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AMERICA:  You are surely aware of the implosion of America before our very eyes, specifically since Mr.Obama has taken over.  Targeting one specific statement that he made on June 11, 2014 is totally sufficient to consolidate America’s implosion.  Here it is:  “The world is less violent than it’s ever been.”  (“REALLY”, What about ISIS, Russia, Gaza, Syria, Libya, our own border and on, and on, and on).  He also said “It is healthier than it’s ever been” (Eboli has 1,175 deaths and no end is in sight).  Also said, “It is more tolerant than it’s ever been” (got that right but for exactly the wrong reason as this tolerance is necessary to accommodate the coming One World Gov’t).  I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that our Lord purposely planted Mr. Obama on the world stage specifically at this time as an omen within this Blood Moon WINDOW to facilitate the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I pray we can all see this vividly unfolding today.  How can we not be on the Edge of Time?  Surely, Isaiah 5:20: ” …good is evil and evil is good…” is prevalent everywhere.  If you want further proof, please Google :  world trade center tree has died.  It’s all about Jonathan Cahn’s 7th Harbinger in his book “The Harbinger” whereby judgement has come to America just as it did to Israel because they did not repent.  (The Tree of Hope, ie. the 7th Harbinger, planted next to the World Trade Center has “withered and died”).  Also, by reading Isaiah 9:10,11, Ezek. 17:10, Jeremiah 11:16, Isaiah 2:12-13, and Zachariah 11:2 you will never ever forget what you’ve read, ever, of where we are in America today under God.  Friends, WE ARE THERE, this Blood Moon WINDOW tells us so.