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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, Aug. 13, 2015

Welcome, Very excited to begin this post with a most remarkable and unprecedented sign from our Creator that will absolutely “shake you to the core” of how close we are to the highly probable return of our Lord Jesus in the most prophetic month of September where the LORD’S PERFECT SIGN EPIC CLOSURE will climax in this Biblical Blood Moon Window Tetrad (BBMs) which is now astonishingly 92% completed (see charts).  And we are only 17 days away to 9-1.  This revelation is about as gigantic as the BBM Midpoint of Jan. 5, 2015.

I tell you, the Lord does not disappoint when you seek His Glorious Wisdom and for those who yearn to report on what He’s showing us – Acts 2:17,18 where God says “In the last days, I shall pour out my spirit among all flesh….”  Just look at this Heavenly Sign Revelation I inadvertently encountered this week as I was researching a question on Solar Eclipses from my very good friend, Mike H., who works with Mark Biltz at El Shaddiah Ministries in Tacoma, Wash.  After I produced his answer, GET THIS : One thing led to another and I began researching the various SOLAR ECLIPSES about all the previous BBMs in world history.  An absolutely shocking and amazing discovery.  Did you know that only the last 3 BBMs, 1948, 1967, and the 2015 one today had a Solar Eclipse on either Elul 29 or Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashana, the Lord’s “Hidden” Feast.

Also, the last 2 had Solar Eclipses on the end of the 7th year of the 7th Shemitah cycles of 7 years each.  WOW !! Let’s put this into perspective so we can see what these 3 special Heavenly Signs foreshadow for the coming one Sept. 13th (or 14th).  Right!  On Sept. 12,1950, Tishri 1, the first day of the Jewish civil year, after Israel was declared a nation in 1 day (Isaiah 66:8) after 2000 years, there was a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.  Now, on Sept. 22, 1968, Elul 29, the last day of the Jewish Civil year where Jerusalem was liberated and returned back to Israel after the 6-day Arab War, again after 2000 years, there was another TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, the end of the Shemitah year.

Now, how prophetic is that?  Well, get this, here’s the “shake to the core” tie-in, in 2015, to the above 2 Solar Eclipses : This Sept. 13th, Tishri 1 there will be a “PARTIAL” Solar Eclipse on the last day of the 7th Shemitah of the last 7  Shemitahs cycles.  A “Partial”, well that seems a little less significant than a “Total”, you might say.  OK, here’s the kicker that will “most Probably”, I say “most Probably” will catapult this “partial” into the stratosphere, to our Dear Lord’s Home in the 3rd Heaven.  If the 1948 Eclipse was a spectacular divine Heavenly Sign from God and 1967’s was an even more spectacular event, Zech. 2:8 : “Jerusalem, the apple of His eye” from where Jesus will live and reign forever,  Zech. 14:16,17, well how about this :

If our Creator purposefully in His divine glory created this “Partial” on His “Hidden Day” of Trumpets, could He just maybe have deliberately done this to separate His “flock” of believers of His “LIGHT”, (ie. the light part of this partial eclipse), from the soon to be “left behind” earth dwellers who will symbolize the “DARK” part of this eclipse.  Now, get this : I researched N,S,E, and West several times to verify if there was ever only one stand alone “single” Partial Solar Eclipse within the Decade of all BBMs in world history.  Not one, no not “one”.  In closing this segment this partial Solar Eclipse is the “only one” our Lord reveals by itself to close out a BBM, and this BBM, is His last one.  (No more for 567 years).

Friends, I do believe, without date-setting mind you, that the probability of Jesus’ coming to take His people is extremely high come Sept. 13th, 14th, on this day, 30 days from now, where not only the Sun is “partially hidden”, but also the Moon is “hidden”, as no man has ever or will ever know when the “New Moon” will occur.  Kind of like the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25:1-13, where 5 were taken by the bridegroom because they had their candles lit, the “L-I-G-H-T-E-D” part of this most unprecedented partial Eclipse and 5 were left behind in the “D-A-R-K” side of the partial Eclipse no candles lit.  And please never forget this riveting last verse of Matthew 25:13. Friends, this IS what it IS.  Just like Psalms 19:1 : “The Heavens display the glory of God…”.

I don’t know how this “Hidden”Feast Day with a “Hidden” Partial Solar Eclipse and a “Hidden” New Moon 30 days from today (+ or – one day, nobody knows)  relates to the following 3 prophetic scriptures.  Specifically about the Rapture : 1)  Isaiah 26:20 : “Come my people, enter thou into thy chambers and shut thy doors, “hide” thyself as it for a little moment, until the indignation be overpassed”.  2) Isaiah 49:2 : “….in the shadow of His hand he “hid” me …in his quiver he hath “hid” me”. 3)  Zeph. 2:3 : “Seek ye the Lord, ….it may be ye shall be “hid” in the day of the Lord’s anger”.  Friends, “Hid Hid, Hid”, you judge, verify.

Here’s my take : Going “up” in 3 separate stairs to the Throne of God and to His pleasing:  1) Israel’s liberation Heavenly Sign occurred first. 2) Jerusalem’s liberation Heavenly Sign was second. (Psalms 102:16,18 : “When the Lord shall build up Zion, He shall appear in His Glory.  This shall be written for the generation to come and the people that shall be created shall praise the Lord”.  3) Jesus, His Holy Spirit, His Bride, His Church, you, me, our liberation Heavenly Sign to leave this evil world is third.  Oh yeah, with these 3 Eclipses and their complimentary 3 stairs, so alike and yet, 2 so different from the final one, His die is cast.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.  Right!

Let us watch therefore, for we know neither the day nor the hour when the Son of Man will come.  And also, Matthew 24:36, “42”,”44″,”50″ Mark 13:32, Rev. “3:3″.  Please note the specific scriptures I put quotes around.  I did this to EMPHASIS the Lord’s word “H-O-U-R” as it absolutely confines His return to a “specific” hour, very possibly this Sept. 13 or 14 when the New Moon occurs but is H-I-D-D-E-N within a 48 hour period.  Like a day, for example, can mean either a day, a 1000 years, or “that Day” or “last days” in the Bible.  And a week like as in Daniel can signify 1 week, 7 years, etc.  But an “H-O-U-R” is exactly confined to a single 60-minute period, exact, precise, irrefutable, as like when the New Moon Sept. 13, 14 will be seen explicitly at a certain specific hour that no one can see it till they see it.   Something else to ponder, you just gotta see You Tubes most popular Biblical Prophecy Scholar on the BBMs, Scottie Clark’s latest video, “Epic Alignment of Sept. 2015″  at .  Then you’ll know, We Are There, May God Bless Scottie Clark.

With that said, LET’S GO:


1.  To be quite honest with you, I am still shaking when Megan Kelly and Fox News reported last week that “hidden” in 1 paragraph in the 159 page Iran Deal from Hell that our “1/2 brained” White House (Thanks, Ben Carson) agreed to was that the U.S. military will stand by to defend Iran from an outside attack from one and all adversaries on it’s demonic nuclear facilities.  Friends, with this “good is evil and evil is good” Isaiah 5:20 scripture, one can only conclude that Israel, as an adversary, would be taken out by American military power should they bomb Iran.  Also, the EU will join the U.S. together in training Iran on sophisticated ways to defend nuclear facilities.  Specifically, not 1, no not 1 word mention of the name of Israel in the Deal from Hell.  Case closed you Obama, you …..

2.  Bibi says: “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more war.  If Israel would put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel”.  God Bless you Bibi.

3.  Our deceiver in-chief puts the fear of God to American Jews that “rockets will fall on Tel Aviv if Congress says NO” to his signed Deal from Hell.  Friends, he doesn’t know what fear is until he bows to God in the Great White Throne Judgement to explain this one to God if he doesn’t repent.

4.  Israel Cabinet discussed the Sampson Option this past week to be employed on Iran.  When it deems fit that the decision will be necessary, the IDF “will swiftly move”.  Bibi says : “This deal means war”.  Case closed again.

5.  This is 12th consecutive day that Arab violence and riots against Jews continues around Temple Mount.  Explode fireworks, throw rocks, firebombs, bottles at IDF police.  Well, sooner or later “Popeye (Israeli IDF) will say : “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more, then he eats his spinach and beats up bully Bluto” , ie. Iran, (this was a cartoon in the 1960’s) and then hello Psalms 83 War.

6.  Hamas’ new strategy is instigating the just mentioned riots and protests and plotting to carry out more serious West Bank terror attacks until they get enough anti-aircraft to better fight Israel from Gaza.  That’s what you call a sly, evil serpent.

7.  Hip, Hip, Horray! Hamas celebrates with several thousand Gaza children who just graduated from military summer camp on how to hate and murder Jews.  That said, may the nation of Israel not fear as God said : “Jeremiah 11:4″ : “….so shall ye be my people and I will be your God”.  May God forever continue to bless you Oh Israel.

U.S.A. :

Well let’s begin with our deceiver-in-chief, Mr. Obama :

1.  a)  He unveils his Clean Power Plan, (Climate Change 1-world order disguise) orders large fossil fuel companies to decrease C02 emissions by 32% by 2030.  U.S. is a mere 5% of world total, our portion will decrease emissions a paltry 0.1% per month = nothing.  b)  All U.S. coal companies will be out of business by 2020.  Peabody coal, nations largest, used to have a value of $73/share : 2011, today, it’s a penny-stock hovering around $1.00.  c)  And mighty China is building 1 new coal plant every 7 days coming on line.  d)  Japan has plans for 43 more.  Take us down down down Obama with your wildly insane 30% goal of U.S. energy from Alternative energy by 2030.  It has never ever worked.

2.  His people tell Putin Israel is next on the list to reign in and destroy their nuclear arsenal, to abide by the UN Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, and to use NATO to force implementation of it and for Israel to sign the Treaty. Last month he’s conditioning the UN to force Israel and Jerusalem to be divided.  Well friends, call this God’s “writing on the wall” in Daniel 5:24.25, but satan style.  Is this man’s head on straight if he embellishes Iran to have nukes and Israel to be stripped naked of them, forcing them to become indefensible.

3.   He opens floodgates unfettered to allow illegal immigrants and Muslims to U.S. and orders 27 illegal Christians from Iraq who fled for their life who found extended family refuge in California, only to be detained and face deportation charges.  Sick.

4.  He links to our Republican Congress to the famous Iran chant : “Death to America”.  I do believe he’s dancing the 2-step with the devil.

5.  He changes the Oath of Allegiance to America wording for new Naturalized citizens (including Muslims) by changing “I will bear arms on behalf of the USA” and inserting : “…but I can exclude this clause based on my religion….”.

6.  On putrid Planned Parenthood aborted baby fetus organ sale videos, White House Josh Ernest, ultimate crony on CNN says : “No one at the White House has seen these videos as yet”.  Go figure, now there’s 7 videos.

7.  He demeans Bibi again on CNN by saying the only foreign leader he can recall who forcibly interfered in a Congressional Political Debate in D.C. is Bibi.  Just keeps pouring it on, true colors showing daily now.

8.  31% of America’s Airforce have been cut in last 61/2 years.

9.  He pulls out our only U.S. Naval aircraft carrier for the Persian Gulf.  Hmmmm!! Must be a safe place to live today in Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

10.  On the Deal from Hell : “I don’t intend to lose on P.M. Netenyahu nor Congress”.  Brash dark arrogance.

11.  He looks the other way as Russia, just violated the Start Treaty on their nuclear perversion as this word recently leaked out.  Congress furious over deceiver-in-chief’s mum-ness.  Enough, as this man is taking down America in “beast mode” and rapid speed.

12.  Hint Hint!! I told my 3 kids : Get out, get out of the Stock Market by Sept. 1st.  It is utterly seared with manipulation and compound that with the 9/11 Shemitah closure on Friday and you get strychnine.

13.  China’s latest 3 consecutive day of currency devaluation has now set the stage for the Shemitah’s finally arrival explosion as big as 9/11/2001, ON THIS 9/11.  This move is a death-drum for the ever expensive dollar, and U.S. exporters (EU also).

14.  Get this, DOW must lose “198” points a day starting today, 8/13, just 30 days from Shemitah closure catastrophe coming, just to equal the 2008 pattern #’s.  This tells me of a whopping beach-ball explosion right of the water is imminent in this “ultra” back-end loaded BBM window.

15.  Proof of all proofs, I’ll keep it simple, the totally reliable “death cross just hit last Friday, Aug. 7th where the 50 day moving average of stocks has dipped below the 200 day one.  In short, stock valuation increases HAVE RUN OUT OF GAS.  And this time will be many multiple times more vicious than 2008 after 7 years of fake, phony, world wide printed money to prop up markets and assets.

16.  Zero interest rates which imply the FED is out of “bazookas” for “fixes”

18.  Global growth, so so closely intertwined, is stuck in muck, worst since Great Depression as debt is now 55% higher than 2008.  WOW!! It’s going to be a “B-A-N-G”.

19.  Oil crashing out at $42.23 lowest point in 61/2 years.  Commodities clobbered, down 28% YTD, inventory to sales ratio, highest since 2008 (ie. lot’s of stuff just sitting around gathering dust).  China, Greece, and both Canada and Australia just entered recession, Brazil now at junk-bond status, and WOW – Puerto Rico.

20.  Final icing on the Apocolyptic cake in these BBMs where Almighty God is screaming so loud at us that it’s about over : Band Director Hillary (do you love the way she manipulates her arms when she comes out on stage) has now lost control of her destiny.  She’s given up her lie-filled email server and is now at the mercy of the FBI, the courts, and maybe a designer orange prison jumpsuit, oh well, she’s a Clinton.

21.  Seriously, it’s the “Sign of the Times” as Petula Clark’s song goes for the White House’s most-effective, yet wretched, spilling of America.  One has to be absolutely blind or willfully oblivious to America’s demise caused by our demonic White House.  I’m sorry to say that anyone who believes in 2 Chronicles 7:14 for America that our White House is working hard for America is in the twilight zone of ninnee land.  Their remarks are not worth the skin of a garlic clove.  I say, just read Jeremiah 7:16 when Israel stiffed God : “…pray not for this people…for I will not hear thee…”.  Sorry again, it is what it is.


1.  Can you only imagine and what a reprieve, not 1 new volcano this past week.  That’s wonderful news.  Oh yeah, the same 53 are still spewing lava and erupting to a degree.  That’s terrible news.  All “fire and brimstone” scriptures still intact.

2.  11 minor earthquakes in California in a week July 29 – Aug. 4 >2.5 with largest outside Los Angeles.  It’s coming, the trend is your friend.  You’ve all heard the EPA caused pollution terror spreading from the Animas River near Durango, Colo. spreading lead and arsenic infested chemical agents of green pea soup and yellow carrot juice into New Mexico and Utah.  You know, it’s God talking little here, little there.

3.  God appears to be removing the sun from it’s covering as the heat is on :  a)  140 or greater in Iraq and Iran, 4 straight days, why not, Babel, Babylon, Adam & Eve’s sin, ISIS, all lived in the hot home of the devil himself, sure he’s comfy.  b)  Tokyo, 5 straight days over 95 degrees all sandwiched around a 5.2 and 5.4 earthquake.  c)  China on “yellow” alert of several days of temperatures exceeding 107 degrees or more.  Finish that off with a horrific hazardous material leak explosion equal to 41 tons of TNT.  50 dead, more missing.  Gov’t. analyzing radiation in air as poor people breathing it to get to and from work, basically just to live.  d)  Puerto Rico in islands’ worst drought in history .  Oh yeah, 100.0% of Puerto Rico surrounded by water N,S,E,& West.  Can you see it, it’s God.  e)  California is now in 4th year of drought and 93% of State now in severe drought, never before.

4.  Largest swath of toxic algae blooming from California coast line to Seattle, growing unabated.

5.  The coming El-Nino this fall is called Godzilla, possibly the largest flooding filled in U.S. history for the Southern half of U.S.

6.  2 weeks ago Empire State building was lit up in Muslim green to celebrate Ramadan.  Last week, a designer gets approval to display a most evil queen of spades looking , breathtaking spectacle of Kali, the Dark Mother, the Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction to make a point that “Mother Nature needs a fierce avatar to fight global warming.  Wow, what a lead in to the Pope’s trip to UN on Sept. 25th One World Climate speech.  Friends, our Creator is speaking loud and clear.  Right!


Oh why, oh why, oh why does the Pope daily anymore deem it more important to issue a proclamation on addressing climate change than the metastacizing plight of the world’s destitute, poor, and sick, a “mere” 1/6th of the Planet, that’s all.  Who can tell this Pope about Genesis 8:22 : “While the earth remaineth, cold and heat and summer and winter and day and night SHALL NOT CEASE”.  And this comforting scripture from our Lord “temporarily” being trumped by satan in Rev. 13 at the UN  40 days  from now: “And he excerciseth all the power of the first beast and causeth them which dwell on the earth to worship the first beast”.  Hmmm! Possible collusion here for sure for 1 world gov’t., under the deceptive guise of “climate change” and the middleman, the False Prophet who may or may not be Pope Francis, BUT….!!!


1.  GREECE :  IMF, the world’s Fed, will take absolutely no more part in Greek bailout #3, has no confidence this will work.  My take, Greek Parliament, Greek citizens, and major debt donor Germany for Greece are on an extreme collision course with each other.  And then there’s Communist President Tsipras.

2.  Gets worse, Italy is next as Italy debt to Gross Domestic Product ratio = 135% = Red Alert.  Also, youth unemployment = 44% (Greece 52%).

3.  Not all quiet on the Waterfront, of Russia. On Aug. 9-10, the largest exchange of fire between Ukraine and Russian troops took place, 6 months since Minsk Treaty Crossfire.


1. IRAN says USA will be banned of all details involving all IAEA Nuclear Inspections.

2.  Accidental leak, Obama has signed on the Iran Deal from Hell which includes a page stipulating U.S. will back Iran military if Iran nuclear sites are attacked by any adversary–as in Israel, Right!! Obama, you deceiver- in- chief.  How could he do this?  So overtly arrogant and blatent, yet so prophetic in this BBM Tetrad.

3.  Ready, set, go.  Just like that, before UN’s (United Nerds) ink is dry on Deal approval, Iran purchases $1.1 billion worth of 24 J-10 jet fighters from China, whatever that is.

4.  Iran’s #1 top military commander, Suleman, meets with Putin just that quick and sanctions haven’t even been lifted yet, surely to procure weapons for Iran’s bloody tentacles, Hamas etc.

5.  Satellite imagery confirms with photos Iran is frantically moving earth-moving machinery around dreaded Parchen Nuclear Facility sanitizing everything in sight above ground. Imagery also detects all employees working at the site parked their vehicles 2 miles away and walked to work.  Iran says they are “building a better road” and employees all “inadvertently parked” in the wrong place.  Yep, 1+1 = 3.

1.  RUSSIA and NATO are actively preparing for war against each other amid the greatest buildup of military tension since the Cold War.  In March Russia held extreme military exercises with 80,000 soldiers in a combat atmosphere.  Then in June, NATO had 15,000 soldiers doing double-ditto.  All about Matthew 24:7 : “…nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom”.

2.  Two Russian warships dock in bed-fellow Iran port for training.  Surely Ezek. 38:2,5, the Gog War pals.

3.  Russia is intimidating and baiting NATO to flinch 1st on NATO’s motto : “Attack on one is an attack on all of NATO”.  GRRRR!! That Putin Russian bear is growling, just maybe, Sept. it begins.



1.  As one of the ISIS’s bloody tentacles of these wildmen of Gen. 16:12 declares Gaza as part of their Caliphate.  Tells Jews literally next door : “You are nothing but froth that will be gone as we move in”.  These jackals gotta read Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”.

2.  ISIS is methodically building new armies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, U.S. military verifies this build-up is “authentic”.

3.  ISIS now a “nation” in 60% of Syria and next goal = Damascus, Isaiah 17:1,14 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap…”.

4.  They kill 68 in Baghdad today, and killed 46 yesterday.  WHAT!! Yes here they come, most terrorist killings in 11 years in the Capital, the last stop prior to Iraq imploding totally unto ISIS.


Hands down favorite to fire up the explosive ending of the Shemitah year in 27 days and counting as market down 31% in last 5 weeks, Real Estate bubble has burst, currency has been devalued thrice in last 3 days, Aug.10-12.  Move is “shaking” the world and this devaluation has never ever been done before in 3 consecutive days to encourage more exports amid a perpetual world stagnating growth.  This is absolutely a poisoned shadow of Armageddon for the U.S. dollar, EUs euro , Japan’s yen, and the planet.  Friends it is so so clear now, this Shemitah has begun exploding this week, make no qualms, please, It “IS” the Real Deal our God has purposefully waited for to have it so back-end spring loaded under the Epic Closure of these BBMs.

Really, what the heck more can anybody want to know that We Are At The Edge Of Time.


So so sorry for the gloom and doom.  But that’s what Watchmen do, they are bearers of bad news as per Isaiah 21:6, and tell it like it is to the people and they can choose from there.

Friends, all the above has hit the “eye” of the End of God’s Cosmic Needle.  The prophetic last days are not NEAR, they’re “HERE”.  May we all love and live in our God and His Son, our beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ by repenting first then acknowledging John 14:6 : “That He is the way…”.  Dare I say, friends : “See You in September” as the song goes.  May God Bless you very much.  Paul Grevas

Mark 13:37 : “And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch”.