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Many thanks to you wonderful people’s favorable emails to continue sharing the love of our Mighty God and what He has prepared for us prophetically as His soon return is so imminently near.  Can you just feel it and visualize it.  I can.  It is wise to not be shaken or discouraged after all the worldwide hype by so many Christians and Bible Scholars on the same page that He would return for His Bride in September.  I too felt a high probability the Rapture would happen, it didn’t even with such a plethora of Heavenly Signs that no human can tamper with .  It was almost like a “can’t miss”.  Well, we go on, prayerfully  WATCHING how His Glory will now unfold as the Blood Moons Coming are now the Blood Moons Going.  We are in unchartered waters.  But not in vain.  Our Lord displayed these unmatched perfect Biblical Blood Moon omens  (BBMs) in order to close His books and review all of mankind’s sin repentance decisions or sin aversion decisions before Him.  Well, now He will unveil His vengeance and judgement of Isaiah 61:2 as per this Jubilee year since our choices have been freely made and posted.  And may He bless those who are so remarkably fortunate to still come into His Church at this late hour.  You just know IT’S GONNA HAPPEN SOON.  Why?  Well just look at the Bible prophecy explosion across the world this past week, they are off the charts  :  Specifically the UN, the United Numb Numbs, our White House’s impotency, the Pope, the Russian aggression, Hurricane Joaquin, so many more.  SO LET’S GO.


1.  says : “We are no longer bound by any agreements, including Oslo Accords”.

2.  “The Peace Process must  now be an International effort by the UN to end the Israeli occupation as the new way forward”.

3.  Two things here : a) The Palestinian Security Police will no longer “hone” in their radical goons that incite riots, clashes, etc.  This is great breeding grounds for the 3rd Intifada by not calling off their dogs anymore.  Also, b)  the Palestinians, under Abbas, will never again sit down at the table with the Israelis to secure the 2-State-Solution, Abbas says.

4.  Abbas gets emotional as wretched Palestinian flag is raised at the United Numb Numb.  Bluntly, the UN must now decide on Palestinian Statehood or War.

5.  Friends as of this writing, the ever-so-hyped up French Resolution to produce a Palestinian State by the UNSC vote has not yet occurred???? Why, I don’t know, up until a week ago it was all the makings of a DONE DEAL.  We Watch.

B.  BIBI AT UN, United Numb Numbs :

1. Remember the song “Silence Is Golden” by the Tremeloes, well, Bibi played that to absolute perfection in his 44 seconds of silence at his UN speech CNN cameras showed.  Total freeze frame morgue-like atmosphere by all UN belligerent Anti-Israel delegates there.  Note, 75% no shows approx. including the insulting and decrepid US delegation of John Kerry and Samantha Powers, US Ambassador to the UN.  This is absolutely absurd, biffing the Jewish Nation and it’s leader this way.  So bold, cold, callous of an act.

2.  Bibi’s silence was for berating UN silence on the Iran Deal from Hell.

3.  This diabolical UN voted 20 times this year calling out Israel for Humanitarian crimes.  And, #2 was Syria, 1, O-N-E, 1 time, yet their animal crazed leaders have slaughtered 300,000 souls and displaced 12.5 million.  I just want to swear!!

4.  Bibi : “The UN is excessively hostile to Israel”.

5.  “Iran is arming Palestinians in the West Bank, they’ve sent their IRA guards to the Golan to fire on us”.

6.  “They are setting up terror cells around the world, a new terror cell every 2 weeks, 13 now exist in different countries.  …Iran is on the prowl to devour more prey, a raspacious tiger”.

7.  “Their leader Kamaine says that they will annihilate Israel for sure and that we are glad we are now in the forefront on this”.  Thanks to Obama of course for signing the deal and freeing up $150 billion for weapons that are now “addressed” for Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and everywhere else in Israel.  Oh, Obama, you ….!!

8.  Bibi again : “The UN should rid itself of bashing Israel”.

9.  “Israel will never allow Iran to walk into the Nuclear Weapons Club…your plan to destroy Israel will fail.”

10.  “Israel will not permit any force on earth to prevent it’s future”  Got That Right,  Bibi by the Hand of God : Isaiah 54:15 : “They shall surely gather together, whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”.

11.  “Talk about Yoggi Berra, it’s des jeaux vous all over again with the UN”.

12.  “When will you help Israel.  You favor Islamic fanatics over Israel.  Quit bashing Israel and stand with Israel to prevent fanaticism world wide”.

13.  “After the extermination of 6 million Jews, the UN response was utter silence, deafening silence….we now have 6 million Jews…”.  Friends, I know WE GET THAT.  THANK YOU BIBI for your voice and your silence against this deplorable satanic UN, United Numb Numb entity.


1.  Egypt Pres. Al-Sisi : “A Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as capital would remove the most problematic issue in the region, terrorism.  It will bring peace to the Middle East”.  Yes, sounds familiar just like Obama and Hillary always shout out “Peace and Security”.  Well, how about 1 Thes. 5:3 : “When they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh…”.

2.  Neighbor helping neighbor :  Iran loading up Gaza in Southern Israel, Syria on Golan in East Israel, Hezbollah in North Israel, Palestinian jackals in West Bank in Israel, Russia helping Syria, and Israel’s the size of New Jersey.  Blahhh.  Lord forgive me as I say, Israel, you gotta kill them all.

3.  And Jordan too, King Abdullah vents a 2nd time against Israel : “The Temple Mount is for Muslims only”.  Gotta tell him to read Gen. 17:7 : “And I will establish my covenant…”.

4.   Now 21 consecutive days of clashes on Temple Mount with Palestinian stone throwers.  Like a perpetual nagging itching that never goes away, day after day.

5.  Israeli forces break up “first ever” ISIS terror cell near Galilee only days away from plotting to attack Israeli police and military facilities.  WHEW!! This is bad, where there’s one cockroach, there will be others.

6.  Parent’s of 4 Israeli children murdered by Palestinian jackals, so horrific, took place on a side road, forced parents out of their car, made all 4 children watch the executions.  Despicable Hamas General praises it as a “heroic attack”, others call for a celebration.  Hunt is on to find satan’s minions near Rumallah.

7.  How prophetic is Russian military in Syria which borders Israel : Remember, Tabernacles ends, Lord’s books closed on remission of sins on Yom Kippur, 4th BBM harbinger is gone, judgement is now being meted out.  Can’t you just see it?

Well, the numerical value of the Hebrew term Gogu Magog = 70.  This is the exact # of nations on earth during the times of Jesus.  Yes, the stage is set, the actors of Ezekial 38 are 70 miles or less away from Israel’s borders.  With this Russian aggression into Syria only 24 hours after Tabernacles begins and the Lord’s Final Biblical Tetrad closes, how profoundly perfect is that of Him to so timely show us Ezek. 38 & 39 of the G0g/Magog War and Isaiah 17:1,14 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap… at evening tide there is trouble, and the morning he is not…”.  POOF. Just like that.  We are witnessing today, Oct. 4, the cusp of the real life  Psalms 83 War and Gog/Magog War before our very eyes.  We have to believe this IS IT.  Just look at the alignment of nations hot to trot against God’s Chosen People in just the last 2 weeks of the 4th BBM Epic Closure (see charts).  Oh yeah, we’re there.  To not see this is very sad, very unfortunate to miss the Power & Glory of God that is now coming in buckets.


Better yet, “United Nimrod”ions. I will make this short as no beating around the bush : the ONE WORLD ORDER is now here.  No more conspiracy theories, no not one.  It was unveiled and “unanimously” passed 193-0 to implement “Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development.  Much help came from their up-front PITCHMAN POPE FRANCIS.  See his astonishing remarks below.  Absolutely unbelievable 193 out of 193 nations approve it between Sept. 25-27.  Final meeting is in Paris in 2 months to dot the “eyes” and cross the “tees”.  Will be fully implemented and off and running Jan.1, 2016.  Totally unfettered, 100% under UN control, no Congress, Parliament, Legislators of any county on earth will have a say.  Yours, my, our nation’s, all nations’ sovereignty and freedoms will vaporize to absolute ZERO between Jan., 2016 to Jan.,2030.

Basically, hello Revelation 13:15-18 : “And he causeth ALL to receive a mark in their right hand or on their forehead … and that no man may buy or sell, save he had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name, …… 666″.

Praise the Lord, we will not partake of this as we will be “outta here” watching from our mansions above this most abundantly satanic worldwide unraveling.  Google it all : “Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development”.  This is the END, no hype, no scare, it’s reality.  It is what it is, before our very eyes, and worldwide media says SQUAT.  UN has 17 “arching” goals and 169 targets in this sweeping and ambitious plan.

USA : OH MAMA, THERE GOES THAT MAN AGAIN.  Jer. 50:6 : “My people hath been lost sheep.  Their shepherds have caused them to go astray…”.  Friends, this desecrating man is taking America down swift as lightening.  Can you see it?

1.  ON CLIMATE CHANGE, Obama says : “I reject the argument that might makes right, or that strong states must impose their will, or order must be imposed by force.  Unless we work with ALL nations we will not succeed.  ……. Global integration is an agenda that transcends narrowly defined interests of Nation States”.  Friends, our leader is licking his chops for the 1-World-Order, totally in synch with the United Nimrodions and pitchman Pope Francis.

2.  OBAMA ON RUSSIAN INVASION IN SYRIA : In 2012 elections, Obama totally demeaned and finger pointed at Mitt Romney that “Russia is not a problem”.  Romney said opposite.  Well, he must be sick of eating perpetual military crow again.  He tells us “It’s too early to tell what the Russians are doing”.  For crying in a bucket, a 1st grader would know Vladimir Putin is propping up the Assad Syrian regime and establishing a dominant foothold in the Middle East.  He is in a fantasy “wishing well” mode hoping Assad goes poof, just like that.  No way Jose’.  The mode he must be in is a “terrified mode” on what Putin plans to do next.

How can there not be total disarray within closed doors of the White House, and specifically Pentagon.  Yet he says : “Russia is doomed to fail, so we will not participate…”.

And Numb Numb Kerry invents a word called “deconfliction” to avert a conflict and says : “This invasion is an opportunity for peace”.  I’m choking, friends.  Sec. of Defense Ash Carter : “This move is not professionalism…”.  What an absolute anemic response from the Sec. of Defense mind you.  Obama doubles ditto-er Josh Ernest : “Russia will not succeed”.  Bobsey twins Obama and Kerry, what palsey-walseys they are.  Bottom line, Putin is articulate, a smart strong war thug, yet a kingmaker.  Obama is articulate, unsmart wussy community organizer leading America into oblivion.  Pitbull vs. Poodle.

3. PUTIN ON RUSSIAN AGGRESSION : The camel’s nose is in the tent.  As Obama is “knitting, and still knitting” (Charles Dickens), Putin is launching pinpoint jet air bomb strikes on ISIS, On Syrian rebels, on anybody who gets in his way.  His jet fighter planes are designed to take down any US/NATO or coalition fighter planes.  Friends, the Middle East nations see this today.  Just watch how they latch on to Russia and stinkbomb America.  They’ll feel with such a weak America in all this that they now can categorically get away with “murder” literally anywhere there.

4.  Well break my brain, how possibly can America respond so fecklessly with their White House pants down on this Russian thing with all these war-jet fighters in Syria thinking they came to bomb ISIS.  My gosh, the only planes ISIS has is the 99 cent balsa wood glider planes from a Muslim Walmart store for their little kids.  It’s all about God, His Ezekial 38 prophecy is before our very eyes, especially America’s feeble response in Ezek. 38:13 : “Art thou come to take a spoil, to take a prey?”  Can you just see it.  All the above mind you, unraveled within 24 hours of the last Blood Moon. WOW!!  God is Awesome.

5.  OTHER : a) Obama orders the gay rainbow flag raised over the U.S. Army Headquarters to honor his gay nominee to head the U.S. Army.  KAWABANGA.  He has lost his clock.  Is this real?  b)  Day of Russian air strikes, you’d think the Stock Market would drop 1,000 kazillian points.  It rose 230 points.  Peter Pan trading here in phony markets.  c)  Several New York schools close for Muslim Holy Day of Sacrifice.  Sorry, Yom Kippur, sorry Tabernacles, sorry Israel.  d)  Squeemish Republicans crack, full funding in tact for barbaric baby murderers Planned Parenthood in passing budget, John Boehner resigns just hours after meeting with the Pope.  Oh dear Lord, the golden noose of satan is alive and well in this country which now feels your judgement in this final Jubilee.  Gen. 12:3 : “…. I’ll curse those who curse thee”.


Can there be ANY doubt any more on this man’s game in Bible prophecy.  Some foreboding highlights of Pope’s week in US from his visit between Yom Kippur to Tabernacles. His departure was right on the prophetic 4th BBM on his Vatican jet with the blue emblem on the right side of the top of the stairs prior to plane entry with 2 words :  ONE WORLD.  As in 1-World-Order.  Very Very ominous indeed.

* Did you see the rainbow over Central Park as crowds waited for him?  (little confusing why that happened ).

* How about that secular band called The Fray and in the background of the band stage, an image of satan- like eye square in the middle.  All in front of 2,000,000 in Philly as they sang, “We Are One”.

* Says : “We must move forward as one in unity and cooperating with a common cause.”

*  The recent nuclear agreement reached is proof of the potential political good will that is exercised with sincerity, patience, and constancy”.  Yeah, just tell that to Jewish citizens Mr. Papa.

*  He never ever never demeaned those ravenous coyotes of ISIS. or Muslim extremists once no not once.

*  In New York, “The Koran and the Bible are the same”.  For crying in a bucket, do you see his true colors?

*  Not one significant scriptural reference to the Bible can be noted in this White Knight’s speeches to Save the World.  Well, how about referencing Gen. 8:22 : “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night SHALL NOT CEASE”.  This is sooo simple Papa.

*  Pope doubles down.  Triples down on saving the environment : a) “When the Charter of the UN is transparent and effective, then peace and security blossoms”.  Hmmm!!

*  “The future demands quick and noble decisions and pledges from the UN to serve the common good”.

*  “The world must DEMAND leaders to improve the environment”.

*  “The true rights of the environment must exist”.

*  “The adoption of Agenda 2030 is a necessary step and sign of hope to the solution”.

*  “Agenda 2030 is the means to reclaim the environment”.

*  “We must avoid doing nothing to the environment”.

* “Agenda 2030 will be effective and immediate”.

*  “Today the ecological crisis risks the existence of Humanity”.

*  George Will, famous, honest, highly intellectual, Fox News Panelist and syndicated columnist says : “Pope is a False Prophet”.

*  On 9-23 the Pope and Obama stand side by side peering at the Lincoln Memorial the exact day of the Pope’s 923rd day as Pope since selected 3-13-13.  What is significant about this “harbinger” is that the 1-world was born on this EXACT SPOT on the Eve of 9/11, 2000 where UN officials met and framed this demonic agenda.  That is quite surreal.  Right???

* Pope shocks the world, bleeds his true colors at mass in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.  Says : “The cross shows us different ways of measuring success….we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and His life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross”.  Friends, I clam up and sweat each time I read this.  Call it the emperor has no clothes on, a slip of the tongue, whatever.  I call it as I see it : Jesus Christ DELIBERATELY DIED ON THE CROSS TO TAKE OUR SINS AWAY.  Failure, HECK, this is the Greatest Victory since Creation, and may just supercede that also.

*  And he crushed the First Commandment : “Let us command to our LADY the work we have been entrusted to do …then by praying to Mary and asking for her blessing.”  Dear Lord, may he bow down to repent this most aggregious sin here on his knees on earth before he bows down to you in Heaven.

*  On his liberally progressive speech at the UN, and New York, and Philly he emphatically endorsed the 1-World-Gov’t. under the “ruse” of Climate Change.  Disguise, disguise and slippery slippery.

*  And to tell the faithful in New York in his opening remarks :  I would like to express two sentiments for my Muslim brothers and sisters :  Firstly my greetings as they celebrate the feast of sacrifice (as in Abraham and “Ishmael” and not Abraham and Izaac on Mount Moriah as per God)…I will not comment. Why, so black and white, to see thru this lie.

*  He had his Vatican staff “downplay” the report of his meeting with good woman Kim Davis so as not to offend the world gay population.

*  Prior to his visit, has phone call with one of his former students, a Mr. Grazzi, and said he wants to hug him on visit.  Grazzi, now an atheist, says : “He respects me being gay and my partner as well”.  Friends, I’m speechless,  I’d have politely read these scriptures to Grazzi : Lev. 18:22, Duet. 22:5, 1 Chor. 6:9, Romans 1:24-28, and finished off with Proverbs 30:5 : “Every word of God is pure”.

*  Closing, Pope Francis was very careful, very articulate on his 4 main topics : a) The plight of the poor, b)  The evils of corporations and capitalism,  c)  The absolute need for Climate Change, ala 1 World Order, and d) The need to accept all refugees.

*  And with that said, did you ever ever once here him  1)  advocate for the Jewish people or say anything but just favorable things from the Iran Deal From Hell.  No, I never, and I got blurry-eyed WATCHING every word as best I could.  As the world is infatuated with him.

*  Sandwich this around “a lotta” baby kissing and “a lotta” hugging people in front of the world feckless media, and you got the most well liked and most popular person on the planet.  Which he is.  Friends, BEWARE, he’s almost 79, goes to and fro like a jackrabbit,  but he’s coming with great deception as he yearns for DARK WORLDWIDE SOCIALISM.  How can he not be a Trojan Horse bearer this Vicar of God that he claims to be.

ASIA :  Most of all about the Russian Bear, Vladimir Putin, the opening act of Ezek. 38 Gog/Magog War for sure.

1.  We all see on the news, within 24 hours after the 4th and Final BBM departs how our Omnipotent Lord is meting out His judgement starting with, and why not, the most dreadful, yet most powerful man on the planet, Vladimir Putin.

2.  He starts out Sept. 25, calling Obama to “stop dithering and fight”.  Meaning ISIS of course.  Well there’s a win for Putin right there just when he called no action Jackson at the White House.

3.  Next day, Sept. 26, tells world : “We will not rule out air strikes in Syria in support of Pres. Assad’s forces.

4.  Next day, Sept. 27, Iraq slams door on Obama, shares all its intelligence and security info with Putin on ISIS.

5.  Next day, Sept. 28, BBM shining bright bright red around most of the world, a medium rank Russian General literally storms into the US Embassy in Baghdad.  Says very little, didn’t need to say much : “We are launching Syrian air strikes in 1 hour.  Stay out of the way”.  Abedee, abedee, abedee, WHAT!!

6.  BOOM BOOM. just like that, Russian jet fighters are bombing ISIS, they’re bombing the American Syrian rebels, they’re bombing anything and everyone everywhere.  Friends, let’s put this lightning move into perspective : Putin is the luckiest man in the world with Obama these past 6 and 3/4 years as our “slo-mo” Pres. can’t seem to leave his “fantasy land vacation” as Pres.  Putin saw a vacuum in the Middle East and pounced on it.  He’s a “strong and aggressive pitbull.  Obama is a weak and retreative poodle.”

Putin confers military strategy with Iran, Syria, and Iraq.  Obama confers with John Kerry as so many Pentagon and military Generals are absolutely either so frustrated on US strategy, or, gees, they just simply quit!!

7.  Three of US’s top,top 5 star Generals turn in resignations in Sept.  (Gen. Ordenaro, something like that, Gen. Allen, Gen. Dempsey).

8.  It’s OK, Numb Numb Kerry’s still there who last week, called the invasion an “opportunity for peace”.  Midweek, Kerry says : “We would like Russia to join our 60 nation coalition”.  WOW, that’s an honor.  And on Oct. 1, Kerry warns Russia of “”grave concerns if Russia hits anyone other than ISIL”.  Oh, go break a leg!!

9.  Simply, Russia is there to “prop” up the Syrian Gov’t.  This act along has exploded the coming prophetic Gog War into Hi-gear.  Very correlative scriptures : Russia has 2 coalition partners so far : Iran and Iraq, the US/UN deadly duo has 60 and they ask : as in Ezek. 38:13 : “Art thou come to take a spoil”.  Yes they have come to take 2 spoils :  a) establish a dominating and fearful strategic foothold about the Middle East, and, b)  as only God knows if it’s days, weeks, or months, Russia’s coalition will only continue to grow and as Ezek. 38: 16 : “And thou shalt come up against My people of Israel as a cloud to cover the land”.

10.  If you could refresh your thoughts with Ezek. 38,39, you will surely witness Bible prophecy speed forward 2,700 years as fast as Putin’s lightning speed into Syria is absolutely prophetic.  As once almighty great America watches from a “prison”.   And remember the dark gray scaffold shroud is still imprisoning our Nation’s Capital.  Friends, this is a harbinger transitioning to judgement.  No wonder America is absent from the Bible.


1.  Remember, Iran’s top General Suleman, went to Russia last month to visit Putin.  Well, here we are today, Iran has flooded every single neighbor of Israel with military weapons.

2.  And this week, with 2,100 military Quds fighters, their best, are now in the Golan Heights border with Israel.


1.  Not the 200 million army yet from the East in Rev. 9:16, but just look how centralized the world is for a war contagion to catch fire : Chinese envoys to visit Syria this week.  They’re not going to talk how to grow Chinese brown rice.  Yesterdays OMENS are today’s JUDGEMENTS.


1.  Country is simply imploding.  Taliban take back largest city in the North, Kunduz, several villages.  US, just like with Russian invasion, is speechlessly caught off guard again.  And again, and again.  What else but Gen. 12:3 : “I’ll bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you”.  Oh what a web our White House has woven when we turn our backs against Israel.  Oh, by the way, this also occurred 24 hours after the Lord’s Final Blood Moon said good bye and His vengeance said hello.


1.  What else can you possible say here.  It appears the entire EU is literally frozen on Greece, their United States of Europe resolutions, the EU banking and stock markets crisis, everything but the refugee mega-crisis.

2.  EU is 100.000% consumed with the 600,000 migrant Muslim refugees that have crossed over.  Absolutely no end in sight to this horrific, yet very sad story, hemorrhaging everywhere within and between  countries.  Absolutely overwhelmed.

3.  Biggest mess is rights and fighting between Muslims and Christian refugees held in camps.  EU nations, strapped with understaffed police/military personnel are forced to split the refugees up and house separately.

4.  Oh Russia aggression, only French President Hollande warns Putin to air strike ISIS only.  All other leaders petrified, waiting to see Russia’s next move.


1.  NASA Scientists disclose to the world on Yom Kippur, the 4th BBM date, that liquid water now lives on Mars.

2.  They are now deducing that with atmosphere (air) plus now water, means there may be life on Mars, alien and or animal.  Friends, remember the Vatican’s Lucifer telescope set up outside Tucson, Arizona is earnestly scoping this out as they believe alien life there exists.  And remember Pope Francis in 2014 said : “Even Martians should be welcomed to be baptized as well”.  Friends, this disclosure is surely a candidate to fit with 2 Thes. 2:11 to explain away the Rapture several Bible Prophecy experts are buzzing about : “And for this cause, God shall send them (left behinders) STRONG DELUSION that they should believe a lie”.

3. Again, on EXACT day of Yom Kippur eve Sept. 27-28 these earthquakes hit America : 4.2 magnitude in Nevada, New York (of all places) had a 3.0, a 2.8 to 4.2 swarm of earthquakes in Northeast Calif., 3.4 North Arizona plus a volcanic eruption, 4.9 in Baja.

4.  Largest sinkhole in Australia ever, in Queensland, a mega sinkhole swallows up an entire campsite, including campers’ vehicles. (No deaths).

5.  Fairbanks, Alaska, on Sept. 26, had 6.7″ of SNOW.  On Oct. 1st, had 11.2″ snow. Previous record 0.8 snow in 1 day.  Take that Global Warming One World Gov’t. “Nimrodions”.

6. Just before the Pope spoke on Climate Change at the UN, how fitting, a “6.6” magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia.

7.  If you Google or look up in the dictionary the meaning of the present gigantic Hurricane sweeping up our East Coast, JOAQUIN, it is Spanish and the Hebrew word for this is : “Raised or lifted up by Yahweh”.  OOOKAY!!  Something to ponder, very intriguing.  So let’s watch the effects of flooding from Joaquin this week.  Again no COINCIDENCE, SCHMOINCIDENCE here, this is our Creator at work because the world has  biffed Him and His Son.

8.  Best for last : On my website homepage and on the lighter side, please click on Facebook.  Front and center or scroll down very little, you will see a photo of the world with the Lord’s Star of David scribed over it.  Just look at the 4 red endpoints dots and the 2 yellow ones.  The red dots are the best view points on the earth of each BBM eclipse and the yellow ones are the 2 Solar eclipses in 2015, again where the 2 dots signify the best view of each on the earth.  I’m only as good as you on discovering this Heavenly sign as to it’s validity with NASA.  If this is so, it is absolutely another astounding omen from our Lord of how remarkably close we are to the Edge of Time.  Oh come quickly Lord Jesus.


Friends we are now in dark days, unchartered waters, on thin ice.  Our Lord’s last big dosage shot of Heavenly Signs are now gone.  Although no more of these BBMs  signs in our lifetime, it feels rather dark and eery, kind of like He has left this world out in the cold after the much hyped Rapture non-event came and went in September.  Praise the Lord that we who seek Him, know better, and will not fear : Hebrews 13:5 : “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee”.  And specifically for Israel : 2 Chron. 6:6 : “I have chosen Jerusalem that my name might be there…”.  To fill the VOID of these unprecedented BBMs, He is now doling out His judgement in such a fitting and timely fashion as only He can orchestrate.  The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh someone said.  Just look at the world muck we are in, just 24  hours after the final BBM ever.  So now the final Jubilee ever is upon us.  May we WATCH and PRAY what comes now.  Whatever it will be, it will be fast. Prayerfully, see Rev. 3:11 : “Behold, I come quickly”.  Until next time, may God Bless You very much.  See you soon UP THERE where we belong.  1 Thes. 5:4  “But ye brethren, are not in darkness that that day should overtake you as a thief”.  Paul Grevas