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Blood Moon Window End Times Prophetic Events, June 24, 2015

Greetings.  How does 82% completion of the current Biblical Blood Moons (BBMs) Window closing sound to Sept. 28th.  What a month, what a month, what a month, September surely is going to show the Glory of our omnipotent God.  So many Heavenly SIGNS, so many earthly signs, specifically on Israel and Jerusalem (below), God’s chosen people, forever, and forever.  Isaiah 31:5 : “As birds fly, so will the Lord, defend and deliver  Jerusalem; and passing over He will preserve it”.  Friends, against all odds, as you’ll see below, these BBMs explicitly exemplify 2 outstanding prophetic events:  1)  The entire Int’l Community is now absolutely abhorent against Israel,  2)  Judgement is coming to the world in waves, even more -so to America after gay marriage is borne in our country any day  now.

Without date setting, I keep reiterating this most prophetic month of September, that probability-wise, something so so BIG is going to happen that the paradigm of this world as we know it, will change.  Mark Biltz is big-time, he falls back on God’s calendar of Feast days and the BBMs for possibly the Rapture and beginning of Tribulation in September, Jonathan Cahn is big-time, the global financial debacle of the 7th of 7 Shemitah years in September, Jimmy Baker and Perry Stone are both big, getting these guys together with Bill Salus, Franklin Graham, etc. and all sharing the same principles of why everything in this messy world is converging all at once.  Me, I’m a little guy, but I gotta tell you, the charts under the Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Category are getting Bigger and Bigger in displaying the perfect Glory of God in the Heavens.  So, with that said, Let’s Go:


Many Many Bible Prophecy absolute bombshells this past week on Israel:

1.  First, do you recall the Rabbi Glick that was shot 4 times in the chest last October by Palestinians on the Temple Mount and was expected to die.  Well he lived, because Almighty God demanded it.  Why?  Because God enabled this blessed man to discover billions of dollars of gold under the Eliat Mountains in south Israel.  Bibi has given the Rabbi, the Executive Director of the Temple Mount Heritage, the green light to extract the gold and sell whatever he desires so as to obtain the funds to, you guessed it, to build the 3rd Temple.  Praise God Almighty for doing this for the Jewish people.  Gen. 2:12 : “The gold of that land is good; the bdellium and onyx stone are there”.  Friends, this happened June 15, 2015, as in 6-15-15, as in 1-5-15, the prophetic BBM Midpoint this past January.  Is not Lord God so Great.

2.  This is absolutely astounding for our Creator to tell that His Day is at hand : Remember in March, the old Rabbi Amram Vaknin who had a vision that Obama would be the last President, ever, of the U.S., #44, and that Jesus, the Messiah would be #45.   This prediction was made mind you when Obama was still a Senator.  He also predicted the last 2 Gaza wars and Israel’s worst forest fire, Carmel, since statehood in 1948.  He also predicted the Gaza “Flotilla” from Turkey that was loaded with weapons for Hamas.  Well guess what, he did it again.  On June 9th, he led 30 Jewish men and 30 Jewish women to pray for Israel in to the cave of Elijah the prophet who was later Raptured.  His vision : “War will soon start in the south of Israel, will move to the north of Israel, and will then envelope all Israel.  Thousands will die…”.  After telling this vision to the 60, the Rabbi suddenly fell to the ground, into the mud and water on the floor of the cave and had to be revived.  This ominous vision was so compelling, as he did “exactly” what Daniel did when he received his vision from Lord God in Daniel 10: 8,9 of the end times which were so horrific that Daniel also fainted.  Friends, do you see how close we are to the Edge of Time, these BBMs tell us WE ARE THERE.

3.  Several U.S. Congressmen call on Israel hater Obama to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital after the Secular Supreme Court shot it down in spades.  Well guess what, this article occurred on 6-15-15.  Oh Yeah, sound familiar 15-15, yes, the BBM heartbeat, the Midpoint, Jan. 5th this year, a true sign for sure.  Further, 6-15-15 also sums up to 666.  Not saying Obama is the AC, but you know what, 9 days now and counting, today is June 24th, Obama has said SQUAT on recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.  I’m going to stay on this one and keep you posted on his “true colors” on this, a true litmus test for his saying “We have Israel’s back”.  Well let’s just see about that.  (Gen. 12:3).

4.  How about another 6-15-15 revelation to substantiate how most prophetic the 1-5-15 BBM Midpoint is, this Date of Epiphany, where once upon a time, a long long time ago, Jesus’ manifestation on earth was celebrated world wide (see Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Charts) : Bibi compares the UN today with Nazi slander of Jews in late 1930’s : “The attacks on the Jews then were always preceded by the slander of the Jews.  What was done to the Jewish people then is being done to the Jewish State today”.  He went on to say that after 1 year of this Anti-Semetic slander, Kristalnicht and the Holocaust began.  Friends, never forget Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now; and that which is “to be” has already been…”.

5.  There are several hints in sacred Jewish texts to a connection to Syria’s (Damascus’) fate and the Last Days, and the return of our Messiah, Lord Jesus, son of David.  2nd century Jewish Rabbis predicted that when an evil ruler in Damascus falls from power, the Messiah will appear.  Similarly, the Zohar Jewish text : “When the King of Damascus falls, the Messiah will come”,  Friends, fast forward 2,000 years, Bashar Assaad today is only days or weeks from falling, as his military is absolutely descimated from military deaths in the civil war and desertions and ISIS victory after victory.  Oh yeah, we’re there.

6. a)  IDF is undergoing drills that simulate a “nightmare” scenario of full blanket missile attacks emanating from both south and north of Israel on a scale so hemungous that the vaunted Iron Dome missile defenses would be rendered useless.  IDF predicts 4,000 Jewish casualties as Hezbollah is aiming over 100,000 missiles at all Jewish cities. Hmmmmmm!!  Kind of sounds like Rabbi Vaknin vision from God above.  RIGHT!!

6. b)  I. A. Force completes drill in their battle plans to evacuate 1.2 million Lebanese to save citizens so that they can relentlessly carpet bomb Hezbollah to smitherenes.  This as Hezbollah has been commanded by demonic Iran to blow up Israel within 24 hours after Assad crumbles in Syria.  Friends, even Iran is dictating the fall of Damascus.  Oh Boy!!! That’s Big.

6. c)  Hezbollah is now building a massive 2nd front on the Golan Heights in Syria to “get Israel” from 2 directions.

6. d)  IDF now closes Israel/Golan Heights borders, things are too white-hot.

7.  Canadian anti-semitism is the highest ever recorded in Canada’s history in 2014-15.

8.  There have now been 5 rocket missile attacks from Gaza into Israel in last 3 weeks after 10 months of quiet.  Can you just see it, the Psalms 83 war is on the cusp of exploding.

8. a)  Bibi, on the satan inspired (never a capital “s” on satan) hellish UN Sec. Council forcing Israel to consummate a Peace Agreement : “This International Peace Proposal that is presented to us and forced on Israel pushes us to indefensible borders while completely ignoring what will exist on the other side of the border”.

8. b) The Israeli despising French Foreign Minister Fubius presented this UNSC resolution to Bibi in Jerusalem.  Bibi vows to reject any effort to force a solution to the conflict.  Friends, the stage is set, the actors know their lines, Act 1 is about to begin as it will have to end at the UN Sept. 15th, when the 2015 UN (United Nothing) session begins, so here we go, one thing, Almighty God is the Director of this story, His”story”.

9. a) Lastly, could it possibly get any worse, Yes, look : The insane UN completes it’s report on last year’s Gaza war, Blames both sides, but just look at the blame against Israel :  Israel was directing attacks against civilians and acted in “utter” disregard to the Gaza people.  Not 1 mention of air drop leaflets and Internet warnings and phone calls to warn the Gaza civilians where Israel would be dropping bombs.  UN, 1 eye closed and other eye blind, is an absolutely deep-seeded evil minded 2nd home of the devil himself.

9.  b) Further, they said the intent of Hamas in constructing and using tunnels cannot be conclusively determined, those “d”astards, sneaky cowards.  The IDF has several photographs of these “gophers” popping up out of the ground.

9. c) Worst of all is this on the scandalous report : The UN has submitted this “Report from Hell” to the Int’l Criminal Court in Netherlands so they can determine for the “ARREST” of BIBI and any other suspected war criminals to try him for Int’l war crimes.  Friends, FYI, the most memorable event I encountered on Jan. 5, 2015, the BBM prophetic Midpoint date, was throughout the Middle East there was circulated their most read magazine such as our Time or Newsweek.  The cover had 3 things only : A facial photo of Bibi, a thick hangman’s noose adjacent to it on the right, and at the bottom,  4 despicable words: “We’ll see you soon”.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  Psalms 2:2,4 : “The Kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against his anointed…He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh, the Lord shall have them in derision”.  Friends, this Israeli thing is the “Urgency of the Hour” in the world today.  Just look as the world falls apart, oh how prophecy is coming together.  Psalms 122:6 : “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”.

USA :  MAMA, there goes that man again!!!  On Obama

1.  No wonder US is stuck in muck and molasses on airial bombings of ISIS targets, the military has to get the “OK” from the White House first to hit a fleeting ISIS vehicle or a building.

2.  Of course on a Friday night, always as media impact is minimal prior to weekends.  Obama releases 6 more GITMO criminals detainees.  This is tantamount to the Sound of Music with Julie Andrews where in the end, each of the kids goes on stage and one by one sings : “So long, farewell, Alfeeders  Zalne, goodbye”.  Before you know it, they’re ALL GONE.

3.  Obama reflects his remorse in an interview for a good friend of his, Egypt’s President Mohammad Morsi, after Morsi was “resentenced” for the final time to be executed for mass murders.

4.  Remember loose lipped Obama said “the world has never been a safer place to be living in.  Is he in a self induced coma??  Well, report says 60 million people in the world are displaced in 2014, 59% increase in terrorism, 34,000 terrorist victims died.  Oh well, no wonder he golfed last weekend in California as the world burns.  He sure doesn’t care or have the smallest sprinkle of compassion for mankind.

5.  His top aide, #1 of all #1 advisers, Iranian Valerie Jarrett, has very active Communist parents, FBI reveals.  Oh well, what can we do?  No wonder Obama is pushing the Iran Deal from Hell so remarkably blindly.

6.  Trade Deal passes today, awaiting Obama’s signature kiss of death to America.  TPP (Asia), TTIP (Europe) and TISA, 50 other world countries, it’s a sham to neuter and defrock America by the White House to hasten in the New World Order as America’s strength is presently holding it back.  Here, Congress and American workers will be totally defanged as per Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama says.  No wonder Jade Helm and Agenda 21 and Pope’s encyclical are all in sync on imploding this once great country.  Almighty God knows, He knows gay marriage will pass any day and let’s not be delusional, judgement is here, these BBMs tell us so.

7.  17 million Southern Baptists will not obey the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.  Well, batten down the hatches, this could do it for protests, riots, Jade Helm, Obama’s birthday wishes, …..

8.  Leak : Obama is preparing several Executive Orders of Americans on Global Warming for Sept. to coincide with Pope Francis encyclical and UN’s no turning back any more approach on this issue.

9.  In 2014 only 42% of Americans have confidence in the Church, 70% in 1975.

10.  Lots of Ron Paul commercials on TV lately on the coming financial global collapse, right.  He’s spot on.  It’s coming like a horrific tidal wave (remember last week’s beach ball analogy).  Bond market moguls now have 8% in cash, fearing next Fed. hike will be absolutely devastating.  I’ll go further, I say it comes in September, (See you in September as the song goes).


1.  Is WW III about here?  First, Russia says it will retaliate by massing troops up and down Russian/EU border if US weapons get stationed on the border.  Oh boy, call it Russian Roullet, whatever, as on June 23rd, US and NATO begin amassing troops, heavy military equipment, tanks, missiles along the 3 Baltic countries, and Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria.  Russia replies : “This is the most aggressive step by the US and NATO since the Cold War.  Putin goes into hiding with hi-level talks with his dumb “duma”.

2.  US & EU extend biting and crippling Russian sanctions to Jan. 1, 2016.

3.  Russia now warns Sweden as well that it will face military action if it joins NATO this as they plan to this summer.

4.  Needless to say, Matthew 24 :7 : “… nations shall rise against nation…” is alive and well.


1.  Insane Ayatollah Kamenei says only way Nuclear Deal from Hell to be signed June 30th is that no one in the outside world of inspectors will be permitted into any nuclear/military site.  Iran will not be stopped from procurring nuclear weapons, and that ALL sanctions are to be lifted on the exact day of signing.  You see, friends, this is all they want, nothing more, nothing less.

2.  Wussi White House now also offers Iran state of the art “light water” nuclear hi-tech reactors to replace their “heavy water” ones.  Light water, heavy water, they both make bombs.  Dear Lord, Obama is such a sucker fish to do anything to sign that Deal from Hell, irregardless how “watered down” it is.  This is nothing less than remarkably crazy to get this done.


Assad who now holds only 15% to 20% of Syria has his 2012 “Geronimo” statement revived among his military that when it looks like his gov’t. is about to fall, that he will attack Israel before he is killed or defeated.  He has met with  his military leaders in January and last month to reassure the orders of executions for launching ballistic missiles throughout Israel be carried out.  This is surely a Kamikazi  call for Isaiah 17:1,14 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap….at evening tide there is trouble and in the morning he is not”.  Friends, we are so close to this scripture happening any day.


1.  Not much here other than their bloody tentacles are reaching closer and closer to Israel.

2.  Those wildmen of Gen. 16:12 began printing their own currency this week.  Friends, can you just see it, it’s all building up to the Great Tribulation, prophecy exploding everywhere.  Remember, this Caliphate is obsessed with ambushing America, and just maybe on the 4th of July.  As God says, may we Watch these things when they BEGIN to happen,  to look up and lift up our head for our redemption is near = Luke 21:28.

3.  ISIS hangs 2 kids to death for eating food on Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan which goes to July 17th.  Then watch all Hell on earth breakout in the Middle East.

Pope Francis :

1.  Pope, in the Vatican’s most eagerly anticipated Papal document in living memory, unveils his “Climate Change Encyclical”, 4 days after it was leaked out.  Friends, I used to say I “WANT” to like Pope Francis.  But, never ever again, I was duped by his loving kindness and care for the poor.  What a charade.  No wonder Rev. 13 :11 : “And I behold another beast coming out of the earth, and he had 2 horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon”.  Just Google : Pope Francis Ready To Talk Climate Change, Global Depopulation, and World Gov’t” by and  just a plethora of other sites.

2.  His feelings on water rationing, alternative energy, privatization, criticizing carbon tax credits, changing human lifestyles to combat climate change, private property ownership really belonging to the earth, the wealthy and wealthy nations must bear most of the climate damage, global depopulation down to 1 billion people from today’s 7.2 billion people and calls for a cultural revolution to correct the world’s inequality of today.  In essence, his encyclical is “preaching” CLIMATE CHANGE and the NEED TO MASSIVELY REDUCE THE WORLD’S POPULATION, and HAVING A ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT TO RULE THE PLANET.  Google it all.

3.  To deal with Climate issues, Pope has endorsed his hand-picked top Scientist’s call , an absolute athiest, for an “Earth Constitution that would transcend the UN Charter (and the US Constitution) along with the creation of a Global Council…elected by “all the people of the earth” and a Planetary Judicial Court that answers to no-one”.  Friends, we might as well set up campaign booths around the world for electing the Antichrist.  Who does he think he is, talking Politics, Economics, Science and changing world cultures and not 1 iota on religion in this encyclical sermon which has occupied more of his time in 2015 that anything else.  No wonder this “266th Pope is coming to America on the “266th day” of the year, Rosh Hashana, Sept. 23rd to dine with Obama and the Misses and deliver this “so-called sermon” to the UN which just happens to turn “70” on Sept. 15th.  Remember the “70” sevens in Daniel 9:24 and the “70” years of the Jews’ captivity in Babylon.  WOW!!! And throw in the fact that the Pope leaves “266”days after the BBM Midpoint on Jan. 5 to fly back to Rome in his jet on Passover, the night of the dreaded 4th BBM in the world.   At the same time, exhilarating and joyous prophetic moment for Israel and for us who seek the Lord Jesus, this 4th and FINAL BBM, the Supermoon over Jerusalem.  And of course, the Pope’s jet displays the ominous blue logo on the left front side : “ONE WORLD”.  Well cry me a green river, and give me a break, I’m not that dumb to see what’s developing here.  You want more, how about this diabolic anything but religious encyclical was presented by Pope Francis on June 15 ,2015 as in 6-“15-15″, as in Midpoint of Lord’s perfect Sign “1-5-15″.  As in 6-15-15 where 6 and 1+5 and 1+5 = 666.  I don’t believe this is a coincidence shmoincidence either.  Just too many “6”s here, the number of man.  Friends, the Pope’s Climate Change agenda is the wolf in sheep’s clothing for the One World Gov’t. of the Great Tribulation.


1.  Needless to say, “Greece is the Word” all over Europe this month on a default and a “GREXIT”.  As of this writing, the final final final meeting 2 days after the supposed final final meeting with Greece’s creditors, will begin tonight, probably in the middle of this article.  White-hot, tinderhooks, pins and  needles, the financial and economic viability of all of Europe and the Euro is riding on this decision.  This may also domino world wide if it fizzes.  Remember the Alamo, remember the 7th year Shemitah year of 7 Shemitah cycles “financially ends” on 9/11, Friday.  And you know the rest of the story.  Bank withdrawals  from Greeks are endless this past week, a revolving door that is greased like 60.  If Greece defaults, #1 will be capital controls implemented on bank withdrawals and then #2 massive inflation from Greece printing new currency.  Then, 1 big mess.  I’m Greek and I say : “Tee Kambopitha”, that is Oh my gosh, oh woe is me.


1.  Hottest Volcano hot-bed country on the planet is Indonesia, home of 205 million Muslims.  Hottest most powerful Volcano there, Sinabug, is day to day about to explode to the sky and has the potential to unleash more lava and magma than any other in recorded history of the world.  Possibly, happy 4th of July, only God knows.

2.  Thermal, California, reaches 119.5 degrees east of LA. and south of San Francisco area where this “man in our White House” was shooting a sizzling round of golf on a very well watered golf course green that was extra-watered for his arrival to play, as California extreme drought gets even more so.  This temperature was the hottest place on earth June 18th.  Wonder if that could be a coincidence with this golfer here?

3.  Mark Biltz researched that the USGS says the # of earthquakes more than “doubled” from decade 2004-2014 over previous decade.  1 Thes. 5:3 : “…as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape”.

4.  There goes that increase in number and frequency record breaker or again : Oklahoma is on pace for an all time state and 50 state record for earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or more in 2015 year to date with 468, eclipsing 2014’s all time record of 248 and 997 for the year.  Haggai 2:6 : “For thus saith the Lord God : Yet once, it is a little while, I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the land”.  That will surely cover Oklahoma and America for sure.  Friends, it’s going to come so soon like lightening bolts.  Thank you Great God Almighty for these Signs of Judgement as our White House has opened the floodgates to deceptively divide Israel’s land and split it’s Holy City of the Lord and is playing God on the gay marriage decision due any day now.

5.  Largest “military war game simulation” since World War II took place recently in Northern Colorado.  3 days later, May 23rd, a 1/4 mile long military convoy was spotted on the Colorado/Wyoming border.  And may we WATCH this Jade Helm military thing in 3 weeks who have now added their 8th state, Mississippi.  Again, only our Almighty God knows what military mayhem this is spawning.  No wonder Colorado had 7 Tornadoes touchdown on 1 day last week, again (I sound like a broken record) a state record.

6.  Eggs anyone, average US cost today= $2.09 a dozen double AA as 36 million hens have been slaughtered because of Avian flu.

7.  First transgender in US history sings the National Anthem at a major sports event (Oakland Athletics baseball game).  Friends. just wait for the Supreme Court ruling day to day.  Gay-a-gaga will be rampant in America.  It will be cool they think, may God have mercy on them.  If our God didn’t want these gay scriptures in the Bible, THEN HE WOULDN’T HAVE PUT THEM THERE : “Levit. 18:22, Deut. 22:5, I Chor. 6:9, I Kings 14:24, Romans 1:24-28 as opposed to what God desires : Mark 10: 6-9.

8.  More gay gooey : A San Francisco high school (Asawa High) will offer a gay course for credit this Sept. on LGBTs where  28% of students are this.  Without date-setting, I pray we who love the Lord are “outta here” by then as the probability is so so high with this most divine convergence of His Holy and earthly SIGNS He’s orchestrated for September.  Oh man, can you just feel it in your bones – He has such a very high probability of coming at that time coming.  Please see my Charts, God does not lie.

9.  Best for last.  Made me cry on our porch deck last night.  When we looked West North-West , say “for example” at 12:00 lunch time being due north-example now- @11:45 A.M. you can see the star Regulus, at about 11:52 the King planet Jupiter, just to the right, and even more to the right, Venus, the Queen planet at about 11:54 A. M.  Again, these time periods are strictly arbitrary for your reference. Friends, you gotta see it, they’re all in an elliptical array, all twinkling, all have linear beams of light emulating from them.  This has happened once before in world history (there I go again), Yes, the Star of Bethlehem at Jesus’s birth, over 2,000 years ago.   Ring a bell, the manger, Mary, Joseph, the donkey, the hay, the 3 Maji bearing gifts.  You’ll be able to see this absolutely astounding “Star of Bethlehem Sequel” for the next 7 nights to climax June 30th, weather and clouds permitting.  If this doesn’t get the prophetic  jello and juices flowing in us for our Lord’s Glorious Appearing, Titus 2:13,  well….,you know.  I pray it makes you cry like a baby as it did me.  Yes, probability is extremely high that He’s coming sooo soooo soon, just look 1 more time at my BBM Charts, perfect, perfect display of His Glory.  Mark 13:37 : “And what I say unto you, I say unto all WATCH”.


Friends, It’s soon going to be Heaven or dwell on this earth for Hell.  Let’s not be a dumb cluck.  So simple, 2 choices.  May we choose wisely to get our affairs in order to HEAR JESUS shout, “Come up hither”, or something like that.  Please tell your loved ones, these BBM charts tell us He’s so close, we can almost hear the footsteps.  May God Bless You Forever.  Paul