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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, April 24, 2015

Again, welcome to the Unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons (BBMs) website which are now 72% completed to Sept. 28th, the 4th and FINAL Supermoon Blood Moon.   And also just 141 days to the Feast of Trumpets on Sept. 13th, the  first of 3 of our Lord’s Special Holy Days in September.  Whew, what a month it’s going to be where BIG time prophetic events will happen.  We must never forget the prophetic events, the greatest events in the world since the times of Jesus that the previous 7 BBMs were a part of, again, all whose Heavenly SIGNS were inferior to this one in 2014-15.  (Please reference Lord’s Perfect SIGN chart in 2014-15 Unprecedented Blood Moons Category, all you have to do is compare this chart to all the other BBM charts and you’ll know WE ARE NOW THERE, on the Edge of Time for our Almighty Lord and Savior to say “Come up hither”.

FYI, the next BBMs are 567 years from now, will also be inferior to the current ones (NASA) regarding our Lord’s Heavenly SIGNS falling on His Special Days.  WOW!!! Friends, our Creator’s final “bazooka bullets” of divine warnings will all be shot when the Final 4th Supermoon BBM over Jerusalem expires, only judgement ones will remain during the Great Trib. Then, just like that, when Jesus lands on the Mt. of Olives, Rev. 21:23,24 begins, and,there will be “no need of the sun, neither of the moon to shine, for the glory of God did lighten it…”.

Several emails coming daily if I’m concerned or getting some anxiety that the Psalms 83 and Russia’s Gog War, the global financial/political chaos of dollar’s destruction and New World Order, American’s imminent implosion morally and physically, signing of the Israel/Palestinian Peace Treaty, Big time earthquakes, Disease, Droughts, Volcanoes of Matthew 24 have yet to happen with only 5 months left to fit this all in.  Well, how about Psalms 30:5 : “Every word of God is pure…” and Rev. 22:20 : “…surely I come quickly…”.  Friends, let’s hang tough and not get the beejeebers.  Let’s WATCH and PRAY, it’s gonna happen and swiftly and if not by September, please never forget the Jubilee Year of the Lord, His 120th and final one (Genesis 6:3), ie. 50 years per Jubilee times 120 Jubilees =6,000 years = 6 days and He rested (Isaiah 61:2, so powerful,so short, so real, sooo God Almighty : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengance of our God…”  That’s got to be good enough for you and me to continue with strong faith and belief in our Lord that He will do what He said He will do in scripture.  By the way the 120th Jubilee “ends” Oct. 11, 2016.  LET’S GO:


1.  How prophetic, more Jewish people live in Israel today than any other nation (5.8 million to 5.7 million in USA), bulk due to the exodus out of Europe and Russia in 2014-15, of course, all within the BBM Window.   Thank you God Almighty for fulfilling your prophecy before our very eyes TODAY, 4-24-2015.  WOW!!! (Jeremiah 32:41 : “…I will plant them in this land assuredly with my whole heart and with my whole soul”, WOW again, that shakes me to the core on how close we are to the Edge of Time.

2.  Deceptive and deceitful Obama hates Israel : His defense of Russia’s sale of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran is shaking and sparking threat alarms all across Israel this week.  May we thank God that Russia as of this writing, today, has delayed this sale temporarily.

3.  Bibi’s response was “I view this sale with utmost gravity”.

4.  Bibi : “President Obama’s negotiating skills are dangerous to humanity”.

5.  Israel TV : “This is the new America on Obama’s defense of Russia’s sale of anti-aircraft to Iran”.  Dang you, Obama, take 5, go read Ezek. 36:7 : “Thus saith the Lord God : I have lifted up my hand  Surely the heathen about you, they shall bear their shame”.  Friends, if he doesn’t repent BIG time, please, let’s still THANK Obama for being our President because he has speeded up the Rapture in the next 5 to 18 months for its high probability to occur (Jubilee ends Oct. 11, 2016).  That’s not date setting, that’s many dates, but I believe it because I truly believe the unbiased common sense Mark Biltz is reso nating around the globe that the Lord doesn’t do things “OUT OF SEQUENCE” with His Holy Days.  Please, you gotta remember to see the Lord’s Perfect SIGN SEQUEL coming in May, He’s SCREAMING at us that this BBM Window and 120th Jubilee is about spent with His warnings.

6.  Egyptian TV calls on “our dear friend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to trust in God and BOMB Iran”.  Friends, I’m not making this stuff up, as God is watching this article being written.  (1 John 4:1).

7.  EU calling for a defacto boycott of all Israeli goods and services as EU Anti-Semetism has increased 40% in 2014.

8.  a)  Wish I could report on Peace Process – no news literally anywhere on internet, TV, only thing, those little cockroaches Hamas is using Hi-Tech heavy machinery and specialized engineering tools to accelerate tunnel reconstruction to attack Israel again.

b)  Never forget, Israel is 24 and 0 since 1948 in conflicts of war and even averted wars in 1986 and 2007 in Iraq and Syria, respectively, by destroying their nuclear buildups before completion.  Oh how God is watching His chosen people (Deut. 7:6 : “For thou art a holy people unto the Lord, the Lord thy God hath chosen thee…”).

9.  Only Temple Mount news :  World’s only 2 year old Red Heffer lives in Lakewood, New Jersey, is pure, pure, pure and waiting for you know what soon.

10.  Worst for Last : US judge in New York approves add for New York buses to carry banners that refers Muslims to Kill Jews that says : “Killing Jews is worship that draws us closer to Allah, (Rapture-Ready News 4-22).  This is absolutely insanely demonic.  Friends, please, please pray for and love the Jewish people, more than our White House (Dark House) despises them and that’s a lot.


1.  How can it not be about our cold hearted, ruthless President or delusional Hillary this week.

2.  Listen to these credible people of the diabolical indwelling mind that our Muslim President personally is on a mission to destroy America.

3.  John Bolton’s : “Either Iran or Obama or both will violate the Nuclear Deal before the ink is dry”.  Four days ago White House (Dark House) offers Iran $50 Billion up front as a “bonus baby gift” if Iran signs the Deal from Hell.

4.  Michelle Backmann : “Obama has brought the world closer to Armageddon with his treatment of Israel”.

5.  Glenn Beck : “World War III is coming and nobody will recognize it yet”. (He’s right, was des jeax vous and Eccl. 3:15 for WW I & II : “That which hath been is now and that which is to be hath already been ; and God requireth that which is past “.  Thank you, God,  so spot on for this complicit ostrich head in the sand “Apple watch” and Smart phone dumbed- down world today.

6.  King of Jordan : “World War III is now here”.

7.  Mark Levin, super talk show host : “WWIII has already broken out”.

8.  Ex-Military General who couldn’t stand our Muslim President’s direction anymore, General Pat Brady : “There is no doubt Obama is intent on emasculating the military and fire anyone who disagrees with him”.  Yeah, 4 Secretary of Defense, no other President in US history had more than 2.  Stooge  General Dempsey says : “It doesn’t matter if ISIS takes Ramada, Iraq, where so many Americans died”.  How dare he have the guts to see these deceased soldiers’ parents or spouses face to face.  He’s junk.

9.  Good Christian General Jerry Boykin : ” Unprecedented number of 4 star Generals have been relieved of duty and not for cause”.

10.  Navy’s Joe John : “…137 senior officers in all have left under him (Obama)”.

11.  Like the movie Fiddler on the Roof : “On the other hand” : Obama calls on all Gulf Nations leaders to use their influence on “curbing the situation in Libya”–sounds like he’s saying do this, do that, I’m washing my hands and I’m outta here.  Friends, that is some leader we have.

12.  Our Harvard President says : “There’s less war, less violence today in the world than 30 or 40 years ago”.  What word is stronger than ABSOLUTELY INSANE STATEMENT, oh boy.

13.  White House (Dark House) announces Obama and Turkey President Edrogan will open a $100 million Mega Mosque outside Baltimore, Maryland.  Could this be an omen from the horrific killing on the same day as a Mosque coronation was announced of “Freddie” Grey whose back was severed while in police hands and IN BALTIMORE??  COINCIDENCE, SCHMOINCIDENCE!!

14.  This terrible leader of ours who must get immense pleasure from lying now says Iran’s breakout time to produce the bomb is 2 to 3 months.  Oh he lies through his pearly whites.  For the last 6 years he’s known this, but has always told Americans that Iran is at least a year away from the bomb.  Its all about the Deal from Hell, friends to get signed ASAP, totally scare tactics.  Oh how dumb he thinks we are, it just wreaks.  Whether it’s his narcissism, ego, lack of will power, don’t give a hoot or just plain “toothlessness” for his secret hatred of Israel for getting this Deal from Hell done, well that just wreaks double.  Unless, he repents, it’s going to be very hot for him someday on biffing Israel.

15.  Friends, we have a sordid dealing and foolish President, but I tell you, as I said earlier, we must surely PLEASE thank him for one thing no other President has ever done, He’s speeding up the Rapture, Praise the Lord.

16.  Finally, how in this world can our President send 9 warships to the Arabian Gulf to encounter 9 Iranian warships (that’s 18) and STILL, I SAY STILL, be in love with Iran to sign the Deal from Hell they so want.  What can one say other than heed these BBMs our Lord has us so locked in.

17.  US bankruptcies highest in last 12 months since 2008-09 Global recession peak.  Des jeax vous all over again, Yogi Berra.  This as the oblivious go to the sky, defying all logic, Stock Market keeps frothing forward.

18.  Waiting list back log for illegal immigrants stands at 4.4 million in April.

19.  Three ISIS training camps discovered (8 miles south of El Paso, Texas and 2 south of Columbus and Demming, New Mexico, on Mexican side of the border).  Remember who said “See you in New York”.

20.  Yes, Mr. President, all is well.

21.  Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, you’re so amusing the way you strutt on stage to a microphone or to embrace some foreign leader.  Talk about a hot business woman for her Clinton Charitable Foundation. With her pandering and soliciting to foreign leaders to contribute to her charity while Sec. of State and s enabling hubby to scoop up over $105 million in speaking engagement fees while she was Sec. of State.  Also scooped up $8.7 million charity money from Russian billionaire donor to her charity by fulfilling her part as Sec. of State by signing off and to enable him to scoop up stock piles of 20% of America’s uranium where he later shuttled the uranium to Iran, all while biting sanctions were suppose to be going on at the White House.  Couple this with her email criminal scandal of secrecy, mum-mum on Benghazi, playing mute on this weeks plethora of media questions etc.  Really, “What difference does it make”.  Even Julius Ceaser of Genghis Kahn could NOT have beaten or overcome these criminal wraps.  Oh well, after all, she’s a CLINTON.


1.  Some say he’s the False Prophet in Rev. 13.  I Have so so many #s that attest to this, plus remember, just 1 example of about 50, he used to be a Chemist (Rev. “13:13″, and was elected Pope on 3-13-2013, at St. Peters Basillica where in a torrential rain, a lightening bolt hit the top of the Cathedral).  With that said, I still say innocent till “proven” guilty.

2.  Last week he met with several Jewish Rabbis “in the Vatican”, a first ever, ever.

3.  Al Queda plot to blow up the Vatican, and him, is foiled with 18 arrests throughout Italy.


1.  For over 1 month, me being Greek and knowing how Greeks are,  I still say “Greece is the word” (like the John Travolta movie) for dominoes and contagion worldwide to catch fire.  Irreversible drowning in debt.

2.  Some “matches” : Greek Gov’t. orders all State and local agencies to transfer all their cash reserves to “the Greek Central Bank” which by the by is growing & going insolvent daily as it’s cash crisis to pay the EU & Int’l Monetary Fund degenerates “by the hour”.

3.  4-13, Gov’t official : “We’d rather default than not pay their state workers and all retirement pensions that’s a no brainer”.

4.  4-17, just, just 4 days late, “Greece will now pay all state workers and pensions with IOUs starting 4-28.  (How’d you like to go to the store for milk or Advair for your Asthma with only an IOU, you can trust me kinda deal).  This leads to a time bomb overnight which leads to chaos, which leads to riots, which leads to capital flight from banks, which leads to capital controls where personal money is locked up, which leads to stagnation, which leads to funny money printing, which leads to HYPERINFLATION, which leads to war, the grand daddy of them all (knee bone’s connected to the leg bone, leg bone’s connected to the toe bone…WOW, that’s how crucial these dominoes to destruction are getting).

5.  Alice in Wonder Fantasy Land : President Alex Tsipras, a communist, goes to Russia, meets Putin, offers him the East Coast of Greece for a cool $5 Billion, Putin instead contemplates giving Greece $5 billion for the land rights through the heart of Greece for the “Turkish Stream” oil pipeline.  Whew and Whew, that’s a BIG one.  As of this writing, EU leaders are in Final Final Final crucial meeting to decide on Greece’s $3 billion owed to the EU and Int’l. Monetary Fund, due by mid June. Also, a $7.2 billion bond maturity roll-over due in July and August.  BIG BIG MATCHSTICKS lightening up “Grexit” from the EU. This is the perfect storm for Jonathan Cahn’s final 7th of 7 Shemitah year warnings turning into sudden catastrophes by this September as has happened every Seventh Sept. in America since the Great Depression.


1.  Russia easily tops Bible Prophecy fulfillment this past week.

2.  Mickel Gorbachev : “The Ukraine crisis can evolve into WWIII.  Putin might find it unavoidable to launch Russian nuclear missiles”.

3.  Russian official : “Russia will not stand still to see US’s continued push for political/military dominance of Ukraine as US has advisers there and leads NATO effort to oust Russia there.  Hmmm, no wonder the US is not mentioned in the Bible end times but Russia “IS”.

4.  To counter this potential conflict, Russia now has MORE troops and equipment on the Ukraine border more than any other time since this war started, as well as, building up Ukrainian rebel forces.  This, as 6100 Ukrainians have now died.  Friends, can you just see it, it’s been 13 months now and the Russian Bear’s claws of Putin will not go away.  Surely he has a demonic agenda.

5.  a)  Russia sends 2 warships thru the English Channel, and one destroyer equipped with missiles and torpedoes.  b)  Russia for all practical purposes owns Santa’s North Pole and the Arctic now.

6.   Russia boldly lifts “ALL” sanctions against Iran.

7.  Couldn’t ask for 2 more vipers in bed together, as “Expansion of Russia and China’s sound cooperation is now the greatest it’s EVER been in the political, military and economic fields because of the Ukraine crisis” says the China Times.  Another first : The 2 bedfellows have together taken united position against the US in a “new era of the Cold War” with “joint” military exercises in the Black Sea.

8.  Another first on Russian Bears tentacles, 26 developed countries PLUS China to attend Russia’s “Victory Day” in Moscow in May, something China has never been invited to.  And of course US was not invited this year.

9.  Russia has joined China’s newly found Global Infrastructure Bank along with 40 other developed nations who’s ultimate goal is to take down the US dollar.

10. More dollar demise, and you know this, China has been world’s #1 buyer of US Treasury Bonds, for over 20 years, which holds up the American Economy.  Well guess what, China is now #2 to Japan and NOT that Japan is purchasing more, friends, China is purchasing less and less US dollars.  This is very BIG for the dollar’s destruction and the new World’s currency coming very probably this Shemitah year.  (The trend is your friend).  Stinkpot liar liar Iran making internationally threatening waves with their 9 warships with weapons going to restock the “Hooties” in Yemen.  As of this writing, with 9 US warships surrounding Yemen’s coast, Iran ships turn chicken and are heading home, so they say.  Who knows what this meant, was it a test or what.  Only God knows.  Friends, 9+9=18 warships this past week all in 1 area and the world is like : Luke 17:26,27 : “As in the days of Noah….they were eating, drinking, and marrying…and then it began to rain”.  We are so so close, how can these 18 warships have been 1, that’s “one” trigger away from WWIII this week.  DUH!!!

11.  Iran suspends all pilgrimmages to MECCA this year as their white-hot brewing conflict with Saudi Arabia is emerging due to US/Iran Deal from Hell.

12.  Finally, Iran’s #2 Ayatollah, Javedi Amoli, and heir apparent to the dying Khamanei (has terminal prostate cancer)  calls for freeing Mecca and Medina Holy cities from Saudi controls.  Friends, can’t you just see it all coming together here and as God in Psalms 2: 1-4 : “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing ? …He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh, the Lord shall have them derision”.  Yes, He will and we who love the Lord will soon be sitting outside our own mansion balcony He’s promised us in John 14:2,3 in Heaven watching the 7-year Great tribulation unfolding and laughing with Him when he laughs again at those heathen.  Wow, just can’t wait for that last believer on earth to come to the Lord.  Remember, these unique, unprecedented BBMs tell us so as never before in world history.  These Heavenly SIGNS are absolutely aligned in such perfect symmetry with His Bible Scriptures, all seen here in Bible Scriptures Category on Home page of website.


1.  How about the # of Volcano eruptions today, at this writing, 36 erupting in the world right now, THIS MINUTE Friends, and the “yearly” average is 35, FOR A WHOLE YEAR, (Google Volcano Discovery).  That’s about a 330 to 1 ratio.  How about that for a Heavenly SIGN??

2.  If you Google “California’s Record Breaking Heat and Drought is only the Beginning”,  since records began in 1895, average temp has increased 0.02 degrees F/decade, that’s 10 years.  And just the last 12 “months”, average temp has increased a full 4.5 degree F, that’s 2,250 fold, absolutely astonishing.  How about that for another Heavenly SIGN??  This is epic and this alone, without the White House’s help, can take down America on food availability and sky-hi prices.  Actual islands popping up everywhere as reservoirs are at 5% capacity.

3.  Lake Meade which serves 40  million people is at it’s lowest level in history ( Denver, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas).  We gotta watch this prophecy in Matthew 24, it’s coming so fast. Did you know that California has more water bordering it’s coastline than any other continental state and at the same time less usable water/square foot of ground than any state in US history.  You know, it’s God, it’s time,  it’s another Heavenly SIGN and surely because of what our feckless President has done to Israel this past month and God’s doing it to us now (Gen. 12:3).

4.  Most expansive massive dust storms in world history unprecedented spanning 3 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, and in Arabic called a “habooh” = most  unusual apocalyptic dust storm occurring this week).

5.  Statue of Liberty sized Asteroid, (2012TC4) barreling b-line on a collision course to hit earth as present coordinates now indicate possible impact on Oct. 12, 2017 (NASA).

6.  Worst breakout in American history of Avian flu hits the heart land and is now in 3 continents. 16 States, led by Minnesota & Iowa, are affected. So far, 7 million turkeys, chickens and egg laying hens  slaughtered.

7.  Immorality :  ABC TV on 4-21,22 aired 2 tran-sexuals , 5 year old boy Jacob and 8 year old girl Melissa, where satan is convincing parents, therapists they were “born that way”.  Friends God created us in His image.  Remember, satan can only imitate & declare the “Blind’ never create like only God can.

8.  Chile now recognizes same-sex marriage.  No wonder a spectacular Volcano exploded like 60 today and is spewing ash 9 miles high.  Google it.   Friends, it’s God talking.  He’s had with the earth.

9.  Successful human eye transplants began last month, this week China technology successfully alters/modifies human embryo genes (Roman 1:28 : “God gave them over to a reprobate mind…inventors of evil things…”.


Yes, come quickly Lord Jesus.  Although no MIGHTY singular events yet, the buildup is proceeding at breakneck speed.  God’s MIGHTY prophetic tsunami is building daily .   Let’s Go Up and Not Down the elevator, time is so, so short if you believe and oh, how I know you will when the Lord’s Perfect SIGN Sequel comes around Pentecost, May 24th (still compiling numbers) and still absolutely shocked how they’re adding up to defy all earthly odds of the last 6,000 years as only our Magnificent Lord can orchestrate.  Mark 13:37 : “And what I can say unto you, I say unto all.  WATCH”.  Friends, watch these ominous Heavenly SIGNS from the Lord, they can not be altered and they’re not there to look pretty on His Holy Days.  May God Bless.  Paul