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Welcome, everyone.  Well what can I say.  Like this title says, our Almighty God’s dosages of judgements in His Final Jubilee Year keep building and building.  From San Bernardino to White House deception and Apostacy, I tell you, we are on the Edge of Time in the wake of the recent Biblical Blood Moons.  And by the way, may we WATCH what Bible Prophecy may explode in 3 weeks on Jan. 5, 2016, the date of Epiphany, the 12th Day of Celebrating Jesus’s life, and the absolute and only midpoint of any Blood Moon Tetrad in world history that has 40 Solar and Lunar Eclipses perfectly synchronized about it.  See the Charts in Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure to judge for yourself that we truly are at the End of Days.  So, with that, LET’S GO :


Friends, make no mistake, all the following hostilities, deception and future threats against Israel appear so overwhelming.  Yet, against all odds for the 0.08% Jewish people that are in the world on 0.017% of all the land in the world, God is all over protecting His Chosen People, Ezek 16:60 : “…I will establish unto thee an everlasting covenant”.  That’s awesome, so not to worry about the following SCOURGES :

1.  Stabbings in this “Knife Intafada” are relentless, 24 Israelis and 119 Palestinians dead in 3 months.

2.  IDF warns women not to shop wearing high heels in the event they have to run for their life from being stabbed or killed.

3.  IDF Military leader Yaalon makes “urgent” trip to White House.  Says : “We are very worried about Iran’s presence in Syria”.  Oh to be a fly on the wall what was said.

4.  IDF spokesman : “Israel will become the target of an ISIS attack.  It’s just a matter of time now”.

5.  Yorssi Cohen, head of Mossad, Israel’s CIA : is the first Mossad leader ever to call on God for help in defending Israel.  Friends, this good man’s statement sure puts front and center Ezek. 39:7 : “So will I make my Holy name known in the midst of my people Israel….”.  WE ARE GETTING CLOSE, Right!!

6.  Bibi’s latest on the Peace Process : “The only workable solution is a demilitarized Palestinian State that recognizes the Jewish State.  That’s the ONLY solution.  And they don’t recognize it.  You got a hint the other day when Abbas spoke of the occupation of Palestinian lands for the last 67 years, 67 years ago was 1948.  That’s when Israel was established, in 1948.  Does Abbas now mean Tel Aviv is occupied Palestinian land or Haifa, or Bersheba or …. ”  WOW !!   Bibi is set in concrete not to give up the land.  Yet friends, Daniel 9:27 unfortunately says he will have to soon cave in.

7.  Two of Israel’s most prominent Rabbis, Sternbach and Shlomo Amar continue getting visions that : “Messiah is just around the corner and is waiting to arrive….It is impossible to have a country like Turkey that can start the war and refuse to apologize.  They are crazy.  God is confusing them .  The world is currently in the closest possible moment for the Messiah’s arrival”.  Friends, if you read Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17 you’ll get it : “It shall come to pass in the last days that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh…your daughters shall prophesy…. old men shall dream dreams”.

8.  All the above as Israel has now struck millitary targets on the Syria/Lebanon border with Israel.  Sooo white-hot there now, 3 times in 3 weeks.  Isaiah 17:1 is sooo imminent, just turn on the TV.

9.  On Kerry, a Bibi advisor : “Kerry is busy with a countdown to the election of a U.S. President and until then, Kerry can say what he wants as he will be replaced soon”.  In short Bibi, etc. deem Kerry as a Pro-Palestinian so and so. Especially after Kerry’s anti-Israel speech Dec. 6th : “Israel, thru it’s West Bank Occupation, will become a binational State”.  UGGHH!!  Kerry, like your boss, you too someday will bow before God and discuss Israel.

10.  Speaking of Kerry’s insipient boss, get this :  White House hosts Hanukkah dinner.  Obama invites a female Rabbi Susan Talve to be the guest speaker.  Standing side by side with her, Obama smiles wide with his pearly whites.  Google it-as she speaks on, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS WITH ALL HELL BREAKING LOOSE IN ISRAEL :”… need for open immigration for refugees, Black Lives Matter expansion, gun control, and of course, justice for all Palestinians”.  Oh, an Obama phony crony all the way.  Not one word on the stabbing horror going on 6,000 miles East of the White House banquet room.  Someday, Obama, ….

11.  Please WATCH and never forget, the Russians are coming to Israel soon, like a swift cloud, for Israel’s oil Ezek. 38:9 : “Thou shall ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, and all thy bands, and many people with thee”.  Friends,  this will be the Gog War, so so near.  Just look at Russia’s sprawling tentacles today all around Israel.  Yes, the Russians are coming and God is waiting.

12.  71% of all Palestinians support their barbarian wildmen’s knife attacks.  Everyone of these 71% are depraved lost soles destined for hell fire.

13.  Lastly CNN news woman Ashleigh Banfield has all the darn gall to ask a Donald Trump supporter who supports Trump’s latest on : “We should exclude all Muslims coming to U.S …” by asking him, “Should all Jews be barred then from entering the U.S.”.  She too will bow before God someday and talk about the Jews.  Friends, do you see it?  The Lord’s Jubilee judgements of Isaiah 61:2 are here, right here, right now.


Yes Mama, there goes that man again :

A.  On ISIS and Radical ISLAM :

1. Obama issues directive to generals not to bomb ISIS oil trucks because the truck drivers need to feed their families and a strike would blacken the air for pollution and further, that every air strike demands his permission. UGGHH!!

2.  Want’s FBI to label San Bernardino merely “a serious crime” and downplay the terror attack on day of attack.

3.  Within hours, FBI, CIA, Sec. of Defense all label it a terror attack.  Same day, and frustrated on their rebuttal of what he wanted, Obama goes to Arizona, talks to woman Congressman Gifford who was shot 2 years ago, about “gun-control”.  So childish, so petulant.  This man is insanely drunk on gun control and ISIS is killing us.

4.  He spent more time talking Climate Change, going to the Kennedy Center Honors, 1 tuxedo dinner in the days after San Bernadino than on ISIS terror whom we are at war with.

5.  The week of attack he says :”ISIL does not pose a potential credible threat to America”. !!

Also, “ISIL does not stand for Islam”.

Also, “Those who degenerate Islam with bigotry…”.

Also, “Idea of giving Christian refugees preference is shameful”.

Also in dull, lethargic “don’t want to be here” speeches to America, one speech with teleprompter and one hand written for him after Islamic terror shootings : “We are now hitting ISIL harder than ever, we are also hitting their oil wells”…”we’ve had more bombs in November than any other month since the conflict started”.  Friends, what adjectives for this action can I say : feckless, lunacy on both speeches, no confidence to Americans who expected to hear greater security. He was full of fluff and baby pablum, woosie talk, like he was so uninterestedly reading out of a phone book on the second speech to the nation.  Friends, this guy hates America, black and white, plain and simple.  It was like one had to get a crowbar to fire him up, he was so begrudingly adament in  both speeches.

6.  Neither squat filled speech talked of change in strategy, never ever mentioned the word “victory” again, completely and willfully refusing to call it Radical Islamic Terrorism.  Well, those radical Muslims are here, the train has left the station, and it’s “game on” as they are at war with us and Obama says he is not at war with them.  Which is it guy??

7.  Friends, I conclude Obama’s take on the Islamic Terror now  on U.S. soil with this :  His heart is not in this fight that’s obvious, he’s all about himself and his demonic legacy.  He’s only pain stakingly  talking to us with a lie-filled demeanor just to appease his base.  He’s out to lunch for crying in a bucket with this minimalist attitude.

B.  Other’s comments on what’s heating this guy of ours up.  But, first the Obama minions :

1.  Loretta Lynch : “….our greatest priority is to arrest those who speak negative of Muslims”.

2.  Phony crony Josh Earnest : “Obama has great credibility to be called Commander-in-Chief”.  I say Commander-in-Chef, the military book cooker.

3.  Democrat Senator Blumenthal : “Prayers and platitudes are not enough…” regarding terror shootings.  What a numb skull statement.  Friends, these 3 lollipop and sugar candy cronies are quite remarkable.

Now, the Real Deal Statements :

4.  Newt Gingrich : “Obama is delusional.  When he looks around the planet he sees Climate Change, ie… C. C. and he doesn’t see human casualties of terror.  He lives in a fantasy world”.  Newt also calls for a world war against ISIS, smart, good man.

5.  Ex-General Ralph Peters, Fox News : “Obama is such a total pussy”.  Sorry friends, he said it.

6.  Charles Krauthammer, Fox News :”For Obama Islam is teflon….He’s either incompetent, delusional, disengaged…cynical isn’t even good enough”.

7.  U.S. General Dunforth, Chief of all military : “We have not or never have contained ISIS”.

8.  Winston Churchill on Nazi aggression threats to Britain’s homeland : “We need action this day”.  And 24 hours later Britain was whole-hog in WWII.  As Obama is knitting and still knitting.

9.  Friends, these wise men enable me to give my view : Obama is a “Stripper”, a stripper of our security, a stripper of our human rights and faith, a stripper of our sovereignty.  Beware of this man who still has 402 days as our President.  When he says “We are safe”, look behind you, hell is coming.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


1.  Climate Change, ie. C.C., passes with 196 of 196 countries approving this Trojan Horse which begins early implementation in 15 days, alias the One-World-Order.  Friends, this is Anti-Christ territory now, especially for taking down America, the dollar, our individual sovereignty.  Can we prevent it in Congress, NO, Why?  Kerry reminds Congress “the C.C. Agreement was crafted to avoid Congress altogether”.  That buffoon.  Kerry also says : “This will now empower us to chart a new path for our planet”.  I say, to chart a new path to the 7 year Great Tribulation.

2.  After terror attack, now only 28% of Americans want Obama’s 10,000 Syrian refugees into U.S. Guess what, we lose, Obama has 170,000 coming in 2016, totally circumventing Congress.

3.  Only 38% of American’s believe Obama on terror.  Should be ZERO, MAN, IT’S HERE, HERE.  Look at Los Angeles School System shut down today, unprecedented, a whole city with almost 700,000 kids, 1100 schools, totally shut down.  Friends, WHERE ARE WE, Right!!

4.  Since 2013, Obama has 73.1% of all Muslim refugees on food stamps and Medicaid, Oh, KAWABUNGA.

5.  Get this : Of 651 GITMO detainees released, 193 are back in the field at war with us.  Yet Dec. 13, Obama said only 4 or 5 have gone back in the field.  He lies, He lies, He lies.

6.  Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, “It is OK to start carrying guns to school” .  WOW!!

7.  Most admired world leader today is Bibi Netanyahu, Pew Poll.

8.  Break my brain, the dumb dodo and “nervousy” GOP preparing for possibility of a brokered convention as they “inwardly” refuse to accept Trump, Cruz, Carson, 3 amigo outsiders.

9.  49% of America’s youth 18-29, say there is no “American Dream” for them.

10.  All 23 out of 23 States with Obama Care in 2015 have lost money.  And 12 of 23 have closed the doors completely.  Yes!!

11.  Lastly, I could spend much time on this: Watch the Fed raise interest rates Wed., Dec. 16.  It will give tremendous life to the Sept. Shemitah carnage that will come in spades now that China is dead set on taking down the dollar.  They will, they’re too big and the world loves them and hates America.  OH YEAH, “JUBILEE JUDGEMENTS” are alive and well.   We’ve BIFFED our Lord one too many times.


Friends, WATCH this man, he comes on like a nice, wonderful, gentle, heartful, man and then he SPEAKS.  Just look :

1.  On C.C. , the One-World-Gov’t Trojan Horse, he says if the Agreement in Paris failed : “We are on the verge of suicide”.  Pope, check Gen. 8:22 : “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter. day and night shall not cease”.

2.  More on C.C., says : “The earth is our mother”.  No, the earth is God’s .

3.  Pope had 1 focus, 1 goal in trip to Africa, first Pope ever to travel there: says “I was extremely pleased in my recent trip to Africa…”, where he opened the flood gates for a “single unity between Christians and Islam”.  As in Chrislam, as in 1-World Religion.

4.  a)  Pope welcomes in Jubilee Year of Mercy, where he speaks : “All women who’ve had an abortion this year can be absolved by priests”.  How cherry picking insane, what about all the previous and all the  future ones, they are left out in the cold.  Doesn’t matter as only God absolves, not priests, and God will absolve ALL of them upon repenting.  b)  Pope opens the idolic brass and gold Door of Mercy at St. Peter’s Bascillica only for the Jubilee Year Dec. 8, 2015-Nov. 20,2016, and tells the faithful that “anyone who enters the “door” will experience the love of God who consoles, pardons, and instills hope”.  Friends, a child in the deepest pits of the Amazon jungle would get the same experience with a righteous heart.

5.  Pope endorses the Vatican resolution that the “Church” must not support and must not try to convert Jews to Christianity.  NO! NO! NO! He is wrong.  What of Matthew 24:14 : “…and the gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached, in all the world for ALL to witness unto all nations….”.  And how about Rev. 3:16 : “…since you are neither hot nor cold, I’ll spue you out of my mouth”.  Friends, your either with Jesus or without Him

6.  Wrong also is calling the Pope and his priests “FATHER” as per Matthew 23:9 : “And call no man your father upon the earth, for one is your Father, which is in Heaven”.

7.  Always remember Rev. 13:11 : “…he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon”.  I am so sorry to report these things, as I have many Catholic friends.  But it is what it is.  We must choose wisely whom we follow, John 14:6.


1. a)  Still drowning in the moribund quagmire of massive unstoppable humanity of Muslim refugee influx, day after day after day.  b)  The EU leader of Parliament, Martin Schultz : “The EU is at risk of falling apart….”.

2.  More nation sovereignty stripping to usher in the 1-World-Order, alias C.C. Agreement remember, as EU Parliament now proposes to send “EU forces” to defend each EU countries’ borders without their consent.  Vote pending after C.C. Agreement finalized.

3.  Silly Prince Charles : “Climate Change is the root cause of ISIS, Syria War, terrorism, and the consequent refugee crisis engulfing the EU”.  Hmmmm!!  I bet he golfs with Bernie Sanders.

4.  The Janet Yellin of EU, Mario Draghi : “Europe Central Bank can deploy more stimulus if needed”.  What an absolutely insane dichotomy, EU, and Japan and the world favors printing more phony “money” to stimulate the current “dead economic world growth” yet the U.S. is the only country in the world that will be raising interest rates, and they’re going to do it I tell you, Wed., Dec. 16th.  This will be a head-on global financial collision, in grand Shemitah style fashion.  You just cannot economically have 2 vehicles going in opposing directions on a dark 1-way street as this is.

5.  “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”.  I know, I’m Greek.  Look : Communist President of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, visits Bibi.  Flatters him abundantly with his love for Israel and Bibi and at same time begs for cheap cheap oil and gas deals from Israel.  Hmmm!!  Only EU nation to be “loving” Israel at this moment, very suspicious I say.  WATCH.


WOW, how the mighty massive Russian bear roars these days sprawling it’s bloody tentacles all over the Middle East, Ezek. 38:7 : “Be thou prepared and prepare for thyself, thou, and all they company that are assembled unto thee and be thou a guard unto them”.  Spot on is this prophecy scripture.  Fast forward 2,800 years to today and we are witnessing it before our eyeballs, but do we get it??  Friends, it’s the beginning of the Gog/Megog war in Ezek. 38, 39.  We better get it.  Just look :

1.  Putin tells all his defense chiefs to strengthen Russia’s NUCLEAR FORCES amid rising tensions with the U.S.  Defense Minister Shoigu : “More than 95% of Russia’s nuclear forces are at a permanent state of readiness”.  If this isn’t a bright red flag for Zech. 14:12 where “their flesh shall consume away while they stand on their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongues shall consume away in their mouth”.  That’s NUKES people, Russia’s NUKES are blatantly ready for WWIII.

2.  Putin orders Russia’s military “SUPERPLANE” to be ready by Dec. 21 in the event WWIII starts.  Our Pentagon calls this a doomsday plane that’ll carry Russia’s top strategic command Generals to mastermind nuclear target sites to hit.  Friends, this stuff I just do not make up, Google it, we’re there dang it.

3.   Lightening quick Russia is moving around in Syria faster than any world media can keep up :  a)  Now firing SU-25 frog foot attack planes over Syria to squash anymore Turkey-type attacks.  b)  Not only did Russia deliver the S-400 anti-aircraft missiles dreaded so much by Israel, but they’re now set up and deployed all around Syria awaiting to strike foreign aircraft, including U.S. in their newly established no-fly-zones.  Even U.S. is respecting this airspace now.  So, uhh, who’s the most powerful nation on the planet again Mr. Obama?  c)  Russia’s “electronic-web anti-spy-system” is deployed and covers all Syria, air, land, and water borders.

4.  U.S.  Navy Seals of Russia, the Spetsnaz Special Forces have now taken charge of all of Assad’s military forces to wipe out ISIS, Syrian Rebels and even USA if we get in the way.

5.  They’ve built 2 airports, 2 helipads, a military city, world’s largest most powerful submarine lurking off Syrian coast shooting cruise missiles at ISIS is all a GO!!  And in 70 days.  And Obama’s strategy and action is just pooping for the last 600 days.  Dear Lord, how far have we sunk under this Obama man.  I’ve said before, Putin is man, Obama is not man.

6.  Putin has now totally, 100% muffled NATO into “abadoo, abadoo, abadoo, what do we do”?

7.  Russia “tells” Obama, he is not cooperating anywhere near enough in fighting ISIS.  I’d go for that.

8.  Now Russia is deploying a massive buildup of 7,000 combat ready troops, weapons, along Turkey/Armenian border-AT THE REQUEST OF ARMENIA no less.

9.  Russia’s leading liberal leader tells Putin to drop a nuclear bomb on Istanbul, Turkey.

10.  Putin urges all Russian citizens to leave Turkey now.

11.  Where is our sleepy-eyed media to report this : Russia has killed 550 Turks in airstrikes since Turkey downed Russian plane in Nov.

12.  U.S.’s aircraft to help Syrian Rebels against Assad have TOTALLY CEASED, fearing Russia. And Obama says we have a coalition of 65 nations. Lies, lies, lies. Is this in the news, NO heck NO!!

13.  Secretary Lavrov, Russia’s #2 leader, has proof Turkey is the secret ally of ISIS’s illegal oil trade, making President of Turkey Erdogan a rich man.  His son is managing this oil trade from oil fields of Mosul that go thru Turkey then out into the Mediterranean and the world oil markets.  This cartel of truck convoys goes on 24/7.  Russia has arial surveillance photos.  Putin accuses Obama of knowing all about it but turns a blind eye as he’s reluctant to slow down ISIS in hopes ISIS can take out Assad, Obama’s dream to help fill his legacy.  And all Obama says this is just a “trickle amount of hijacking of oil”.  You know, I’m sorry,  I love America with all my heart, but I’d believe Putin over Obama 11 out of 10 days.  Right!!


1.  Year ago, they had 15,000 fighters, now 40,000 to 60,000, even though Russia, Kurds have killed 4,000.

2.  ISIS has 3,000 fighters in Libya building a military airport, Iran training ISIS pilots to fly and bomb.  Why Libya : hop, skip, and a jump to Southern Europe in Italy and Greece.

3.  ISIS has stolen a “passport printing machine”.  Flooding EU with fake passports, as of this writing and soon to America as they can now have golden passport proof to get thru customs worldwide.  Friends, they’re coming, they’re unstoppable.

4.  Genesis 16:12 wildmen butchers keep killing: now all children with Down’s Syndrome, other disabilities being slaughtered daily.  Again, where is our media?  Where are you?

5.  Friends, ISIS are devout followers of the Mohamedin Hadith : “Paradise is under the tip of the sword”.  Oh do they ever believe this.

IRAN :  To  White House’s angst and boot-kicking, Iran completely ignores the world on the Deal from Hell Agreement, test-fires successfully 2 anti-ballistic missile systems in 2 weeks.  Oh, and they can reach Europe now and of course Israel and yes tests proved capability of  carrying a nuclear warhead and Obama says he is investigating these reports.  FOR CRIPES SAKE!!  So, Mr. Obama, what a web you have deceptively woven.  Bibi was always right about trusting this satanic creed.

CHINA :  Chinese State Media (ala Pres. Xi) : “The time is about right to “depeg” the Chinese yuan from the dollar”  And now that the World Fed, ie. the World Bank, has accepted the Chinese yuan in 2016 to be a world reserve currency along with the dollar, euro and yen.  Well, die dollar die, the global financial Shemitah crash is here.  YES, FRIENDS, WE ARE THERE.


1.  All time high for any State, anytime in U.S. history is Oklahoma’s 859 earthquakes in 2015 of magnitude 3.0 or better.  In 2014, were 584, in 2013 were 109.  Friends, the trend is your friend, Matthew 24:7.

2.  Largest Aquifer in America, the Ogallala, from South Dakota to Texas, that feeds the bread basket middle of America, will be dried up in 5 to 10 years. Over 20% of U.S. corn, wheat and cattle at dire risk of agricultural catastrophy is now in progress.  First California, now this, Right!   Friends, it’s the black horse of Rev. 6:6, and how fitting these two “6s” are for this scripture.

3.  Florida Keys, Key West, Key Largo, all of them presently in most torrential rains and floods they’ve EVER experienced.  Property values KAPUT! Extreme high tides after 3 consecutive supermoons this fall.  Countless armies of mosquitoes and stench of stagnating water has nowhere to go.  Yes, the supermoons were omens within our Creator’s Biblical Blood Moons omens.  NO-WHERE to hide.

4. Most powerful winter storm EVER hits Alaska, winds 125 mph. Google it all.  It’s God’s judgements arriving in this Holy Jubilee Year of His, I’m telling you.

5.  Northwest breaking all-time records for rains.  Specifically Portland, Oregon, is enduring tremendous record-shattering rains and floods.  Partly, I assume, is because a new Hispanic business opens shop, called “El Diablito” meaning “little devils” who set up a Donald Trump pinata and had several hundred grade school kids obliterate it to pieces as they yelled : “I want to kill him”.  Surely an evil patron-inspired act for their grand opening.

6.  ACLU Chairman of Colorado forced to resign after saying to the public in Colorado Springs : “If you are voting for Trump, I’ll have to shoot you”.  Dear Lord, how far we have sunk.

7.  Remember Madonna’s song “Material Girl”.  Well, young adults go helter-skelter, for a 4 block line on Hollywood Blvd. and 4 days prior to the showing of Star Wars III, movie block buster one couple even got married in the line.  Not  much conversation about Jesus here I’m sure.

8.  And just in time for Hanukkah eve, on Dec. 6th, our Creator showed a most remarkable Heavenly Sign to the earth.  That being the moon covers the planet Venus.  It is called “occulation”, where the Earth, Moon, and Venus are in a straight line. Very Very rare.  Oh yeah, it’s God He’s all over us, watching this wayward world. Specifically, this was surely a sign on this most special day of Hanukkah for His Chosen People that He’s watching Israel extra close as Zech. 12:9 is at the cusp of exploding as the leaders of the whole world despise the “apple of His eye” : “And it shall come to pass in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”.

9.  Christmas tree shopping in Buffalo, N.Y. , 72 degrees, in cut-offs and tank tops,  cherry blossoms bloom today in D.C.  Hot stuff?  No, it’s not C.C. it’s God, He’s talking.

Friends, Google this all, I report it to save you time to tell others of Jesus.  It’s God’s judgements arriving daily now in His Jubilee Year as this world continues to biff Him.  You see TV, you know.  Matthew 16:2,3 : “…oh ye hypocrites, you can discern the face of the sky but can ye not discern the signs of the times”.


Not you or me who love and seek the Lord, but for the over 6 billion material hungry, unbenevolent earth dwellers who’ve willfully bypassed our Lord Jesus Christ, the world’s, the galaxy’s, the universe’s sole begotten Son of God Almighty, please tell them that if they don’t CHOOSE Jesus, like lickety-split, then, by DEFAULT, they choose satan himself for eternity with black and red and orange hellfire about them 24/7.  So, So, simple to be on the side of the most precious and eternal gift FOREVER and FOREVER and FOREVER.  And tell them Isaiah 59:2 : ” But your inequities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid His face from you, that He will not hear you”.  WOW!!!  That’s a cold dark lonely callous feeling, Right!!   May God Bless You Very Much and Merry Christ Filled Christmas to you, even thou Jesus was not born Dec. 25th (for a later article).

Come quickly Lord Jesus, we are waiting for you.

Paul Grevas