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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, September 4, 2015

Welcome, what can I say?  What Epic times we are in.  This Final Final Unprecedented Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad (BBM) is now “closing” in 3 weeks, leaving us in unchartered waters in this most prophetic September to remember in the most prophetic year of Heavenly Signs since the Times of Jesus.  We are now 95% completed to Sept. 28th.

Well guess what?  Here are 2 “GOLDEN NUGGETS” to add to previous posts that our “Blessed Hope” of Titus 2:13 has an even higher probability now of returning in September.  Again Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17 : “In the last days saith God, I will pour out of my spirit among all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” When one asks God for visions in deep prayer, He does not disappoint.  Two dreams, 2 consecutive nights.

I want to warn you, I’m not into Astrology or date-setting stuff for end of days.  Date-setters are cults.  Last two:  1)  The Y2K and Mayan calendar ending was date setting by many people in the year 2000.  Their basis : The internet was going to explode.  Not very scriptural .

2.  Harold Camping, etal, set Nov. 21, 2011 for Jesus’ return.  Didn’t happen, they retweaked, reset date to May 21, 2012.  Didn’t happen.  Their reasoning was that it was “a spiritual day of judgement”.  Again, no Bible scriptures for that date, no Heavenly signs, no Holy days, no horrific world-changing events, no Statistical backing,  Sheer conjecture.

With that said, the following revelation merely points out that there is a certain “probability” of Jesus’ soon return that is “solely” based on a preponderance of Biblical scripture, documented Heavenly Signs, documented earthly chaos of world today, mixed with a plethora of Bible prophecy experts like Jonathan Cahn, etc. and yours truly’s statistical analysis of linking all this data up in a quality, verifiable package for you to decide, you judge ( 1 John 4:1).

A)  Here it is : 1)  Very first BBM Tetrad included a Solar Eclipse on Nisan 1, (March 22, 163 AD).  This date “BEGINS” God’s Religious New Year.  2)  Next 4 BBM Tetrads thru Christopher Columbus had NOTHING SIGNIFICANT on Solar Eclipses.  3)  1949-50 Tetrad where God enabled Israel to become a nation, a Total Eclipse appears on Tishri 1, Feast of Trumpets (Sept. 12, 1950).  This “exact” date BEGINS God’s Jewish New Year.  4)  1967-68 Tetrad where God enables Israel to capture Jerusalem, a Total Eclipse appears on Elul 29, Eve of Trumpets, (Sept. 22, 1968).  This “exact” date ENDS God’s Jewish year.  5)  Now, here’s the prophetic kicker : Current 2014-15 Tetrad may just reveal Jesus’ return, Rapture, and the beginning of the 3rd Temple to be built, and the 7 year Tribulation.  WHY!!! a) A Total Eclipse appears on Adar 29, (March 20, 2015).  This “exact” date “ENDS” God’s Religious Year.  b) A Partial Eclipse appears next week on Elul 29 (Sept. 13, 2015).  This “exact” date “ENDS” God’s current Jewish Year.  And God willing, where our Lord will begin to fulfill His scheduled orderly appointments on His Holy Feast days starting with the Rapture.  And, WOW again Trumpets just happens to be His first fall Holy day.

BEGIN, END, END, BEGIN.  Whoa, Who’s on First!!!  Friends, let’s put this into perspective : Visualize reading a story book or watching a Broadway play:  1)  The curtain opens, Act 1 BEGINS (1st Tetrad).  2)  In the next several acts the plot thickens (4 Tetrads thru Chris Columbus).  3)  The FINAL act BEGINS with the 1949 (nation of Israel) and 1967 (Jerusalem freed) Tetrads showing Total Eclipses BEGINNING and ENDING on Trumpets to the “exact” respective day. Never ever ever has this happened, ever.  4)  The CLIMAX of the Final act BEGINS with the current Tetrad.  Total Eclipse and Partial Eclipse appear “exactly” to the day on the last day of both God’s Religious Year and His Jewish calendar year ENDING on Trumpets, respectively.  5)  The curtain closes.  Dare I say Jesus returns for His Church, Third Temple is built, Tribulation begins.  Yes, I dare say it, Yes I said it because I’ll continue to hope and pray hard for the Rapture to become even more probable, as in 100%.

B)  Here’s the other GOLDEN NUGGET :  There is NO other, absolutely NO other BBM Tetrad Window that has “ONLY ONE PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE”  within it’s Window on a Holy Feast day as this unprecedented Tetrad does.  All other BBM Tetrads in world history have “TWO”, and not a one on Lord’s Holy Days.  Further, this one, as mentioned above, is on, you guessed it, the Feast of Trumpets.  WOW!!! How awesome is our Omnipotent Lord in displaying His Glory closing His Final Final omen and judgement filled BBM Tetrad this way.  Psalms 19:1 : “The Heavens display the glory of God”.

Friends, do you see it?  It shows the Glory of God’s 6,000 years of humanity.  He’s closing His book with an unprecedented BANG with these BBM omens.  Remember, this, with the vast amount of evidence amassed on this website, scripturally linked with statistical analysis and Charts, 60 prophetic Sept. events on the last post, His Heavenly Signs, His Holy days.  This is much ammunition that my 55 posts this past 1 and 1/2 years during these BBMs enables me to conclude that YES, there is a very good probability our Lord may truly come in an orderly way during His Fall Feasts, specifically, the first one next week, Trumpets, where the Book of Judgement for God’s vengeance is unleashed on the earth, the date of the creation of Adam and Eve. Also it’s THE HIDDEN FEAST where no man knows the day nor the hour of the New Moon.

Kind of like on the Rapture, Mark 13:32 :”But of that day and that hour knoweth no man…”. Friends, I’m a man, I’m even a grandpa and I DON’T KNOW, I DON’T KNOW, exactly.  Better to sound the alarm and He not show than roll the dice and say squat and He does show.  Remember the parable of 10 virgins Matthew 25: 1-13 !  More icing on the cake for we who seek Him to “feel” His soon coming is 1 Thes. 5:4 : “But ye brethren are not in darkness that that day should overtake you “.  Either way, you gotta know we are so so close to the Edge of Time, most likely for Sept., and even more likely for Trumpets next week.  One caveat, there still remains a lesser probability for our Lord’s return during the this final final 120th Jubilee Year, Sept. 24, 2015 to Oct. 12, 2016.  GOD ONLY knows.  You judge ( 1 John 4:1).  We must always remember Isaiah 61:2 on the Jubilee : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God”.  Again, only God knows for sure our Lord’s return.

And to “re-ice” this Heavenly phenomenon, with all this BEGIN and END and FIRST and LAST stuff : Rev. 1:8 :” I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending , saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come…” and Rev. 1:11 : “Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last…..”.  Friends, I’m Greek, and I tell you, Alpha is the “First” letter of the alphabet and Omega is the “Last” letter of the alphabet.  I pray you find these things intriguing, something to ponder on.  Much, much faith required for next several days to 3 weeks to make these highly probable assertions.  In closing, no other Tetrad closes with God’s Heavenly Glory of the Sun and Moon in tandem in this most prophetic, unprecedented and divine way.  Or ever will again (NASA).  No wonder our Omnipotent Creator had Mark Biltz,  discoverer the BBMs in 2008, but had to wait 5 years to timely reveal the BBMs to catch fire and go viral on God’s calendar.   Likewise, I swear, he timed these Epic Closure charts of the BBMs and these 2 last eclipses for this article. God surely knows, I didn’t know squat on His Holy BEGINNING and ENDING of the two Solar Eclipses until about 3:00 A.M. earlier this week in bed.  What else can I say, it is what it is.  WHEW, feels like all current events below are now surely anti-climatic after this BBM Closure.  Oh Well, LET’S GO ANYWAY :


1.  Wicked White House, demeans Israel for not negotiating with Fatah Palestinians and Hamas, world’s greatest dreamers for Israel to endure death by 10,000 cuts.  Some peace partner our delusional White House leaders must be.

2.  Iran’s Kamenei brags, calls himself “the coming conqueror of Israel”.  May his prostrate cancer accelerate if he fails to repent before God, not his god, our God.  Genesis 12:3.

3.  Latest diabolic schemes of 2 headed snake tentacles of Iran : Hamas and Hezbollah doing a Jade Helm 15 in West Bank, infiltrating terrorists undercover to incite the 3rd Intifida.  This momentum can only grow.

4.  Despot leader of Palestinians, Pres. Abbas resigns, is building a $13 million dollar mansion in Rumallah, all around him starvation, as he goes to Home Depot to pick out wallpaper for his pool room.

5.  Blind as a Bat Hamas has now fired 8 rockets into South Israel in month of August, most since last years’s war.  All hit vacant farmland. Israel demolishes several weapons storage sites in retaliation.  All about Isaiah 54: 15 : “Behold, they shall surely gather together ….who so ever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”.  Thank you dear Lord.

6.  IDF stretched thin, enduring daily protests, firebombs, rocks, bottles, 580 minor skirmishes in June and July (10/day), 50% are Muslim women and children.  Where?  Of course, on the Temple Mount. Friends it’s coming.

7.  EUs top envoy John Rutter : “”EU will use more tools to force Israelis out of Jewish Settlement expansions”.  Ruttler’s going to “rot” after Zech. 12:9 : “And it shall come to pass in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”.

7.  Thousands of Lebanese protesters out on the streets of Beirut chanting “revolution” over and over.  It’s an unprecedented   mobilization for a protest movement since Lebanon became a nation in 1920.  Again, white hot explosive mess coming, it is their Arab Spring.

8.  Palestinian Ex-Pres. Abbas, travels to Iran.  As little as 2 years ago this would have been an anathema, a Sunni rapping with a Shiite.  This is huge and deserves watching (if we are still here).  The Palestinians throwing in their lot with Iran can only foster a new tentacle being formed in the West Bank.  He calls Iran his “sister nation”.  Did you get that, a Sunni, calling a Shiite a “sister”.  Friends, It’s all about their latest “game” for the fall season line-up of annihilating Israel.  Psalms 83:4 : “They have said, come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name Israel may be no more in remembrance “.  Add in Ezek. 25:15 and 35:5 on Sunni and Shiite marriage of their one and  only common thread- with that being the “eternal hatred” of Israel since Izaac and Ishmael, 4,000 years ago-is now before our very eyes balls in Sept. 2015. Yet 99.999% + or – of this world just don’t get it.  Oh how WE ARE THERE.  Right!!!

9.  How close?  This close : IDF forces complete contingency plan with all Israelis in North Israel for a mass evacuation for what they say is an “imminent war-footing” with Hezbollah.

10.  Where’s the White House on all this twisted chicanery going on about Israel’s borders?  Friends, never forget, “N”obama’s first phone call in office in 2009 was to Pres. Abbas and said : “This is my 1st phone call to a Foreign leader.  And I’m making it two you 24 hours after I took office “.  Well cry a green river, a pen, a phone in 2009.

11.  Only only good news on Israel :  The 2nd Temple-Era Podium and staircase to it is discovered in the City of David this week along with dozens of pottery and stone vessels and glassware used there 2,000 years ago.  Yes, friends, another prophetic sign : 1948 BBMs, Israel comes, 1967 BBMs and 6 Day War, Jerusalem comes, 2015, of course, the 3rd Temple comes.  KAPOW!!  Psalms 125:2 : “As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about His people forever”.  So comforting.


1.  Wow!! Do we ever have a busy-body man in our White House who gave us a 5.1% Unemployment rate out of thin air today. He’s like the energy bunny or a nonstop packrat, distracting everything he touches.  He’s either cooking the books on the economy or inciting racial riots to take down the fabric of America.

2.  He lies arrogantly to and fires Generals left and right who speak truths.

3.  He lies by padding and inflating America’s paltry successes in the Middle East.

4.  He calls you and me and people like us “crazies”.

5.  He boldly lies on the Iran Deal and gloats very well now that Senate has made his Deal from Hell VETO-PROOF.  Oh well, like Michelle Bachman says, he’s speeding up the Rapture.  At least that’s “One Shining Moment” he’s given us.

6.  He conditions his ninnee slippery Jack Kirby, his new military spokesman to deny all IAEA and US satellite imagery reports of big time Nuke building in Iran’s dreaded Parchen nuclear site by saying it’s OK, “It’s just a new military site, you have our word, there’s nothing to be worried about”.

7.  Our leader says we are “decoupled” from China economically.  That’s really a 1/2 brain or less remark.

8.  He claims “there isn’t even a smidgen of evidence for it” when asked if he’s Anti-Jewish, just as today is 82 days he’s refused Congress’ request to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  You know, he’s a perfect fit of Haman in the Book of Esther who rallied his troops to annihilate all the Jews in Persia (Iran).

9.  And he’s a lover, Yeah a lover of all rights for transgenders and gays and abortions and Planned Parenthood and he reads his Bible he says and, and, and….   Friends, this guy has flew the coop over the cuckoo’s nest.  Everything he says, breathes, does, is a grave innate premonition to destroy America, our way of life, us Christians especially.  Again, he’s such a good pace setter to pave the way for that “man of perdition”.  We must resent every demonic thing he stands for.  2 Chron. 19:2 : “Shouldst thou help the ungodly and love them that hate the Lord?  Therefore there is wrath upon thee from the Lord”.  Franklin Graham on Obama’s fiendish feats and divisive and deceptive rhetoric last 7 years : “We are living in the last minute of world history”.


1.  Don’t you just absolutely love it to high Heaven when guests ring the opening bell, laughing and smiling and jibing, just as the Dow is down 300 or 400 points.  They’re laughably insane.

2.  The Dow closed down a prophetic 6.6% in August.

3.  As phony as our President is, he can’t hold a candle to Wall Street as they’ve perfected the art of deception very masterfully.

4.  This past month they executed 1200 circuit breakers, the unprecedented Rule 48 for emergency freezes when Dow is down 7%, stock halts, all to devastate us little people’s financial decisions.  I pray your’re all out of the market by now, It’s simply RIGGED for the Big Boys.

5.   Not all is lost : Wall Street is cracking, like a big beautiful sand castle sitting on a dune of soft sand, cracks everywhere.

6.  Listen not to their cry for us to buy what they call  “bullet-proof stocks” as the Dow now needs to drop 588 points per day by next Friday, 9/11, the dreaded day for the Shemitah global financial collapse just to be equal to the relative 2008 collapse by Shemitah end.

7.  And with 4 times the credit debt, $4.5 Trillion added to Fed’s balance sheet to pump up liquidity with phony money, friends this is likened to what I said earlier of a beach ball that has been held under the water too long.  It finally explodes up into the air “like 60″.  Blood on the streets everywhere and no where to hide.

8.  Our Sec. of Treasury Jack Lew (possible uncle of Cindy Lew Who in the Christmas Grinch movie) wants to reassure us that China’s kabumba crash and currency devaluation is not linked to America.  That we are OK.  OK Jack, you are such a good solid ….

9.  Friends the China thing and their “final liquidation” of US Treasuries after so many years of purchasing WILL KILL THE DOLLAR when the Fed raises interest rates in 14 days, although 95% of all financial media channels, businesses, brokers, every day people, say do not raise.  It’s all about what the Central bankers and the world’s Fed, IMF want.  They want the increase – they’ll get their wish.  Global chaos at warped speed. The Shemitah mixed in with these BBMs cannot and will not be avoided as the Fed is trapped like a rat no matter which way they go.  They have no stimulative bazookas left to falsely prop up more ice-cream and chocolate loving cheap money for markets and the almighty dollar, as the select few elite have already manlipulated the markets enough and scarfed trillions from us to implement the One World Order in 3 weeks at the UN and birth the New World Currency in October.  You know, I could have said just 2 words for the last 200 here and said just as much :  WE’RE TOAST and all in this unprecedented BBM Window.  How fitting.

POPE FRANCIS :  OH MAMA, there goes that man again :

1.  Pope tells priests, around the globe “to absolve the sin of women who have had abortions during the upcoming “Catholic” Jubilee year, their “Year of Mercy” from Dec. 2015-Nov. 2016.  Too bad, all women who ask for forgiveness that aborted last year or the year before or in 2018 or 2020 are out of luck.  They will not be forgiven.  WOW,  what cherry picking of women’s lives is that playing God with this sinful act and pagan holiday.  Who is he to judge this way.  Oh well, he did say “Who am I to judge homosexuals…”.  Friends, are not these 2 conflicting and morally confusing statements a perfect fit for this “266th” Pope with Rev. 13:11 :”….he had 2 horns and he SPAKE as a dragon”.

2.  Pope blesses lesbian authors for “their fruitful and excellent Christian values”.  And he’s in America during Yom Kippur.  Friends, he’s gonna talk a talk on Climate Change, to the world at the UN, hood wink the world right smack into the One World Order with this talk.  He’ll turn right around, give a “wink” to his evil UN buddies and leave America on Tabernacles, the day of the Epic Closure of the 4th BBM in his personal jet that has the blue logo “One World” at the top right of the stairs where he boards.  (Google It).  Can’t you just see it?


1.  EU Parliament drafts 18 page blueprint proposal for formation of “U.S. of EUROPE”, with 1 currency, 1 government, 1 central bank, 1 military, they say will stop a future “Grexit” from any of the 28 countries.  This is a BIG BIG step and greatly simplifies the entry for the Anti-Christ.

2.  Migrant Migraine .  320 thousand in 2015 thru August.  219,000 total in 2014.  Absolute horror and hemorhaging chaos :   a) Hungary had 3,241 crossing border Sept. 1, now 9,500 in 1 week.  b) Fist fights in Greece, where 90,000 cross this year.  c)  71 purposely frozen to death in Austrian freezer truck.  d)  Czech Pres. orders national army to defend the borders.  e)  20 million planning to get to Europe.  11 million Syria, Iraq, and Turkey, 5 million Palestinians, 1.5 million Ukrainians, 1.4 million from Tunisia  and Libya, 1.2 million from Russian caucuses.  Angela Merkel : “If Europe fails on the refugees, then it won’t be the Europe we wish for”.  She’s being kind.  Hungary Pres. : “Survival or disappearance of all Europeans is at stake”.  Friends, refugee camps, looming starvation, no EU fixes yet, absolute chaos.  Could this be the canary in the coal mine that ravages the EU into the riddle “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.  Friends, another avenue in EU for Anti-Christ entry.

3.  I still say “Greece is the word” as the movie goes.  Pres. Tsipras resigns, no elected leader running the country.  Greeks don’t know who to protest or riot against.  In total shock limbo.

4.  Best for last : Financial Times of London calls for abolishing all cash in the EU because of people’s stock piling cash at home out of fear and distrust from banks is “causing a lot of distortion to the banking system”.  Friends, this gives banks more power I believe to make it easier for the coming 1 World Gov’t. to be announced at the UN Sept. 25-27.  Sure a lot of help for coming of Anti-Christ being set up early.


1.  Use deadly mustard gas and chemical weapons on Kurds in Aleppo, Syria.  Dozens die, US media talks Trump, Hillary, and Tom Brady–sickening.

2.  They’ll kill their own creed on a whim : behead 39 ISIS followers for insulting Allah.  ISIS describe in  Genesis 16:12 : “he shall be a wildman”, and Habakkuk 1:6 : “For lo, I raise up the Chaldrens (Iraq & Syria), that bitter and hasty nation which shall march thru the breadth of the land”.  Oh yes, today’s brutal savage slaughtering jackals for end of days are here in this BBM window.


Turkish leaders call on all Muslims to invade Jerusalem to create a One-World-Islamic Empire.  As in a revived Ottoman Empire 1517-1917 where Jews had NO LAND, or identity.


1.  With 290,000 Syrians dead in 4 and 1/2 years, now has got hands full battling ISIS on Southern outskirts of Damascus.  Did I say Damascus.  Yes, I did as in Isaiah 17 :1,14 : “…. a ruinous heap”.

2.  This deadly threat to Pres. Assad has prompted Russian military experts to be in Damascus this week.  Well, Russia shows true colors that they’ve ALWAYS backed Syria.


1.  Over 6,800 dead in Ukraine now, deaths daily.  Do you hear about it on US media lately on this and gigantic Russian build up in East Ukraine?  No we don’t.  Nor the Arctic Russian build up I might add where our fearless leader is visiting in Alaska and renaming mountains.  You know, our media discuses things that are not the problem.  Our media does not discuss things that are the problem.  And the stuff going on under the radar that is prophetic is so dangerous and “silent”.  Friends, my take :  Don’t be surprised a BIG BIG thing is creeping in between Russia and U.S.A. for a nuclear confrontation much more than a Nuclear Iran Deal.  Both countries are so bad in God’s eyes, that He may even cause one to either accidently or purposefully “Nuke” itself to provoke war.


1.  Only non-monetary event:  5 Chinese warships have been spotted off of Alaska’s Aleution         Islands, a first ever.

2.  Think of China’s markets lately, you must think of God’s Shemitah.  They are married.  From dreadful currency devaluation Aug. 11 to lowering interest rates 0.25%, a 5th time, and to lower reserve ratio requirements 0.50% in order to increase liquidity for people to borrow, more gov’t buying of China stocks up the YING YANG.  Whatever the”heavy boots” of China does, to tinker to hold up the markets, the less it works.

3.  China down 39% now from year high a rugged bear market.

4.  Worse, the “Great Fall of China” a tsunami forcing emerging markets to crumble domino style, then EU, then the U.S., then -say it ain’t so- the Dollar KILL death drum as China is now liquidating U.S. Treasuries.  Friends, this is the poison pill to KILL the dollar in the “September to Remember” and most assuredly in October when the New World Currency begins.  And the IMF says don’t worry about China, everything will be all right.  Friends, when you hear that, find the exit doors quickly as 9/11 Shemitah is 1 week from today.


Earthquakes and Volcanoes : Experts : “We are entering a period of catastrophic earthquakes and volcanoes eruptions thru out America, the most dangerous in over 200 years”.  “The sun is entering a cooling off period called Solar Hibernation”.  When Nobama leaves Alaska today, it will begin literally snowing in Anchorage.  Hmmm!! What about his Global Warming trick at UN in “20” days where he and others globalists unveil the New World Order.  I’m not kidding I tell you, NEW WORLD ORDER, NEW WORLD ORDER.   Let’s watch it (if we are here).

Hurricanes :

1.  First ever : Most Eastern Hurricane on record has formed in the Eastern Atlantic, Sept. 1, called Fred.

2.  First ever again : never have 3 Hurricanes, category 4 or greater have EVER crossed the Pacific simultaneously, again Sept. 1, called Kilo, Ignacio, Jimena.  BOOM, BOOM, and BOOM.

Environment :

1.  Deadly toxic GLOB of Algae floating along West Coast, actually Mexico, Calif., Oregon, Washington, Canada, up to Gulf of Alaska.  Looks putrid ugly.  Cannot be stopped.  Thousands of birds, sea lions, fish, whales either dead or suffering seizures, amnesia, hysteria.  NOAH : “A totally extraordinary phenomenon”.  Shame Shame on you NOAH for calling yourself NOAH.  You know it’s God.

2.  World Health Organization warns world to be prepared for global biological disease going viral from several different animals.

Apostacy/Other  :

1. 150 high-school girls in Missouri walk out of class after transgender invades their locker-room, showers with them.

2.  Four girls literally “SNARF” a McDonalds take out fast food cashier from the take-out window crashing her to ground between building and criminal’s car.  Like in a cartoon, WHOOSH.

3.  New Jersey daycare workers have 4 to 6 year old children engage in a Fight Club for Kids.  Yeah, little children forced to beat each other up and last one standing wins.  Like a cock fight in a ring.

4.  Miley Cyrus boyfriend doesn’t want to be called a he or she.  Hmmm how about a “heshe” or an “it”.

5.  Worse, Washington State professors get OK from their administration to tell students they risk a failing grade of “F” for saying “male” or “female” in various courses.

6.  24 hours later, Univ. of Tennessee, double-ditto. Friends, I watch college football, these 2 big time schools must have a combined 100,000 plus students.  WOW.

7.  Will not discuss this hellacious, diabolical, Planned Parenthood devil-infested goon’s piece on aborted babies.  You can search for yourself : On Rapture Ready News article on 8-27.

8.  2105 Tower of Babel is being built, hi-tech style, in Canada by a Thoth Technologies Company.  Will be 24 times taller than world’s tallest building in Dubai.  Called a space elevator where people can go up or down it, thru clouds, approach sky, see forever.

Scripture in Matthew 24 and Romans Chapter ONE on “reprobate minds” are plastered all over this portion covering this Weather and Apostacy segment.  Three words in these prophetic BBMs :  WE ARE THERE.


Friends, several times a day I feel “guilty” for calculating that the highly likely arrival of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is just around the corner.  For crying in a bucket, that’s in 9 or 10 days today, Sept. 4th. To beat all, that’s my silly birthday.

But I gotta tell you, as well armed as most can be with such a preponderance of verifiable evidence and charts on this website,I honestly feel that if we have great FAITH, that this is a positive and can I say a praise worthy thing to do.  Like it shows an innate desire from the heart, thru faith to strengthen and motivate one’s yearning to see Him very soon and live and serve Him and love Him.

In Daniel 5:5 the “writing was on the wall” for the King of Babylon’s doom.  Des jeax vous today.  LOOK at the evil of this world going helter skelter.  Yet also, look at the beauty of this world with the reappearing of the Star of Bethlehem from 2000 years ago.  He’s telling us He’s coming because we’ve blown it.  God’s die is cast, His line of demarcation has been crossed, our goose is cooked….

Jesus is heads, satan is tails, the coin is being flipped in the air for our eternal soul forever and forever.  Let’s pick heads to follow and believe in Jesus.  Coin lands heads.  We have a winner here, Right!! Hosea 6:2 : “After two days He will revive us; in the third day He will raise us up and we shall live in His sight!!  Yeah, I could live with that, Yes I could.  No inhibitions what so ever walking down some golden paved street in Heaven very soon with my 800 year old grand-daughter when I’m 863.

Come quickly Lord Jesus we are waiting for you.  May God Bless You Very Much.  See you in September.  Paul