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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, April 2, 2015

Again, so happy to share so much with you,  The Biblical Blood Moons (BBMs) are now 68% completed, the events of prophecy foretold thousands of years ago are exploding everywhere this past month, truly March Madness, specifically the clear unabated split from Israel by our White House.  I’m positive you’ll agree that one must be in a “Loony Tune Sunshine, Lollipop, and Rainbow” adnausem to not understand the world’s on fire today.  And then there’s Washington D.C. No wonder the scaffolding still surrounds the Capital building.  So, let’s take a-I’m sorry to say- not so brief journey on what’s happening :


1.  March 24th, Israel’s 2 main TV news stations reported that Obama’s tepid 2-day late, 30 minute congratulatory call was bitter and difficult (and so prophetic) after Bibi’s election triumph against all odds.  They stated : “The President made clear he didn’t believe Netanyahu was genuinely supportive of a 2-State Solution and that the U.S. would no longer support Israel at the UN….left Netanyahu with the impression that Obama intends to abandon Israel at the UN”.  Later that day Obama’s brainwashed Chief-of-Staff McDonough : “The Palestinian people must have the right to live and govern themselves…the White House expects policies that demonstrate a genuine commitment to a 2-State Solution and a cessation of Settlements …and an occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years”.

2.  Same day, (so much going on), White House alleges Israel of spying on the negotiations in Switzerland on the diabolic Iran nuclear DEAL and then Israel told Congress about the “BAD DEAL” behind Obama’s back and as a result Congress built a solid case against the DEAL.  What a petulant deceitful man.  Friends, Obama does not “love” Israel, he zealously despises them.  Why not, he’s a Muslim and revenge is his weapon of the day.

3.  March 25th, Israel’s #2 newspaper Arutz Sheva: “U.S. declassifies document revealing Israel’s highly covert nuclear program.  Yet says absolutely squat about Russia’s, China’s, UK, France etc.  Report reveals all of Israels sites, number, strength and size of atomic and hydrogen bombs.  This broke the silent agreement between the 2 nations held for almost 30 years.  What the heck is Obama doing and media is mute (ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN).  The timing of this is absolutely insane as now the world, especially Israel’s despotic Muslim neighbors now have the intelligence they’ve needed for the past 30 years to react appropriately (they don’t know about Isaiah 54 :17 : “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper).  But they sure do now know Psalms 83:4 : “Come and let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance”.  How absolutely prophetic, 2,800 years ago, right into our living room TV in 2015.  Same day, George Soros, (what can I call him??) has reserved for the Palestinians seed money for a Palestinian State, and has made future funds available for the fledgling nation to be.

4.  March 26th, So prophetic, one by one, the world has lined up against Israel.  France, who has probably collaborated  with the White House in order for Obama’s involvement to remain secret, now has taken the “lead” at the UN Security Council to obtain the Final Resolution for the 2-State Solution and to end all Settlements.  Discussions start April 15th, how nice, tax day and exactly one year to the day of the first BBM and get this, if the UNSC fails, then “France alone will recognize the State of Palestine without any delay whatsoever”, says France’s Foreign Minister.  Friends, this is BIG BIG, the largest Western country in the world will acknowledge the State of Palestine.

5.  Gets worse, next day, March 27th,  Putin says : “Russia will support the Palestinians at the UN for a 2-State Solution with East Jerusalem as their Capital.  If this isn’t right out of Zech. 12: 8,9 : “In that day shall the Lord defend Jerusalem…and that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”.

6.  March 29th,  Rabbi Shlomo Risken : “The President of the U.S. is lashing out at Israel, just like Haman lashed out against the Jews (Book of Esther).  He is disrespectful to my country, to my future and the future of the world”.  I say, WOW!!!

7.  March 31,  Jerusalem Post says slicky Obama is secretly initiating steps to be taken at the UN to push the Saudi-plan for peace (1967 Borders and East Jerusalem as Capital) this will solve it once and for all.  Just as soon as they see how Israel’ s new government looks after being sworn in, in April.  This leak was purposefully forced out so Israel “gets the message” from the get go so as not to have time to ponder on negotiations.  Friends, this is the devil’s working, how can it not be, again, so prophetic, thank you dear Lord for these BBMs to show us how close we are.  Today, we’re not just “talking” about your return, but physically “watching it” before our very eyes in this generation (Matthew 24:34).  What a privilege so to speak, to witness your Glory.  However, we have passion for what’s going on today for  God’s chosen people, Jerem. 32:38 : “And they shall be my people and I will be their God”.

8.  How about this :  this past weekend the Jewish “Levite” Priests, all descendants of Aaron, brother of Moses in the Bible, performed actual sacrifices of baby lambs (I know…that hurts, I don’t even hunt) on the newly completed Altar for the third Temple.  It was completely successful.

9.  April 1, how nice on April Fools, the foolish Palestinian Authority became a full fledged active member of the International Court of the UN.  They plan to legally pursue war crimes against Israel and Bibi, whom they seek the death penalty for.  This is a must watch.

10.  World’s top hacker group “Anonymous” threatens Israel with an “Electronic Holocaust” on April 7th about one week prior to Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 16th.

11.  Last week UN Human Rights Group concludes Israel is the worst violator of women in the world.  This is insane.  This week, they say double ditto for being the world’s worst Human Rights violator of all the UN’s 192 nations.  (How about Syria’s slaughter of 230,000 of its people, and Iran’s and North Korea’s torturing and slaughtering of their innocent people, double insane!).  Do you see why we are where we are today regarding the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

12.  I close with this most profound statement by Bibi of this sick world : “Iran’s Generals say Israel’s destruction is Non-Negotiable, but evidently giving Iran’s Murderous Regime a clear path to the bomb is Negotiable”.   Really, how many times does one have to reiterate Isaiah 5:20 anymore (good is evil…evil is good, fast forwarded 2,700 years.

13.  Well friends, you can Google this all, it all happened this week.  This stuff can’t ever be dreamed up.  The Obama/Israel and Bibi relationship has hit rock bottom, it appears irrevocable.  The White House wrecking ball is petulantly going ballistic on “revenge” from all angles, is it not?  You know that all the BBMs are omens of judgement on nations.  America, this past month, has been judged, may we fasten our seat belts, punishment is coming.  Only God Almighty knows what next.


1.  White House vows not to tell Congress or we Americans any Iran DEAL details until it’s signed, sealed, and delivered.  Do you remember queenie Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare, seems like 99 years ago : “Sign it and then we’ll read it later”.  Yogi Berra, des jeax vous all over again.

2.  Supreme General Commander of NATO comes to White House from Europe, demands to see Obama.  Arrogant President refuses to see him. Just like that.  Wanted to discuss Putin’s nuclear threat on the 3 Baltic countries if they join NATO.

3.  Now even President El-Sisi of Egypt, King Abdullah of Jordan and the Saudi Arabia Gov’t calls “them” Radical Islamic Terrorists, yet loosey lippy Obama still says squat to define these wildmen descendants of Ishmael.

4.  Foreign Policy disasters lately under this “guy” : Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria, Saudis, Afghanistan, Israel, that’s all.

5.  Our Muslim Iran loving leader’s quote when Ayatollah Khameini repeated “Death to America last week” , Obama plays it down : “It was only intended for a domestic political audience”.  WHAT is our President blurting out this time?  That’s worse than his Obamacare ” You won’t have to change your doctor” or on IRS, not even a “SMIGEON of Corruption”.  I say Alice in Wonderland.

6.  General Ray Odierno, leader on Katrina disaster: “This is the most uncertain time I’ve ever seen in our National Security since I’ve been in uniform-over 40 years ago…our military is hollowed out”.

7.  Good old Rep. Senator Louis Gommert on Obama “net” : “You’re playing God on the Internet”.

8.  Middle East, (and the world) is on fire and Obama plays golf in Florida over the weekend.  Yikes-Kabowie.

9.  John Bolton doesn’t mess around : “Bomb Iran before they get the bomb”.

10.  Feds allow 300,000 undocumented Muslims into America last 3 years (the more the merrier).

11.  Obama threatens US allies if they go against the Iran DEAL as France is presently doing to frustrate America. (Viva La France I say).  And now he’s taking Dem. Senator Menendez to the wood shed with 14 criminal indictments for the Senator’s bashing of Obama/Iran DEAL.

12.  National poll : 33% of Republicans fear Obama’s pen and phone threat more than Putin, 25% or Assad 23%.  (ISIS 58%).  Oh dear Lord, come quickly Lord Jesus.  Can you only image what he’s going to do in his remaining 638 days in office with his lying lips, Proverbs 12:22 : “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord…”.

13.  John Kerry on 3-30 : “A nuclear DEAL is possible, INSHALLAH” in English that’s “IF ALLAH WILLS IT” (I honestly hope I finish this post soon, as it is so so disgusting to hear our leader’s aborrohing rhetoric)   Again, I don’t make anything up, please Google everything.

14.  As of today, April 2, all major negotiators have left Switzerland (ie. Russia, China, UK, France, and Germany).  Only the “fool” Kerry remains colluding with Iran on the DEAL.

15.  Kingpin Obama is now taking the world lead on all UN Climate Change talks which will “force “an ever elusive “DEAL” by Nov. 30th, which has evaded the world for 27 years.

16.  Friends, our leader’s divisive rhetoric against the Nation of little bitty teeny tiny Israel is so full of wrath that knows no bounds.  Like Maude said on the Golden Girls TV show :”God’ll get you for this”, yes He will if our President with his egomaniac tendencies doesn’t repent.  He’s playing with fire, God’s Fire.  Well, Mr. Obama, if you’re ending economic and political support for Israel , please look left, the sign says Genesis 12:3.17.

Finally, finally, finally, yeah, latest warning from Franklin Graham as he lashes out at this Anti-Semetic President of ours : “One of the greatest threats to America is the liberals led by Pres. Obama who is trying to impose a new morality, which is no morality at all and jamming it down the throats of Americans….when a nation founded on biblical laws turns its back of God, THE END IS NEAR”.  Friends when Billy and Franklin Graham talk like this, you just gotta know that we are on THE EDGE OF TIME.


1.  Iran’s Pres. Spokesman : “Baghdad will be the center of the new Persian Empire when the Mahdi returns in 2015 or 16″.  (And Babylon is only 60 miles away, totally restored and waiting for tourism when hostilities subside).  HMMMM!!!, I’m thinking about Revelation 17 on this one.

2.  Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti calls for the immediate demolition of ALL Christian Churches in country.

3.  Yemen, witty Obama’s prized model country of Middle East success, is unraveling out of control, entire country is lawless, Pres. has fled, civil war rampant from Iranian terror group invasion and uprising. 12 Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia who’s very much afraid of Iran’s “tentacles” massing on their Southern border with Yemen are now relentlessly pounding these Houdthe rebels with airstrikes.  The Saudis have never participated in a conflict like this in their history without the U.S. fighting their wars.  Well thanks to our arrogant pro-Iranian Pres., they now tell the U.S. nothing about when, where, and who’s of their attacks as their credibility and trust with U.S. is now ZERO, a first ever.  Another first, ever, never since the days of the old Ottoman Empire has a coalition of Arab countries united and then invaded another Arab nation.  Does this foreshadow an imminent union of Boko Horam, ISIS, ALQueda, Al Shabbab, Al Nousra, All Whatever you want to call them, to form a potential caliphate.  Now that is a major prophetic step to the End of Time.

4.  Egypt sends 2 naval warships off Yemen coast as they have same fears as Saudis of Iran’s tentacles.

5.  News leak (Canada Free Press), March 28, Pres. and wife Michelle (??) have both willfully and deceptively rebuked Nigeria and their 300 kidnapped girls from last spring by assisting the radical Leftists who have affiliates embracing murder-machine Boko Horam and supporting a radical, a Mohammed Buhair for President in elections this past weekend.  Yeah, just like that, another Yogi Berra des jeax vous all over again campaign supported by our much maligned President, just like the earlier Anti-Bibi campaign in Israel.  This time, they won.  So, what does this imply but a Southern front for ISIS whom Boko Haram has pledged allegiance to.  We gotta watch Nigeria now (only 120 million people there) as another sword of Damecles has fallen.

6.  Little further East, Muslim terrorists invade a girls college campus, ask who’s Christian, slaughter them all on the spot (147 dead, and several hundred injured, at this writing).  And this is where our fearless leader will be vacationing in July with wifee.  Why not, it’s his alleged birthplace and Lake Victoria is so beautiful in summer as the world is ablaze.

7.  Now let’s go way North and East to Japan who just deployed their “first” naval aircraft carrier since WWII.  (Can we remember Pearl Harbor yesterday and Armageddon tomorrow).

8.  Now South to China on a lighter but economically deadly note for the American dollar.  China, who’s national emblem is the “dragon”, is the driving force of 44 countries that on March 31st launched a new “worldlike” bank to compete with and then destroy the dollar and the dollar backed IMF and World Bank, the “Fed” of the world.  This too is BIG BIG as it includes over 3 billion people from leading economic nations of the globe :  India, Russia, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Brazil…  Friends,  the U.S. was purposely left out despite White House efforts to talk the European countries from not joining which proved futile.  China’s nefarious goal is to manipulate the U.S. Treasury Bond Market, forcing the dreaded U.S. interest rates to rise and thereby crushing the dollar in this 7 of 7th “Shemitahs” and BBMs year.  Friends, watch the 10 year bond market movement as this will dictate when and how massive our U.S. dollar crash/crush will be.  It could surely be by the end of the Shemitah when the Stock Market closes  on “9/11″ this September (not only that, once our Fed raises rates, 80% of the $700 trillion, that’s with a “T” global derivatives market will implode and take everything with it like a Tsumani.  Isaiah 59:19 : “…when the enemy shall come in like a flood…”.  Yes, we are there.  No, this is no COINCIDENCE, SCHMOINCIDENCE.


1.  The highly anticipated diabolical Hadron Super Collider was to be “refreshed” and restarted March 23rd. It is an atom smasher that will be fired up to its maximum capacity energy level to detect and crack miniature black holes which will reveal a completely new universe from our present one and will possible even “leak out” gravity from our universe, thereby validating the big bang theory and nullifying our Creator’s majestic creation.  Well, guess what, it fizzed as some of the hardware malfunctioned right out of the gate.  Thank you Lord our one and only true God who “declares the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10) for zapping a $6 billion project that tried to defy you.

2.  If you Google any of the major earthquakes this past month, Matthew 24:7, two words, “diverse places” will smack you right in the eye of how prophecy is exploding daily.  Who’s ever heard of places like Tonga, Papaua, Vanuata, Samoa, Solu, Nepal, and on and on, all greater than 6.0 on the Richter scale.  (And remember, fire and brimstone in the Bible = Volcanoes).

3.  High School Chemistry teacher and “his” students have a typical class Friday last week in school in Chino, Calif.  Next Monday kids return to class, he’s a rather good looking woman in a dress.  For crying in a bucket.

4.  I can hardly wait, 3 new Transgender shows coming this fall all with high hopes of good ratings.  ABC has “Becoming Us”, CBS has new leading character for the (Oh, this title) “Bold and the Beautiful”, NBC has “The Curse of the Fuentes Woman”, and Discovery (discover what??) has New Girls on the Block.  Friends, this is absolutely hideous.  I tell you our President’s endorsement of the LGBT thing is as polluted as his Anti-Israel stance.  How can we not be right there, present day Sodom and Gomorrah.  (All about Romans 1:24-27 : “God gave them up to uncleanliness through the lusts of their own hearts to dishonor their own bodies…God gave them to vile affections…women change their natural use in that which is against nature…and men burning their lust one toward another….”  So sorry to report this junk.  How can this not be Luke 17:28 : “…as in the days of Lot…”.  Thank you Almighty God for sending your Heavenly Signs, specifically your Unprecedented Lord’s Perfect Sign (see 2014-15 Unprecedented Category of graph 8A) which will surely pave the path our your imminent return by opening people’s eyes as to how perfect you are.

5.  As bad as that was, I’m also very sorry to report this about the heathenous butchers, the New York Legislature.  They “overwhelmingly” passed law this week that an abortion can be deemed as acceptable to be performed on a mother in her “3rd” Trimester by “LITERALLY” shooting a lethal poison with a medical gun square into the heart of a baby to kill it.  (Drudge Report).  I’m sorry!!! Come quickly Lord Jesus, is this not enough of satan???

6.  California’s Water War has hit an apocalyptic crischendo.  Their shortage is the worst in the state’s history, snow pack all time low of 5%.  Thousands of businesses , irate about possibly closing.  Last night April 1, Gov. Jerry Brown issued a mandatory 25% statewide  water restriction (1st ever in state’s history) for EVERYTHING that lives and breathes in the state will be strictly monitored for abuse.  Friends, how many times have I said “first time ever”, today???


What can I say?  The Lord’s Heavenly SIGNS mean business.  This world has greatly violated Him and His.  They are omens, warnings, as our once great country is now “found wanting” just as in Daniel 5:27 where God’s finger wrote on the wall during a party hosted by “Persian” (Iran today) King Bellshazzar .(Remember Mene, Tekel, Upharsin, in Daniel 5:25).   May you watch our Lord’s next BBM show His Glory early Saturday  morning, April 4th beginning at 6:15 A.M. New York time and climaxing at 7:57 A.M.  I tell you, how can we not expect something BIG from this in the next several days surrounding Passover.  We have blown it.  May we Pray and Watch to catch the elevator going UP and not DOWN.  Luke 21:28 : ” When you BEGIN to see these things happen….”.  Friends, these things have BEGUN and ALL at the same time.  May God Bless.