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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, April 13, 2015

Welcome, By being on this site I can only conclude that you’ve shared and loved the Lord just a little more extra special this Passover.  It’s all about Him, as are His Heavenly Signs, highlighted by the 3rd Biblical Blood Moon (BBMs) this past week where prophetic events with our White House’s sordid dealings and remarks against the Jewish State continue to unravel anywhere you roll the dice.  Can you only imagine the buckets of our Lord’s judgements on America that are beginning to be poured out with His vengeance. Surely He’s had a tear in His eye this past month on how the U.S. and the world is willingly and categorically failing Him.  Well, today, April 13th, lucky us, the BBMs are now 70% complete to Sept. 28th.  As March has indicated, we had better brace for a devastating financial, terror/war conflict, earthshaking impact.  So, Let’s See Why:


1.  A Total Solar Eclipse appears March 20th FYI, UN (United Nothing) celebrates “International Day of Happiness” – just look at this “happy” world today.

2.  It appears on Nisan 1, beginning of our Lord’s Biblical Calendar.

3.  Full Eclipse at 12:08 P.M. lunch time, that’s good enough to noon as being a prelude to Amos 8:9 : “And it shall come to pass in that day I will cause the sun to go down at noon….”.

4.  This Eclipse occurred “exactly” over the center of the North Pole, never happened before in recorded history.

5.  Eclipse’s position angle covered only 2 time zones of the world’s 24.  One was over Israel (and Mid-East, other Europe).  It arrived “just in time for sunrise”.

6.  That night also appeared a Super moon-New Moon, the first ever day/night duel combo sun and moon phenomena in a 12 hour period on a Special Day of the Lord.

7.  This Supermoon was also the “largest” of the year.

8.  There’s never been more than 6 Supermoon occurrences in 1 year (next 3 this Aug., “Sept.”, Oct,)  

9.  The vernal (spring) equinox also occurred  this exact day.

10.  March 20th was also the exact midpoint of this Shemitah year (Leviticus 25).  (FYI. also exact midpoint of Bibi’s against all odds election win March 17th and the Iran nuclear DEAL from Hell final agreement gathering and “Restart of the demonic Hadron Super Collider that purportedly undoes God’s Creation of the Universe on March 23rd” 

11.  Sept. 13, Rosh Hashana, Feast of Trumpets in the final 7th year of “7” Shemitah cycles.  Can you only imagine the financial conundrum on the corner of Wall and Broad Street in downtown Manhattan at the closing bell on Friday, yep, 9/11.  A Shemitah crash has never failed since 1933 Shemitah year in the depths of the Great Depression-you know all about Jonathan Cahn’s book on the Shemitah.  I do hope we who love the Lord are out of the market that day, so ominous, so predictable.

12.  Also, that day will appear another Heavenly Sign of a Solar Eclipse, how fitting.

13.  Sept. 24th, Yom Kippur. Day of Atonement, our Lord’s most Special Holy Day, most assuredly commences our Lord’s Final Jubilee, the 120th for our world as we know it.  Why? How about Genesis 6:3 : “I will not strive with man, his days shall be 120 years”.  And Isaiah 61:2 : almost exactly like Luke 4:18 and 19 out of JESUS’S OWN MOUTH : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God”.  Friends, 50 years per Jubilee times 120 Jubilees = 6,000 years = 6 days and God rested= Adam to 2015.  (World’s oldest, wisest, religious historians Ussher and Josephus pinpoint Adam’s “birth” to 3900 to 4000 BC.  WOW!!! Are we there yet?  This is so exciting even writing this, yes we are there.

14.  Sept. 28th, Feast of Tabernacles will welcome the 4th BBM.  Remember, all previous BBM Tetrads ended with most profound and horrific world changing events and eventual joy and victory to the Jewish nation.  (Please see my charts on all of them on the home page , scroll down, specifically Lord’s Perfect Sign, so superior to all others.

15.  This will also be a “divine” Supermoon, approx. 25% larger and brighter than a regular Blood Moon.

16.  And of the rare 6 Supermoons this one will be the 2nd largest in 2015 (March 20th).

17.  More of course, this one will be the ONLY ONE EVER, appearing over Holy Jerusalem and all of Israel will see it.  (Not one of the 7 previous BBMs in history have had a Supermoon like this).  

18.  The 2014-15 BBMs are the most phenomenal in history with their “symmetrical perfection” as only our magnificent GOD could orchestrate this Heavenly alignment of Eclipses.  (see Lord’s Perfect Sign chart under home pg.).

19.  The number of days between the 1st and 4th BBMs = 531, exactly the same as number of days from July 23, 2013 the 13th and Final Star of David Planetary Alignment, a War Star to the midpoint Jan. 5, 2015 = 531 days.  (See photos of the STAR under Lord’s Perfect Sign chart).

20.  No BBMs in history has had 2 Total and 1 partial Solar Eclipse within a BBM Tetrad in a span of 17 months.  (Remember Solar Eclipses are omens to the Gentiles).  God is Awesome, but is very distraught at this world, as we have “left Him”.

21.  If there is something peculiar about the 266 days from the 1st BBM on 4/15/14 to the midpoint which happens to be exactly the same # of days, 266 from the Jan. 5th midpoint to the 4th BBM on 9/28/15.  Yes there is ,  266 days is exactly 38 weeks, the exact # of weeks of a woman’s gestation period to give birth.  It’s also the exact # of Pope Francis, who is the 266th Pope of the Vatican and an ominous number as per the prophecy of St. Malachi where the 266th is the last Pope in world history.  And how about the unbelievable arrival of the Pope to the UN and Washington D.C. to discuss climate change, world peace, world tolerance, and world unity from a religious perspective Sept. 21-28.  WOW, 2 of the 3 world’s most popular men (Putin the other, but not there) who oversee 1.5 Billion people together in 1 place and during 2 of the Lord’s 3 Holy Fall Feasts of Atonement and Tabernacles.  Hmmm!! Coincidence Schomoincidence I say.

22.  Did you know that if you play around with 1948 (Israel a nation) and 1967 (Jerusalem unified back with Israel) which are both prophetic dates and both with BBMs #6 and #7 respectively, that they link up perfectly with 2015 BBMs.  Look : 1948 +67 = 2015 and 1967 +48 = 2015.  God’s Signs are so awesome for something Big Big  this year.

23.  If that’s not enough, how about 2015 has these 24 prophetic Heavenly Signs that no man on earth can not alter.  Not “one” other year in this decade 2010-20 has more than 3.  (Chart coming in May on # of prophetic events yearly, in the decade).  Then you’ll know very much.  Isaiah 44:6 : “I am the first and I am the last and beside me there is no God”.  Sorry Obama, you can’t lie about things people see with their own eyes and distort it with your loose lips, gottcha this time, as your Executive Orders are a royal fizz here.

24.  Best for last : Jan 5, 2015, ties this entire decade (and possibly ushers in Eternity) in  such a divine and unique pattern as only God can fashion.  This is the most prolific  Heavenly Sign date since the Star of Bethlehem. (Just wait till you see how this date is the leading actor in the Lord’s Perfect Sign Sequel which will be revealed when completed and verified in May).  

I’ve done statistical probabilities for 41 years.  To calculate the probability of these events for 2015, I knew would be a formidable task.  I created an atmosphere of total quiet, no TV , no music, 3 sharp pencils 1 big pink eraser, my KJV Bible, calculator, computer, several sheets of scratch paper, Jewish and American calender, and many cans of Pepsi, I made 2 attempts to do this on 2 different Sat. and 2 different Sun..  Very very simple, I quit, I gave up.  The power of God to accomplish this hemungous array of events defies all the laws of statistical probability that is overwhelmingly incomprehensible for any one to compute I believe.  (Isaiah 48:9 : “There is none like Me”) with that said, I’ll guess that the probability of the 2015 Heavenly Signs is about infinity to the “infinitieh” power.  These events should shake one to the core, yet, most nobody in the world is listening just as in the days of Noah in Genesis.  (FYI, I didn’t even mention Bibi’s prophetic speech March 3rd, which fell directly on the Eve of  Purim
where he paralled Esther and Obama paralled Haman in the Book of Esther).
1.  The agreed upon DEAL from HELL by “bomb”astic, ill-willed President of ours and snake-eyed Iran happened on April 1, April “fools” day, how fitting.  And how fitting does this prophetic event tie in as a prelude to Isaiah 28:14,15,18 : “…ye scornful men that rule this people in Jerusalem….Because ye have said, we  have made a covenant with death and with hell we are at agreement and have made lies our refuge….and your covenant with death shall be disannulled and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then you shall be trodden down by it”.  Friends, please visualize how perfectly fitting this scripture is happening before our very eyes.

2.  As our loose-lipped “scornful” leader said: “This is a historic understanding which will prevent Iran from a nuclear weapon”,  Bibi counters : “A DEAL based on this framework will threaten Israel’s existence.  It is a disaster.  This has paved Iran’s path to the bomb.  Centrifuges will keep spinning, not one nuclear site will be shut down, no nuclear Inspectors allowed in, the Heavy Water Nuclear Plant will be completed and remain open…”.  I’m going to believe Bibi as truth trumps a liar.

3.  Intelligence Minister : “If we have no choice, we have no choice…the military option is on the table”.  Israel, the “force” is with you, the force of our omnipotent God of Israel (Isaiah 54:17 :”No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”).  

4.  Last week the Jewish people offered a Passover sacrifice lamb to the Lord near the Temple Mount.  This week 5 days after Passover just like they did 2,000 years ago, the Historic Omer Barley offering was held in Jerusalem.  WOW, how close we are to the Edge of Time, piece by piece.

5.  Same exact day, April 9th, Palestinian Police appear in “uniform” in East Jerusalem for the first time EVER.  Friends, putting this into perspective can only foreshadow you know what….KABOOM!!!, as in third Intifada.

6.  What’s with April 9th, in the middle of the week of the Lord’s Feast of Unleavened Bread : Palestinians and the Arab League in Cairo, Egypt demand  UN Security Council to set up a timeline to end the occupation, establish borders and return East Jerusalem to Palestine.  Egyptian  spokesman : ” The key is in the hands of America”.  The gauntlet is here, will America choose wisely.  I believe not, end time prophecy says same.  How will Israel fare in the end when all the nations are so insatiably, yet blindly focused on splitting in half a country occupying 0.17% of the world’s land mass.  Against all odds,  may we watch Israel prevail in the next several months, under God’s hand, Isaiah 51:16 : ” I have covered thee in the shadow of Mine hand…and say unto Zion (Israel), Thou art My people”.  (All that special Harvard intellect our Muslim President received, and, POOF, his dream, his legacy, to destroy God’s chosen, wasted).  


1.  As our President shows off his pearly whites and bashes Israel and “our” Congress in the Deal from Hell, John Bolton summarizes it best : “We’ve been sold out, the nuclear arms race has begun today…Obama is the worst and weakest Foreign Policy negotiator in Presidential history”.  Amen, Johnny, (who loves the Jewish nation).

2.  Obama’s minions indict Senator Menendez, top Democratic Senator on  Foreign Relations (who’s vehemently against the DEAL Obama cherishes).  Sure similar to what happens to EX – US Generals who opposed Obama and got the ax.  

3.  Remarkably abrasive statements made by our leader this week : a) On the DEAL “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity…”.  Mr. Pres., how about the once in a 6,000 year earth life-ending “opportunity” that you’ve set up for us by threatening Israel’s survival,  b)  He hates Israel, make no mistake : “The notion we condition Iran not getting a nuclear arms deal on Iran recognizing Israel is really like saying “We won’t sign a DEAL unless Iran completely transforms.  And that is a fundamental misjudgement”.  Gees, this man is toxic to Israel’s survival, c) On National Day of Prayer, he says people like you and me are : “less than loving Christians”.  What a sad man he must be inside, so so delusioned under satan’s spell.  Then again, that’s why he’s here at this time.

4. US Border Agents bracing for biggest surge of illegals in US history, as March influx of over 3,000 didn’t hit till May last year. (This year many more Muslim refugees also).

5.  US Treasury has not listed US National Debt we’ve been so used to seeing over the ticker over the years for 25 consecutive days, stuck at $18,112,975,000,000.  Congress has suspended this listing for the public’s awareness until further notice because Congress has failed to increase the Debt limit.  Friends this is so BIG, you know why, not only are we in the twilight zone how much the White House cronies are snarfing our money into their pockets during this “GAP” but most compellingly, how complicit most everybody in this country is dumbed-down, ostrich head in the sand is anymore.  Only 2 years ago, this was minute by minute headline news on every TV channel everywhere.  Friends, America is full of novocain nothing matters anymore, all confetti.  

No morals, no values, no credible, honest leaders. Numb numb numb is this world today. No wonder it’s time for our Lord to send His judgements as we’ve now drawn the dreadful line this past 30 days on where our nation stands with Israel. May we now watch His Glory unfold before our eyes to those who seek Him and to the unfortunate, bitter cataclysmic ending that our Bible prophesizes for those who don’t.    

6.  Finally, please understand one has to inject something like the following, as these writings  can get quite strainful and emotional about these End Times, thus one has to vent:  Hillary Clinton has just arrived in Iowa from New York riding for the first time ever to a political campaign in a “bus” that is artistically painted with Scooby Doo on it.  Oh well,  she is a “Clinton”.  


1.  Remember the  movie “Grease”  with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, well, friends, may you remember in the next 30 days : “Greece is the word”.   Simply watch Greece blow up, no brainer, just watch.

2.  Here’s some fuel : a)  Communist Greek President Alexis Tsipras, draws up plans to exit EU, to reinsert their original drachma currency, nationalize all banks.  b)  Greece has reached dead end third and final time as debt owed for April of $4 Billion is impossible to attain.  No tears are shed anymore from the other EU countries, done and done.

3.  Greece has on May 1st a Labor Day-“Bank Holiday” (Oh Boy!!!).

4.  Because of Greece, Euro’s weakness dropped more than ever in it’s 25 year history in 1st quarter, 2015.  (The trend is your friend).  

5.  Best for last, Alexis meets with Putin hoping to get funds by trading off a significant portion of Greece’s east coast.  Yes, that’s what I said, east coast, and I’m Greek and that hurts.  This is absolutely unbelievable, Russian tentacles in Ezek. 38,39  Gog War.  

6.  For 1st time EVER, several EU countries have issued multi year bonds at a negative rate led by Switzerland, who’s usually on top of things financially, but no more.

7.  All 3 Baltic countries ( Latvia. Lithuania, Estonia) and Poland now preparing for all- out war for Russian invasion if they join NATO forces that will participate in a “Grand” military exercise in Estonia in May.  WOW!!! This is BIG BIG.

8. Friends, the EU is approaching an Economic Tsunami that just may trigger Jonathan Cahn’s Shemitah book of a global financial shock on Friday 9/11 this fall, on our Lord’s Feast of Trumpets of 9/13.  The stage is now set for US Stock Market implosion as well, via contagion. 


1.  The Iran DEAL to Hell is agreed upon April 1st (oh what fools).  Iran’s President Rouhani tells exactly opposite details of what Obama said to America after DEAL done.  When this President lies about all of Obama’s lies, well, we’ve really got a doozey of lying leaders which enhance the word “deception” as mentioned in Matthew 24, four times.

2.  Iranians were partying, dancing in the streets all night after hearing their President say : “We got everything we wanted in the DEAL”.

3.  Iran sends 2 warships into the coast of Yemen, civil war there is relentless now.

4.  Iran sends Hamas $100 million to rebuild last years demonic tunnels devastated by Israel and restock missile supply to fight Israel again this spring.

5.  Turkey’s President Edrogen accepts annointment of 1 million Turks in Istanbul who call him “God Allah”.

6.  Libya blames Obama for letting country fail to “complete lawlessness” now.

7.  ISIS wildmen continue their caliphate building merciless rampage, take portion of Southern Damascus so vividly prophesized in Gen. 16:12 and Habakkuk 1:5-12 and also the capital of Anbar province in Iraq, Iraq’s largest province area-wise where so many American soldiers died for nothing now.  Thanks Mr. Obama, you….!!!

8.  Please never forget when lying Obama and his minions call ISIS, ISI”L” for Levant, it means the Middle East with Israel’s land, but with”out” Israel being there.  Oh, that stubbornly defiant anti-Israel President of ours!!!

9.  Russia’s aggression is menacing and spreading like a secret oozing “blob” under the radar screen : a)  Cypress has agreed to allow Russia to build strategic military base on their land, 200 miles west of Tel Aviv.  b)  Unbeknownst to the world media, Russia snarfs up full control over small nation of Ossetia by Black Sea.  c)  Russia jet fighter nearly collides with US reconaisance aircraft over Northern Europe.  d)  And finally, I never knew Santa Claus in the North Pole had 50,000 little elves going helter-skelter up there in the spring (Russian troops in “extreme” military drills).

10.  Palestinian’s Abbas meets with Putin this week for strategy on the 2-State-Solution which is coming up later in April.  This Putin Gog man, is surely preparing for something.  How about Ezek 38: 7 : “Be thou prepared and prepare all they company that are assembled unto thee and be thou a guard unto them”.  God Almighty is so awesome to show us these earthly prophetic signs so specifically in this scripture under this BBM WINDOW He now has locked in.  

11. Ayatollah Khamanei says “White House is lying and has devilish intentions”, on the DEAL from Hell.  If he calls the White House a liar and vice versa.  And Congress calls  Obama’s DEAL a lie.  And White House lies to everyone.  And Bibi calls Iran a liar, then it’s either “Who’s on First”, or better, Psalms 2:1,4 : “Why do the heathen rage…he that sitteth in Heaven shall laugh and have them in derision”.  Amen on that.

12.  Just over the Fox News wire,  Russia and Iran just signed an $800 million contract to supply Iran with the dreadful S-300 missiles that cannot be effectively handled by Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile weapon.  The timing of this is absolutely shocking and potentially the kiss of death for Israel’s annihilation.  Never fear, the Lord is here for Israel (Isaiah 54:17).


1.  Week of March 28-April 3 had 1550 earthquakes worldwide, all time record since records kept.  Also, 4 were 6.0 or greater in magnitude and one at 7.5.  Sounds like omen for Matthew 24:7 on earthquakes in diverse places, especially with perfect timing regarding the DEAL from Hell agreement on April 1, smack in the middle.

2.  Get this comparison, on April 10th, 150 whales beached on the Eastern coast of Japan.  Exact scenario in 2010 where 50 whales were beached and 6 days later Fukushima earthquake hit.  Again, something to watch in April scientists believe whale’s sonar detects massive ocean floor activity.

3.  You’ve heard of serious to extreme drought covering 94% of California and Governor Brown’s issuance of strict statewide 25% cut water restrictions,  1st in state’s history.  Well, if you  Google: “California is Turning Back into a Desert and There are no Contingency Plans”, you’ll also know that National and Federal scientists traveled there and concluded this mega-drought (ie. in 4th year now) is worst in 1000 years by measuring tree rings.  We’ll know more when we purchase celery 95%, broccoli 94% artichokes 99%, plums 97%, and strawberries, 90% of the nations crops in the next couple of months at the grocery store.  Friends, He is truly coming soon, add all this stuff up in this article and under this BBM WINDOW, how can He not be?

4.  Franklin Graham, more and more vocal against our remarkably evil-minded President  “When a nation turns it’s back on God, history shows that when nations do this, their end in near”.

5.  Dear Lord, not Iowa, Iowa, blue collar, Christian, God fearing state.  Well, the Iowa State Legislature opens up their legislative session with a WICKEN WITCH blessing her satanic God, Ahas.  Unbelievable, where we are.


One big composite and concrete ending:  With only 5 month’s left to fit so much in before our Lord’s BBMs WINDOW closes, so  much must happen if the Bible is true and we know “IT” is true as our God does not lie, Proverbs 30:5 : “Every word of God is pure”.  This implies an imminent tremendous world conflict, beginning in the white-hot Middle East and Russia (Psalms 83 and Ezek. 38,39 Gog War respectively), global financial explosion starting in Europe initiated by Greece’s plight, US dollar/Stock capitulation.  Are they not all in the headlines today non-stop, and all at the most unprecedented time ever.  Remember, every previous BBM changed the world forever.  Just wait till you see the data I’m compiling for the Lord’s Perfect Sign Sequel and a total expansion of the ancient Rabbi Amram Vaknin’s request from Southern Israel.  You may have read where he told all Jewish people to pray during last week’s BBM and to be aware of the #4, specifically #44, our 44th President Barak Obama.  You will be absolutely astonished at the Power and Glory our Lord has provided for us to witness, coming in May where you can verify and judge it’s content to know We Are There.  I assure you, it will drawf the 2015 Heavenly Signs above. Be wary of the Stock Market everyday from here on out, it just can’t keep going like this. May the Lord bless you always.  Rev. 3:11 : “Behold, I come quickly, hold that fast which thou hast that no man take thy crown”.