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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, September 15, 2015

PIE_CHART_Countdown_97Welcome.  Well, the Rapture did not occur about the Feast of Trumpets the last couple of days.  Wall Street did not crash on 9/11.  I claimed they both had a high probability to occur.  PLEASE PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE :  Go back to every single website posts of this year, ALL OF THEM, your’s truly consistently and explicitly stated specifically, as a Statistician should, that there was a “high probability” for the rapture this week.  This high likelihood has been totally based upon many sets of documented facts, Heavenly Signs, data from Bible prophecy experts, NASA,  Almighty God’s perfect and sequencing order of Holy Days which portend His 1st and 2nd Coming.

I’ve pooled all this correlative data together in an unbiased, truthful and frank way, displayed my observations to you along with the Lord’s  Epic Closure Biblical Blood Moon Charts (BBMs) which are by the way now 97.5% completed.  Not once, never not once was there a date-set in my BBM reports.  A date-set is an “absolute date” that is 100% set for “CERTAIN” by whackadoodles with no scriptural foundation.  That is much different than establishing a probability, either high, medium, or low, none of the 3 being 100% certain.

Sorry to mention this but glad I got it off my chest.  I still however, am very prayerful and watchful for the immediate coming of our Lord and Savior ASAP.  This I believe is praiseworthy for all of us to do so.  Why wait.  Right!!

May satan never deter our strong unalterable FAITH even though our Lord didn’t come this week, friends can you only please look forward to the preponderance of prophetic events coming in buckets “nearly every single day” for the next 2 weeks that He surely may appear : The New World Order is unveiled, Jerusalam will be split in 1/2 in the birth of the new Palestinian State.  Israel’s National Sovereignty which has been achieved by 24 out of 24 successful winning wars against her border neighbors since 1948, will be depleted to nothing by UN force by Sept. 27th.  Oh Dear Lord and not to forget from Sept. 13 to Sept. 23, Yom Kippur where the Lord’s Book of Judgements are opened and finalized 10 days later for all mankind respectively, by our Creator.

With that said, just look at all the events which can most assuredly be construed as building block judgements that have occurred this past week.  So Let’s Go :


1.  Epic sandstorm plaguing Israel is worst in country’s history.

2.  71-man Sanhedrin tries and judges the ominous deadly due of Obama and the Pope in absentia.  Although not guilty individually, their Anti-Israel actions and policies refusing to acknowledge Jer___lem (I left out the USA, you know why) as Israel’s capital and calling Israel an occupier-entity, respectively, were found guilty.  Oh, these 2 “NO-SHOWS”, where were they?

3.  Israel has a security barrier wall in the West Bank, along the Golan, in the north (Hezbollah), in the south (Gaza & Hamas & Sinai).  And on (Sept. 6) physical construction began for an east wall running the length of Jordan, the Last Wall.

4.  And then there was “1”, one city that is between Israel’s Golan border and the Gen. 16:12 oncoming wildmen of ISIS.  City is Sweida.  Must WATCH this city; remember ISIS’ goal is Jerusalem.

5.  Israeli mint is coining 1/2 scheckel coins for offerings which were used by all citizens 2,000 years ago in the 2nd Temple.  Friends, what is this? About a dozen events now have been revived for the 1st time since 2,000 years ago.  Oh tell me how close “We Are There”

6.  How about #13:  the actual altar for the 3rd Jewish Temple has now been completely rebuilt.  Priests have even been performing their 2,000 year old services in preparation.

7.   Bibi : “The Middle East is descintigrating before our very eyes”.  My goodness gracious, HOW can anyone not see this self-destruction in the Middle East unless their clueless in one eye and blind in the other.  Why else, I tell you, are these BBMs Epic Closure just 13 days away (see Charts).

8.  Hundreds of putrid UN General Assembly representatives have again, defiled our Almighty God ; they met, they voted and they hoisted up the blasted Palestinian flag in the midst of 192 other nation’s flags outside the UN in preparation for today’s (Sept. 15th) opening ceremonies, 70 year birthday today too by the way.  FYI, for the most hair raising, bone-chilling, absolute shocking history of how remarkably the demonic One World Order was spiritually “conceived” New Year’s Eve in 1999 in D.C. and how astonishingly satanism is living at the UN preparing today, for the entry of the Anti-Christ.  It’s eerily similar to Kirk Cameron’s Left Behind movie and Tim Lahaye’s Left Behind book series.  Des jeux vous all over again, but it’s unraveling in front of our very eyes this year, as in NOW, NOW, NOW.  Source = website, articles written by solid Christians Geri Ungurean and Donna Wasson titled : 1) satanism at the UN and the coming of the Anti-Christ and 2) Why the mark = spiritual death, respectively.  You’ll never forget as long as you live what the UN really is.  So so much more evil than I always demeaned it because of their stance against Israel, calling it the United Nothing.  WHEW, that was a compliment I tell you.  Friends it’s satan’s conduit to destroy Israel and will come into full fruition  beginning this week to Sept. 28, Tabernacles and BBM Epic Closure.

9.  Oh say it ain’t so.  Here’s a bitter chunk of lead for our stomachs : Our utterly painful Pres. makes an encrypted communication call to Putin.  Call is leaked out.  Obama says : “Israel is next to be brought to heel before the world community for it’s nuclear crimes against the NPT (Nuclear Proliferation Treaty ).  Simply, they are going to strip Israel of her Nuclear weapons.  Oh come quickly Lord Jesus, this delusional leader of ours is absolutely possessed to destroy your chosen people of Israel.  To bad he hasn’t read Jerem. 11:4 :”…so shall ye be my people and I will be your God”.

10.  Friends, remember the Iran Deal from Hell was first signed July 14th, smack in the middle of the 3rd week mourning period for the 9th of Av where first 2 Temples were destroyed.  Now, in 2 days, Sept. 17th, Congress’s last gasp for US to renege a veto proof deal officially expires smack on the middle of the 10 days of Awe prior to God’s judgement on the people on the earth.  House vote last Friday proved futile.  Obama’s beast-mode machine keeps winning, keeps rolling.  But to no avail eventually.

11.  On Elul 29, the last day of the Jewish year,  all Arab League nations, including fragile Peace Treaty lukewarm friendly adversaries at best, Egypt and Jordan, threaten action against Israel over the Al Aqsa Mosque “harsh treatment” of excessive rock throwing and cursing Muslims against Jews and Christians.

12.  Jordan’s King Abdullah : “Any more provocations in Jerusalem will affect the relationship between Jordan and Israel.  Jordan will have no choice but to take action, unfortunately”.  Friends, this could so easily trigger the 3rd Intifada and or Psalms 83 War.  One to WATCH, if we are still on earth.

13.  Best for last, the Great Torah Sage Rabbi Kagan predicted in 1915 that a Third World War would begin 75 years after the beginning of the Second world War.  Friends, WWII started in 1939, add 75 years, you get 2014 = ISIS, Russia, Ukraine, Syria.  This is believable for 3 bonafide reasons : a) Great Sages of Israel have an intense devotion to God.  As such, divine messages are given to them to pass on to the nation.  b)  Joel 2:28,  c)  His prediction has been documented in writing for 100 years.  I’ll add a 4th : d)  The final BBMs in this final Jubilee tell us so.  No wonder Israel is the countdown clock to our Lord’s return (Matthew 24:34).  Friends, surely you can see the Signs of the Times.

USA  :

Oh MAMA, there goes that man again :

1.  Obama goes to Alaska, enjoys an Alaskan Bar-B-Que, goes fishing, talks solar power in a city that gets the sun warmth only 51/2 hours a day in the winter, and arrogantly renames Mt. McKinley just like that out of the blue (Mt. Denali now).  Hey, Obama, LOOK LEFT, U.S. military surveillance detects Chinese Nuclear submarines off Alaska’s southern coastline (Aleution Islands).  OOOPS, guess our Commander in Chief must have missed that.  His silence on security threats like this is deafening.  His silence is “evil” for America.

2.  This guy calls China’s barrage of spying and cyber attacks, simply : “This is unacceptable….”.  Ruf, Ruf, Rufff ( poodle and pitbull).

3.  Fifty intelligence analysts at US’s military CENTCOM headquarters say Pentagon spokesman repeatedly altered ISIS success reports by “beefing them up” to correlate with the White House’s insistence that the U.S. is winning against ISIS.

4.   Washington Free Beacon : “Russian submarines have had a free reign over the Atlantic coastline since 2009″.

5.  Friends, can you see it?  God takes down leaders and He inserts leaders of nations to fit what they deserve.  So obvious, America deserves Obama who said at the Univ. of Missouri Oct. 30, 2008, (Halloween Eve) : “We are 5 days away from fundamentally changing the United Sates of America “.  Oh how he did not lie on this statement.  No wonder the latest Pew Poll : 29% of Americans would support a military coup for overthrowing the U.S. Gov’t., this is an all time high.  Friends, this man, he is what he is, out to destroy American Christians like you and me, cut by cut.

6.   House votes 269 to 162 to abolish the Deal from Hell and 247 to 186 to prevent Obama from lifting or reducing sanctions on Iran.  Unfortunately, not enough to over-ride his veto.  So there, he wins again. Let’s WATCH this “sanction powder-keg” now politically explode in D.C.

7.  U.S. debt remains “deceptively frozen” from the public eye, yours and mine, for 185 days now since March 13th.  This is fiscal accountability insanity to not know how horrendous our debt is, and is now even more horrendous.  Treasury calls it “Debt Issuance Suspension Period”.  Friends could trillions of these hidden dollars be going into the coffers for the One World Gov’t. which will be unveiled in TEN DAYS at the UN, opening up with the Pope’s encyclical under the disguise of Climate Change.

8.  Speaking of, nearly 100 of the world’s poorer nations who suffered extreme weather disasters submit letter to UN asking for the richer nations (like US) to pay for all reparations and relocate displaced populations, UN favorably accepts letter, decides to take it up in December and will demand several 100 billion dollars for what they call “Climate Mitigation”.  Well, One World Order, here we go.

9.  And Obama, master of deception, says : “All nations must come together to build a competent global regime”.  Friends, I swear, I swear, the One World Gov’t. in Revelation 13 under the Anti-Christ’s regime begins it’s inaugural stage in TEN DAYS I TELL YOU, Sept. 25th at the UN.  You gotta really watch TV, painful as that is anymore for all of us.  (P.S. I still believe  Obama is NOT the Anti-Christ, but a good 1/2 brain soldier paving the way for him).

10.  And remember, this is one of THREE TROJAN HORSES in this article.  That being the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Growth new regulations for the world, surely totalitarianism on steroids.  But remember we will soon be outta here, Rev. 3:10 : “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I will also keep ye from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth”.

11.  Friends, this divine, yet dastardly omen will be the FINAL “live” major prophetic event as of this writing of our world within this unprecedented prophetic WINDOW of these BBMs as the UN adjourns and the 4th BBM occur on the VERY SAME EXACT DAY on Tabernacles.  Only Almighty God, only He can orchestrate this remarkably amazing timing for His Epic Closure of His Book of 6,000 years of Humanity.  Isaiah 46:10 : “Declaring the end from the beginning ; and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My Council shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure”.  And Isaiah 40:18 : “Who is like Me”.  No one but God, absolutely no one, but you God are who you say you are.

12.  Finally, please do not jump on us who felt the Stock Market would crash on 9/11.  I cordially ask, please WATCH how the DOLLAR is KILLED in the next 30 days by the IMF and World Bank who both by the way have in 1 week did a 180 degree turn and now opt the Fed to NOT RAISE Interest Rates,  Sept. 17th.  Dollar Killer culprits will be China, Russia, OPEC, Petro dollar demise,  the demonic UN and the New “Substitute” World Currency in lieu of the dollar.  Very intriguing to WATCH this prophecy unfold.

13.  In closing this segment, shadowy and deceptive Obama, satanic UN, the political Pope are key ingredients for the coming tsunami deluge caked in this New One-World Gov’t. and chocked full of omens and judgements for this world who’s biffed the Lord.  Amen and Come Quickly Lord Jesus, We Are Waiting for You.

Pope Francis :

1.  Well, in exactly 1 week, the 266th Pope will land at Andrews AF base in D.C. on the Eve of Yom Kippur, the 266th day of the year.  And he leaves America of the 4th BBM, the Eve of Tabernacles, the 266th day from the prophetic unprecedented BBM Midpoint, Jan. 5, 2015.  Hmmm, also the most popular person in the world , hmmm!!! How about that BBM omen for a possible “person of interest…”.

2.  Pope is adored by 87% of U.S. Catholics and “66”% of all Americans.

3.  In 2008, Mark Biltz 1st discovered the Blood Moons and nobody listened.  Obama came out of “literally”nowhere, “inconsequential and hidden” to become Pres. of most powerful country on earth.  First black ever, also.

4.  In 2013, when the Blood Moons finally were “rediscovered” to become a world-wide phenomenon. Pope Francis was “literally” selected out of nowhere, ‘inconsequential and  hidden” to become leader of arguably the most powerful religion on earth.  First Jesuit ever, also.  Jesuits who see lucifer as the true angel of light and “ruler” of the world.  Coincidence, no not even a Schmoincidence.  A conservative dissidence is now brewing inside the Vatican against the Pope’s liberal and progressive changes never seen before in the Church.  Specifically questioning his excessive power of late.

5.  Pope selects Rick Warren (a top “Jesus is the only way” John 14:6 debunker) as the final speaker for promoting the New World Order.  Warren has visited Vatican twice this past year to “prep” for this closing and calls Francis “Our Pope”.

6.  Some good ole’ statements of the Pope : a) “Even atheists can go to Heaven”,  b)  “Who am I to judge homosexuals”  c)  Calls Palestinian Pres. Abbas as an : “Angel of Light” , d)  Refers to Israel as an “occupying entity” as he willingly endorsed the Palestinian State, with East Jerusalem as capital.  WOW, think how our Lord goes for this one???  True colors or what?   e) AND JUST WAIT TILL YOU HEAR HIS REVOLUTIONARY TENURE Sept. 25th at the UN on the One World Gov’t. Politician “YES”, Religious leader emphatically “#2″ on this trip.  What can I say??  How about Rev. 13:11 : “….he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon”.  Friends, these are documented facts, you judge.


1.  Two M&M words : Micky Mantle, Mickey Mouse, “Migrant Migraine” for the EU.  Call it the Refugee Express or the “Modern Day Exodus”.  Big difference, the prophetic Exodus with Moses had “only” 2 million Israelites to the Land of Caanan.  This one has 1.3 million already there and 18.7 million Muslims and few Christians preparing to go or in transit to the Land of Europe.

2.  This is an absolutely astonishing movement ; wonder if it could be the canary in the coal mine that is harboring and will fester an Islamic Trojan Horse of epic proportions that will Islamize the EU and shake the world.  U.S. Intelligence says over 4,000 ISIS have infiltrated here.  Should Angela Merkel, et al fail to control this exponential influx of humanity, Europe will never be the same.  Further, 70% of all migrants are young Muslim males.  Hmmmm!!!

3.   On Sept. 11, Germany who already has 450,000 refugees this year said it could take in 800,000, borders are all open.

4.  KAPOW!!! Just like that, on Sept. 13, Germany now FREEZES everyone in their tracks and issues total border controls, cannot cope, total chaos.  Austria double ditto.

5.  Just look at this : Greece has taken in 250,000, Hungary 170,000, Austria 120,000, Italy 104,000, Sweden 80,000.  Friends morally and spiritually this migration is absolutely necessary because of murderous savages of ISIS, et al.  And yet logistically it’s a despicable and reprehensible tragedy, especially for so many innocent women and children, very heartbreaking.  Should a Caliphate extension of Islam evolve, may we pray, God willing, we are “outta here” soon soon.

6.  Lighter side, European Central Bank very busy preparing plans for a “single” EU Finance Ministry.  As in EU’s part in the One World Currency.

7.  Angela Merkel tells Uk’s P.M. David Cameron to drop his opposition for the new EU army that is currently in the planning stages of building.  As in the Anti-Christ’s army?  Hmmm!!  Oh yeah, WE ARE THERE.  Thank you Dear Lord for your Prophetic BBMs.



1.  Say, not only does Obama lie, so does Putin.  Russia does a 180, now decides to build up a military compound with pre-fab housing to stage 1500 Russian troops.  Three Russian Giant Condor military transport planes detected by US/NATO intelligence satellite imagery outside a Damascus suburb, Latakia.

2.  What does our foolish 1/2 brained White House say : “Any effort to bolster the Assad regime in Syria would be potentially destabilizing”.  Well cry a green river, UGGGHH!!!

3.  Another White House “doozey” : Cronie Kerry cannot believe this bold in your face move.  He calls up his Russian counterpart, Lavrov, of his grave concern, gets absolutely no info from him.  Another 1/2 brained ridiculous phone call.  Oh well, he lives in Peter Pan Land.

4.  Today, Russian tanks seen surrounding the Latakia airport.

5.  Further, now Iran, Russian bedfellow, sends their 1,000 troops into Syria to “fight ISIS” they say.

6.  Another Russian tentacle : 95,000 troops in large scale military exercises that simulates containment of a “fictional international armed conflict”.  Fictional, Smictional. this preparation is a prelude to war in the Great Tribulation.  Includes 7,000 pieces of military equipment, 170 aircraft, 20 Naval warships on the Caspian Sea.  What little toys Crimea and Ukraine are to this.  WATCH!!!

7.  Could this be a Trojan Horse where Syria is the staging ground for the “March to Jerusalem”?


Short and simple : Central Bank finally admits the inevitable :  “The China Bubble has Burst”.  Cannot be hidden anymore.  The Shemitah ended 2 days ago but has spawned it’s “Grim Reaper” for world’s financial calamity.  It Is Here.


1.  Those wildmen murdering despotic jackals doing it again.  Set up “fairs” all over lands they control in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.  Mandate every citizen to stop by to sign a lifetime contract for their allegiance to respect ISIS, Praise Allah continually, pay stiff taxes, or DIE.  Compliance is running almost 100% everywhere.  Friends, this could be a prelude to the Left Behinders where citizens line up, accept the Mark of the Beast in Rev. 13:16.  So so similar isn’t it??

2.  Another win for ISIS.  They now take control of Syria’s last oil field, next goal Damascus and Assad, and then on to Jerusalem where God tells us everybody will fail. (Zech. 12:9).


1.  Russian bedfellow signs, seals and waits for deliveries of several S-300 precision anti-aircraft to fight against Israel to be scheduled before Dec. 31st.

2.  Mercilous heathens claim they’ve “unexpectedly” discovered gigantic Uranium reserves and will soon extract them.  So more egg on America’s face and so arrogantly bold for Iran to say this knowing the Deal from Hell is a done Deal from Hell.

Saudi Arabia :

1.  For goodness gracious, EU is frying with 1,000,000 refugees, yet the Saudi’s and the other proud and haughty Gulf States refuses even-one-refugee to enter.  Yet they have all the gall to offer Germany $200 million in funds to construct Muslim Mosques around Germany.  UGGHHH!!!

2.  Well what goes around, comes around : Giant construction crane tips over in Mecca during the  building of a Mosque extension, 107 die, 400 injured.  Engineers say this is an Act of God on His sadness for the Hajj Muslim pilgrimage to honor Allah.  Reason : The other 11 cranes, all twelve identical, are all 100% structurally sound during their 3 years there as this one was, until the tragedy.  Sounds logically correct and prophetic as this totally defies our Lord’s very 1st Commandment in Exodus 20:3.


1. Egypt’s entire Gov’t. resigns, just like that under El-Sisi.  Reason : Massive corruption scandals everywhere.  How cool it would be if OUR Gov’t. did an “Egypt”.  Surely, with Egypt’s 80 million people and Treaty with Israel, a must WATCH.

2.  Egypt’s military kills 60 ISIS jackals on the Sinai.  Friends, this is ISIS’ southern frontal attempt to siege Jerusalem.



1.  California fires continue to burn relentlessly.  Latest is a “double fire” in central Calif., wine country, NAPA Valley.  Called Valley Fire. “Is moving faster than any other documented fire in Calif. history”, say Stanford Fire Experts.

2.  California’s Sierra Nevada water source is at a 500 year low.  In 2015 only 5% of the 1950-2000 year average.  WOW!! That’s BIG.  Feeds 23,000,000 people from San Francisco to LA.

3.  Gov. Brown finally calls State of Emergency for California’s drought and fires.  So so sad this once beautiful state is now seeing the opening chapters of our God’s wrath. It’s burn, burn, burn.


1.  Intriguing interview on Prophecy : a)  Guy says 1st of 7 Trumpets in Rev. 8:7 is all about no easing of the currently explosive CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejection’s), that look kind of like plasma chunks from the sun, up to 10,000 degrees F. will fall to earth and will crystallize  into hail and ice. The average 54,000 airplanes that fly above the earth on any given day will be destroyed along with the airborne passengers who died from these CMEs.  Their bloody remains fall to earth mingled with this hail and ice, Rev. 8:7 : “…the first angel sounded and there were hail and fire mingled with blood and cast upon the earth and 1/3 of the trees were burned up…”  Something to ponder, as it sure makes common sense.  b)  Pole shifts materializing now on North and South Poles will spawn Rev. 8:8 where earth’s ocean floors buckle, volcanoes erupt.  Enter Rev. 8:8,9 : “And the second angel sounded and a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea and 1/3 of the sea became blood….1/3 of the creatures in the sea died. 1/3 of the ships in the sea were destroyed”.  Friends, the sea turns to blood because of all the human’s and sea creature’s  blood mingled with volcanic eruptions in the ocean.

2.  Since 2010, there’s been thousands of seed vaults for growing food and fortified homes built by the world’s richest people and elite gov’t. officials deep inside mountains in the event of WWIII, giant meteors, EMP, etc.  Exactly correlates to Rev. 6:15 : “And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the chief captains, the mighty men….hid themselves in the dens and rocks of the mountains”.  Oh yeah, we’re there.


1.  Unprecedented, unseasonal, horrific sand storms engulf Middle East.

2.  Dead Sea beaches closed almost everywhere, now 5,000 sinkholes, scientists totally baffled, there were none in 1985.


1.  Drunk mother in Chile, starving baby found being breastfed by Golden Labrador dog.

2.  Middle school kids in Nashville Tenn. instructed to write : “Allah” is the only God in History classes.

3.  World’s first ever, “Blood Rave” dance to be held Oct. 31, Halloween in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Sold out instantly.  Animal blood pumped into water sprinkler ceiling pipes and sprinkled onto the dancers dancing.  I had no guts to see the video about it.  This is what it is!!!  Oh, come quickly Lord Jesus, satan is so ugly.


Well, shenanigans, this has really been quite a journey this past 18 months we’ve shared during this Biblical Tetrad WINDOW :

1.  The rotteness in our White House for almost 7 years.

2.  The restive and belligerent world leaders here next week who’ll scorch, scar, and touch the Apple of God’s Eye, His Holy Jerusalem, (but only for a little while) when they split it in two.

3.  SCOTUS’ marriage definition of God redefined.

4.  Diabolical Planned Parenthood wicked witches.

5.  Iran, ISIS, EU migrant exodus.

6.  The birth of the One World Gov’t. in New York, etc., etc., etc., times a hundred more prophetic events.

I know that you know that you can see it.  We Are There.  On the Edge of Time.  Simply, the world just cannot “wag” on like this.  Surely not for 7 more years until 2022, too long for the next Shemitah, or 2065 way way too long for the next Jubilee, or 2583 next BBM,  Alice in Wonderland stuff.  Prayerfully, 2 songs say “See You in September” and “All My Bags are Packed, I’m ready to go; I’m leaving on HIS jet plane, don’t know when I’ll back again….”.  With great FAITH for His imminent return, I say 1 Thes. 5:6 : “Therefore, let us not sleep, as do others, but let us WATCH and be sober”.  Eternal Friend Always.  Paul Grevas