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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, January 26, 2015

Greetings:  So, so much to tell of the prophetic puzzle pieces our Almighty God is unraveling on our planet under His Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW (BBMs) which is now 54% completed.  The following prophetic events are surely His building blocks for Israel’s Psalms 83 and Gog Wars, the oil price initiated unstoppable global financial crisis, and America’s dire capitulation morally and financially between now and the Lord’s Fall Feasts in September.  So, Let’s “GO”.

ISRAEL:  WOW!!!  This news has just crossed the wires from Haaretz Daily News, Israel’s 2nd largest newspaper.  I’ve inserted this article four hours after this post was written earlier this afternoon because of it’s most profound importance of how our President is metastasizing the nation of Israel.  Get this:  the Obama campaign’s 2008 and 2012 National Field Director, Jeremy Bird, has just brought in his Obama campaign team to Tel Aviv, rented the ground floor of a Tel Aviv office building and is running the “ANTI-BIBI NETANYAHU” election campaign for Israel’s March 17th election for Prime Minister.  Friends, how can this not be an ominous omen of these BBMs, as it absolutely defiles Zech. 2:8 : “… for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of His eye”.  WOW!!!  Let’s just watch what judgement will now come to America in the following days and weeks.  This is absolutely astonishing.  By the way, today is the 70 year anniversary of Holocaust Remembrance Day, FYI.

1.  Well, there goes our deceptive leader again, the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem is training a force of 35 “PALESTINIANS” to serve as armed guards in East Jerusalem.  Israel vehement at the White House and calls “foul play”.

2.  On the South, Hamas has 3,500 rockets all pointed at Israel.

3.  Hezbollah, on the North, has 150,000 rockets all pointed at Israel.  They can have 1 million to no avail as God’s in charge (Isaiah 54:17 : “…no weapon formed against thee shall prosper”).

4.  For the 1st time ever, Israel setting up their “God ordained” Iron Dome Missile Defense to Northern border with Syria( the Golan Heights ) after they assassinate 6 Hezbollah leaders and 6 Iranian Revolutionary Guard Generals plotting strategy for attacking Israel.  Iran rebels “Zionists must await numerous thunderbolts”.

5.  Israel begins flying Sorties 24/7 along 100% Israel/Lebanon border after incident.

6.  Might as well throw this in :  Jimmy “peanut-cake” Carter blames Israel for the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris.  Folks, someday Jimmy will bow down to our Lord who’s sitting on a “White Throne” and have to tell Him this.

7.  Palestinian stabs 12 Jewish shoppers in downtown Tel Aviv and is shot dead, no Iraeli casualities

8.  Hamas military leader Mohammed Deif (as in “deaf”!!) and Hamas political leader Haniyah ask Hezbollah to unite after refuting them in the past since Hamas took power in Gaza 10 years ago.  Friends, we’ll stay VERY updated on this.  This is Very BIG news.

9.  Just 1 more thing, yet bigger than all said here on Israel put together.  John Bohener asks Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, (behind our deceptive leader who despises Israel and Bibi) to speak to Congress on Iran’s nuclear threat and Sanctions on March 3rd . Bibi accepts and gobbled that right up.  This Muslim man of ours is fuming and has his cronies crow these statements:  “The President has 1& 1/2 years left and there will be a price to pay for this snub”.  May God Bless the B boys Bohener and Bibi.

10.  Friends can you just see that the 3 letters coming out of Jer”USA”lem is non-stop anymore as our leader continues snubbing the Jewish nation  (This witty USA omission told to me by my friend Michael, a member of El Shadiah Ministries in Bonney Lake, Washington, and a personal friend of Mark Biltz who Pastors that church and who discovered the BBMs, of course.

11.  Are we there yet, at Zech. 12:9 : “…I will seek to destroy all nations that come against Jer”USA”lem,”  No wonder America’s not mentioned anywhere in the Bible, despite what some pundits speculate who say that we are.  Remember Rev. 22: 18-19 about adding or subtracting what the Lord’s word says.  Yes, these BBMs are truly prophetic and as per Psalms 19:1 : “The Heavens display the Glory of God…”.  Judgement is coming, just visualize the above omens as they mature between now and Sept. 28th on the 4th and final BBM Supermoon over Jerusalem.


USA:  Our once great nation is becoming like a massive whale on the beach, suffocating, being pelted by rocks and spears for turning away from God one too many times.  Friends, He’s got to be so disappointed in our country.  Just Look:

1.  .  The U.S. Supreme Court will render its final decision if we go Sodom and Gomorrah on gay marriage by June.

2.  God loving Evangelical Tony Perkins who leads the American State of the Family Address, annually, 1 day after the State of the Union Speech, says : “The darkness of America’s sexual culture has “gone mad” and threatens our future”.  Yet, our President has the gall to say “legalization of same sex marriage is one of the things I see that represents America at its best”  in last weeks State of the Union.  Oh my, his delusion and detachment from God is absolutely staggering.

3.  Billy Graham’s son, Franklin says : “America is now embracing a culture of death which stems from a sinful, godless world view that rejects Christ”.  Friends, that says it all on where we are in this final generation.

4.  Our deceptive leader vents and fumes on Bibi coming to Congress to talk on Iran’s nuclear threat.  This man embraces and treats Iran with utmost respect and Israel with utmost disrespect.

5.  He said it’s “time to turn the page” in his opening of the SOTU.  How dorky is that?  He’s only had 6 years to lead us, yet he’s just turning the 1st page.  (Remember friends, he once said: “I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”).  What daring and foolish hypocrisy his speech was to the American people from the highest office in the land. He surely is missing some parts.

6.  Surely under our Muslim leader’s lead, General Llyod Austin, top U.S. Commander in the Middle East, wittingly tips off ISIS by leaking out that the U.S. and Iraq are planning a Mosul offensive this summer against ISIS who now controls this city of 2,000,000 people.  As well as revealing the potential numbers and locations of Kurds, Iraqi Military and US special ops.  What the he__ is this man doing divulging the U.S.’s ultra top secret military plans to the world and the enemy in such a blatant way.  This reprehensible act should make us hyperventilate.  Only with this President can the scaffolding surrounding the White House for all of 2015 refurbishing most assuredly must be a harbinger warning  during these BBMs that we are locked in by our Lord. How else could these events be so timely happening before our eyes (remember the suffering whale above)?

7.  Something to ponder, did you know last Nov. 14th, the day  our U.S. Congress hosted a Muslim Prayer meeting, well, guess what?  That’s the exact day, the top 5 US mega banks in America (JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, etc.) convinced the G-20 nations to transfer “all”  financial risks from the banks to the depositors, that’s like you and me.  This way large bank implosions will not repeat as they did in 2008 Global Financial crisis.  (Again a harbinger warning from our Lord in this Shemitah year).

POPE FRANCIS:  Probably a wise choice to continue coverage on the Pope.  Last 10 days:

1.  His 2 New Year’s resolutions:  Tackling Climate Change and proceeding ahead with the LGBT controversy on integration (any bets?).

2.  Rather concerning that he stands shoulder to shoulder with our deceptive leader on income inequality, unshackling the Communist Cuban reset button, and climate change where the Pope has notified the UN (United Nothing) that he wants to be a “leading voice” for Global Warming.

3.  Remember, the Pope has pandered to Atheists, gays, Muslims, evolutionists, ISIS, space aliens, yet has criticized Evangelical Christians because “they are too close to the Bible…”.  Sounds like Isaiah 5:20 : “Woe to them that call evil good and good evil …”.

4.  One week after Muslim Radical Extremists rock Paris, he defends Muslims saying, “One cannot insult another’s faith or make fun of it”, ( Referring to the French cartoonist magazine with Mohammed).

5.  Remember, last year he said “My presence today in Palestine attest to the good relations between the Holy See and the State of Palestine”.  Hmmm, but there IS NO State of Palestine.

6.  Several improbable things happened on this Philippines trip : a)  Pope’s white cap flies off his head and cancels Tacloban speech in a driving rain and strong winds.  b)  Female scaffold worker helping prepare stage, falls, dies.  c) Pope’s 2nd plane carrying his dignitaries, slides off the runway, only minor injuries.  d) Pope leaves, then a 5.5 earthquake hits the Philippines and was the largest in the world that day of 33 total on Jan. 18th (see  e)  6 million faithful turn out for Sunday sermon in Manila, largest gathering in world history to see 1 individual ( Fox News). Are all these, coincidences or omens during these BBMs,  God knows.


1. For starters, S&P down grades Russia’s credit rating to Junk status.  This is very bad for almost 200 million people.  (Watch Putin’s reaction to this in coming days, remember he’s a “wounded bear”).

2. Russia expands war in E. Ukraine to 3rd city, Muriapol to control Black Sea, 52 dead and Estonia is next.

3.  Now has 9,500 troops in E. Ukraine along with 550 Russian tanks

4.  9 month war now has 5130 dead.

5.  France’s ‘CIA” says Russia has asked Syria and Hezbollah to develop contingency plans if US & EU sanctions on Russia are not lifted.

6.  Gorbachev : “We won’t survive the coming years if someone loses their nerve in this overheated situation.  I’m extremely concerned”.

7.  US Intelligence catches Russian taught Iranian scientists smack in the middle of building 2 nuclear missile sites in Syria.

8.  Friends, for the first time ever in World History :  a) this confederation of nations bent on attacking Israel are not just in place, they are now an ALLIANCE.  b)  A potential and viable economic incentive for a direct Russian led military alliance intervention on Israel is now set.


1.  Hope our deceptive leader never scouts for an NBA team as this ISIS JV squad now controls 41% of Syria versus 19% in August when the US – led bombing started.

2.  ISIS amassing their Genesis 16:12 “wildmen” along the whole Eastern border of Lebanon to strike there next.

3.  Next stop, Saudi Arabia, as they boast about getting closer to their ultimate goal of conquering the Middle East and then setting up their caliphate for the 1.6 billion Muslims in the holiest site of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

4.  How timely as Saudi Arabia is scurrying around like crazy amassing 30,000 fighters on their North border with Iraq and building a 600 mile border fence to stave off ISIS after ISIS wildmen kill 3 Saudi guards at the border.

5.  #6 hostage beheaded by ISIS (a Japanese man).  To add more white hot heat to the world oil debacle which will soon crush the world financially, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dies screwing up everything.

6.  And don’t forget, Saudi Arabia’s Southern border is Al-Queda infested Yemen, whose gov’t failed 2 days later, is leaderless and now overflowing with lawlessness.

7.  We must remember now, that Yemen is added to the list of blood tentacles of Iran along with Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iraq and the Palestinians.  Please visualize the geographical picture and how they are all encompassing Israel.  Do you remember when our Muslim leader said that his “strategy in Yemen was a model that has paid off well”.  For crying in a bucket, how wrong can this man be, no limit, his detachment is absolutely staggering and yet, may be purposefully.  Can we please pray for our leader a most fitting scripture : Psalms 109:8 : “Let his days be few and may another take his office”.  Friends, do you see how explicitly our Awesome God is literally screaming at us regarding these harbingers of warning on Russia, Iran, Syria, ISIS, the Saudis and their worldwide oil dilemma.

8.  Now this will surely give us all the creeps : Iraq has sent papers to the UN to restore the demonic city of BABYLON, 60 miles South of Baghdad onto the UNESCO world heritage list as it is now on the cusp of being presentable to the world as a tourist destination.  And why not, why also are these BBMs here?  So, that we may WATCH and WAKE UP (Luke 21:28 spot on), that’s why.  How can so many around the world not “get this” prophetic moment setting the stage for Psalms 83 and Gog Wars.  Please tell people to “add it up”, so much, so fast, all converging at once, and all in this BBM WINDOW.

EUROPE:  BIG, BIG financial events and coming chaos blow up this week in EU :

1.  The Swiss Franc, most stable European currency “delinks” from the Euro currency, fearing 2 Black Swans : a) implementation of the European Central Bank (ECB)  Quantitative Easing of printing funny phony money (ala Ben Bernanke) to give it to the banks to stimulate EU’s paltry growth and b) fearing Greece’s elections will go Radical liberal if Tsipras wins who is running on saying bologny and goodbye to their  $300 billion debt owed to the ECB & the Int’l Monetary Fund.

2.  Well, kudos to the wise Swiss, yes & yes happened.  The ECB starting in March, will give $60 Billion/month for 18 months (total of $1.1 trillion)   to the banks (who may well hold this for the coming 1-world currency which will soon be here).  Greece votes in their radical liberal Tsipras for Prime Minister who’ll have Greece “exit” the EU, a Grexit, if he can’t get the $300 billion debt forgiven after he scraps all austerity measures of last 5 years.

3.  More misery, Russia cuts their gas supply to the EU by 60% on Jan. 19 for other more favorable markets.  Friends, you just can’t make this stuff up.  Look it up please, it’s all there via Google.


Friends, you who have chosen wisely to follow our one and only true God Almighty can surely “see” all this mayhem going on.  Specifically how our (OUCH!!!) leader has treated the nation of Israel 0n  Bibi’s trip to Congress March 11.  His abrasive shunning of the children of God foreshadows many ominous prophetic events that are about to explode to such a scale sending America into a dizzying “perpetual bliss” of no return.  (Hosea 2:23 : “I will say thou art my people…”).  These BBMs tell us so.  (Genesis 12:3 : “I’ll bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee”).  I know it’s futile for our leader to acknowledge that God  has an eternal covenant with Israel, not America, and surely not the Muslims (Gen. 15:18).  And please tell your family and friends we are so close to the Edge of Time as never before in this technological world of world calamity (Daniel 12:4) and now is the time to come to repent our sins to Jesus as our elevator is either going up to Heaven or down to he__, so so simple.

In closing:  Please watch 2 of our magnificent Lord’s possibly prophetic SIGNS : Winter storm JUNO clobbering the Northeastern US and the mountain sized asteroid flying by earth tonight.  Only God knows for sure.  May God Bless.