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Blood Moon Window End Times Prophetic Events, August 3, 2015

Welcome, what a slew of Biblical prophetic events have just taken place this past 2 weeks in our Lord’s Biblical Blood Moon Window (BBMs) time clock which is now 89.5% completed.  And remember, no more BBMs for another 567 years.  Friends, that’s just too long a wait for Him.

Now that we are only 28 days away from September, absolutely the most prophetic month in our world’s history since the times of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We must remember our Creator’s confluence of unprecedented Heavenly SIGNS during His 3 Fall Feasts this Sept. have never ever happened or will ever happen again, EVER.

1.  First and foremost, one must seriously review the phenomenon of this Decade’s 40 Solar and Lunar Eclipses about their perfect divinely timed occurrence about these 4 BBMs and specifically about the midpoint, they are “EXACT” to the day in the number of days to that midpoint.  A very wise Astronomy research analyst in Wisconsin who views this sight tells me they are actually synchronized to the “minute”.  Because of the essence of time and her wisdom over this past year, I concur with her research (see Chart on Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Category).  Oh, how Glorious the Perfection of God is to show us this.

2.  No other BBM in history, past or future to 3,000 AD has a Solar Eclipse on a Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 13th, where no man knows the day or the hour when the new moon on Sept. 13th or 14th first peeps up out of the night sky (Matthew 25:13 : “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour where in the Son of Man cometh”).

3.  No other BBM in history, past or present, will have a Supermoon BBM as this 4th one on Tabernacles, Sept. 28th, precisely  14% larger than any other BBM in the history of the world and NONE, I say NONE, has shown like this DIRECTLY, I say DIRECTLY, over Jerusalem.  Now how prophetic is that?

4.  And to have the Final JUBILEE of this world, the 120th, (Genesis 6:3, Luke 4:18) to begin on Atonement, Sept. 24th is a climactic finish to the End of Days.  If one truly believes that a massive event such as the Rapture will occur on His “divine appointments”, ie. His Holy convocation Feast Days, well, how proper and exhilirating that would be for those who seek Him to happen in Sept.

5.  Put the 7th of 7 Shemitah cycles in there for a great shaking, and you got it.  We Are There, judgement is here, let’s begin to feel it and visualize it that we are going to leave this world.  Please “feel” it.  It’s a most beautiful wonderful feeling I tell you where we may be very soon.

P.S.  Please view Facebook beginning Aug. 4 for about a dozen most prolific Heavenly and Earthly SIGNS on the prophetic number of “man”, the #6 and the dreadful 666 which are absolutely astonishing on how God reveals His Sign of the Times for us to witness.

So, with that said, LET’S GO for more bona-fide proof of what’s just been said.


As per the word “Vanity” said 5x in 1 sentence in Eccl. 1:2, prophecy of prophecies, saith the followers of God; prophecy of prophecies, all is prophecies – AS IN 2015 friends.  Just look at the Bible prophecy set in motion these last 2 weeks in Israel to counter the Vanity of Vanities from satan’s White House and most world’s leaders’ agenda who despise the Jewish Nation :

1.  Yes, a legitimate red heifer was born on Feast of Trumpets on 9-25-15 in Texas.  That is good, this is better : Groups of red heifers now being raised in Israel.

2.  What do you do FIRST when you build a house on “your land”?  Of course, you provide the plans.  Well, guess what : “The Architectural Plans for the Third Holy Temple Have Begun” by the Temple Institute, see beautiful video under this same title.  Absolutely WOW!!!

3.  Newly “powerfulized” Sanhedrin last month calls Pope Francis to stand trail Sept. 20th for calling for the splitting of Jerusalem, now calling our Jewish hating President to stand trail on Sept. 9th for criminal offenses against the Jewish people following his ugly bellicose action on the passage of Iran Deal from Hell.

4.  Violent clashes begin on steps of Temple Mount on 9th of Av (July 26), continue as of today, 2 Palestinians dead.

5.  Israel’s Senior Torah Scholar, Rabbi N. Kahana, states today’s U.S. & EU are the “Spiritual Descendants of Esau” who’ve contrived together artfully, surreptitiously, cunningly, deviously and manipulatively to elegantly rid the world of the Jewish State with their unarticulated, but fully understand the motive behind the Iran Deal…to finish what Hitler was unable to do…”.

6.  Mike Huckabee, may God Bless him so much, says : “Obama is marching the Israelis to the Door of the OVEN”.  Obama calls Huckabee’s remark : “Now that’s ridiculous”.  Soon he will bow down to God.  Surely any kindergartner could see this dichotomy.  I tell you, so so explicit who Obama stands with.  And exactly on Sept. 27th, the eve of the 4th BBM over Jerusalem on Tabernacles he says he will veto Congress’s 60 day window attempt to stop it.  Now how prophetic is that for satan to indwell Obama to proclaim this date?  A true Sword of Damocles date.

7.  Kerry attempting daily to meet with Bibi on the “goodness” of the Deal from Hell.  Bibi says : “No reason for him (Kerry) to come here as Israel  is merely an item of their menu shelf”.  WOW, again!!!

8.  Further, a brave Bibi says : “the line has been set, the gloves are off, Israel will no longer worry about further confrontation with Obama to be less generous in aiding Israel…”  Bibi is now willing to side with Congress a 2nd time and is fully prepared to battle Obama against the Deal as it is now worth the risk.

9.  Next day after this statement, several 100,000 IDF Reservists called up for nationwide massive 3-day extreme military drills to see how “efficient and instantaneous the call to war” is enacted.  Friends, the Psalms 83 Iran Proxy war is absolutely imminent, expect to wake up some morning as it unveils with Syria, Hezbollah, Sinai, Hamas, the bloody tentacles of Iran.

10.  Cannot repeat Eccl. 3:15 enough : “That which has been is now and that which is to be has already been…” As in Hilter in 1939, as in a sleepy, dumb-downed world that said, “Don’t worry all will be OK”.  Friends, “We Are There’.  We who seek the Lord have GOT to know that.  The Obamanation venomous seed has now been planted, it smells so poisonous and wicked.

11.  And with the demonic White House counting down the days for the 70th” UN General Assembly to convene and UNSC vote tilting to abstention or a vote of YES to divide Jerusalem.  Well, what do you say God’s judgement on America with this Vote from Hell will foreshadow on our country as per Genesis 12:3 : “I’ll Bless those that Bless thee and curse those that curse thee”.  How could our Lord God do anything LESS than split America into two with an earthquake for instance as in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth along the Mississippi River and the New Madrid Fault across America’s heartland.  How fitting : “Then the earth shook and trembled, the hills moved and were shaken, because He was wroth”.  (Other earthquake scriptures : Zech 14:3-5, Ezek 38 : 18-20, Isaiah 2:21, Jer. 4:23-28, they’re all coming).

12.  Speaking of earthquakes, how prophetic : A “4.4” (remember ancient Rabbi Vaknin’s call on America’s “44th” President (Obama), is the last U.S. President, hit right smack in the middle of the Dead Sea where gay gay Sodom & Gomorrah lays and Jericho where the walls came tumbling down.  Dear friends, I keep saying that old song “See You in September”, without date setting, this month is so remarkably prophetic probability-wise (see my charts) to spawn the very last scripture in the Bible in Rev. : “Surely, I come quickly”.  Oh yes, His BBMs tell us so.  And then we will say : “Even so, come Lord Jesus”.  Only a dolt, blockhead foolish mocker or scoffer would say, “You’re crazy”, Well, 1 Thes. 5:5 : “You are the children of the day, we are not of the night nor of darkness”.  God willing, please tell your family and friends, who need to Soon Soon get right with Lord Jesus.  Remember, one out of every one people will die.  If they choose Jesus they go up.  If they don’t choose Jesus, they go down.  I tell you, what in this green world is simpler than that?   RIGHT!!


Oh mama, there goes that man again!  Where oh where to begin on this man whom our Lord God has allowed to destroy our country and Israel.  Ok, Go :

1.  Obama pulls a deadly “sneaky Pete” on Congress and Israel by going to UN Security Council to have them pass Iran Deal from Hell after Congress leaves for the weekend, again, again, and again he does this.  UNSC accepts it, tells him they’ll approve it.  They do, Monday morning, done deal, just like that it’s binding and Obama reportedly didn’t read 1 smidgeon of the Deal.  Wonder if Jewish hater UNSC did as well.

2. a) I’m still counting, now 51 days that this man has failed to rescind his statement where he refuses to accept Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.  Why not, he loves the Deal, and despises Bibi, he loves 2 Jerusalems, he despises Israel, he willfully yearns for Israel to be annihilated else he’d never have signed the Deal from Hell. b) He is secretly compiling an absolutely unprecedented collection of sensitive data on every man, woman, and child in America.  WOW, this will sure make the Anti-Christ’s job a lot smoother.

3.  Five Marines murdered in Chatanooga by Islamist terrorist, U.S. flag lowered to 1/2 staff but only “AFTER” Congress, many states do, as well as cities and municipalities.  Blind, blind demonic White House.

4.  He celebrates Ramadan closure with several Muslim invitees to White House with the misses, wishes them a Happy Holiday on exact same day.

5.  And remember, he said “Islam has always been a part of America’s story”.  Also, “America is and never will be at war with Islam”.  UGGGHH!!

6.  Dear Lord why can’t our muted, wussy Republican Congress impeach this man.

7.  Thousands of protesters in New York City profaning the Deal from Hell after it was signed and he calls them “WARMONGERS”.

8.  He pushes gay marriage in Kenya and Kenya President biffs him, may God Bless this Kenyan.

9.   Remember, Obama led a church funeral by singing Amazing Grace.  Did you witness how absolutely phony and passive his demeanor and body language was during the singing?  Absolutely emotionless.

10.  He orders 3,850 survival kits to top level executives and CEOs of nations’s largest banks.  Friends, on this one, the Shemitah closure on 9/11 of all World Stock Markets, this Jade Helm thing, the New World Currency unveiling Oct. 20th, well, here we go, total financial chaos in America, and the globe cometh.  And he says squat, as do his ninnees to the media.

11.  Obama says in Ethiopia visit, vacation, whatever he’s doing there flips out and says : “I’m a good President and if I ran again, I’d win”.  But, I can’t, you see the law is the law”.  As the buzz is building in DC for him to do exactly that.  Friends, may we watch this arcane action unfold in 2016 from our balcony decks in Heaven.  I tell you, my take on this guy is that he has a despotic, evil, deceptive, deliberate incarnate motive to destroy America by destabilizing us from within and with the Middle East upheaval spill over.  He’s allowing for war between nations and kingdoms and ensuing the demise of Israel.  Matthew 24:7.

12.  Franklin Graham : “Obama is pushing the acceptance of immorality worldwide”.

13.  Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards has visited Obama and White House 39 times since 2009.  You know the actions of this Barack/Cecile deadly due reminds me of Isaiah : 1:21 : “How is the faithful city become a harlot!  It was full of judgement with righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers “.  Throw in Hillary as she , as Sec. of State donated $10s of millions to good ole’ Cecile.  This revealed just after #3 horrific video released where P.P. executives were willing to sell organs of just delivered babies.  Friends, what more ominous and evil omens these are in these prolific BBM warnings that We Are There.

14.  Other business : Franklin Graham says : “Some are calling the Iran Deal a death sentence for Israel.

15.  IAEA has made 2 secret side deals with Iran that Kerry, etc. know nothing about, not even a smidgeon.  Oh well, they signed the dang Deal anyway.

16.  Ayatollah Kamanii tweets a graphic video photo of Obama attempting suicide with a gun at his head.  I’ll say nothing here.

17.  U.S. welcomes 100,000 Muslims in 2014.  Percentage-wise, this is fastest growing # of immigrants.  Why not in this blind United “APO”STATES of America as the Empire State Bldg. is aglow in  Muslim green for the close of Muslim Ramadon.

18.  I am very ashamed now that I was once a Boy Scout,  as the Boy Scouts of America executives unanimously approve 17-0, acceptance of LGBT scout leaders.  Well, they’ve finally done it, they have cracked their badges of good deeds.  Churches around the country say squat, cracked everywhere.  RIGHT!!!

19.   Iran gets sanctions lifted, plus a U.S. bonus to sign Deal from Hell, in the amount of $150 billion with a “B”.  Merry Christmas Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, Sinai, Yemen, Iraq, presents for you from Santa Obama and elf Kerry.  This staggering amount is greater than all the money the U.S. has given to our loyal to the core ally Israel since 1948 when they were reborn.

20.  Kerry grilling in Congress on the Deal when asked if Obama would go along with Congress if Congress overrides the Deal, Kerry’s true colors show and says : “Well, (pause)… I don’t know, I’d have to consult with the President”.  Yup, true colors of this Jackel’s actions.

21.  Jade Helm’s motto : “Master the Human Domain”.

22.  A Baptist Church Pastor Steve Anderson to his assembly : “All Jewish Holocaust survivors are paid liars”.

23.  Reno Legislators replaces American flag and hoist up rainbow LGBT flag, then forced to withdraw.  Still, evil was done.  ASIA :  ISIS : Wildmen of Genesis 15:12

24.  Two Christian churches burned down in New Mexico and also an Obama “personally appointed” judge fines a teacher in Mississippi $7,500 for saying the Lord’s Prayer in front of a school group of parents.

ASIA : ISIS, Wildmen of Genesis 16:12 :

1.  “Today, ISIS is stronger than it has ever been”,  words of Gen. Jack Keane, Fox News.

2.  They don’t use pistols, outdated rifles, rocks, 357 magnums like most Islam radicals, they now use missiles and billions of dollars.

3.  Training camps everywhere have young children, called the Cubs of ISIS, ages 10-14, receive a play doll and a sword and ordered to cut off doll’s head on their order.  Chanting : “this was an infidel from the West”.


1.  Two Russian bombers fly within 40 miles of California Coast and lead pilot radios veiled threat to Calif. air patrol : “Good morning, we are here to greet you…” and then they fly off.  1st East Coast, then Alaska, then Pacific Northwest, now California.  Something is up and our God knows,

2.   Russia will help Iran, Gog buddy in Ezek. 38:5, build 4 more Nuclear Plants within the Decade.  Only days after Deal is signed, Iran announces it will purchase from Russia 100 refueling aircraft that can reach anywhere in the Middle East.  What absolute arrogant evil this regime is to dupe our feckless, or should I say, deceptively accomodating White House leaders.


Iran, Iran, Iran, what a despicable, despotic regime you have and boast about :

1.  Ayatollah says : “The Iran Deal is done,…would like to see the U.S. now do an Israeli Deal”.  Ohhh, this man has so little time to bow down to God and discuss a few things about Israel.

2.  What insane and laughable lunacy from lala land : Iran fully expects and plans to have the notion that they can take their own samples and send them to the UN (United Nothing) to be analyzed in the Iran Deal from Hell.  And Kerry looked left the whole way as 20 out of 20 times Iran has covertly failed on these promises to reign in their nukes since 2003.  Why would #21 be any different, and during the  BBMs no less.

3.  Again, only days after the Deal from Hell is signed, Iran vows to buy and or sell any weapons, anytime, anywhere in the world.  It’s a snake, gotta kill it.


1.  Shanghai Index fell 9% on the 9th of Av, despite same day Gov’t. frantically buying stocks to no avail as buyback was futile at the end of the day.  Encourages every-day local investors to buy on margin telling them everything will be ok by Sept.  Could the China slide be the Shemitah global chaos on Friday 9/11?  You can bet on it.  As China goes, the world financial system goes.  P.S. I’m out of the stock market, hint, hint.


1.  Germany, who has solidly manifested it’s power as the “mover and shaker” of the EU, and largest debt holder of Greek debt, muscles down Greece President Tsipras, tells him not 1 single cent of a German write-down of the almost $200 billion owed them will be eliminated.

2.  With that, Tsipras has lost 25% of his Parliament, they decide on new elections in Greece in Sept.  Now that’s a nice month, isn’t it?

3.   Greek banks re-open July 20th , but absolutely petrified when capital controls are lifted and as per “survival of the fittest” analogy, will reluctantly force a “BAIL IN” where Greek depositor’s remaining $160 billion in the banks will go POOF, all to the banks so they can remain solvent.  Greek citizens left in the cold, lose all their up-to-now still frozen deposits.  Daily protests continue in Athens non-stop.  Today, after 5 weeks being closed, Greek Stock Market drops 30% at the opening bell and closes down 16 and 1/2 %.  That would be equivalent to the U.S. Stock Market a drop of over 3,000 points in one day.

4.  Exact day Deal from Hell is signed, wishy-washy full of greed EU executives and corporations by the 100s, led by Germany, flock to Iran to hook up on anything goes kind of business, including weapons sales to and fro as they smell the blood of U.S. led $150 billion of sanctions lifted and to heck with Israel, all about lucrative greed and money baby.

5.  Last but most prophetic : French President Hollande calls for a U.S. of Europe to never do a Greece do-over again.  Has great support, will get it put together in agreement for all 28 EU members to sign.  WOW!!! This sure make’s the Anti-Christ’s job a heck of a lot easier.  May as well do this in September also.


Well friends I gotta say it: Mama, there goes that “other” man again!

1.  He has 2 meetings with several hundred mayors and city leaders from around the world gathered at the Vatican, not to discuss religion, but “sustainable” climate change policies for the New World Order. Kowabunga!!!  Time to gather your raincoats and rehash the true colors of this man.  Rev. 13:11 : “And I behold another beast coming up out of the earth and he had 2 horns like a lamb and spake as a dragon”. Could he be ….yes, he could as the trend is your friend on what he’s been saying lately, all politics and no religion.  Specifically, he has now replaced Al Gore as the world’s premier #1 climate change agenda 21 spokesman.  Just wait till Sept. at the UN.

2.  Remember, he said ; “any personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous”.

3.  Pope has highest approval rating and highest number of followers, Christian and non-Christian than any other man on the face of the planet.  That is quite significant in these BBMs I’d say.

4.  Brace yourself for this oath the Pope has recited as a Jesuit from the Order of Franciscos for his oath of membership : “I promise and declare that I will make and wage relentless war secretly or openly against all heretics, Protestants (that’d be you and me) and Liberals as I am directed to do, to exterminate them from the face of the whole earth and will not spare either age, sex, or condition….”.  Soooo!!  Judge for yourself.  My take on this man : WATCH HIM IN U.S. IN SEPTEMBER.  (If we’re not outta here by then baby).


1.  I did not know that Earthquakes correlate so highly with the fierceness of God’s anger until I read : Psalms 18:7, Isaiah 2:21 and 24:18-20, Ezek. 38: 18-20.  Basically all say a “great shaking” on the earth when He’s provoked.

2.  USGS says mega quake to hit Northwest “is way overdue, is imminent”.  Is now deemed to be the #1 quake zone in America.  Fault lines tell USGS it will be 8.0 to 9.0, affecting coast of Washington, Oregon, California’s North 1/2.  Will be catastrophic and massive with a super-tsunami.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.

3.  Most powerful earthquake around Jerusalem = 31 BC, 363 AD, 749 AD, 1033 AD.  I’d say at least two more are due during both Gog War and Jesus’ 2nd Coming on the Mt. of Olives.

4.  Two earthquakes outside Los Angeles, both in low 4s, swarm of earthquakes about the Dead Sea, both are surely prophetic omens, mid 4s also.

5.  9 Volcanoes erupted on July 26th, the 9th of Av, 5 in Indonesia alone, none life-threatening yet although ash everywhere, all airlines shut down.  Total now in the world erupting = 53, all time record.

6.  Through July 23rd, 1200 more fires in 2015 than ALL of 2014, and acres burned = 5.5 million vs 1.1 million in ALL 2014.  That’s a 5:1 ratio and we have August and Sept. left, 2 worst fire months.

7.  Drought in California is dire, dire, and even more dire.  Several small towns have literally closed down and no media reporting it.

8.  As I write this article today August 3, the Rocky wildfire in California has been only 5% contained, for 7 days now and over the weekend  consumed 20,000 acres in just 5 hours, an all-time record in U.S. history for a fire.

9.  City of Bandar, Iran, hits an all-time world record for a city, with a temperature of 165 degrees, that’s as hot as he__ as is the Iran Nuke Deal from Hell.

10.  LGBT movement always in news now as Bruce Jenner has s boyfriend and his weekly LGBT show has started.

11.  The 8 foot satanic statue Baphomet moves out of Oklahoma and has been set up in Detroit.  Oklahoma may have less earthquakes now.  The satanic group who erected it held the longest ever public satanic ceremony in American history, they sang and danced to their theme “Come and Dance with the devil”.  Yes friends, We Are There.

12.  Did you know the rainbow White House was meant to show it’s lighting about it during the day right after gay day approved but it failed.  My take : God allowed it during “DARKNESS” and not in the “LIGHT”, His light.

13.  CERN demonic atom collider to reach maximum speed Sept. 15th, smack in the middle of the Lord’s Feast Days and will be 100,000 x the earth’s magnetic field which shields us from the sun.  It will open the portal to the inside core of the earth (that’d probably be the abyss of hell I’d say) on 9-23 Yom Kippur.  How fitting is that “collision” of satan’s day and God’s Day of Atonement.  Scripturally blind scientists say “We have absolutely no idea on the effect this will have”.  Well cry a green river!


Very short conclusion.  How can absolutely anyone on this earth not hearken to the Glory of God with these Heavenly and Earthly SIGNS,  and the return of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ to “snatch” those who seek Him as we witness all these events in this final generation (Matth. 24:34).  May God Bless. Yes, We Are THERE today.  What else could you possibly want for proof?