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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, July 17, 2015

Welcome and greetings.  Sure don’t need to see so many buckets of prophetic carnage of judgement coming from our Creator into our once great country as in the past 10 days after this gay marriage thing happened.  It’s just like the EPHAH curse flying over the land with all it’s filth in Zech. 5.  No wonder our Heavenly Father’s Biblical Blood Moons (BBM) are now 86% completed for showing us the terrifying events that have occurred this past week.  I keep mentioning they are so absolutely back-end spring loaded like the beach ball under water about to blow sky high this September.  From the Iran Nuke Agreement to the swarming suffocating shroud about Israel.  From the Greek implosion agreement to the hyperbolic shoot-to-the-moon ultra manipulated U.S. Stock Market and yet so blind and impervious to absolutely anything that moves or breathes.

Here’s another dose of prophetic time spans and dates that smash the word “coincidence” to oblivion that we are On The Edge Of Time as we know this world under God’s prophetic clock symbolized around Israel and the apple of God’s eye, Jerusalem :  Did you know from the occurrences of the previous 7 BBMs in world history the significance of the #’s 19, 48 and 67.  May ring a bell; Right!  How about the time span between BBM Tetrad #2 in 795 AD to #3 in 843 AD = 48 years.  And then #3 start = 842 AD to #4 in 861 AD = 19 years.  And then #6 in 1949 to #7 in 1968 = 19 years.  And #7 start in 1967 to the 4th BBM in Sept., 2015 = 48 years, as in 1948. And add 67 years to the year 1948, Voila 2015.  WOW!!! Deduce it, look at these #’s 19, 48, 67. In 1948 Israel becomes a nation again after almost 2,000 years and in 1967 Jerusalem gets back into the arms of the Jewish Nation, another 2,000 year gap.  Do you see how the Lord is talking to us through this prophetic lens.  Such commonality of a trend in ascending order = ISRAEL in 1948, Jerusalem in 1967, and how about the 3rd and final Temple in 2015 or 16.  By the way, the Church is “gone” G-O-N-E before the Temple gets built.  (FYI, also, from Tetrad #1 to #2 = 632 years = Tetrad #4 to #5 = 632 = year Mohammed was born.  Who Knows??)  SO LET’S GO :


1.  Pockets of ISIS have infiltrated into Gaza declaring war on Israel.  Hamas, surprised by their coming through the cracks into Gaza, is shaking in their boots, fearing if ISIS attacks in Israel’s South border, that Hamas will be blamed and Israel will make “them” pay for it.  FYI, ISIS hates Hamas because they are “too soft” on Israel lately and they’ve never been “hard enough” to carry out full Sharia Law on Gaza people as Caliphate requires.

2.  Now, 9 futile rocket attacks on Israel in 5 1/2 weeks and 1 possible abduction of 2 Jewish citizens kidnapped by Hamas.  News pending on kidnap.

3.  On Anti-Semitism, add some Quaker groups in Pennsylvania and the Argentine President to an ever growing list.

4.  Bibi, on signing of the Iran Nuclear Deal : “This will force Israel to defend itself, by itself…Iran will now receive $100s of billions to fuel terrorism in the region…The Int’l community is removing the sanctions and Iran is keeping it’s Nuclear Program…Now they have the capability to build many bombs (hopeless nonsensical Obama says : “That’s Nonsense”)…the sanctions are going, the bombs are coming…the West in Vienna has wanted to reach a deal at any price, this is total capitulation for a Nuclear Arms Race…This is a stunning historic mistake…They can now have their YELLOW CAKE (deadly Uranium) and eat it too”.  Friends, that says it all.

5.  Bibi calls all political and military leaders together to “unite around a most fatefull issue for Israel’s future”.

6.  Not 1 single word in this blasted 159 page agreement concocted by legacy driven Obama and Nobel Peace Price trophy starved Secretary Kerry mentions Israel or it’s security.

7.  Latest, Bibi plans to work with U.S. Congress, round two, to override Obama veto in 60 day discussion period to Sept. 15th Congress vote deadline, Pope in U.S. for 1-World Order, Shemitah ends, Final Jubilee begins, Solar eclipse, 4th Blood Moon Epic Closure, right smack in the owls eye of the Lords Feasts, UN General Assembly 70th Anniversary, Supermoon as well right over Jerusalem,  Planet Venus is now vibrating for 2 months.  Cowabunga, Right!!!

8.  Temple Institute completes contract with Israeli cattleman to raise many red heifers as they now have the parents.

9.  And the following vision from the ancient Rabbi Chaim’s vision says it all if you Google “Leading Israeli Rabbi says the Arrival of the Messiah is Imminent”.  And also says he’s received vision from God that “the Messiah will come on the end of this Shemitah year a sabbatical year , Sept. 12.  He also urges all Jews around the world to make Alliyah as soon as possible, ie. immigrate back to Israel, their ancient land.  Also, says “gather your family and come to Israel.  Otherwise there won’t be enough room for you on the airplanes”.  What a perfectly divine scripture : Ezek. 36:24 : “For I will take you from among the heathens and gather you out of all countries, and bring you into your own land:.  Great God Almighty, thank you for this BBM Window we are locked in to witness your amazing glory in this generation in this decade in this year.  This September friends is sooo BIG !!!!  And lastly for prophetic icing on the Jewish Nations “NON-YELLOW-BUT LINEN WHITE – CAKE”, the Jewish Court, the Sanhedrin, has been resurrected to come back to life after 2,000 years.  Their first order of business : To summons the Pope to Jerusalem Sept. 20th.  (See Pope Francis below).

U.S.A. :  National News First

1.  Undefined “glitch” hits U.S. Stock Market, United Airlines, Wall Street Journal news center, all in 1 day, all unexplained.  Hmmm, smell a fat rat.

2.  U.S. Military gets 60, that’s sixty recruits for Syrian Rebels to fight Syria’s Assad, expected and needed 7,000.

3.  California has 14.9 million whites, 15 million Latinos and 9.5 million others and Rick Warren too, America’s Pastor!!!

4.  In 2013, were 520,000 hard core heroin users. A 25 year downward trend now broken, 650,000 today.

5.  U.S. Mint runs out of popular silver eagle coin production and same day silver price hits low for the year at $14.94, both within days of revelation that Citibank has now cornered the Silver Market, exact opposite of what should’ve happened.  Remember, the Hunt brothers over 30 years ago did a Citibank, silver price hit the stars.

6.  Michael Snyder : “Obama has just issued 19 “secret directives”.  My take, what the heck is this most transparent President doing in our White House as he awaits his $12.4 million trip to Martha’s Vineyard next week.  I’m absolutely baffled on his style.

7.  Jade Helm secrecy begins, and to last till, there’s that month again Sept. 15th, no media allowed.  Texans have their own spies out however on them.  Let’s Watch. Senator Jim Imhoff : “Our military personnel’s trust in Obama is at an all time low”.

8.  Obama on Climate Change : “Climate change poses our greatest threat…”  UN leaders meeting leaked out in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia leak : UN world leaders this “September” (what else) main agenda is to institute the 1-World Gov’t. under the deceptively “soft words” Global Poverty and Climate Change “that is necessary for sustainability for the world “.  This is no conspiracy stuff friends.  Just Google : “UN in deal to fight global poverty”.

9. Regarding his apology to Congress to retract his statement of refusing to acknowledge Israel’s land is Israels and Jerusalem is it’s Capital has now hit 32 days and Obama has said “squatero”.

10.  Obama is liked by 80% of the democrats – so so sad – and overall rating has gone UP, UP, and Up to 46% for all Americans, after his Sodom and Gomorrah decision. He also babbles that the Iran deal from hell is accepted by 99% of the world. Dream, dream, dream on kid. What a messy mucked up world we live in.  What timing, Obama commutes sentences for 46 drug dealers just, I say just 24 hours after a beautiful girl  in San Francisco is murdered by an illegal Mexican drug dealer. Satan loves salt on the wounds you know.

11.  Obama orders Sec. of Defense Ashton Carter to lift the ban on transgenders wanting to join the military.  Boom, just like that, Carter does.

12.  Speaking of Carter, “Jimmy” says “Jesus would approve of gay marriage…Jesus would approve of any love affair if it is honest”.  Oh your ostrich head in the sand statement Mr. Carter, Ohhhh!!

13.  Obama when in India last month : “There is going to be a tug of war in the U.S. between those who see a 1-World Gov’t. as a threat and those who accept that we live in an open integrated world”.  Friends, do you remember in Daniel 5:5, “the writing on the wall”.  How can we possibly possibly misunderstand, this radical left, communist educated leader of ours the last 61/2 years of this agenda.   Thank you Great God Almighty for showing the elect this, those who believe, seek and love you.  I’m in.  Friends, remember the song : “See you in September”.

14.  On TPP, secretive trade agreement just passed, only 5 of 29 chapters in the thick thick document allocated to TRADE.  Other 24 to Climate Change, global immigration, global wealth, redistribution (remember the good ole’ Joe the plumber 7 years ago arguing with Senator Obama), global education (everybody is a gray “C” as in Common Core) gun-control, gay rights, that’s it, I’m outta here (God willing as I keep saying without date setting, very high probability in September and lesser but still a significant probability by Oct. 12, 2016, end of 120th Jubilee, as per Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God to comfort all that mourn”.

15.  Obama orders 40,000 personnel cuts in the Army from 490,000 to 450,000, the EXACT EXACT number military leaders say is the good ole break even point to win or lose “a” war, “a” as in 1 war, let alone 2.  Thanks Obama for cutting all of us who love our country.

16. What can I say on the Iran deal from hell.  If Obama and Kerry are not precursors to the Antichrist, see ya later!!!  Iran got “ALL” they wished for , especially an eternity-ish 24 days before the IAEA can visit a Nuke site.  Why they could hide all their Nukes and build an Iranian Disney Land in that time span on the site.  They also can keep cooking Plutonium, keep their heavy water reactor to fuse nuclear material, 1/3 of their 20,000 centrifuges will be kept, research can continue, $150,000 Billion of sanctions will be lifted and gifted for more diabolical weapons to hit Israel, and the region, and on and on.  And Obama didn’t get anything not even a “smidgeon”.

17.  Lindsey Graham : “Iran took Obama to the cleaners”.  This was far and away Obama’s biggest Foreign Policy Blunder, and actually, any policy blunder, EVER.  Not only was the bar lowered and lowered it dang DROPPED.  It’s now game on for Armageddon, doors are wide open for you as Zech. 14:12 says : “…their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and they eyes shall consume away in their holes, and they tongues shall consume away in their mouth”.

18.  Oh Mama, there goes that man again.  Just in on Fox News : Obama back stabs Congress, Israel, you, me again and again on a Friday as Congress goes “weekend”.  He deceptively circumvents our Constitution behind Congress’ back, and “advises” the stinkin’ UN Security Council, made up mostly of Jewish despisers, to approve this Iran Deal from Hell prescient to the already approved right of Congress to review it this deal for 60 days.  And, also, to prevent, out of “fear”,  Bibi’s coming to Washington again to lobby Congress against it.  I just aged 5 years on this insanely diabolical maneuver by this man so in bed with the UNSC.  By the way, the UNSC says it will approve this deal in 72 hours, Monday, July 20th.  Case closed.  Have they read this 159 page crap over the weekend?  I do doubt it.  Look left, it’s like ninnee Nancy saying sign it (Obamacare) and we’ll read it later.  Double Ditto on most secretive TPP trade agreement last month.  Well cry a green river.

19.  Get’s worse : Much “expensive” eggo on Obama’s face and pearly whites.  Jewish annihilation promoter Ayatollah Khamenei just pulled down Obama’s pants by claiming to the world just this morning what you and I, and quite possibly your children have known all along about this “DEAL” : He says : “Whether the deal was approved or not, we will never stop supporting our friends in the region (ie. Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestine, Syria)….it will not change our revolutionary principles, “DEFENSIVE ABILITIES” (friends this means NUKES) or the Death to America and Israel”.  I tell you, I feel like I’m sitting here watching a movie of the Great Tribulation literally playing out in front of our eyes.  Right!!  UGGHH.  How can “anybody” tell us we are not there at the dawn of the 7 year Great Tribulation.  You just gotta click on to the Category on this website Biblical Blood Moon Lord’s Epic Closure and see the charts.  I swear you will agree 100% that WE ARE THERE by Sept. when the 4th final BBM will happen.

20.  Oh yes, on the close of Ramadan yesterday, just like our Rainbow White House, the Empire State building was aglow in Muslim green to celebrate ISLAM.  What the heck has happened to our country since gay day?  Slap me!!

Friends, this was not just a bad deal, it was a WORST BADDEST DEAL.  My take : Absolutely remarkably delusional and satanic actions or just plain DUMB from our White House.  Again friends this would have never happened without these BBM omens.  Cannot tell you enough, these are the Biblical birth pangs, that will explode Bible Prophecy so much more between now and September.  (Dang, my birthday is in Sept.).  John 14:6 forever and Titus 2:13.


1.  A first ever in Papal history :  Pope Francis has been issued a summons to appear in front of the High Court in Jerusalem on Sept. 20, 2015, to go on trial unless he retracts his statements that the Jews have no right to the land of Israel or to Jerusalem.  And who is this High Court, none other than – another first in 2,000 years since Jesus – the re-established Israeli  SANHEDRIN.  And if he’s a no-show (and he will be a no-show as he’s coming to America later that week to push the New World Order in  his Climate Change Encyclical), then he’ll be judged in absentia.

2.  Last week Pope tells the world his Latin American tour :  “To stand up to the world’s capital system and change the world economic order….”  “The world’s capital system is by now intolerable.  So let’s not be afraid to say it ; We need change we want change (Hmmmm, I’ve heard that before in 2008 and 2012 ala Obama).  We can achieve this, it’s no Utopia, it’s a moral obligation…”.  He further urged the world to “tackle 3 tasks :  a)  Create an economy at the service of people, not money. b)  Defend  Mother Earth and c)  Unite the people on the path of peace and justice (Hmmm that’s familiar too, ala Obama : “Two States, living side by side in peace and security”, and then KAPOW!!  1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they say peace and safety, the sudden destruction cometh upon them….”. ”

3.  Dear Friends, We have just verified that the piece reported on the Pope in this slot may have been a hoax regarding his changing of the 10 Commandments and therefore have temporarily deleted until we follow up and let you know what the truth is. With that said,  may we watch his actions unfold in the next couple of months to Sept. to see his true colors.

4.  FYI., in a conversation with the Pope, Bibi mentioned Jesus spoke Hebrew, Pope corrected Bibi : “Jesus was Aramaic”.

5.  On 7-16-2015, just 1 day after the Deal from Hell is signed with Iran and America, etc., Pope endorses it saying : “I view the agreement in a positive light” OK it is what it is!!!

6.  Always remember, Pope said last year : “Christians that follow Jesus only, are dangerous”.


Latest on Greece : 1.  Greek Parliament reluctantly accepts EU bailout.

2.  Greece battered, bashed, stripped  of all its sovereignty as it gives up most of its infrastructure assets of airports, rails, transportation, shipping, etc. to the tune of $55 Billion to help back as “collateral” EUs $93 bailout package.  This is absolutely insane, Greece is no longer a country but a satellite colony of the EU.

3.  Several, several Internet sites agree that Greece has undergone the victimization of an outright coup by the EU. to keep Greece in the Eurozone by controlling the country from here on out.

4.  Riots have started, Pres. Tsipras now a lame duck as he’s lost his majority, as 64 of his 162 of 300 total Parliament seats defected from the bailout.  Only God knows what’s next.

5.  All Greek banks in their 3rd week of Bank Holiday closures.  Now depositors cannot even get access to their cash boxes in safes at the banks to take custody of what’s in them including cash, gold, silver, jewelry, you name it, banks have 100% custody as of 7-15-15.

6.  My take on this : just think when this comes to America, possibly when the dollar crashes like a thunderbolt on Oct.20th when the new WORLD CURRENCY is unveiled by the IMF, the World’s Fed.

7.  Other : France’s President Hollande, after Greece’s conundrum calls for an EU Parliament to lump all 19 Eurozone members into “1” just exactly what the Antichrist is hoping for.  Oh, how this will speed up everything in the EU for him.

8.  NATO will hold their largest military exercise in 13 years in the Mediterranean Sea with 36,000 military personnel to counter ISIS when they come to Europe.



You just can’t turn an air carrier around on a dime.  ISIS is here, is here, is here,  these wildmen butchers of Gen. 16:12

1.  They just flogged, tortured, caged and then crucified 94 Iraqis who ate food on last day of Ramadan, 5 were children.  So sorry to report this it is what it is.

2.  3 days ago ISIS suicide bomber blasts 83 Iraquis to death, 19 miles from Baghdad, today double ditto with 2 caveats, 120 dead, largest single suicide killing since THE BEGINNING OF US, IRAQ WAR over 13 years ago.  And this time smack in Baghdad, suicide bomber lured them to his ice wagon on a 105 degree hot day.

3.  ISIS threatens to behead the head of the Statue of Liberty.  They also have 42 million Muslim supporters now.


1.  You know this, Iran wins, Obama wins, world loses.  How can this despicable agreement of generational proportions happen before our very eyes.  No wonder God said Isaiah 5:5 : “Good is evil and evil is good….” to a tee.

2.  With $150 billion is sanctions to be soon lifted Iran signs $2.3 billion gas pipeline deal to ship gas to EU, who has just toyed with and mortified Greece and did absolutely squat in mentioning any help or consideration on behalf of Israel in the 159 page Deal From Hell.

3.  Hamas, Syrian and Hezbollah delegations flock to Tehran after Deal From Hell is signed.  Don’t even need to be a fly on the wall to hear their diabolical rhetoric on who gets how much in weapons.  Just read Psalms 83:15 : “For they have consulted together with one consent; they are confederate against thee”.  Oh yeah, to a tee.  As these demon-possessed despots are now playing budgetary communists on how to dole out “their gift from Islam heaven of $150 billion” for missiles and weapons labeled for Israel.


With India’s Pres. Modi’s approval, several radical Hindu groups close to him organize Anti-Christian parades and chant : “Prepare to convert to Hinduism or get ready to die”.  Friends, satan’s insatiable thirst to destroy all Christians, I swear, I swear, this past month has been absolutely on a fast-track apocolyptic path.

Saudi Arabia :

With the Deal From Hell now done, the ARMS as in ARMageddon race is on in the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia biffs America, agrees with Russia to begin investing a cool $10 billion in Russia, the biggest foreign investment Russia -or the USSR -has ever had in their “closed” communist history.  This is a “super” thank you for the Nuclear weapons Russia will now build for the Saudis to counter the Bloody tentacles of Iran.  More Arab countries will surely follow.


1.  Chinese shadowy and highly Gov’t. manipulated Stock Market on verge of collapse, being down 32% in 4 weeks since June 15th.

2.  Gov’t. halts  56% of all trades.  Great panic and systemic fears have now arrived that will not go away in this nervous market.

3.  Several websites show how the precipitous slide starting on June 15th is a replica of the roaring 20s market in U.S. and then 1929 hit.  Let’s watch this as China goes, the world goes.


1.  Putin hosts BRICS country (Brazil, India, China, S. Africa) in Moscow for high level secret “financial discussion”.  That’s 40% of world’s population.  2.  You can Google “Military Conflict between Russia and NATO May Start In Near Future”.  In essence, Russia’s new state of the art s-400s missiles are able to swallow up and destroy and current and or any U.S. Naval/air power.   This anti-aircraft missile system will render all our ballistic, ground, cruise, tactical, guided air bombs satellite, lasers, all useless.  Yes We Are There and yes Putin have you noticed lately is under the radar and speaking softly yet carries a big stick.


Just look how our Creator is working to show us His extreme displeasure of the dreaded “gay day” and Obama’s arrogant statement regarding it : “This arrival of gay marriage came down like a thunderbolt”.

1.  OK, eat your words Obama. That night, D.C. residents had most torrential rainstorm in their lives.

2 a)  Rain and hail were coming down sideways, ie. horizontally, never seen before.  2 b)  The prolific lightning was off the charts said D.C. meteorologists.

3.  Loudest crackling of lightning, D.C. residents have never heard before.

4 a)  Disney World background shows humongous clusters of lightning bolts in it’s background (Disney Corporation totally supports gay movement.  4 b)  Baseball game at Wrigley field, Chicago Cubs delayed by rains erupting from orange/black hell – fire looking clouds.

5.  And how about on June 30th, when we witnessed the Christmas Star of Bethlehem in the sky with Jupiter conjugating over Venus, just like 2,000 years ago for the first time, with white-bright full moon later turning blood red.  NASA blames Canada forest fires carrying red glow across America.  Coincidence Shmoicidence, it’s God screaming at us, no matter how it turned blood red.

6.  USGS says greatest earthquake in history of America is now 70 years over due in Pacific Northwest.  Is imminent and expected to kill thousands and displace over 4,000,000 people, possibly this summer as just detected fault lines of the tectonic plates underground west of Highway 5 are locked up and waiting to blow.  You may have seen it on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN on 7-14. ( Details “Major News Networks have confirmed soon coming U.S. catastrophe ” by Lyn Leanz on You Tube).  Matthew 24:7 for sure.

7.  Asteroid 2011 UW – 158 will fly by earth (1.5 million miles) Sunday 7-19 and it is worth $5.4 trillion of Platinum. (Source = Daily Mail).  People against our Lord are sure “licking their chops” on how they can get their tentacles on that moolah I’ll bet, blind to the reality of yet another Heavenly SIGN from our Creator.

8.  NASA says this El-Nino will be equal or greater than the 1997 El Nino, the greatest ever recorded, catastrophic flooding for the U.S. this fall.

9.  Satanic cults parade and march in San Diego promoting the coming this fall to A & E television a weekly series called “Damien, the Beast Rises”.  They overwhelm Christian activist groups who were chanting “Jesus Saves and Jesus will rise”.  The cult interrupted and drowned out the Christians by singing “From flames Damien will rise and the beast rises”.

10.  U.S. Weather Scientists now say ICE – AGE is coming to surround entire earth 2020-2030 as the Solar cycles will cancel each other out just like previous one in 1646-1715 AD, the only other one in recorded history.

11.  July 14, someone captured a photo of a big black crow literally standing, getting a free ride on the back of a much bigger Bald Eagle flying over the Seattle area.  Harbinger city, I say, for America, is thisI believe.

12.  You’ve seen on TV the Capitol Building in D.C. “imprisoned” so to speak with construction  scaffolding about it.  Well, last week the Capitol Dome was also “imprisoned” in scaffolding, except this time-just Google the photos – it looked like a big thick devilish looking BLACK SHROUD surrounding the “entire” outer perimeter of the building plus the 57 foot dome – very ominous, very scary looking.  Where is Jonathan Cahn, as another Harbinger for sure against America for judgement after GAY-DAY June 26th.

13.  Will not even discuss the undercover operation of Planned Parenthood cutting out aborted baby interview on cutting out and selling baby parts for frigging PROFIT.  I’ll vomit. These barbarian butchers will bow down to God Almighty some day and “discuss” this horrific hell with Him.

14. What gay signs of the gay times we are living in.  ESPY awards were supposed to talk entirely about sports athletes on CBS 7-15.  ESPN totally, totally trashed all their credibility with several gay and transgender personalities highlighted by Bruce Caitlyn whatever Jenner speech of 20 minutes promoting their cause to be equal, great applause, 2 standing ovations, plus a 3 minute transgender commercial  sponsored by Google.  Hi Sodom, hi Gomorrah, welcome to America, you’ll love it here.  Friends, not feeling well here after this?  May God have mercy on these people, may they please read God’s word, beginning with Romans 1: 24-32, and may they please repent, time is so so short.

15.  World is going to absolute H-E-L-L and Google stock increases 66, yes “66” billion dollars in one day this past Friday.  This was the biggest increased dollar wise of any S&P stock in the history of Wall Street.  Thank you God for yet another SIGN that we are on “THE EDGE OF TIME”.


What can I possibly say.  You just don’t make this stuff up.  It’s all happening in His Final Final perfectly symmetrical and divinely orchestrated BBMs.  For cripe sakes, why else are they here, for looks.  And friends, do NOT be one itty-bitty bit surprised for a more bigger and badder confluence of prophetic events raining down from our Omnipotent God and His Beloved Son our Lord Jesus Christ, ONE and ONLY WORLD SAVIOR.  Oh yeah, Come quickly Lord Jesus, we need you, we want you to take us home from this messy world.  May God Bless you always and always.   Paul Grevas