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Welcome.  Is it any wonder in the slightest that this DARK WORLD, after the recent Blood Moon warnings and omens, is now but a WET HOUSE OF CARDS?  Although the much prayerfully awaited glorified sensation of the Rapture has yet to occur for us who love our Lord Jesus Christ, what do we do in this satanically turbo charged world.  Here’s what we SHOULD NOT do : We must not feel despondent, discouraged, alone, adrift, in the middle of nowhere.  Here’s what we SHOULD do : So simple, and I must admit, for a week after Tabernacles I was shaken as many were after the non-event, but no more : WE CONFIDENTLY WAIT, WE WATCH, WE PRAY.  Yes, we just WAIT and WAIT and WAIT for His return for us as per Hebrews : 13:5 : “…I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee”.  And knowing 1 Thes. 5:4 : “But ye brethren are not in darkness, that that day shall overtake you as a thief” and Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God…”, and Luke 21:28: “When these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up…”.  WOW, that’s an arsenal of Heavenly fire power to know that His return is most imminent.  Just look around, is not this world too far gone to salvage?  The pile of rotten apples just gets rottener.  WHY?  Well just look at the events this past week that may pique your interest that the prophetic end of days are now here in the Lord’s Final Jubilee, of Gen. 6:3,  which is the encore presentation of the 4 Blood Moons not “omen style”, but “judgement style”.  May you also view Rapture website for several prophetic events this past week.  SO LET’S GO :


1.  How prophetic is this :  The bulk of Matthew 24:7 where “nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom ” is happening today, Oct. 19th, specifically within a 200 mile radius of where our Lord and Savior was born in Bethlehem, and died in Jerusalem.

2.  Are harbingers being reborn since Tabernacles for the 3rd Intifada uprising, which killed 4,409 Palestinians and 1,271 Israelis, in 1987-93 and 2000-05 in the  1st and 2nd ones?

3.  PALESTINIAN SIDE :  a)  Although this current violence has a spate of individual “lone wolf” attackers, all three are identical as to their motives : They say the Jews have a devious plan to destroy the Al Asqa Mosque, which is 100% unequivocally false, Jewish Settlements unceasing , and the lack of will from either side to produce a 2-State-Solution as talks are moribund and vacant.  b)  Palestinians claim self defense for stabbings, killings of Jews – yeah with knives, machetes, hatchets, axes, screwdrivers, potato peelers, rocks, glass, bricks has now spread like the plague thru out Israel.  c)  They say Israel is currently digging under the Mosque to destroy it.  d)  Hamas’ new venue :  in the South they say it’s “ripe” for another uprising; join in with  the West Bank Palestinian clashes, 1st merger of the two fighting side by side since 2006.  e)  Several media : “Jews are destroying the Mosque.  The Mosque is in danger.  You must take up arms to defend it from the Jews, whatever the cost”.  f)  Circulate videos in West Bank titled : “How to stab a Jew” and several schools participate with their students to do the same.  g)  President Abbas’ deceptive rhetoric : “Israeli actions are threatening to spark a religious conflict that will burn everything “.  h)  He accuses Israel of carrying out “summarily executing of our children in cold blood”.  i)  Also, “armed attacks against Israelis go against Palestinian interests…”.  j)  Also, “Violence is not in the Palestinian interests…”.  Oh dear Lord what is this possessed man saying?  k)  Also, a 3rd Day of Rage was declared Oct. 16.  Usually there’s only one per year, NAKBA.  This is serious stuff.  Well, I say Isaiah 31:5 : “As birds flying, so will the Lord defend Jerusalem and deliver it and preserve it”.

4.  ISRAELI SIDE :  a)  All of Israel on high alert.  b)  3,500 Reservists called up last week, this week 1,400 more police called up.  c)  Bibi orders all Jewish, Arab, Muslim politicians and ministers from visiting the Temple Mount, including entire Knessett, things are so bad.  d)  Bibi cancels hi-level security meeting with Angela Merkel  in Germany due to chaos.  e)  For first time ever in 2,000 years of Christianity, Israeli Christians spearheading public rallies in Jerusalem to “support” Jewish sovereignty of the Temple Mount.  f)  12,000 Jews entered Temple Mount last year with limits on prayer time.  This year 12,000 already in 9 months.  Muslims are going ballistic despite their 4 million entering annually, let alone unlimited prayer time.  g)  Bibi to Abbas : “You must stop this wild and mendacious incitement causing this wave of terror”.  As Israel has bona fide evidence of Muslims packing in explosives, molotov cocktails, etc. into the Mosque, detonating them and blaming Israel – and the world is literally SUCKING IT UP that Israel is precipitating the clashes and turning the Mosque into a battlefield.  h)  Bibi installs new police directives for police on knife wielding attackers : “Shoot now and negotiate later”.  i)  Israel no longer returns the bodies of slain Muslim attackers to be sent back home for their incituous burial parades for martyrs and for attacker’s homes to be destroyed in less time than in the past, now 72 hours.  Can you only imagine, unfortunately how this will surely incite much more blood?  It’s all no win no win for anybody, friends , till Jesus comes back.  j)  Friends, have you seen the smoke and violence and rubble and devastation going on in Bethlehem on TV?  It  is absolutely insane.  And where Jesus was born no less.  UGGHHH!!!.  k)  New access to Temple Mount for Muslims is now limited only to men over 40.  Yep, another necessary element to lower the violence.  Unfortunately, this may fizz, as I see trouble here also,  but what can Israel do?  193 of 193 nations have rebuked her, and 9 Human Rights groups and several media sources have the bitter gall to say they are “concerned of the Israeli fire-arms that are killing Palestinians”.  Absolutely Yishh!!  Yes, friends, to the world, Israel is the sole pariah nation on earth.  L)  Bibi flat out vehemently rejects the French proposal to send in international troops to quell the violence.  Also, chastises demonic UNS Council for not mentioning even one bitty iota of the Palestinian incitement or terror stabbings as their only call on all this mayhem mess is to merely “internationalize the Holy Sites”.  m)  Another Bibi plea to Abbas : “Stop your lying and stop your inciting”.  Friends, all this, in 1 month, started on Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 13, and there are 44 Palestinians dead and 9 Israelis dead.  All because of the “old hatred” and  “perpetual hatred”of Ezek. 25:15 and 35:5, respectively, where Abraham choose Izaac over Ishmael, the patriarch wild man of Gen. 16:12.

5.  OTHER :

1.  And why not, on God’s timing with everything else : Israel discovers a gigantic oil field on the Golan Heights.  Syria now claims it too,  My goodness, no wonder Russia (Gog) now, 70 miles from the site of Armagedon, in Megido, has a “hook in the jaw” to lure them to the promised land (Ezek. 38:4).  God is sooo AWESOME to show us this today.

2.  And old Rabbi Vaknin’s latest vision Oct. 12 : “The judgement has come.  It’s here”.  This, after his vision in August warned of “imminent war coming to Israel” and KABOOM!!  3 weeks later Russia is massively full blown now in Syria.  Also, if you read my article on him in August where he fainted in Elijah’s cave, where he said “There are going to be people dying in the streets, thousands of people all over Israel”.  And now friends HERE WE ARE.

U. S. A.  :  OBAMA AND WHITE HOUSE :  First and foremost, I wish our delusional leader was simply a librarian in a small city, where he would cause no problems.  Why?

1.  He calls the Israeli/Pal. conflict “random acts of violence”, as if they’re traffic violations.  What a disgusting full betrayal of a remark this is to equate to this fanatical creed of Muslim hatchet and ax wielders who glorify Israeli murders, whatever their age or sex.  Friends,  get this : Obama hates Israel, he hates Christians, he hates America, heck, he’s ruined America for his pernicious demonic goals.  And when does he EVER talk about Jesus Christ?

2.  With Russian aggression in Syria and Iraq, he has willfully stood out of the way to enable Russia to run their proxy war unfettered and emerge as the unconditional super power in the Middle East.

3.  He’s deliberately forced the failure of training the Syrian Rebels and pulled the plug on them as well as running a “liar’s campaign and war” on ISIS by “plincking”  off an ISIS vehicle here and there once or twice a week, or a hay barn in an empty field.

4.  Has enabled Russia to run rough-shod at their pleasure as his confused Pentagon acts mystified as a deer in the headlights when Russian jets destroy the U.S. fed “main” Syrian Rebel weapons storage compound.

5.  The U.S. has been fighting ISIS for 20 months and all their damage inflicted on ISIS is dwarfed by Russian military might in 2 & 1/2 weeks.  Thanks Obama, our friends around the world totally distrust us now and enemies really hate us even more knowing they can now go after us more aggressively.  Oh what a web does he weave when all he does is practice to deceive.

6.  And as the Russian Bear comes by LAND, by AIR, and by SEA, Sec. of Defense Ashton Carter says : “Russia is wrapping itself in a shroud of isolation….We believe Russia is making the wrong strategy….We’re watching them closely….This is increasingly unprofitable behavior…”.  Ohhh, I just want to squeeze the juice out of a petrified orange on his words.  UGGHHH!!

7.  Asked on “60 Minutes” Obama’s definition of leadership, he “squeaked” : “My definition of leadership is Climate Change”.  On who’ll ever beat ISIS : “I am convinced the community of nations will defeat ISIS…Russia, Iran, ISIS are all less dangerous than Climate Change”.  Darn liar.  Yes, Obama, the magician of absolute abysmal rhetoric has hit rock bottom, totally detached from reality, and the world knows it.

8.  Obama is 6 for 6, good batting average in the baseball playoffs today.  Our military Generals, 0 for 6, bad batting average for keeping more troops in the Middle East.  Last week Obama won #6 as now 5,500 troops only to stay in Afghanistan.  Generals all asked for minimum of present 10,000.  And on decision on Fox News speech, he said : “I, AS YOUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF….have decided on 5,500…”.  WOW!! Now that’s a warm cozy feeling of security.  That last quote just made me sick, who does he think he is….?

9.  Obama releases 6,000 U.S. Federal criminals in Oct.  and takes credit for most “sanctuary cities” for illegal criminals in U.S. history, 340 of them.

10. Has set in motion the creation of a “Global Police Force” at the UN and also a “Strong Cities Network”  just for America.  Says : “We cannot continue to rely on our military for National Security.  We need a Civilian National Security Force just as powerful.  Obama has Dept. of Justice create a Federal Domestic Terror Division which will “legally and politically” prosecute Libertarians, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, and incarcerate them as it deems necessary.  And soon, you and me, save the Lord prayerfully takes us “outta here” soon.  Friends, this is “GONG” time for Christians who love Jesus as this will surely be one of America’s duties in the coming One World Gov’t. which starts Jan. 1, 2016.

11.  Now Obama hires another transgender person.  This one to be Recruitment Director for White House staff.  What can I say?

12.  Obama deceives and sabatoges FBI, as he defies FBI’s  intensive investigation authenticity on Hillary’s emails.  FBI absolutely appalled.

13.  Finally, under Obama, have you noticed EVERYWHERE he’s helped Islam Jihad topple secular autocrats (Saddam Hussein, etc.) in the name of “Democracy and Freedom” where indigenous Christian minorities are forced to convert to Islam or die.  Friends, the U.S. has had “it’s own” 7 year  Great Tribulation already so to speak, under the shrouds of this deplorable White House.


1.  Associated Press, media giant, : “Those who reject climate change…., are like a Holocaust denier”.  Now they’ve gone GAGA!!

2.  Franklin Graham launches National Biblical Principals Prayer rally at State Capitals, Jan. 5, 2016 in Iowa, Jan. 12th, Florida, Jan. 13, Louisiana, 19th New Hampshire 25th…to address America’s moral and spiritual irreversible decay.

3.  Los Angeles has 46,000 homeless, all-time high.

4.  Ben Carson : “the apocalypse could be right around the corner” when asked by Sheryl Atkinson on his feelings for the present state of this world.

5.  Sec. Treasury Jack Lew, “distant uncle of Grinch’s Cindy Lew Who”, in all seriousness says debt limit will be exhausted Nov. 3rd.  And Republicans have done “SQUAT”.

6.  Bank home repossessions from foreclosures increase 66% from last year.  As in quagmire subprime mortgage financial chaos in 2008. Also, this time, world debt has sky rocketed by a factor of 4:1 worldwide as emerging markets absolutely inundated in debt and cheap quantitative easing money and credit.  Just 1 little match, friends, and KAPOW, Jonathan Cahn’s Shemitah tidal wave of a tsunami is here.

7.  Add in a Fed rate hike and the IMF’s sweet loving smell of the Chinese yuan to replace the world-hated ultra expensive dollar and we have the recipe for a Swiss-cheese-smorgasboard of a Global Financial calamity.

Friends, remember Charles Dicken’s book Tale of Two Cities, chapters “Knitting” and “Still Knitting”.  Well this world is “Still Knitting” and about to be hit by a mighty Jubilee filled Titanic.  And with the Jubilee Year every 50 years which is more powerful than 7 Shemitah 7 year cycles combined.  Maybe, just maybe that’s why everybody, even Jonathan Cahn, thought that economic collapse in the 7th year of a Shemitah cycle would crash us.  Well, how about Lev. 25:21,22 where the Jubilee year absolutely TRUMPS the 7th Shemitah year.  To put this into perspective, Elul 29, 2015, last month emphatic no, nothing happened to world markets imploding.  BUT, Elul 29, 2016, ie. on Oct. 2nd, 2016, EMPHATIC YES on God’s Global Financial vengeance on world markets.  WE WAIT, WE WATCH, WE PRAY.

ASIA :  RUSSIA :   Very simply:  Russia is flexing it’s mighty muscles, post Iran Deal, by putting on a display of firepower that is shocking the world.

1.  Russia’s own version of shock and awe and their brutal efficiency of their airstrikes against ISIS and U.S. backed Syrian rebels is absolutely astounding.

2.  Shame on you Mr. Obama pussy footing around and stiffing American public that your bombing campaign in Syria has been a success, plinking a tank here and there whenever the urge hits.  Great shame on you and all your daily whining on your successful pinpricks.

3.  French news wire : “Russia’s lightning invasion is the start of WWIII”,  as all of Syria and yes, ISIS, are in total disarray.

4.  Actually, despite ISIS’ doubling in growth under Obama’s watch, now has 800 fighters estimated killed and almost 1,600 have defected via panic and desertion.

5.  Iraq is so impressed they’ve asked Russia to “come on down” and do double-ditto against ISIS.  They also want 3,500 advisers out of the way.

6.  Great example of Putin the pit-bull and Obama the poodle : On Oct. 6th, Russia fired 112 missiles at ISIS targets and U.S. had 13, and 4 of the 13 returned with a “full payload”, that is they didn’t drop any bombs.  WHEW!!  Move over rover!!

7.  Russia also sends in their top elite and well trained and extremely aggressive Special Ground Forces, SPOTSNA2, to hunt down and wipe out ISIS ground forces in 30 days.  Like our Green Berets and Navy Seals.

8.  These fighters destroyed 20 ISIS tanks in city of Palmyra in 1 day.  The U.S. and it’s proud 60 nation coalition couldn’t wipe out even ONE.  Palmyra, you may have seen on TV was home to all kinds of idols and artifacts and statues that ISIS pulverized.

9.  Did you know Russia has now sent in 150,000 troops.

10.  That’s by LAND, by AIR, and now by SEA : Russia successfully fires 26 cruise missiles on ISIS targets from the Mediterranean Sea as Obama goes to Oregon same day to talk “gun control” politics, says SQUAT of shooters killing motive : “Are you a Christian”, then jets off to San Francisco for a fundraiser, then spends “unknown to media even” 3 vacation days in San Diego.  Hope he got his golf game in as missiles were flying across the other side of the world.  $4.45 million by the way has been spent by taxpayers dollars for his “gotta have” vacations in times of world turmoil.  Well break my brains!!

11.  Putin is such a hero now in the Middle East, that Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudis, Gulf states have thousands of posters, cards, billboards of Vladimir Putin.  Even lined up in lines to kiss his poster on walls.  Eat your heart out Obama.  Friends, in perspective Russia’s strategy to secure the corridor from Damascus to Aleppo, the 2 main air bases, the naval base, and the Mediterranean shores is alive and well for a future date with Israel soon.


1.  Oh boy, now China sends a warship to the Mediterranean Sea with an aircraft carrier following it.

2.  First ever, you economists know this will absolutely crush the dollar as now the biggest buyer of U.S. Treasuries, China starts dumping over $400 billion in last 5 months, $123 billion last month alone.  I’m going nuts wondering how long it will now take for U.S. markets to crash.  Not long, as this China move was “the canary in the coal mine” to destroy the dollar.  Let’s just watch this one.

3.  Chinese military accuses U.S. of “ceaseless provocations” in the South China Sea.  Says China is ready to “launch counter-measures according to U.S. level of provocations”.


1.  Syrian army and Pres. Assad celebrate as they’ve had the greatest military successes against Syrian U.S. backed Rebels since the war began 4 and 1/2 years ago and now have turned the tide.  Just grab on to Russia’s coat-tails everybody.  The new kid on the block is here and he’s ferocious.  Ezek. 38:7 : “Be thou prepared, thou and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them”.  Friends, if you know of anyone disputing the fact that we are in the early stages of the Gog/Magog War of Ezek. 38,39, PLEASE TELL THEM TO READ THESE 2 CHAPTERS, if they’re still “scoffers” as in Peter’s scripture, then tell them to go watch a “RERUN cartoon” of  Elsa and Anna in FROZEN.


1.  They lie, the deaths from stampedes at the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca was 1,399, not 769.

2.  Saudi’s cease 2 Iranian vessels loaded with weapons bound for Yemen to fight Saudis for Iran’s retribution on over 400 of their pilgrimage citizens who died in Mecca.  In “normal times” this would be tantamount to a Declaration of War.


Well it finally happened.  Scores of children from the Fukushima Nuclear plant/tsunami explosion in 2011 are dying of throat cancer, no cure.


As if they needed it in Syria, Iran now publicly admits it too has sent thousands of troops North of Damascus, to Aleppo, #2 city, to squash U.S. backed Syrian Rebels.  Good bed buddy, huh, Barack Obama for your Deal from Hell.  Ezek. 38:5, okay, now Persia has arrived for Israel.

Friends, surely you get it.  The unprecedented Blood Moons provided the omens and the warnings.  Now everything I’ve just written here on ASIA has erupted the exact day, exact day I tell you, Sept. 29th, after the 4th Blood Moon Sept. 28th.  What an absolutely magnificent and awesome God we have to witness His glory here.  Yes, we are on the Edge of Time.  We, us, this generation, today Oct. 19th, 2015, are watching the Gog/Magog war begin in front of our eyeballs.  We gotta get with it, it seems so far fetched when all we ever used to do all our Biblical life was read about GOG.  Just WOW!!

POPE FRANCIS :  Pope overtly goes out of his way as he loves and promotes Climate Change and Muslims, yet willingly either sidesteps with silence Jesus or outright demeans Him :

1.  Pope lavished his exposure to the world as he “ginned-up” this lost flock of 7 billion people to accept need for Climate Change, ie. TROJAN HORSE for the ONE-WORLD-GOV’T.  I admit, it was quite difficult to bypass his sweet, gentle, papal smile and loving soft-spoken voice and gestures on his recent U.S. tour.

2.  Says : “God will judge you whether you cared for the earth and also, an International Climate Change Treaty is a grave, ethical, and moral responsibility”.

3.  WOW!!  Does he ever love and defend Muslims : a)  “Muslims are a religion of faith and peace”.  b) “I cordially thank you all dear friends belonging to all religious traditions, first of all the Muslims who worship the One God, living and merciful”.  c)  And how about that : “The spiritual teachings contained in the Koran are just as valid as the Holy Bible and should be respected as such”.  d)  Not too bad to garner the back of 1.6 billion Muslims.  Add 1.2 billion Catholics and you get 40% of the world behind you in whatever you do in Rev. 13.

4.  a)  His quote from his gospel reading this past week :  “When the devil numbs your conscience, he has won”.  Friends, perfect absolutely perfect quote from Pope Francis’ mouth where he could have so so so easily interjected the power and glory that Jesus could do here for us to overcome the devil.  Think about it.  And he said SQUAT.  An absolute double-ditto of silence of Jesus to Congress visit last month.  b)  And forever, true colors of Pope Francis, never ever forget his innate stamp on humanity in this final generation : “Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross”.

5.  This quote from the Pope puts all the above into perspective, a most foreboding perspective that will surely facilitate the coming of Jacob’s Trouble preceded by the ONE-WORLD-ORDER, “We can accomplish miraculous things in the world by merging our faiths and the time for such a movement is now”.  Again friends, where’s Jesus from this “religious figure’s” mouth the most popular, well-loved man on earth. Has he not read 1 Timothy 2:5 : “For there is One God, and One Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus”.  Friends, Pope Francis is all about Rev. 13:11 : “And I beheld another beast come out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon”.


1.  The migrant madness continues, drowns out literally all other EU Gov’t. political, economic, monetary functions.

2.  Hungary seals all borders crossings permanently.  EU irate.

3.   Germany’s Angela Merkel approval rating hits rock bottom, 38%, even Obama’s = 47%.  All due to her soft stance on the refugee crisis as she says : “We can manage up to 1,000,000 this year”.

4.  And remember,  70% of the refugees are young Islamic unwed males 18-35 years old.  Dear Lord, no wonder ISIS is all over social media expounding that the Islamic Caliphate of Europe is here.



1.  Oct. 15, swarm of 24 earthquakes, largest a 3.2 magnitude, jolt San Ramon area in East Bay part of California in 20 hours.

2.  And exactly the same day, the strongest quake ever in Oklahoma, a 4.6 magnitude near Cushing, Okla.  Oklahoma now has surpassed 700 quakes in only 9 & 1/2 months in 2015, most ever on record for greater than a 3.0 magnitude for ANY state in America.  Note, all of 2009 had a mere 20.  No COINCIDENCE, SCHMOINCIDENCE, :  God is talking. That exact same day, the Great California Shakeout began to remind all citizens to bring “earthquake preparedness” to the forefront.  (All 50 states had it).

VOLCANOES : There are now 32 actively erupting volcanoes in the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, never so many at one time.

SPACE :  Now NASA has detected blue sky and water-ice on Planet Pluto.  Only 2 weeks ago, water discovered on Mars.  HMMM!!.  This sounds freaky as the Vatican and NASA scientists are working in tandem with the gigantic Lucifer telescope searching for observations in space located outside Tucson, Arizona, in hopes of discovering alien life travelling to and fro from the Universe to Earth.

DROUGHT :  Largest city in the World, Sao Paulo, Brazil, is suffering thru it’s 2nd back to back driest seasons on record as reservoirs are at 12% of capacity in Oct.  Tremendous hardships for 20.5 million people.  Again, God is talking loudly.

HURRICANES :  Remnants of hurricane OHO batter even the “in lands” of S.E. Alaskan coast, this is extremely rare for a Hurricane to go so far inland, and for this one to go so far inland was unprecedented.

MUDSLIDES :  As you saw, North of Los Angeles, Californians are STUCK in MUCK of MUDD!! 3 Dead.


1.  Obama’s ex-Pastor Jeremiah Wright just said at a rally Oct. 12 : “Jesus was a Palestinian”.

2.   The largest satanic church in America, is outside Houston.  Greater Church of Lucifer has a grand opening with several super-satanic idol statues of Lucifer inside, plus all the decorations.  And now satan’s infiltrating the great God-loving state of Texas. Say it ain’t so, Texas is such a Christian state.  But it is.  He is everywhere these final days on this earth.  Eph. 6:12 : “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness…”.

3.  Never forget Obama’s White House arrogantly flaunting grave sin of the rainbow right smack in God’s face as it is now a commonly accepted  symbol in this ever increasing gay world.

4.  World’s first Lesbian Bishop orders the church to remove all signs of the cross and replace with workings showing arrows directing to Mecca.  Yeah, Muslim Mecca where 1,400 Allah worshipers stampeded to death.  Again God is talking.  Mark 10 : 6-8 : “From creation God made them male and female and for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife.  And they twain shall be one flesh…”.

5.  How satanically bizarre, UK scientists claim they can change a Christian’s belief to deny God with magnets, yes magnets that alter brain functions.

6.  The 3rd baby in 3 months dies after purposely being tossed by parent outside a New York window.

7.  In Ohio, deadly Halloween prank : Usually scarecrows made of hay strapped to fence posts out in the fields, workers now discover the body of a dead woman hung on a fence post.  This is not a prank this is murder.

8.  Both parents of a teenager savagely beat to death their own teenage son in a church family counciling session and savagely beat up younger son. 2 Timothy 3: 1.3 : “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come…lovers of their own selves,…false accusers, fierce, despisers…”.   Oh yeah, last days, yeah, we’re there.

9.  Zombicon party in Miami was going great until a perverted shooter entered killed one and injured five.  Satan must have liked this one.


Friends, as you  know, this writer is just supplying you the facts what’s going on prophetically.  I provide statistical analysis as needed.  All the above are true actual events that have speeded up the Lord’s time-clock countdown.  If anyone ever tells you that things will straighten out soon and be back to normal, they are either delusional or they just do not want Jesus to return.  So plain, so simple.  You just can’t make the above stuff up.  Add it up.  We are there.  WAIT, WATCH, PRAY.  Job 19:25 : “For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth”.  Friends, we, remember the first, last, and only unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons filled with signs and omens have just completed their story.  There will not be anymore Heavenly guidance from them.  (See Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Charts above).  And now it’s Judgement time Rev. 22:20 : “He which testifieth these things saith, surely I come quickly, Amen”.  And just like that BOOM, the Bible ends.  May God Bless you and yours very much to be with Jesus always.