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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, Feb. 9, 2015

PIE_CHART_Countdown_57Greetings, And I thought the plethora of events in the last article couldn’t be duplicated this week.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  So much to tell now that these Unprecedented Biblical Blood moons (BBMs) are now 57% completed and on their way to tremendous paradigm changes on the globe that only our Creator knows.  (Psalms 19:1 : ” The Heavens declare the Glory of God…”).  We’re locked in on these BBMs, He’s got us in His grasp, He’s literally screaming at us to “WAKE UP”.  Really, we are the generation living to witness so many Bible Prophecies exploding everywhere, all at the same time, and just wait for these BBMs to run their course come September.  So “Let’s Go” :


1.  Well, needless to say, our White House’s Netanyahu-hunting season has now officially opened, where, unseen since the dark  days of the Pre-Holocaust 1930s, Anti-Semitism is now rampant worldwide.  So many incidents, can’t number them here.

2.  You know all about our deceptive President’s sending his own personal campaign manager from his winning 2008 & 12 Presidential elections to Israel to set up his proven “winning style” grassroots door-to-door canvasing of get out the vote and focusing on a “hope for change” anti-Bibi campaign.  The Guardian (UK largest newspaper) says “This type of campaign will provide the model around the world for years to come”.

3.  And for our President (Ouch, hurts to say that) to have the gall and vexation to tell Bibi that Bibi is breaking protocol by politicizing his trip to Congress on March 3rd just prior to his own election.  Well, hypocrite, schmypocrite, what about going to 2,000,000 people in Germany and another 1,000,000 in Cairo just prior to his 2008 election for U.S. President.  Oh, no. Does he think  we’ve lost all our faculties and memories of those days.  Cry  a green river, you just can’t have it both ways.

4.   Praise the Lord for Bibi, against all odds and naysayers, Bibi remains defiant and is anxiously coming to America March 3rd to tell Congress, and the world, all about Iran’s nukes.

5.  Our White House has contributed $200,000 to anti-Bibi candidates,  Zero pennies to Bibi, not one thin dime.

6.  Campaign’s message focuses on Peace with Palestinians, says  absolutely squat on the Iran, Syria, ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas threats.  Is this not important?  Two things here:  Isaiah 5:20 : “Good is evil and evil is good and  “the writing is on the wall”, as per Daniel 5:5.  Can’t you just see it where our leader (?) stands against God’s chosen people, Zech 10:6 : “I have mercy upon them…for I am the Lord their God and will hear them”.

7.  It gets worse for Bibi : Learning from our President’s (ouch) campaign manager Jeremy Bird on “YES WE CAN”, well guess what, for the 1st time ever (saying that a lot lately) 1.7 million of Israel’s 8 million people are Arabs and today via Jeremy the Birdman Bird and his ninnies in Tel Aviv, the bulk of Arabs who’ve never voted in Jewish election as they’ve felt disenfranchised, are now endorsing en-mass “the Obama style way to vote to unseed Bibi”.  Further, the 4 major Arab political factions who’ve always bickered amongst themselves are now totally unified.  Their 15 seats of the Knesset total of 120 is large enough to help block the hard line (Bibi) coalition and pave the way for any of Bibi’s challengers to win and with open arms, happily engage in the Peace Treaty to be signed.   This is insane.  (Google Arab lawmakers shake up Israel’s politics with historic union).  ONE UNIFIED GROUP with 15 of the Knesset seats “together in unison”,  for the 1st time ever.  No wonder Obama’s cronies affiliation with the anti-Bibi election group is called “ONE-VOICE”.  Their call, (like Obama’s was We Want Change) is “Anyone but Bibi”.  50,000 of these volunteers now going door-to door, their goal, get 1,000,000 new voters.  Friends, these were Obama’s exact words on May 9, 2011 :”The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on 1967 lines with mutually agreed “swaps” so that secure and recognized borders are established for both sides”.  Well, someday he will bow down to God at the White Throne Judgement and they’ll discuss this a little bit further (Genesis 12:3).

8.  To beat everything, the White House has denied it had any prior knowledge the “Big Bird” anti-Bibi campaign went to Israel.  (Friends, may you please fill in this line:  “Well that …..”  I’m sure I’ll  agree with you.  We NEVER see this stuff on TV.

9.  How about this:  When Bibi speaks in Congress March 3rd : a) Nancy PingPong Pelosi says : “We will  not boycott Israeli P.M. Netanyahu, but some lawmakers might just be too busy to attend”.  b)  White House also says V.P. Joe Biden won’t be there, they won’t say where he will be as of this writing, but he won’t be “there” March 3rd.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall to hear this deceptive President constantly scheme against Israel (and everything else for that matter).

10.  Friends, I tell you if Bibi is not re-elected, Israel’s path to survival as the Jewish nation has ended, except for the Lord’s intervention.  I tell you, if this is so, and the Izaac Herzog/Tzipi Livni ticket wins, Bible prophecy will absolutely explode.  Why else are these unprecedented BBMs here anyway?  How else can our Lord tell us the truth via these Heavenly SIGNS in the heavens which our corrupt leaders cannot touch or alter.  Surely we are there and surely I bet you’ve never heard of this kind of deceptive tactics against Israel by America in your life, and I don’t even know you.  (Sorry to be so forceful).


1.  Just in, Pope Francis will add to his work in D.C. & New York between the Feast of Atonement and 4th Blood Moon Super Moon on Tabernacles by speaking to the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill Sept. 24th.  The First ever Pope in world history to do so.

2.  78% of American’s favor the Pope. (I want to also, but I just don’t know as yet).

3.  Most concerning statement from the Pope’s own mouth “Catholics should not breed like rabbits”.


1.  On wars and rumors of wars:  1 out of every 3 countries on the planet is either at war with itself or in cross border wars with neighboring nation of some type of scrimmage with loss of life this past year.

2.  If you ever watch the US Geological Survey website you know there are 30-40 daily earthquakes (non significant, most in “diverse places”.  Eye opener :  2 sets of “clusters of 7 or more in the U.S. within 48 hours of each other, 1 set North of San Francisco and 2nd set in North Oklahoma, where greatest was 4.0.  Birth Pangs for sure.

3.  Boston and all 6 New England states are presently enduring the most snowfall in history of New England.  Hello Global warming.  (Can we blame it on White House cursing Israel and Bibi the past two weeks?)

4.  Ebola deaths have significantly subsided, although 9,040 have now died and Ebola virus has mutated, so let’s watch.  “There shall be famines and pestilence”.


Russia:  1) World leaders (plus Obama once with Angela Merkel today if one wants to call him a “leader”) have met 3 times this week to deal with the Ukraine crisis, where over 5,300 have now died.

2.  Putin’s “deep chest wound” is metastasizing daily as oil prices and the Russian economy are in a non-stop free fall.

3.  Russian bankers in Davos, Switzerland : “Further western banking sanctions will lead Russia and the U.S. to the brink of war”.

4.  Gorbachev : “I can no longer say that this Cold War will not lead to a Hot War”.

5.  Russia now has 53,000 Russian troops at border.

6.  May we “WATCH” how Putin, the wounded bear, lashes out at the West, and the destabilization of his country.


1.  Iran is on the sidelines for Bibi’s speech to Congress waiting on the “Final, Final” nuclear arms decision March 24th.  They know they have an advocate on their side, our President (ouch) who’s already given Iran 80% of what they want.  What bosom buddies.

2.  Iran calls for assassination of Bibi’s children and wife, and supplies photos and personal information to their bloody tentacled mercenaries.


Libya is now classified as a “failed state”.  Same day Islamic terrorists killed 13 including one American in Libya’s most luxurious hotel . Unlike the Paris terrorists, U.S. news media says squat except for Fox.


Yemen is also now a “failed state” as Radical Islamists dissolve country’s government and institute Sharia.  Remember in Oct., our fearless leader said that Yemen was a model success story in the Middle East.  Yeah, just like Junior  Varsity ISIS.


1.  King Abdullah of Jordan promised a relentless war on ISIS “down to the shooting of their last bullet and every drop of fuel is used” after the most vicious torturous barbarity of the ISIS wildmen’s burning of the Jordan pilot.  Friends, I can only imagine this type of burning will only be a normal routine ritual in hell ordered by satan for all those who reject our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for us, who rose for us to show us the glorified state we can also be in soon only and only if we repent of our sins and love and believe and follow him.  Then we can be assured we’ll never see these aforementioned tortures – EVER.  What an EASY CHOICE this should be.

2.  Teeny tiny Jordan has 6 million people, America has 320 million, yet our deceptive Muslim leader in our White House promised King Abdullah (who traveled to D.C. hoping for an instant massive weapons request, that he’d “stand by” Jordan.  Well guess what, he finally said something truthful, as he is literally just standing by Jordan doing squat.  Friends this absurd remark is absolutely astonishing as his credibility has evaporated to a degree of nothing.  He only orders U.S. Air Force to “fly by” and help refuel Jordan’s Air Force bombings of ISIS.  I’m so embarrassed.  Again, one can only surmise that our Almighty God has put him in place to lead America to oblivion at this time.  Dear Lord, Psalms 109:8 : “Let his days be few and let another take his office”.


Nothing like showing the true colors of the enemies of Israel in the imminent Gog War on this:  Turkey Foreign Minister instantly leaves the table and withdraws fro the Munich Summit on ISIS and leaves when the Israeli delegation enters the room.  How sad what the Jewish nation goes through.


Nothing, absolutely NO NEWS what so ever as they sit like cockroaches in a motel room waiting for the lights to turn the room dark (ie Jewish election for a new Prime Minister) and then CHARGE  full blast to either consummate the elusive prophetic Peace Treaty of Daniel 9:27 with the new anti-Bibi Israeli Prime Minister as all these White House backed candidates are yearning for, or, if Bibi wins on March 17th, (may we pray he wins), then the 3rd Intifada, Psalms 83 War, Gog War in that order, only our Creator knows for sure.  Now, how peaceful is that?  ( 1 Thes. 5:3 : “When they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh…”).


1.  These wildmen of Genesis 16:12 : “…and he will be a wild man against every man…” now have 40,000 fighters as their propaganda to obtain new recruits worldwide is staggering.

2.   They now  have 6,000 dead and 3 new recruits to replace each one of these dead barbarians.

3.  You know all about the 7th and 8th beheadings (2 Japanese) and the Jordan pilot in a cage burned alive something no one but satan himself could think of.

4.  Friends never forget that the minimal amount of steps our surreal leader is softly taking against ISIS ( look at all Jordan is doing from the get go) is all about his #1 #1 #1 goal of 2015: to not shake up the apple cart with Iran on nuclear weapons, conclusion coming March 24th, a sure calendar date to remember.

5.  Iraq’s Ambassador to the Vatican sends a letter saying: “ISIS’s threat to kill the Pope is credible and an attack is imminent”.

ISIS (not White House’s ISIL) now has it’s foot prints internationally in Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon, and as per our CIA, has cells in 49 of our 50 states (Alaska).


1.  400,000 German Christians have written  letters that they’ve left their Church (Catholic plus Protestant) in order to avoid a newly instituted Capital Gains Tax to be collected by Government officials beginning this year.

2.  French job sites throughout France advertise for available employment positions with this lead in : “If possible, not Jewish…”.  You can surely make your own conclusions on this.

3.  UK unveils “Dawn of the 3-parent baby” as UK Parliament votes “YES” to allow the creation of babies with the DNA from 2 women & 1 man.  Prime Minister David Cameron : “We’re not playing God here…”.  oh no, just uncreating God’s creation and creating man’s, no, he’s not playing God.  Come quickly Lord Jesus, are we ever there.

4.  Iceland is now building a luxurious, expensive temple to a Viking God.  So much for the very 1st Commandment in the Bible.

5.  Greece  a) European Central Bank (ECB) decides to stop lending to all Greek banks

b)  ECB will not extend the bailout program of approx. $200 billion past Feb. 28

c)  ECB also wants Greece to let them know Greece’s final decision by Feb 16th.

d)  Allan Greenspan predicts Greece will leave the Euro and that the domino effect will cause the entire Euro system to implode….  Their only salvation will be a “United States of Europe”, that can save the Euro”.  Friends he’s right, who would ever put up more loan money to help save Greece who’s new leader Alexis Tsipras says “We will not take orders anymore.  Greece cannot be blackmailed by the ECB”.

e)  S & P downgrades Greek bonds to less than junk bond status.  Entire country now in “economic chaos”.

f)  Friends, WATCH!!! this new leader of Greece, this Alexis Tsipras.  He’s suddenly and dramatically risen from out of “nowhere” to the leader of Greece in such a short time ( out of the nucleus of Rome no less) that I truly believe this is “des jeaux vous” scary as we’ve watched this movie once before in America in the 2008 Presidential election.  Tsipras was the first leader of a left wing party that met with the head of the Roman Catholic Church “EVER”.  Google 1) Historic meeting between Tsipras and Pope Francis and 2) Alexis the Great, hope of Greece, Europe, and the world by Cynthia Nuara, from the RaptureReady website).  If you read either of these, you’ll know “exactly” why.  Friends, this man I feel (and I’m Greek myself) may surely rise up to the popularity of Obama, Putin, and Pope Francis, the 3 most popular men and movers and shakers in the world.  Mark my word, I tell you the truth, read Daniel 8- ALL OF IT PLEASE.  As I always say,  WATCH!!! (Mark 13:37 : “And what I say unto you, I say unto all.  WATCH”).


1.  So much to tell about our deceptive leader who tells us Christians to get off our “high horse” and compares Christians and Crusaders over 1,000 years ago to ISIS of today because we are too harsh in demonizing radical Islam.  Oh get real, for crying in a bucket.

2.  He has his “yes sir, no sir”  Susan Rice, National Security Adviser, (what’s in a title anymore in D.C. if you hire your pal) tell America : “ISIS is not an existential threat to the world order as the Cold War or World War !! was”.  Such despicable lunacy they want our ears to “hear”.  My goodness, ISIS is “hell on earth” under General satan. (Habakuk 1:5-11 displays ISIS 100%).

3.  Calls from Egypt, the Kurds, Libya, Jordan, Algeria to the White House regarding ISIS are all falling on his deaf ears.  Our “all talk and bluster and no action leader” surely needs a refresher course on who’s good and who’s bad.  He’s so delusional and unfair to American people.

4.  This man says he “doesn’t quible” with words on Radical Islam when 99.99% of Muslims are good people.  Also says media is “exaggerating threat of terrorism”, because he chooses to call Radical Islamists as either insurgents or work place violators.

5.  He is so cynical , delusional, foolish,and unfair to the American people.  Friends, he deliberately has no reason for a strategy to uproot Radical Islam.  Remember, he’s our Muslim President.  We need an honest courageous leader, will we ever again have one in America?

6.  Ex-General McInerney says U.S. had 810 strikes per day in Iraq war, now we have 17 per day since August.  Little baby teeny tiny Jordan’s military bombing of ISIS is shoving our leader’s bombing ISIS strategy down his throat.  Shame on America, how we have fallen.  A little man can learn much from a foolish man but a foolish man will learn very little from a little man.  Gees, oh mo, his kicking and screaming about being dragged forward in the Middle East (and Ukraine and Israel) is absolutely staggering.  Just like a petulant child not wanting to eat his vegetables.

7.  On Jan. 29th, our President (ouch) says :”As the holy Koran tells us : “Be conscious of God and speak always the truth”.  Friends, break my brains, can’t you just see judgement coming because of this man’s mouth?

8.  Oh yes, and our President calls the Taliban an “armed insurgency”, only 13 years now and once over 100,000 American soldiers serving there with approx. 2,000 who have died.  No question, he truly believes you can win the war on terror by redefining it despite the fact the Taliban are on the U.S. Global terror list.  If it looks like a duck, so, so simple, IT’S A DUCK.

9.   Remember, he employs over 100 Muslim Brotherhood in and near the White House, including upper level ones in Dept. of Homeland Security and leader of the CIA, confessed Muslim John Brennan.  He’s also endorsed the 1st ever National Muslim Political Party in America, like Democrats, Republicans Independents, Libertarians, yeah, now this one is on the National stage.

10.  Franklin Graham :” I have no confidence that any politicians of any party is going to turn this country around…Times have changed.  No politician can save us.”  He also condems Obama’s delusional Christian “high horse” statement, by saying: “Jesus taught peace and did not take life while Mohammed was a warrior who killed many innocent people”.  That says very much to me when Franklin and Billy Graham say something like this.

11.  As King Abdullah of Jordan vows unprecedented, unrelenting vengeance on ISIS after their pilot is burned alive on National and worldwide TV .  What does our President (ouch again) do that exact day, Feb. 3rd, he spends the day talking to “Dreamers” on immigration and hosts several Muslim leaders in OUR WHITE HOUSE , closed door secret meeting that to this day FOX News, CNN, Internet have absolutely no idea who was present.  Is this America any more ?

12.  Today, Feb. 9th, Germany’s Angela Merkel  and Obama meet on National TV news conference and differ totally on Ukraine.  She wants action and Obama only meals and blankets for Ukraine.

13.  U.S. Navy has been ordered to dock all 5 of it’s nuclear capable ships at one dock outside Baltimore.  And we wonder why so many U.S. Generals have retired or been fired in the last 2 years and this Administration is on it’s fourth Sec. of Defense in 6 years.  This is also insane for these military leaders as well as you and me.

14.  And then there’s America’s revolving door to freedom at GITMO.

15.  Friends, ISIS, Ukraine, anti-Bibi and Israeli rhetoric outright deceiving the truth we Americans all deserve, can you just see how our White House is tanking America wantonly.  No wonder the BBMs are here.  They are foreshadowing and formenting the continual perpetual bliss of scathing the most powerful country on earth and forcing it into judgement.  Our Administration is willingly and unshamefully blasting the Nation of Israel, “The Apple of God’s Eye” as per Zech. 2:8.  You who know, you know these prophetic BBMs warnings are absolutely legit and they will run their course during this BBM WINDOW.

16.  FYI, CEO of Gallup Poll, Jim Clifton, says he “may disappear” for telling the truth on questioning our Governments ghastly call that the Unemployment rate is 5.6%. He has several leading economists telling him also that it is 11.3%

17.  Alabama now becomes the 38th state to accept gay marriage.  Just wait till April on Supreme Court ruling for all 50 states in one big swoosh.

Conclusion:  Short and Sweet :

1.  World leaders expect and demand a complete unabated cessation of Russia’s aggression on Ukraine, THIS WEEK.

2.  Will Alexis Tsipras have Greece exit the EU and spawn the evil dominoes through out Europe to create the New World Order?  You just watch this guy I tell you (again, read Daniel Chapter 8, specifically verse 21).  We will know between Feb. 16 and Feb. 28.

3.  Bibi comes to Congress March 3rd, Jewish election March 17th, exactly 3 days before a Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th, Nisan 1, the very first day of the Lord’s religious New Year.

4.  7th and final decision on Iran’s nuclear weapons deal, March 24th.

Should any, a combination, or all of these prophetic events spiral out of control, something  BIG is going to happen on earth, God only knows what.  Remember, all 7 previous BBMs in world history had paradigm world changing events.  What ever will happen, it is going to be nasty in this BBM WINDOW and never forget that Almighty God is in full control.  Please love Jesus with your family with all your might cling to Him.  If you please verify anything and everything mentioned above via Google, etc., then please visualize this statement:  “CAN’T YOU JUST SEE IT?”, and whatever “IT” is only God knows.  May we pray Luke 21:36 : ” Watch ye therefore and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man”.  May God Bless You Very Much.