and on, and on.  Sounds like Zachariah 12:3: “…though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it”.

6.  And why not, for all these things to happen now in this WINDOW.  Such a good fit  for the Psalm 83 War to take place.  Please note no where in the Bible are there 2 chapters that are practically identical word for word as in Psalms 60:7-12 and Psalms 108: 8-13.  A Biblical Scholar / friend told me that the Lord did this to EMPHASISE the importance of the 2 chapters.  By the way, it’s all about the present war in Gaza and their Psalm 83 neighbors.


1.  Despite Mr. Obama’s leaked transcript of phone call to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu by demanding him “twice” to  immediately cease all hostilities. Bibi stands firm.  Bibi is backed by 95% of Israeli citizens to continue the war..  Bibi’s comments: a.) “Hamas wants to pile up civilian casualties in hopes of instigating an uprising ” b.)  “We will destroy the tunnels and de-militarize Gaza with or without a cease fire.” c.)  “We will continue and expand our operation until our goals are achieved to get a sustained quietness.”  d.)  “We will accept no more rocket fire and we will employ all our means no matter how long it takes.”  e.)  “We will continue to act full scale to severely harm these terrorists.”  f.) ” This war will get more protracted, we are only in the 1st phase of de-militarizing Gaza.”  g.)  “Cease fires don’t work because when Israel ceases Hamas fires.”  h.)  “You need a complete de-militarization or simply nothing will work, we’ll be right back at it.”  i.)  “Our only obligation is the security of the people of Israel.”  j.) “This mission will continue for a long time to come, there will be a new phase coming soon.”  k.)  “All options are on the table if Gaza needs to be conquered” (this was his answer to a reporters question on National TV shown through out the world).  l.)  Israeli Defense Minister says “A re-occupation of Gaza will take 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 years.” Surely the Lord has put this noble and wise man Netanyahu in his time table of these Blood Moons to fulfill the end time  Bible prophecy that is exploding before our very eyes.

3.  With that said, here’s what the U.N. (United Nothing) says:  a.)  Sec. General Ban Ki Moon says “We are now at the breaking point.”  b.)  Senator Lindsay Graham says “U.N. is most distant and anti-semetic they’ve ever been”.  c.)  Navi Pillay, under Sec. General, accuses Israel and Bibi of war crimes and wants Int’l criminal action to start.  She also chastized the U.S. for sending Israel $1.1 billion for more Iron Dome weaponry and she demands the U.S. send an Iron Dome Defense System to Gaza also.  Did you hear that??  That is absolutely insane.  This is 1 DUMB DODO request. Her statements were  said on Megan Kelly, Fox News, Aug. 1.

Comparable Statistics for Gaza wars:  

1.   Current Protective Edge Gaza War  has 1660 Palestinians and 64 Israelis that died, also in 26th day.

2.  1987-1991 = 1st Intifada Holy War = 1161 Palestinians and 61 Israelis

3.  2000-2006 = 2nd Intifada Holy War = 2900 Palestinians and 1050 Israelis

4.  Dec.2008-Jan.2009 = Pillar of Defense = 1166 Palestinians and 13 Israelis, lasted 22 days

5.  2012 = Operation Returning Echo = 571 Palestinians and 25 Israelis, lasted 5 days

6.  Total, total, Hamas has fired 16,800 rockets indescrimantly into Israel from 2005 to today (2950 current). Cry a green river this is absolutely outrageous.  Who on the planet could be so long suffering and bear this barrage this long?   Well guess what, Israel is God’s chosen people, they can.  Isaiah 54:17 (No weapon formed against thee shall prosper).

7.  Friends, our Almighty God says in Titus 1:2 :” …God cannot lie…” please read the following scriptures specifically pertaining Gaza’s fate in the latter days, that would be today : Zephaniah 2:4 “Gaza shall be forsaken”, Isaiah 11:14 “For they (Israel) shall fly upon the shoulders of the Phillistines (Gaza) toward the west and they shall spoil them on the east”, also Jeremiah 25:20,27 and 47:4,5, Ezekiel 25:15-17, Joel 3:4, and Amos 1:6-8.  WOW, if that isn’t spot on today, the Bible cannot be true.  What an amazing God we have to show us these Blood Moons.

Conclusion:  For Hamas, this reprehensible war is all about Political Gain.   For Israel, it’s about their very survival as a nation.


1.  China has now completed an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile that can hit L.A. or New York.  On  July 25th, a river there turned blood red with no explanation (Rapture July 25th).  This is 4th river in 4 countries.

2.  Putin is skunking Obama 6-0 (Syria, Nuclear Iran talk delay, Crimea, plane shoot down, Eastern Ukraine proliferation, and Putin has violated 1987 Cruise Missile Treaty).  And all Obama does is say : Now stop that, (all talk and no action Jackson).

3.  U.S.:  Obama at a Ramadan dinner July 29th says “Muslims have built the very fabric of our nation”, (Rapture July 29th).  Catholic League demands Obama say something about Christians and Jewish beheadings in the Mid East. They ask : “Pres. Obama, do Christian/Jewish lives mean so little to you? Don’t they matter to you?


1.  Aug. 4th =Eve of 9th of Av ugliest day in Jewish history.  Also, Obama’s birthday–WOW!!

2.  July 28-Aug. 27 = Month of Av, ugliest month in Jewish history.

3.  Aug. 31 =  Dept. Homeland Security budget for border patrol runs dry

4.  Aug. 10th = Brightest of 3 consecutive rare Super full moons this year will be 18% larger, 39% brighter.

5.  August = Watch for Obama’s executive order hemorrhage on Immigration as Congress on vacation.

6.  August = Watch U.S.Stock Market contagion that may precipitate from weak Europe & Argentina default.

7.  August = Watch for pending uprooting and desolation of Ashdod & Askelon, 2 Jewish cities near Gaza border as said in Zephaniah 2:4. Can you only imagine Bible prophecy coming alive when this happens?  What a validation.

8.  August = Watch for marked increase in worldwide protests of Israel as rhetoric reaches a critical point.

9.  August = California drought is historic, relentless, unstoppable.

10.  Incurable Eboli  disease claims 729 lives, let’s watch this. (For 1st time, forever, it reaches West Hemisphere.

Friends, the confluence of all the above events occurring at once within this Blood Moon WINDOW is no coincidence.  They were preordained to happen since creation by our Creator (Isaiah 46:10 : “He declares the end from the beginning”).  He’s coming sooner than we may think.  May God Bless