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Welcome and you betcha, this truly is a most warm and cozy wonderful and beautiful time of the year.  As it should be, every Christmas season.   With that said, there is one carnal caveat that keeps lurking more and more these festive days.  And that is the reality of the current prophetic events of our God’s judgements blasting to this earth in buckets in this Jubilee year.

My goodness, when in your lifetime have you ever witnessed this spate of prophetic events all converging at the same time : Such DECEPTION from our White House, the Russian/Putin monster machine, the more and more escalation of stabbings of Jews by Palestinians, the worldwide isolation of Israel is methodically marching forward from Zech. 12:9, our DECEPTIVE WHITE HOUSE, Radical Islamic terror proliferating unabatedly all over the planet, the Muslim migrant mayhem, more WHITE HOUSE DECEPTION, the big lie delusion of Climate Change, Turkey is gobbling, ISIS is rampant, Syria, 300,000 dead and counting, the soft U.S. economy that just does not amp up, even at zero interest rates and of course more and more WHITE HOUSE DECEPTION.

I’m sorry I mention this word deception 4 times.  However, Jesus did likewise 4 times also in Matthew 24 and I can surely see why, 2,000 years later, it’s never been so evil at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in D.C.

All these events must surely be disconserting this Holiday season.  It’s as if, well, what’s gonna happen next to ransack Christmas’s joy and love and thankfulness to our Lord and our family?

Well how fitting is this? :  John 14:1 : “Let not your heart be troubled….”.  Now that’s the ultimate “warm and cozy” feeling, considering the source, our Almighty God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  And the more of these following prophetic events, there are, the merrier, as it just makes it one day closer to being with our Father and His Son, and maybe who knows, just possibly this Jubilee year as only God knows,  SO, LET’S GO :


Much prophetic news here as everybody on the planet is harassing Israel.  So what else is new you say?  JUST LOOK : ISRAEL vs. PALESTINE :

1.  Israel Defense Minister Ya’alon : “We don’t see any changes in this wave of terrorism, it is not dwindling or being curbed…we are prepared for an escalation…Palestinian Authority claims Israeli soldiers first kill their young Palestinians in cold blood and then plant knives in their hands afterwards”.  What heathen nut jobs they are.  Today, 22 innocent Israelis have died, 80 stabbings, 29 shootings and 10 car rammings.  Also 109 Palestinians killed since Sept. 15.  Friends, do you see it, this is the undeclared “3rd Intifada” in front of our eyes.  Remember the ultimate goal of Palestinians is not the Temple Mount – Al Asqa Mosque conflict, not the Settlement conflict, not nothing but the complete destruction of Israel, nothing more, nothing less, so black and white.  Ezek. 25:15 & 35: 5 : “Because the Philistines have dealt by revenge and have taken vengeance to destroy it for the old hatred….because thou hast had a perpetual hatred and shed the blood of the children of Israel….”.  Friends, this is 4,000 years of feud since Abraham, Izaac. and Ishmael, culminating in front of our eyes to witness.

2.  This is also why Palestinians repeatedly continues to burn down and destroy Joseph’s Tomb because his tomb is a sign from the Lord that Joseph would bring Jews to Israel.  And yes He did.  Thank you Lord.

ISRAEL vs. IRAN : Thousands of Iranian troops stage a “mock drill” siege of the Temple Mount and kill all “mock” Israeli troops protecting it.  Ha Ha Ha you Alice in Wonderland fantasisers.

ISRAEL vs. SYRIA : The Golan oil field find by Israel on the Israel/Syria border is 10 times the average world oil find, just as Deut. 33:19,24 prophecized.  Syria claims it’s theirs and will die for it.  Hello Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.

ISRAEL vs. KERRY : Kerry visits Bibi, they squabble, absolutely nothing accomplished.  Discouraged Kerry : “This conflict could spin out of control unless both sides make rapid compromises.  We are now at a critical point”.  Well, the white hot just got whiter and hotter.  When Kerry snitches these details to Jewish hater Obama, Obama will not be a happy camper.

ISRAEL vs. CNN : Liberal CNN sinks to a lower low, wipes the name of Israel off the map and replaces it with Palestinia in an article on ISIS hot spots.  UGGHHH, oh you CNN….

ISRAEL vs. WORLD MEDIA : Doesn’t any news media care about Israel anymore?  No, they’ve lost their moral compass.  Hope this will pique their attention before some college kid majoring in Journalism beats them to it and embarrasses them when a full blown war begins : Israel has twice struck their border with Syria and Lebanon in the last 10 days.  13 Hezbollah soldiers killed trying to maneuver into North Israel to carry out 2 terror attacks.  Can the world media goons leave the 24/7 Paris 8 terrorists news and discuss what devastation these “13” could have done in Israel, save for God’s Isaiah 54:15 : “Who so ever shall gather against thee shall fall for thy sake”.  World media, listen, it’s Psalms 83, it’s here, in in its infancy, but here.


1.  Entire world is in shock-mode after Paris attacks and the feckless UN’s #1 agenda last week discussed 20, I say “20” resolutions, all against Israel.  Most notably : a) The placing of the current Palestinian terror stabbings on Israeli provocation.  b)  Accusing Israel of changing the long standing status quo on the Temple Mount, despite Muslims can pray 24/7 there and Israel can  only visit on certain times no less, let alone not pray.  These blasted blithering blind bigots.  Someday they will all bow down before God and discuss a few issues of how they treat Israel.  Then KAPOW!!!  If they don’t repent soon.

2.  The slippery one, UN Sec. General Ban-Ki-Bad Moon Rising opens up the Paris Climate talks with a speech condemning “world” terrorism with a solemn recital of all the cities around the world who’ve undergone terror in 2015.  Yet he somehow leaves out 2 : Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  Thanks Ban-Ki-Bunko, but do you know that knife and machete and screwdriver and potato peeler wielding Muslims just may constitute terrorism too?


1.  Israel suspends EU’s role in all Peace Talks amid Bibi’s orders : “We will suspend all contacts with the EU on anything…we will only deal 1 on 1 with specific nations”.  His reason : EU considers Jewish Settlements occupied by Israel since 1967 to be illegal.  Consequently, last week EU now “labels” all goods produced by Jews in the Jewish Settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.  This is very bad for Jewish economy.  Not to worry though, Isaiah 27:6 : “Israel shall blossom and bud…”.

2.  Just like that, in Paris yesterday EU and top Mediator, Mongheri, something like that, : “The EU rejects this suspension…the EU will continue to solve the Israel/Palestinian conflict because it’s an issue for the entire international community and the EU is part of that”.  What a bold, brash woman !

3.  Bibi counters : “I will not transfer any terrority, not 40,000, not 30,000, not even 1 meter…”.

Two Israeli Sages and Mystic Rabbi Prophecy Messiah’s Return is now imminent :

1.  A  218 year old “closely regarded secret” has just been revealed by a great grandson of an exceedingly well respected Jewish Sage, Vilna Gaon, of this prophetic statement that would happen just before the Messiah appears : “When you hear the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, know that the times of the Messiah have started.  And when you hear the Russians have reached Constantinople, Turkey, put on your Shabbat clothes and don’t take them off. because the Messiah is about to come at any minute”.  Friends, this statement was authentically documented in 1797.  We are SOOO close.

2.  Also, in the 18th Century, Jewish Sage Ba’al Shem Tov : “When you see the Russian horse in Constantinople (Istanbul), you should know the Messiah is about to arrive…the Russians will  come, they will come and be together with the sons of Ishmael”.  As in Gen. 16:12 : “He will be a wildman….”.  As in Gog War of Ezek. 38.  As in JUST LOOK, JUST LOOK at Russia and Turkey today.  Do you see it?  In this Jubilee year, judgement is dripping on us all.

3. Mystic Rabbi Amram Vaknin, Nov. 20th, goes to Cave of Elijah, gets prophetic message from God: “The Jewish people have the power to stop the spilling of blood on the streets of Israel by coming closer to God”.  As in spilling of Jewish blood in todays stabbings.  As in Psalm 83 War is here.  As in the Rabbi’s message from in Acts 2:17 : “And it shall come to pass in the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams”.  Oh yeah, we’re there.

U.S.A. :

Where oh where does one begin with this most deceptive White House.  It’s so extreme it’s remarkably comical.


1.  “It’s hard to come up with a bigger problem than Climate Change”.  Friends, hereafter I’ll call it C.C.

2.  “The hour is almost upon us…global warming is swallowing up village and shore line”.

3.  “This is the moment we’ve finally decided to save our planet”. :  Oh illusory Lucy, go knit a sweater.

4.  Friends, I didn’t catch his word for word but he said Global Warming causes everything bad in this world like ISIS, Refugee crisis, Global terror, etc.  This was precisely the same remark Prince Phillip of the UK uttered also.

5.  “Our presence here today is a rebuke against terror”.  Just tell that to the injured and surviving family members of the Paris attack, they’ll slap your face.

6.  Obama tells Turkey “Seal your borders to Syria”.  Turkey responds “Seal your borders to Mexico”.  WOW, I loved that.

7.  “Russia will come around on Assad and Syria”. Yes mistro keep fiddling as Rome and the world burns.  What is time, Right!!  UGGHH.  In Malaysia : “My country will be a welcoming for millions fleeing violence as long as I’m President”.  WOW, 415 days left, way too many!

8.  In Turkey, speech where he goofed up so terribly, “Those who object to bringing in Syrian refugees must be bigots”.


1.  Jimmy Carter : “Obama is inept”.

2.  Liberal MSNBC man Joe Scarborough : “Obama is a petulant leader in the war on terror, he has a long way to go in waking up to this reality”.  BRAVO JOE.

3.  Dem. Senator Gabbart, Hawaii : “The U.S. and Russia are on a collision course and that could result in WWIII”.

4.  Dem. Diane Feinstein : “This ISIS threat has gone on too long now and it hasn’t gotten any better”.

5.  Mike Huckabee :”Why is our Pres. so unhappy when the U.S. does something good around the world…what country was he born in”?    Mike, I  know, and it’s not Hawaii.

6.  Mitch McConnell, Rep. Senate leader, warns world leaders in Paris not to trust Obama on anything he says on C.C.  WOW that’s very Big and very embarrassing and very truthful too.

7.  Hillary Clinton, a serial liar of a dignitary : “We can’t give into those who say we are at war with Islam”.  Also : “Muslims are peaceful, loving and tolerant people and have nothing to do with terrorism”.  90% spot on Hillary, it’s the other 10% you willfully missed.  So, that radical 10% kills, beheads, crucifies, tortures, sex slaves, etc.  Hillary, snap out of it! Do you think “ALL” Muslims live in a giant love commune.  Oh well, she’s a Clinton.

8.  Bernie Sanders said with a serious, stern face on Fox profoundly claimed that C.C. by itself “changes” Muslims into terrorists.  Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, what can I say???


1.  I’m no dignitary, but I believe in Jesus Christ and I surely ask for forgiveness of what I say on Obama, etc. but he is either evil or he lives in a diluted imagination of an arrogant fantasy land.  Frankly not much “occurs” to this guy.  I believe.  I also believe his actions on abortions, gays, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Israel actions are deliberately hateful and have been satanically inspired just for us to witness where we are “time wise” on our Lord’s clock.

2.   He’s the first President ever to cause French/US relations to “tilt” towards Russia’s.  Especially after his gobble gobble gulp gobble blunderous speech in Turkey where he vehemently shielded  ISLAM again from Paris terror.

3.  a)  Just as Obama doubled down on bringing in 10,000 Syrians, get this : Texas, Arizona, Costa Rica, and Honduras apprehend 24 Muslim illegals last week.  He’s always sticking his foot in his mouth with such perfect blab timing.  b)  Worse, under the radar did you know Obama has ALREADY authorized 680,000 Muslim green cards for Muslims to come over with 100%, I tell you 100%, free access to Health, Soc. Sec., Medicare, Education….ALL FREE.  So let’s pray the media stops squawking of 10,000 only.  Absolutely they’ve come undone, those deceptive jackals.

4.  Only 28% Americans believe Obama is right on bringing the refugees.

5.  In closing on the reckless actions of Obama, his mind is soiled in Saul Allinsky’s style of torpedoing a nation as he’s doing to America.  Please do not get blinded on the direction of doom we are now in with his and his White House crony’s inept and evil agenda.  Our White House is the optimum twister of truth for Americans as it is no longer the White House or any other house, but the devil’s house that has infiltrated these people unfortunately.  Remember Isaiah 45:7 : “I form the light and create the darkness, I make peace and create evil”.  Friends, it just so happens God Almighty has so timely created this evil White House for judgement for us to witness in these last days.


1.  U.S. Manufacturing and Commodities in recession.

2.  Black Friday Christmas sales “under whelming” by $1.1 billion.

3.  U.S. is now 18.8 trillion in debt.  When Obama took office in 2009, we were $10.8 trillion. Who’s to blame on the 8.0 trillion hemmorhage?  Well 1+1 = 2.  Right, Obama?

4.  How insane is this : U.S. Fed wants to raise interest rates Dec. 16th, entire world is still lowering rates.  This dichotomy of a collision will absolutely implode into a CATANGO-CONTAGION in global financial markets.  They won’t know which way to go, total chaos, 2 one-way streets, very bad.  No wonder Shemitah was delayed in Sept.  The jumbo Jubilee jamboree was God’s plan as we biffed Him in Lev. 26:16 and now,KABOOM.

5.  Only 27% of Millinneals go to church weekly and 67% of Christians believe there’s more than 1 way to God.  Not so, John 14:6 says Jesus, and only Jesus.

6.  75% of U.S. pilots absolutely frustrated with Obama’s protocol as Commander in Chief on when and when not to bomb ISIS.

7.  U.S. has 80 radicalized Mosques, most in Calif., Mich., Minnesota.

8.  28% of Americans fear our Gov’t. as #1 source of terror.  WOW!!

9.  China licenses 4.5 coal plants per day in 2015 and Obama is shutting ours down.  How high Electric Bills will now go Mr. Obama?  American’s strongest concerns : 24% terror, 21% economy….3% C.C. with Obama it’s 50% C.C. and 50% his legacy.

Friends, C.C. is a farce;  it’s a Trojan horse under the guise of C.C. for satan’s 1-World Order.  Honestly,  I’ve not lost my scruples, I promise you that, I just get so frustrated, but I know that God is in control.  Read the article below in the Earthquake, etc. category to verify for yourself.  And if that fails, how about Gen. 8:22 : “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, and cold and hot and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease”.  Hello Paris C.C. Conference, you’re playing a deceptive game with the world with 51 cards in your deck playing God on earth.


As the Pope’s rush to continue building his already daunting resume in order to remain front and center to garnish the role of the False Prophet of Rev. 13:11 : “…and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon”:

1.  He tells the faithful on his 3-nation African tour, first-ever Pope to this continent : “All Christians and all Muslims are brothers and sisters”.  This is honestly very good to say this if all Christians and all Muslims were “good”.  Sadly, this is not the case today for either.  Specifically, the small minority of Muslims that are “bad” and even less that condone barbaric torture and terrorism is very bad and therefore, not worthy of being anybody’s brother.  These radical Islamic butchers are a product of satan’s creation of Islam to destroy mankind just as God Almighty, the One and Only True God said in Gen. 16:12 : “And he (ie. Ishmael, Islam) will be a wild man, his hand will be against EVERY man, and every man’s against him, and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brothers”.  Spot on, Right!!

2.  Pope covers all his bases when he’s in Africa.  Has his #1 adviser, Cardinal “Peter” Turkson travel to Paris for Climate Change Conference with Pope’s firm instructions.  Come on now, this Cardinal, from the Vatican, to partake in economics and climatology formulation and decision-making with all the world’s leaders to produce Carbon emission standards worldwide.  Give me a break, can you not see the evil undertones of this Trojan horse gatherings of the 1-World Order under the veil of Climate Change.  Friends, this paves the way for the world’s elite to “straight jacket” 7 billion people.

3.   Cardinal Turkson also is told to galvanize the faithful to participate in favor of the Climate marches, 2,000 of them, going on throughout the world and to “let the Paris Climate Negotiators know that they need to hear the voice of God’s people”.  Friends, this WILL be a “GO” Jan. 1, 2016, implementation day, all about Rev. 13, 16-18.  Must watch this Trojan horse, it’s Bible prophecy exploding today.


1.  What else but the most profoundly metasticizing events in Europe since Adolph Hitler and that is the Muslim Refugee Crisis.  This Trojan horse is gobbling up Europe this Thanksgiving week.

2.  Germany’s Angela Merkel’s coalition sinks to an all-time low of 35%.  Surely this crisis is her “Death Knell” as she continues to support the addition of 1 million Muslims into Germany.

3.  Satan ruled Paris, Nov. 14, 2015 on THREE FRONTS, happening in abrupt order : a) First, it appears the Paris concert goers who went to see the band “Eagles of Death Metal” were part of a “TRIFECTA OF HORROR”.  Internet photos showed the mostly young adult satan inspired crowd revering satan himself with their emotions and hand and finger  adolations of him as the “band played on” with such songs titled : “Flames Go Higher, Speaking in Tongues, Already Died, Kiss the Devil…”.  Get the picture, this is no Crimson and Clover;   b)  Second, 8 Muslim savages murdered 130, and  87 from the aforementioned diabolic concert.  c)  Third, Al Gore, global warming lover, has Climate Change Support Rally directly under the Eiffel Tower in hopes of enhancing its earthly “goodness” was cancelled.  Surely, satan was  surely spreading his bloody tentacles this day as he has such little time left.  And to have these 3 BING BING BING events in a 24-hour period, just 2 weeks prior to the Nov 30th “dance with the devil” Climate Change Conference, ala 1-World Order of Rev. 13, 16-18,…well, you know what I say : COINCIDENCE, SHMOINCIDENCE.  This is Jubilee judgement days baby, blowing up before our sleepy eyes, TODAY!!

4.  Neutral Norway Not  Normal as they will accept NO MORE CHRISTIANS ASYLUM SEEKERS WHO WEAR “THE CROSS” so as not to offend the Muslim ones coming in.  And God said in Rev. 3 : 16 : “So then because thou art LUKEWARM, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth”.

5.  Jean-Claude-Juncker, most powerful person in Europe, the EU Commissioner : “The Euro will be jeopordized if its passport free travel zone unravels as more and more countries re-introduce border controls on refugees”.

6.  Macedonia becomes the 6th country in “1-month” to refuse Muslim refugees after Denmark became #5 last week.  WOW, now that’s a trend, 6 down, 22 to go and then what?  KABOOM, that’s what.

7.  Friends, this mass movement of humanity will absolutely fail.  WHY?  Because Muslims are just not compatible with Western Culture.  Case closed.  We are there, judgement is here.


RUSSIA:  Yes, the mighty Russian bear and it’s laser sharp pit bull Putin gets mightier and mightier in the Middle East, Gog Land of the very near future if not here already.  Why?

1.  Russia destroys 355 ISIS targets in 24 hours Nov. 19th.  U.S. poodle sends 7 fighter jets to fight ISIS, 3 returned with full pay loads without firing 1 shot.

2.  Foreign Minister Lavrov says Obama wants to spare ISIS as much as he can so that ISIS can force out Syria’s Assad.

3.  Turkey shoots Russian plane down.  Putin calls it ‘stab in the back with severe consequences”.  He is a man, Obama is not.

4.  Putin next day deploys guided missile cruiser warship along Syrian coast and orders to destroy any and all targets that pose a danger. HMMM! That’s WWIII talk, Right!!!

5.  Next day Putin orders deployment of S-400 anti-defense missiles as soon as possible.

6.  Putin can multi-task too.  Ceases all Russian oil shipments to Ukraine for non-prepayment for the rest of winter.  Don’t forget he has a war going on there, too, over 6,200 dead and counting.  Busy busy man.

7.  Same day Russia ends all military cooperation with Turkey.

8.  1 week later, Nov. 29th, Russia announces heavy sanctions on Turkey : no more visas, no more Charter flights/Tour flights, no more imports to Russia from Turkey, no more oil to Turkey.  Just a few things like that, Yes, Putin, he is man.  Obama is not man when it comes to war.

9.  At Climate Change meeting in Paris he “coldly” shakes Obama’s hand yet doesn’t even give Turkey Pres. Erdogan one iota of recognition or time of the day.

10.  On all news wires later in day, Russia blames Turkey shot down Russian plane to protect Turkey’s oil trade with ISIS.  Pres. Erdogan says if this is true, he’ll resign as Turkey’s Pres.

11.  Another Turkey bombshell : #1 fundraiser for ISIS is Turkey President’s son, Bilal Erdogan says Lavrov of Russia.

This is very bad for both Putin and Obama.  Watch Gog come to life before our very sleepy eyes.


1.  Chinese naval vessel enters Syrian coastal waters on stand by ready to support Syria’s Assad on Putin’s orders.

2.  Well, they finally did it : IMF (World’s Fed) approves the Chinese yuan as a main world currency reserve joining the dollar, 42% of world’s current currency reserves, EU’s euro 38%, UK pound 11% and Japanese yen 10%.  Now global financial experts say all will be diluted, especially the dollar as China enters the picture.  This, friends is the “true” demise of all the dollar hype in September that the dollar will crash.  This takes effect officially,  not just internet buzz, by Sept. 1, 2016.  Then, bye bye dollar.  Let’s watch the dollar from here on out, because as the dollar goes, so goes the stock market and the U.S. economy and the global financial world.  And in this Jubilee year, can you only imagine how God will get “even” with America on her stance on gays, abortion, that darn leader of ours’ view of Israel….  Exactly Lev. 26:16 judgements on America.  No wonder, our Capitol building still has the black shrouded cloud of scaffolding surrounding it.  Friends, this country is stew.


Following on the heels of the Tower of Babel, Saudi’s announce they are on the 28th floor already of building the tallest tower on earth, 3,280 feet to nowhere.


I’ve never been more convinced that radical ISLAM is the greatest satan-derived threat to the world today.  ISLAM, as in ISHMAEL in Bible.  Sorry Mr. Obama but your C.C. doesn’t hold a candle to it.



1.  So what else is new, the most frequent earthquake area on the planet just got 58 more since my last article, Nov. 18th.  Largest was 4.7, yes, this morning, where 9 occurred in last 24 hours even.  It’s coming, Matthew 24:7 : “….earthquakes in diverse places”.  Friends, D-I-V-E-R-S-E, Oklahoma is most diverse, Right??


1.  Whistle Blowers around the world claim “NOAA Rushed Contentious Climate Change Papers Despite Reservations”.  Google it.  And to not get too deep into the woods on this absolute worldwide climate lie, Google, Climate

2.  For goodness sakes, as world leaders gather to save the world from burning up, Sierra Mtns. in North California had -11 degrees below zero with ice and snow Nov. 28th.

3.  There has been no global warming for 18 years and 9 months (Google above).  Prominent world scientists :  “Fictitous data….fears of man made global warming are irrational and based on nonsense that have nothing to do with science….the world is being led down a false path”.  YEAH, as right into the claws of the 1-World Order which will be implemented in 30 days, BABY.

4.  Antarctic has been cooling for the last 6 years 2009-15.

5.  World will begin entering an “ice-age” by 2030, similar to 400 years ago where the UK’s Thames River froze over.


1.  A first EVER, concluded by Doctors worldwide :  “We are now at the cusp of a Post-Antibiotic-Era as too many bacteria are resistant to any drug thrown at them”.  They fear a worldwide epidemic is looming.  Rev. 6:8 the “pale” horse.


1.  Major League Baseball is outwardly recruiting LGBT employees for the 2016 season.  Target, yes, Burger King, yes, the fashion world yes, they all support LGBT, but no, say it ain’t so for Baseball, and I played it in college.  Oh dear Lord.

2.  There are over 100 satanic temple church chapters in America.  They are reaching out to the “poor Muslims” to help them get rides, pay some bills, give turkeys on Thanksgiving, suicide hot lines, anything to get them to hopefully join.

3.  World’s FIRST-there goes that word again- cloning factory to open Jan. 1st, in China will produce 1,000,000 calves, dogs, cats, whatever you wish.

4.  Catholic Church in Kearny, Utah, hails “bleeding Communion water” as a miracle after it “bleeds” for 3 days.  I’ma, I’ma, I’ma, friends I’m at my wits end on this.  Don’t know what to say except just a pure, yet simple belief in Jesus Christ is all it takes to obtain eternal salvation with Him.  So so simple.

5.  Worst for last : Have you heard of the new Christmas movie for kids (PG-13) called KRAMPUS.  Lots of raves on it.  One thing, it appears to be absolutely full of Christmas HORROR for kids.  Appears to glorify the home of the holiday devil that punishes little kids for being bad.  Viewer discretion advised I assume as I looked at the request of a Facebook friend where the cover page was enough for me.  And I thought schools cancelling Christmas plays and songs in school gymnasiums was remarkably absurd as it could get for defying Jesus’ birth in the manger, “Drummer Boy”, etc.  Those days are gone and only beautiful memories now.  Today, black sadness and ugliness fills this void today for school kids.

6.  Just in today, Dec. 1 on Drudge Report news wire on a new movie release called REVENANT features a shocking explicit scene of a wild bear raping Hollywood Superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.  Sorry, I impulsively added this.  I know, just reading it is enough to gag a blue whale on how far demonic Hollywood has sunk into such ugly filth of muck, getting so far away from God.  No wonder His judgements are here.


Well friends, again, you just can’t make this stuff up.  Verify it all, then judge for yourself if things this Christmas are getting better.  Nah, they’re not.  Look “Left” it’s Peter 5:8 : “Be sober. be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”.  NOT GOOD.  Look “Right” it’s Luke 21:25 : “….there shall be signs upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the seas and waves roaring”.  Again, NOT GOOD.  So then where else to look.  How about LOOK UP : Luke 21:28 : “And when these things BEGIN to happen, LOOK UP, your redemption draweth nigh”.  Now that is VERY GOOD. A cozy feeling for us to hold on to this Christmas, despite being on the Edge of Time for those who love the Lord.  Come quickly Lord Jesus we are waiting for you.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas