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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, June 13, 2015

Greetings.  Just wait till you see what one week has done on this planet for our Almighty God to speed up His prophetic time clock in these final days, specifically what has happened to Israel in this Biblical Blood Moon Window , (BBMs), now “80%” completed.  Talk about “spring loading” the explosion of such a collective convergence of pending prophetic events to the back end in the final months of July, August, and September.  Oh woe is this world.  In every single one of the previous 7 BBMs, the most historic and prophetic world events, as our Creator sees them, were either completed at this 80% stage (Israel a country, Jerusalem recaptured, Columbus discovers the New World) or we’re in “FULL SWING”by NOW (Diaspora and Great Plague, Fall of the Roman Empire, Fall of Islam twice).  There is absolutely no way, all the world’s Evangelical Christian leaders, Scholars, Preachers, little people like you and me who love and seek the Lord Jesus and Pray for Titus 2:13 : “Looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the Great God and our Savior Jesus Christ”, that He would disappoint us.  Friends, at times I honestly, honestly, ask myself “why hasn’t something BIG hit yet, and then I begin to “wonder” about God’s word on why He sent these Heavenly Signs.  Man, that’s surely the devil. that old cuss, trying to warp my mind to call our Creator a liar, and that all is OK.  Yeah, just like “as in the days of Noah….”.  Then I instantly come too.  My faith and belief strong as ever.  And patience too.  HE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT.  May we watch His Glory unfold in Heavenly waves this summer on this earth.

FYI, May you please click on my Facebook page, June 15th, just to the right of this website home page.  You’ll never forget the calculations I made of how fascinating and compelling such a steep Tsunami-like drop the Stock Market “must fall to substantiate the validity of the Shemitah year cycle that Almighty God ordained to Moses in Leviticus 23 and 25. I assure you, and Jonathan Cahn also, it will test and scramble your minds to the extreme as to how wicked the U.S. Stock Market “MUST” fall in the next 3 months.  Very very scary if you’re still in the markets.  Again, our Lord God WILL NOT DISAPPOINT, HE DOES NOT LIE, Titus 1:2 :”…God cannot lie…”.   SO LET’S GO :


Oh MAMA. there goes that man again.  That’s right, that man in our White House never fails it seems to make world headlines demeaning Israel with his divisive rhetoric.  So what’s he done this time to enable Almighty God to tighten the screws on judgement on America from Genesis 12:3 :”…I’ll curse those that curse you”.  

1.  Well, how about  Obama’s Israeli TV interview where he raises the possibility of allowing a U.N. vote on Palestinian Statehood.  He said : “The U.S. must rethink it’s stance on the Mideast Peace Process if it is to maintain credibility in the world….Well, here’s the challenge if there is no (Peace) Process going on, it will be “DIFFICULT” for me to say to them that ask, be patient, wait a while, because we have a process here”.  

2.  And another interview : “Israel has lost international credibility as a potential Peacemaker….the U.S. stance on Israel and the UN on Israel’s defense may be reviewed”.  

3.  And, another : “Now is the time for a re-evaluation of how we approach defending Israel on the international stage around the Palestinian issue”.  And on June 2, he had all the gall to say : “There is no U.S. President that has had a deeper love of Israel than I do”.    

4.  And  less is “more”:  he clams up, says SQUAT when Supreme Court strikes down “Born in Israel” Passport Law.  And this statement followed up by his longtime campaign manager and buddy David Axelrod : “Obama feels is a deep personal affinity for the Jewish people”.  What a pair of deep seeded evil minds.  Until Obama, U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem and listing their birthplace as Israel, had no trouble coming to America with their passports/visas.  Well, MAMA, there goes that man again, Supreme Court now refuses entry to the U.S. for these Jerusalem born citizens as Obama refuses to recognize Israeli sovereignty regarding Jerusalem until the Peace Process is officially completed.  Justice Kennedy put Obama’s icing on his cake saying after the Supreme Court decision : “The President has the exclusive power to recognize foreign nations and that the power to what a passport says is part of his power.  Recognition is a matter on which the nation speaks with one voice, and that’s the President’s”.  Can you only imagine, not 48 hours earlier Obama was at a Synagogue wearing his Yamaka telling his Jewish audience that “America has your back Israel…and I forcefully object to suggestions between my administration and the Israeli Gov’t. signal any lack of support for our longtime U.S. ally”. Phony, phony,phony.  Friends, do you remember the snake enticing and luring Adam and Eve into eating the beautiful sparkling red apple in the Garden of Eden, well, 6,000 years later, it’s des  jeax vous all over again, just like Eccl. 3:15.  

5.  Best for Obama, but worst for Israel and those of us who love Israel is the latest harpoon aimed at Israel :  U.S. Diplomats reveal EU and UN sanctions to be deployed as a Diplomatic Offensive Assault (DOA, God willing), targeting the Jewish State directly after  Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal from Hell is completed June 30th.  This tactic is to force Israel to negotiate and complete the Peace Process.  The Sanctions are evil-infested, methodical, gradual in the beginning and increasing in intensity and frequency up until Sept. 15th when, if no Peace Process is struck-where Israel will be stripped naked of significant parts of Judea, Samaria, and Holy East Jerusalem-then the United Nations will purposefully force the 2-State Solution to “birth” a bona-fide, legitimate Palestinian State.  The diplomatic source warned : “In the UN Security Council, in Western capitals (including  the U.S.) and at EU headquarters, they are just waiting for the Iran deal to be signed and approved by the American Congress”.  The source added : “Obama may cut U.S. support for Israel at the UN via the sanctions filed against Israel…”.  Friends, please tell me that this back stabbing deceptive ploy from our White House does not overtly portend the Heavenly call of these BBM omens for judgement on America, and the world.  Israel has nobody left, nobody, on this planet.  What else can I say??    

We are in that Day, on the Edge of Time, the last days are here, the writing is “on the wall” (Daniel 5:5).  And sadly, how explicitly fitting is Zech 12:9 :”And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”.  Even a Kindergartner can see this.  So black and white.  Thank you God Almighty for speaking to us so simply by providing us with such visualization on what’s happening prophetically here with the world against Israel.  And, remember, why else would the BBMs be here.  Praise the Lord, we know how this story will end.  Maranatha, and thank you Lord God for enabling Israel’s cyber weapons to be unleashed on to the very heart of the center of the table of the secret Iran deal from Hell Nuclear discussions word for word to apprise Bibi and his military this past year.  You are truly an Awesome God to your chosen people, and to us who love them, love You and seek You.  AMEN.


WOW!!! Kind of “out of gas” after these time bombs to see how our White House is dissecting and carving up Israel in every type of manner.

1.  At this writing, the one giant step towards a One World Order and the coming one time powerful America soon to be NO MORE, is the dreaded TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which will mercilessly forever clip America’s world prominence and power is boomeranging back and forth in Congress this week.  Who’d have EVER “thunk it” that the dang majority of Republicans are with Obama and the Democrats are against him.  Keystone Cops, Razzle Dazzle, Hot Potato, all about Isaiah 5:20 : “Evil is good and good is evil…”, the enemy of my enemy is my “frenemy”.  Let’s watch this 24/7/365 secret TPP document hidden behind armed guards and 2 sets of steel doors in White House basement gets direction this week.

2.  Obama to release 10 more Gitmo Islamic Radicals detainees in June or July.  Now 122 left.

3.  Dept. of Homeland Security under Obama’s approval released 3,700 “Threat Line 1″ criminals from prisons in 2014, who’ve blended into our backyards and cities today, scheming for sure.

4. On JADE HELM 15, and without speculating on conspiracy militia in America, etc. let’s just WATCH Texas to see how this unfolds.  Talk means nothing.  Actions mean everything.

5.  After the last setback, Obama says he’s giving up on Immigration Amnesty.  Friends, please please DO NOT BELIEVE THIS FOR A SECOND.  Two reasons : a) Consider the source, and b) just watch it trickle into the Trade Agreement along with a one line sentence on Catastrophic Climate Change, probably imbedded in page about 2,000 of the trade agreement, and like Obamacare, KAPOW, we’re hoodwinked again, by this most evil and deceptive White House.  Throw in Republicans lately too, I believe, as many stand for the “eunuchizing” of America in the TPP trade agreement which will simply give the President an unprecedented wide range of economic powers, totally bashing our Constitution.

6.  Obama warns the Supreme Court’s pending decision that may unravel Obamacare “subsidies” not to overturn his pet peeve.  Who, who, who has EVER threatened this to the Supreme Law of the Land and our Constitution.  Only this guy would do this.

7.  Obama blames Pentagon for “not having a complete strategy on ISIS”.   Oh yes, he’s teflon, never, ever his blame, always somebody else.  Pentagon, after 20 proposals that have already been given to  him, goes ballistic on his statement.  Unnamed Pentagon official : “What the ——was that!!”.  In 24 hours, a new baby waby strategy, 450 more U.S. military trainers going to Iraq, now 3,550 of them.  FYI, there are now more U.S. trainers than Iraq soldiers to train.  No wonder 71% of Americans say White House has no strategy on ISIS.   WHAT!! Oh Well, forward Ho, RIGHT!!

8.  By now, how can we not be absolutely positive that Obama is very good at shaking America to GO DOWN.

9.  Obama calls Bruce Caytlin Jenner courageous for becoming a transgender.  Well, I say nothing!!

10.  Only 1 good thing to say here for America from a good man who loves the Lord, Franklin Graham : “I call on all Christians to boycott all corporations and businesses that feature gay relationships in commercials”.  To back this up. his Billy Graham Charitable Foundations withdraws all monies and shuts down their Wells Fargo accounts nationwide.  Thank you Franklin, our family is now out of Wells Fargo forever too.

11.  Friends, my take :  the Sword of Damocles has fallen on America, can’t you just see it.  Our White House is day by day, brazenly, arrogantly, busting our America and our American way of life.  It has opened Pandora’s Box with all the bashing of Israel.  I truly expect the 3rd Intifada, Psalms 83 War (remember Damascus is on the verge of collapse-see Asia article below), and Gog War all are imminent prophecies on the horizon in this BBM window-WHICH GOES TO SEPT. 28th.  Fasten seat belts for the ride of our earthly lives.

12.  I close by saying the following about our White House which is now so demonically deluded that they are incapable of logical and rational thinking.  I reluctantly, because of this, no longer have the passion anymore to recite II Chron. 7:14  because my mind and heart have trumped this scripture, and being led to Jer. 7:15,16 after Israel’s failure after failure to come back to God just like our White House today : “I will cast you out of my sight….Therefore, pray not then for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me for them, for I will not hear thee”.  SOOO, so  be it.


Two early bird calls for the coming 1 World Gov’t. and 1 World Religion revealed by Pope Francis :  

1.  In speech/prayer in Sarajevo, where over 100,000 Bosnians and Serbs died in bloody war 20 years ago, Pope calls on all Serbs, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, all religions in the former Yugoslavia to reach out for each other at every level, to come together, to be a beacon to the rest of the world… .  Hmmm, 

2.  If you look at the top right side of the stairs to the entry into the Pope’s Plane, there’s a circular blue logo on it.  What does it say??  It says 2 words : “ONE WORLD”.  Hmmmm, is the 266th Pope in world history a major actor in Rev. 13 : 11-18 or is this just a coincidence?   Only our Lord God knows for sure.  And remember  the song : “See You, in September” as Pope Francis arrives in DC, New York, (UN) and Philly (world family togetherness), right smack in time for the Feasts of Atonement and Tabernacles, on the 4th BBM and the only Supermoon over Jerusalem like this in the history of the world.  WOW!!! What a time to be alive.   


1.  Other than Greece, in the UK, a group within the Church of England is calling for God to be referred to as a woman.  Reason for this blasphemous act : To enable the church, largest in the UK, to recognize the equal status of women, and to spread this despicable idea to all other churches.  And worse, all national proclamations such as this are under Queen Elizabeth’s personal jurisdiction .  She has said absolutely nothing on this, as in the word “lukewarm” in Rev. 3:16.  How insanely bizarre this world is getting.  And remember last week, again under the Queen;s personal jurisdiction, Mohammad has replaced Jesus Christ at Westminster Abbey, as the “chosen one”to pray to, there by denying the Lordship of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of the world.  

2.  “Greece is the word” for almost 2 months now for my one and only prediction of these final days.  That’s because I’m Greek and I feel confident to say that Greeks’ extreme stubborness and pride will cause a “GREXIT” from the EU soon.  Proof : a) Last minute talks with IMF and EU creditors failed June 5th.  b) Failed again today, June 12th a 4th time now in 2 months.  Specifically, the IMF pulls out their negotiating team, don’t expect to return again, after impasse after impasse of Greek games and playing “chicken” with them.  EU’s top Economist : “Crunch time is here.  The IMF’s departure sent a strong message”.

3.  EU President Tusk : “The day is coming, I’m afraid  that someone says the game is now over” (ie. Greece kicked out of EU).  EU Central Bank : “Swiftly tone down your demands over the next week or face financial ruin”.  And then they pulled out of any further meetings.  With that, S & P downgrades Greece credit to CCC, absolute junk bond status.

4.  Barring miracles, it’s all over June 30th if the $1.8 Billion owed the IMF is not paid.  Then just possibly this could be Jonathan Cahn’s Mystery of the Shemitah’s answer for world financial dominoes of chaos and global Stock Market meltdown of this 9/11.  (FYI, Shemitah ends 9/13, a Sunday).


1.  Iran : New York Times : “Iran’s stockpile of nuclear fuels increase by 20% since plan negotiations started….U.S. State Dept. is “perplexed” since Obama said all nuclear fuel enrichment was frozen for this past 18 months….”.  Gee, their doubting our President who’s in love with this Deal from Hell.

2.  Syria : Assad’s collapse is deemed to be near at hand as multi-rebel factions and the Genesis 16:12 wildmen of ISIS advance to the point where Assad now controls only 15% of Syria, all centered in Southwest part the of country in Damascus and the Golan Heights.  Friends, please never forget Isaiah 17:1 and 14: “…Damascus shall be a ruinous heap… Behold, at evening tide trouble and before the morning he is not”.  Friends, these 2 scriptures are so so imminent now that Assad has only 178,000 troops left from 325,000 4 years ago.  Israels’ General Yair Golan speaks of Assad’s end is near : “Defacto, the Syrian army has ceased to exist…”.  I honestly expect between now and July 26th, the Ninth of Av, most dreaded day in Israels’ history for wars, that Syria’s Assad will do a Kamakazi , a Geronimo last ditch flying leap to stamp his glory and legacy by attacking  Israel full throttle as he has nothing left to loose.  Let’s WATCH and PRAY.  the above scriptures in Isaiah are So So PROPHETICALLY SIMPLE orchestrated by our God that even a grade-schooler will get this SIGN of the Edge of Time that this BBM Tetrad is telling us.  Thank you Psalms 83 discover, Bill Salus for bringing the destruction of Damascus to front page daily news.

3.  Egypt takes Hamas off of their world terror list.  So dumb, so let’s WATCH for Isaiah 19 : 1-4 : “….And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians and they shall fight every one against his brother and neighbor, city against city…and I will give them over to a cruel leader…”.  As in ISIS Caliph Al-Baghdadi possibly.

4.  On ISIS, in April, they said they’d take Ramadi, they did in May.  In May they said they’d take Baghdad this summer.  Well, …Obama did say this past week his military as yet has no complete strategy.  He’s so militarily intellectual, you know.

5.  Although not much this week, however, tensions in East Ukraine couldn’t be any higher with the Russian Bear.  Russia gets tick-tock game is locked at the G-7 meeting and Russia can’t come in.  So to stay busy, Putin visits Pope Francis.  Never ever has this ever been done between Russia and the Vatican-two visits in the same year, yeah, 2015!!!


1. a)  Apostacy : Remember when we were young and our teachers used to take us on field trips on the last week of school before summer vacation.  Yeah, those were the days.  Well fast forward to today ; A middle school teacher in Minneapolis takes pre-teenage kids to an adult sex shop that sells adult sex products.  Teacher initially called it a “field trip”  to the parents.  Friends, please visualize, these kids just cannot or will not be able to erase these images from their minds-ever again.

b)  How about, in Alameda, Calif., a teacher assigns extra-credit for students who covertly find sex-toys, condoms, etc. in their parents bedroom dressers.  And worse, to get full school credit, to take a stinking “selfie” with whatever they find.  How vivid and necessary is this scripture : Matthew 24:34 : “…this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled”.  Hopeless, hopeless, for those who forsake the righteousness of our Lord Jesus.  Oh yes, WE ARE THERE.

c)   Fox TV  (not Fox News) has high hopes for a new “unique” show for their fall season line-up.  It’s called Lucifer. Yeah, honest, Lucifer.  It’s about a fallen “angel” who gets tired of living in Hell, comes to America, lives in Los Angeles, the City of “Angels”, owns an upscale night club called Lux.  Shows producers goal is to glorify Lucifer Morningstar, the main character.  So far this year, my wife has prevented me from throwing a tennis ball or my shoe at the TV when Obama lies on having Israel’s back, etc.  She just may not stop me this time when this sadistic show premieres.  We’ll see.

d)  Let’s go around the world :  Toronto, Canada, will host the world’s first massive orgy for disabled people.  How despicable.  I’m very sorry I inserted this, but these are the SIGNS of the times.  Again I’m very sorry, people just do not know what they are doing in offending God this way.

e)  So so sad, Tel Aviv, will draw 200,000 LGBTers to its now annual gay pride parade, even more reason for this BBM Window.  Remember 97% of the Jews in the world are still looking for their Messiah, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord God Almighty, as soon they will open their eyes and see Him as per Romans 11:25 : “…blindness is happened to Israel until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in”.  And  they’ll never offend God anymore as per Ezek. 39: 7 : “So, I will make my name known in the midst of my people Israel and I will not let them pollute my name anymore…”.  Friends, I don’t make any of this stuff up.  (Drudge Report, June 4,7,11,12).

2.  Extreme drought in Calif. is more “EXTREMER”this week, no end in sight.  Many articles.

3.  First ever in Hurricane history since NOAH records began : a) Hurricane Andres.  Became first Hurricane ever recorded this early -June 1st – as a Category 4.  Double ditto for Hurricane Blanca South and West of Calif. for earliest Category 5 on June 4th (previous = Hurricane Ava, June 6, 1973).  No damage .  Yes birth pangs SIGNS for summer for sure during this “heavy” El Nino of 2015.

4.  How about another Asteroid fly- by between earth and moon (120,000 miles), the purported collision with Planet X by this fall,  Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne being told by a reputable source of her’s that a Star of Bethlehem look-alike to appear June 30th and on and on and on.

5.  All you have to do is look at USGS Earthquakes and Volcanoes birth pangs erupting everywhere around the planet.  Except for Nepal human tragedy last month, nothing severe–YET.  Remember what Peter said in Acts 2:19 : “And I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath : blood, and fire and vapors (“pillars” in Joel 2:30) of smoke”.  Sure sounds like volcanoes erupting with hot lava and magma spewing.  Friends, this BBM Window must be so very very spring loaded on the back end it’s absolutely astonishing what all is going to happen between now and September.  These BBMs tell us so and as horrific as they will be, we must persevere in our faith and prayers in our Lord Jesus for 2 most prophetic things : 1) they will soon ALL happen, and 2) Rev. 3:10 : “Because thou hast kept the word of my “PATIENCE”, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all of the world….”.  Friends, it is true, this BBMis now 80% completed.  We must PRAY and WATCH to be accounted as worthy for His soon return.  Why else would He possibly, possibly say the word “PATIENCE” in the above scripture.  (I’m trying so hard to be patient for His return as I’m sure you are too).


Without date setting one “smigeon”, how can we possibly not give at least a very high probability, that something BIG, BIG is going to happen either by or during our Lord’s 3 Fall Feasts this September, or surely when this year of Jubilee makes its EPIC CLOSURE by next fall, ala Isaiah 61:2 and Luke 4:19 : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God…”.  Oh Yeah, He’s coming very soon.