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Quick Reminder on Two Extremely Prophetic Events This Week, 3-15-15

1.  Please pray for Bibi to win Jewish election on Tues. March 17th as results will be profoundly prophetic for the world.

2.  Our Creator’s omen on March 20th is warning us of judgement to the nations that have defied Israel.   The Total Solar Eclipse coming this Friday  will only be seen over Europe, and you guessed it, Jerusalem and all of Israel (and the Middle East).  Just look at all the entourage of Heavenly SIGNS our Almighty God will have accompanying the long legs of this eclipse : a) On that exact day will arrive a Supermoon-new moon.  b) That day, March 20th is Nisan 1, the beginning of the Lord’s Biblical New Year (January 1 New Year for us).  c) It will arrive exactly above the North Pole (no it’s not Santa Claus); never has a Solar Eclipse done that before sitting atop the earth (NASA).  d) That exact day will be the spring equinox.  e) Just as the prophetic election is 3 days prior, 3 days after this eclipse, March 23rd is the demonic Iran DEAL.  f) Next week satan has world “secular” scientists restarting Hadron Super Collider to “refresh” the world that the Big Bang theory is alive and well (Oh, how our Lord  can divinely time these things all in a handbag under this eclipse).  g)  Also, the exact midpoint of this 7th of 7 Shemitahs just happens to be on March 20th.  h)  Also, March 20th happens to be the United Nations International Day of Happiness, Oh dear God.   i) Best for last, you just gotta read Amos 8:9, as I purposefully left the words out of this scripture so you can see for yourself–FYI this prophetic eclipse hits Jerusalem at 12:18 p.m., which means 6:18 a.m. EST. or New York time.

Please do not let this untimely but most necessary insert here tonight impede you from viewing the previous post on March 9.  You just gotta to see it to know where we are at in this most prophetic month of March.  May God Bless and please watch my post next week on what the Glory of God shows of the above signs when they are all grouped about the Solar Eclipse, The statistics defy all realms of probability and why not IT’S GOD and there is none like Him.