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Oct. 25, 2014 SPECIAL REPORT: Coincidence Shmoincidence This Is GOD Speaking

This is a Special Report strictly pertaining to additional Heavenly statistical verification of how intrinsically important Graph 8A Lord’s Perfect Sign is in how our Almighty Creator is speaking to us loud and clear during this current Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW we are in (BBMs).  These dates and symmetrical days are shockingly precise and accurate as only God can produce.  Please verify for yourselves via Google entering  NASA Eclipse dates, etc. as I did several times over.  Conclusion:  GOD is so awesome to show us these warnings of how close we are to judgement and the Edge of Time as we know it.

So Let’s go:

1.  First, more Heavenly SIGNS:

a.)  The last Lunar eclipse (ie Blood Moon) BEFORE the current BBMs was October 18, 2013, exactly 443 days PRIOR to the current “BBMs MIDPOINT, Jan. 5th, 2015″, (see Lord’s Perfect Sign graph).  Well, guess what, the first Lunar eclipse AFTER these BBMs is March 23, 2016 exactly 443 days AFTER that MIDPOINT.

b).  The last Solar eclipse which just happened a few days ago on Oct. 23,2014 is exactly 75 days PRIOR to the BBM MIDPOINT.  The first Solar eclipse AFTER the MIDPOINT will be on March 20, 2015, Nisan 1, the 1st day of the Religious Jewish New Year on the Jewish calendar again, exactly 75 days AFTER.  What an awesome God we have for Him to show us this infinitely, improbable Heavenly Sign in the BBMs.

c).  More, the previous Solar eclipse PRIOR to the one this past week was this past April 29th, 2014, which was exactly 252 days Prior to the MIDPOINT.  That was the EXACT day the 9 month Peace Process between Israel and the Palestinians fizzled which was deceptively brokered by our Administration (Genesis 12:3).  BOOM BOOM again, that Solar eclipse’s  counterpart (ie the 2nd one after the BBM MIDPOINT) also arrives exactly 252 days later on September 13, 2015, Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets and the last day of the Shemitah year (Levit. 25: 1-4) YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP. GOD IS SCREAMING, SCREAMING at us friends, like never before as none of the previous 7 BBM Tetrads (nor the next 1, in almost 600 years in the year  2582 A.D.) displays the Glory of God’s perfection in such “supernatural fashion”-and warning to us that He’s coming sooner than we may think.

d).   Did you know that the Solar eclipse on March 20, 2015 in approximately 5 months occurs at 11:50 A.M. (10 minutes before “noon”) Jerusalem time. (NASA)  Why is this significant?  Well, just read Amos 8:9.  This is absolutely astonishing.  Again, another Heavenly SIGN from our Lord (Joel 2: 30,31).  And on and on and on.  How much more Heavenly SIGNS (Genesis 1:14) do we need until we “HEAR” Him as to why these BBMs are unique and are “HERE”.

e).  Much More:  Did you know the Human gestation period until the newborn baby comes out of the precious mother and into the world is 266 days.  Well, guess what, look at the LPS graph and note the number of exact days from the 1st BBM this past April 15th to the BBM MIDPOINT is also 266 days.  Exactly the same, 266 days, from the MIDPOINT to the day of the 4th and final BBM, the SuperMoon that shines directly over Jerusalem (and the only 1 of the 4 that does, and only for the last hour before sunrise).  Make of it what you will.  I so believe this is prophetic and someday soon we’ll all know for sure when we discuss it on a balcony in Heaven looking down as the 7 year Great Tribulation is unfolding on earth beneath us.

f).  And Much More:  I have absolutely nothing against any members of the Roman Catholic Church, (Doctrine yes, however), as I have many Catholic friends and I honestly want to believe that Pope Francis is righteous, BUT, FYI, and I report this only because I am a Statistician and that’s what a Statistician does is gather data and observes and quantifies numbers so people can assess them and formulate their own conclusions.  With that said, short and simple, Pope Francis is the 266th Pope in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.  We must closely “Watch” to see if he is either harmed, or whatever (???) to see if he is the last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in the BBM WINDOW.  He may and he may not be, we WATCH  & PRAY.


2.  There’s more,more, and yet more.  But, for brevity sake, I mention only 2 Prophetic events:

a).  On Ebola, the Liberian from Africa, Mr. Duncan, came to America-Dallas, Texas- and became the first confirmed case of Ebola on American soil to die. He was diagnosed with Ebola  on Sept. 25th, the EXACT day of Rosh Hashana, the 1st day of the Shemitah year, the Feast of Trumpets.  He died on Oct. 8th, the exact day of the 2nd Blood Moon on the Feast of Tabernacles.  Kapow, what kind of prophetic Harbinger is that for America!!!

b).  For the First time ever on the EXACT same day, Oct. 17th, last week, 2 major hurricanes closely “sandwiched” America from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.  (Hurricane Ana brushed Hawaii and Hurricane Gonzalo crushed Bermuda, respectively).  Although much property damage, no devastating loss of human life.  However, how can this also not be a Harbinger warning against America in these BBMs?  Specifically, since Sec. of State Kerry’s dastardly remarks in Cairo, Egypt the very next day on Oct. 18th, on the world stage, meeting on Gaza’s Reconstruction with many world leaders present, will for sure not be forgotten by our Lord.  Kerry explicitly bashed Israel for being the cause of the rise of ISIS and other global jihad.  How despicable.  Again Genesis 12:3 is loud and clear.  (I’ll expand on this in the next regular writing next week).

3.  Friends, all the above are pure, true, documented prophetic events (1 John 4:1).  You decide.  as a lover of our omnipotent and omnipresent Creator and as per Ezek. 33: 3 : “If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet and warn the people.”  Honestly, the “sword”, the “trumpet” and the “warn” words in this scripture are these Unprecedented 4 Blood Moons.  Look at the LPS graph!!! All the Heavenly SIGNS are perfectly synchronized about these Blood moons as none ever have shown from the previous 7 Biblical Tetrads or the one in 2582 (NASA).

4.  In conclusion, COINCIDENCE, SHMOINCIDENCE on all the above.  This is all about the Glory of God, it’s His Story and our “History” to acknowledge that He’s speaking to us.

5.  I pray I can put all the above prolific and timely Heavenly SIGNS from our Lord in a simple graphical illustration in tandem with the LPS graph.  You just gotta tell your family and friends, especially one’s that are wavering and not ready yet to accept the Lord about this.  How can they possibly dispute this once they verify the dates by NASA no less?

6.  P.S.  Please Google bpearthwatch for a possibly unbelievable prophetic event that happened four days ago as the tail of a giant comet crashed into Mars, the red planet.  This deserves some good investigation for sure to follow up on as surely I will.

May God Bless Always,  Paul the Statistician