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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, May 5, 2015

Thank you for viewing my Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad (BBMs) website as we continue our prophetic countdown to the 4th BBM Supermoon on Sept. 28th, which is now 73% complete.  So much has to happen now it seems in such a short period of time, a true test I believe of our faith in our Almighty God.  I strongly encourage us to “fight the good fight” and “finish the race” as Paul did in scripture by continuing to comfort ourselves and telling our loved ones and others that there is a divine Heavenly purpose why our Creator is sending these BBMs to us at this time for this generation.  They have been purposefully sent by Him as you now know for His “last call” to get on board to go “up” soon.  Why else would they be His most Holy unprecedented Heavenly SIGNS of such perfectly symmetrical order as no other set of BBMs in world history has ever shown, along with all the earth-shaking events they spawned.  How fitting is Isaiah 48:3 : “I have declared the former things from the beginning; and they went for out of my mouth and I “SHOWED THEM” I did them “SUDDENLY and they came to pass”.  (Please, please read below about the ancient old Rabbi living in Israel today after this shortened version of current prophetic events, ok, ok, so LET’S BEGIN :


1.  The “top” Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Ereket : “Palestinian’s aspirations toward independence “WILL” be realized despite the effort of Netanyahu who wants to destroy all prospects of a Palestinian State… in the end there “WILL” be a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its Capital”.

2.  4-27, Israel, Damascus 17:1,14 is coming (“Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”), IDF kills 4 Syrians trying to plant bombs on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights border.

3.  Next day, Israel executes 3rd strike in one day to taking out Syrian positions on the Golan Hts.

4.  40 gang members in Paris assault 2 Jewish residents, latest growing French Anti-Semitism attack.

5. Sec. Kerry calls Bibi to meet in Israel on the Peace Process.  Many kudos to Bibi, he flat out refuses to meet with him.  He smells a rat one can conclude.

6.  Strangely, no other news on Israel, the Nuclear Iran Deal from Hell, nor UN ‘s involvement on forcing the Palestinian State to be born now that America is either abstaining or voting NO for this to happen when the Security Council meets, if our delusional President has anything to do with it.

7.  Something is surely simmering in this already white-hot kettle.

8.   FYI, May 14th is date Israel became a Nation May 14th, 1948 and May 24th is Lord’s Feast of Pentecost, “may” we WATCH as our Lord commands.


1.  For 1st time EVER, Americans’ approval of gay marriage has exceeded 60%,  Luke 21:28 says WE ARE THERE.

2.   Billy and Franklin Graham, John Hagee, Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, etc. sent letter to Supreme Court : “Make no mistake about our resolve,…We will “NOT” obey once same-sex marriage is elevated to the level of protection status…it will transform all society and result in the beginning of the end of civilization…marriage has been in existence for 5,000 years, if you weaken it, it all comes down”.  Praise the Lord for these godly people.  However, the SCOTUS talk is leaning 5-4 or 6-3 against us who follow our Creator, so, by June 30, hello Sodam and Gomorrah.

3.  Dr. James Dobson, Christian leader, who once called Obama the abortion President (oh, yes, that he is, and he doesn’t even care), : “If Supreme Court redefines marriage, its ruling presages the fall of Western Civilization, it is at hand”.

4.  Couple this hellacious upheaval with 96%of Americans see imminent racial riots across the country.  (NBC/Wall Street Journal poll).   It’s going to be a very interesting summer.

5.  As our foolish President brags about our “hot” economy (0.2%  GDP growth Jan, Feb, Mar), just look at some of the major retail stores going out of business : Abercrombie & Fitch 180 closings, Barnes & Noble 223, Dollar Tree 340, Office depot 400, Pep Boys 63, Pier One 100, JC Penny 40, Radio Shack 1,784, Sears 77, Staples 55, Target 133, Walgreens 200,  No big deal huh.  He just has his economic cronies and ninnees brush over the reality #’s and all is well.

6.  Our delusional President said : “Michelle Bachman predicted :  I’d bring about the End of Days…Now that’s a legacy…Now that’s BIG, even Washington nor Lincoln could do that”.

7.  His true colors wreak thru the Annual Correspondents dinner (for the media) : “I pray 5 times a day.”

8.  Oh, last year he also said, “I am a Christian, I read the “GOOD book”.

9.  His brother, Malik Obama in African interview bombshell : “Barak is cold and ruthless, dishonest and a schemer…He says one thing and does another…”.  STOP, that’s enough, I LIKE THAT GUY WOW!!! Remember friends, Isaiah 45:23 : “…that unto me every knee shall bow and every tongue shall swear”.

10.  Double ditto for Miss Hillary who said on abortion : “Deep seeded  cultural codes and religious beliefs have to be changed…”.

11.  And to have the gall to say last week : “It’s time to rebuild the bonds of trust…”.  WOW!!!  To die laughing on this could be doable.  That’s why she’s a Clinton.

12.  In 1 out of 5 U.S.  families, NO ONE WORKS.

13.  Because of Freddie Grey, Baltimore Orioles played Chicago White Sox in Baltimore with not 1 single fan, closed game to the public due to riots-first ever in baseball history, BBMs, of course.

14.  1 in 10 newborns in U.S. are now illegal immigrants.  Great God Almighty, thank you for these earthly signs in your BBM WINDOW.  WE ARE THERE.


1.  The Genesis 16:12  wildmen of ISIS appear to be like cockroaches that just will not die out. They employ new tactic by sending several suicide bombers (never used to do that suicide stuff before) onto the Iraq/Jordan border crippling all personal vehicle and military movement between the 2 Nations.  Remember 3 of their 4 goals for conquering Mecca, Medina, and ultimate prize Jerusalem (Rome the other) are now within reach as Jordan borders Israel and Western Saudi Arabia.

2.  Syrias Defense Minister goes to “mama” Iran in desperation as ISIS and Syrian rebels have turned the tide against Assad who now has only 125,000 troops left out of 255,000 when 4 year war started and only $1 Billion in reserves from $30 Billion in 2011.  The “writing is on the wall” from ISIS is now appearing for Assad and Syria as per Daniel 5:24-28 was for Belshazzar (Mene, Tekel, Upharsin).

3.  ISIS kills 13 Iraqis in the heart of Baghdad and 600 more Christians Yazidi hostages in Northern Iraq as our media says squat because of Freddie Grey and Baltimore.

4.  UK military General : “Iran has no intent of defeating ISIS”.

5.  Saudi Arabia arrests 93 ISIS members attempting to cause terror and overthrow the Kingdom’s Royal family and Gov’t., media says squat again.

6.  Friends, like a slithering giant blob, they are coming everywhere.  Just look at today, two ISIS terrorists in our Texas.

7.  Suicide bomber blows himself up in the center of Damascus, a 1st ever again (and Isaiah 17:1 is coming: “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.

8.  Iran’s top General accuses Saudi Arabia of treachery against the Islamic world, calls for overthrow of Saudi Gov’t. This is very big for coming Sunni / Shiite conflict.


1.  Decides to postpone delivery of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran but just for the immediate future.  Israel is so relieved.  God is watching His chosen people, Isaiah 44:21 : “….Oh Israel, thou shalt not be forgotten of me”.

2.  Russia conducts nuclear bomb flights inside Alaska’s Air Defense Zone.  No other President in American history would have allowed  this but our foolish one has no problem muting it.

3.  For 1st time in over 3 months, Ukraine Peace deal is unravelling as 8 killed this week (war total 6,200).


1.  All tourists coming to Greece in May are forewarned to bring Euro coin and cash only, no credit cards will be allowed in the event Greece folds as EU has ruled our any more bailout.

2.  Greece’s bank deposits have shrunk from $235 Billion in 2009 to $140 Billion, forces emergency meeting May 11th in Brussells.  Greece IOUs are floating rampantly everywhere now in Gov’t.. banks, business, corner grocery stores, like who’s on first on who owes who what and when.

3. As of this writing, Greece owes International Monetary Fund $200 Million and as of this writing has no means to pay.

4. 60% of Greece’s 10.5 million people are anti-Jewish, the most of all 28 of EU Nations.  Maybe this is God’s curse of judgement for this “perpetual” 5 year economic bust they are drowning in (Gen. 12:3).  I’m Greek, and have no more remorse for Greece, as they’ve turned against our Lord.  “Greece is the word” today for a Grexit from the EU soon.


Say it ain’t so.  Why is the Pope meddling in meeting with UN Sec. General Ban Ki Moon doing prepatory work together in the Vatican on climate change’s dire effects.  Moon applauds the Pope for his developing framework for the worldwide climate change talks the two will spearhead this September.  Oh my, what a September this is shaping up to be in the BBM WINDOW.


1.  So sad to see on TV, almost 8,000 have died from Nepal earthquake which also caused a fissure smack under Mt. Everest, world’s tallest peak. Only God could create this harbinger.

2.  Coming to America as White House continues cursing Israel : Six states, Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, Idaho, Washington and California have all been “jolted” this past week, including a 3rd quake in 2 days rattling NW Dallas (2.7 largest) on May 3, 4, and a “quake swarm” today of 6 of them East of San Francisco, largest = 3.6 shaker.  Friends, how can this not be God shaking this earth?  Come quickly Lord Jesus.

3.  World’s top seismologists say Chile’s Calbuco volcano is totally chaotic and unpredictable this past two weeks as they say they cannot predict its next eruption as they can most others.

4.  Kilanea volcano in Hawaii begins filling craters with lava April 30.

5.  Very next day, May 1, and 300 miles west of Oregon, a rare volcano is erupting on the Pacific ocean floor.  I’ll bet we’ve all memorized Matthew 24:8 by now : “….and earthquakes in diverse places”, and volcanoes too.

6.  Fukujima nuclear plant continues to leak nuclear fuel from 2011, no end in sight.

7.  Bird flu in America has now caused the slaughter of 22 million turkeys and chickens. Oh boy, how God is speaking as scientists say they are extremely puzzled at its spreading nationwide even with “heightened bio-security measures” in place across America’s poultry farms.

8.  Climatologists in New York Times : “California is in its worst drought in 1200 years….fields will continue to go fallow, the forests will catch fire in an unprecedented way …this will have a lasting impact for the ages and will be remembered as such….it will be a state transformed”.

9.  Internet speeds have increased 50 times in last 10 years,  Optical fibers cannot transfer any  more light to the web and will reach maximum capacity limit or collapse within “8” years say Internet engineers and technologists who’ll meet in London to discuss the capacity crunch coming culprit + all the infinite data entry coming in, streaming services, etc.

Friends, can you see it, all this time we’ve been familiar with Daniel 12:4 : “Man’s knowledge shall increase….to and fro….”.  Just think, that prophetic scripture is now about to be “obsolete” in our technological world by 2023.  Oh yes, He is coming soon, only a fool couldn’t see this one.  This is like Internet reverse osmosis.  We Are There!  Source : Google : “Is the Internet on the Brink of Collapse” by Daily Mail, 5-2-15.

I thought it would be intriguing and prophetic, I believe, to expand on an article in Breaking Israel News (in Israel) regarding an article 1 day prior to the 3rd BBM on  April 4th regarding the most astounding track record of an old ancient and still living mystical sage Rabbi Amram Vaknin’s visions that all came true and one “BIG-ONE” for this year pending.  He urged all Jews to pray and repent that night of the 3rd BBM.  He also predicted the events of the Gaza flotilla arm shipment from Turkey to Hamas (2010), also predicted the greatest fire in Israel since becoming a Nation in 1948, (also in 2010), also “Operation Pillar of Defense War ” with Gaza in 2012, also predicted Protective Edge War with Gaza last summer (2014) and this past month is predicting that Israel is facing great judgement and danger this year.

Friends, this old Rabbi’s remarkable predictions can be construed in one of 2 ways:  1)   he’s just flat-out lucky, or, he’s a recipient of our Almighty God’s wisdom he promised to unveil to the world in the last days, that being Joel 2:28 of Old Testament and Acts 2:17 : “And it shall come to pass in the last days saith God I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy and young men shall see visions and old men shall dream dreams”.  Add to this Mark Biltz’ BBM discovery in 2008 & 2013 brought “by God at His right time”.  Add to this sayings by Billy and Franklin Graham, Johnathan Cahn, Perry Stone, little people like you and me, friends it’s God speaking to us, it’s happening, it’s hit this Rabbi big-time.  It being the Holy Spirit at this time in this generation.

The Rabbi explains that the numeric value of the Hebrew word for blood (ie dam) is 44 and alludes to the 44th President of the U.S.  Get this, the crux of this segment : Old Rabbi Vaknin predicted the 44th President will bring bloodshed to the Jewish people.  He made this prediction in 2008, by the way when Obama was still a Senator in Illinois.  He further believes that only 44 plus “1” will counter this danger represented by the Blood Moons, that “1” being the Messiah – WOW.

With that said, I was very concerned about the #44, 4, 24, 40, 400 in the Bible.

Just look what I found in the Old Testament :

1.  The Lord made the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe on the 4th day, Gen. 1:14.

2.  “And a river went out of Eden and made 4 rivers, and the 4th river is Euphrates, Gen. 2: 10,14.

3,  The Lord made the 4 seasons (divine appointments), Gen. 1:14.

4.   The Flood lasted 40 days with Noah’s Ark, Gen. 7:17.

5.  Jewish people in bondage in Egypt for 430 years, Exodus 12:40,41.

6.  Jewish people wandered in the wilderness for 40 years eating manna provided by God, Gen. 35:16.

7.  Moses went up to Mt. Sinai for the 1st time visit with God and the burning bush for 40 days, where he was commissioned to deliver His people out of Egypt,  (source= 10 Commandments movie with Charlton Heston).

8. 2nd time to Mt. Sinai, also for 40 days, Moses received the 10 Commandments (same source).

9.  Children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years after 10 of 12 spies contradicted God and told Moses they would be defeated by the Cananites, Numbers 14:33.

10.  Saul was 1st King of Israel for 40 years, 1102 to 1062 BC,  (Historian Josephus via Matthew McGee Biblical Chronology).

11.  David was 2nd King of Israel for 40 years, 1062 to 1022 BC, 1 Chron. 29:27.

12.  Solomon was 3rd King of Israel for 40 years, 1022 to 982 BC, 2 Chron. 9:30.

13.  Decree from Artaxerxes to Nehemiah to reconstruct the wall of the Temple and rebuild Jerusalem, on March 4, 444 BC, Nehemiah and John Hagee Prophecy Study Bible.

14.  The 4 beasts in Nebuchadnezeer’s dream ( lion, bear, leopard, ferocious beast with legs of iron and clay, Daniel 7:1-7).

15.  The 4 “sore” judgements upon Jerusalem, the sword, the famine, the wild beasts, and the pestilence, Ezek. 14:11.

New Testament :

16.  Matthew 24:44 says : “Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh”.  WOW !! That’s a good one!

17.  From Revelation chapter 4 and on, the Church is gone to Heaven and not mentioned again.

18.  There were 4 beasts, 24 seats, 24 elders about the throne in Rev. 4: 4,6.

19.  There were 4 horsemen in Rev. 6:1 ( you know them).

20.  One-fourth of the world is killed in Rev. 6:8.

21.  There were 144,000 sealed servants of the Lord in Rev. 7:4.

22.. Rev. 9:14 tells of the 6th bowl judgement to loosen the 4 angels bound in the great river Euphrates, that satanic, evil infested river in Iraq which has spawned the serpent in the Garden of Eden to Babel to Babylon the butcher of Iran, Ahatolah Khomenei to the Butcher of Baghdad Saddam Hussein to the wildmen of ISIS.

23.  This same satanic 4th river dries up to prepare the way for the Kings of the East (and their 200,000,000 man Chinese led army that is “READY” today) is in Rev. 16:12.

The Plethora of Signs Today :

24.  The Total Solar Eclipse on 3-20-2015, on Nisan 1, God’s Religious Day starting the New Year, which also had this year’s largest Supermoon yields this : 3+2 +0+2+0+1 + 5=13 =1+3=4, and why not.

25.  This eclipse on 3-20-2015 lasted only 4 minutes and 44 seconds.  It wasn’t just the shortest eclipse of the century, but also the shortest in world history of all previous solar eclipses within the window of the 7 previous BBMs.  (Not making anything up here in any article written in these posts).

26.  So simple, there are always 4 Blood Moons in all 8 BBMS.

27.  There are 4 phases of the Moon, Full , Partial, Penumbral, and New Moon.

28.  The 3rd BBM recently occurred on 4-4-15, Passover, 4s again.

29.  This year, as never before, the time between the 3rd BBM 4-4-15 and 5-14, the month and day Israel was declared a Nation on 1948, is exactly 40 days, Friends, it’s God speaking to us again and again in the BBM WINDOW as never before to wake us up.

30.  Speaking of, when Israel became a Nation 67 years ago, how about 6+7=13=1+3=”4″.

31.  Speaking of again, in 1948, 1+9+4+8=22=2+2=”4″.  Surely no coincidence schomoincidence.  A statistician can detect several more of these anomalys but only time to list “44”  today.

32.  There were a set of “4” consecutive partial solar eclipses before this current BBM and 4 consecutive after the BBM WINDOW closes in Sept. 2015, each one exactly perfectly symmetrical in # of days to the BBM Midpoint with its complement. (See Lord’s Perfect Sign Graph 8A).

33.  What a beautiful, yet ominous warning this is for the world this year from our Awesome God who is long suffering and caring that none shall perish.  However, every story in the Bible ends and his spool of thread has run its course either by September or final Jubilee next year in October, Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord and the Day of Vengeance of our God”.  And please never forget, no Jubilee in world history is “ATTACHED” to any of the world’s 7 previous BBMs as this one is.  Further, can you “only, only, only” imagine next Jubilee is 50 years away in 2066 and next BBM is almost 600 years away in 2582 AD.  We just “GOTTA BELIEVE” these SIGNS (Luke 21:28 : “When you BEGIN to see these things happen….”).  WOW !!! Come quickly Lord Jesus.

34.  On 4-1-2015, Palestinians joined the UNs (United Nothing) International Criminal Court as a full fledged member and they’re not even a Nation) in hopes of convicting Israel of War Crimes against Humanity in the recent Gaza wars with the blood thirsty Hamas heathens.  Well cry a green river, how insanely ridiculous this JOKE is in this world.  Here again 4+1+2+0+1+5=13=1+3=4= April Fools of the world to bash God’s chosen people, the Nation of Israel.

35.  Also, on 4-1-2015, our foolish President announces to the world that his “peaceful” Iran Nuclear Deal (I say from hell, a prelude to Isaiah 28:18) now has a framework set for completion on June 30th.  Again, as in item #34, we get the number 4.  Friends this prophetic piece of this Deal from Hell will resonate loudly and mostly with war drums all the way into September.  Let’s just watch.

36.   The human gestation period for a mother to give birth for over 90% of all births is 38 to “40” weeks.

37.  The 4 names for satan in scriptures are satan, devil, dragon, serpent.

38.  Summation for the letters in Hebrew for “Damascus” spoken of their destruction by Isaiah  = 444.

39.  On 4-4-15, You may recall 147 Christians were slaughtered in Kenya by Muslim radicals for their refusal to either accept Allah or if they couldn’t recite any scripture from the Koran.  Friends, this is a most profound opening act event of God’s many omens today for those who are “Left Behind” to accept the Mark of the Bast in Revelation or be killed.  Something to really think about, such a parallel.

40.  There are 40 Muslim Nations of the world’s 192 Nations, 37 of the 40 want Israel annihilated.

41.  There are 4.4 Million Immigrants on a waiting list to come to America illegally, again. Google it, you just can’t make this stuff up.

42.  Nov. “4”, 2008 Obama is elected President.

43.  The  44th President.

44.  On 4-9-15, Obama orders “4” bells to ring “4” times for the “4” years of our Civil War’s 150th anniversary, as per Fox News and CNN.  (Let’s watch America’s racial uprisings possibly explode soon, as if they haven’t already, after Freddie Grey and Baltimore riots).

Friends, that’s 44 additions to help support the old Rabbi Yaknin who presently lives in Israel and his “44” vision of Obama for THIS YEAR, I repeat, THIS YEAR.   Remember, our Lord has this Rabbi a perfect “5 for 5″ in his vision revelations since 2008 via Joel 2:28 where the Lord will pour out His Spirit among all flesh to prophesy in the Last Days “for” the Last Days.  May God Bless you very much.