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Welcome.  I pray everybody enjoyed a family-filled Merry Christ filled Christmas and Happy New Year.  It’s absolutely amazing how the profound events of the last 2 weeks are catapulting Bible prophecy into a much more clearer perspective than ever before.  The foreboding events that follow below most assuredly substantiate the validity of “WHY” our Creator sent His recent Biblical Blood Moon warnings and omens to us.  FYI. Today Jan. 5 being the anniversary of 1 year for my unprecedented Blood Moon Midpoint discovery which shows all 40 Solar and Lunar Eclipses of this Decade exactly synchronized to the day.   Please see my 2 Categories on the Home Page : 2014-15….and the Lord’s Perfect Sign….Charts to better understand why such a barrage of our Lord’s Judgements have begun landing on this earth.

As you read thru each major article, may you also visualize how easily each event explicitly portends Bible prophecy in these latter days for this generation to witness on this Final Jubilee year of our Omnipotent God.  Note : Jubilee Year #120 ends Oct. 12, 2016, and this is not date-settings, it is a documented fact.  As per 1 John 4:1 : “Believe not every spirit, but the spirits whether they are of God; because many false prophets are gone into the world”.  Therefore, please don’t believe me, verify things for yourselves such as Genesis 6:3, Isiah 61:2.  Then you’ll know for yourselves we are truly on the Edge of Time.  So, with that said,  LET’S GO:

ISRAEL :  Bible prophecy is both a perpetual bliss anymore in Israel as well as, regrettably, the stabbings by Palestinian savages remains unceasing :

1.  The 3rd Intifada is in full bloom and the world media, which calls them lone wolf stabbings,  is either bored with reporting it or totally ignorant of what this is building.  I say both.

2.  It has just escalated to a higher level as a savage wildman shoots 2 Jews dead and injures 9 more in Tel Aviv of all places.

3.  There are now 24 Israelis and 134 Palestinians killed in this Intifada of 3 plus months.

4.  Poll shows 67% of Palestinians support these demonic knife stabbings of Jews.  This is insane.

5.  Palestinian street planning officials absolutely inundated with backlog of street name changes and signs to be installed in the West Bank to honor their depraved knife-butchers they call martyrs.  Each one will have a street named after him.  Again, insanity in the devil’s lair.

6.  Bibi, on the latest stabbing deaths of Jewish woman near the Cave of the Patriarchs : “I say to all those who wish to uproot us from the Cave of the Patriarchs, we’ve been there 4,000 years and there we will stay forever.  You cannot defeat us”.

7.  Ex-Foreign Minister Liberman receives several death threats on his Facebook page.  Most prominent, a masked man holding a knife says : “Your murder is imminent, you son of a Jewish woman”.  Oh how ugly!!!

8.  Palestinian President Abbas- who reveres the knife butchers – makes SHOCKING statement : “The Palestinian Authority no longer exists.  It has been officially replaced by the State of Palestine.  We have already changed all documents issued by all ministries and public services and all bear the name of the State of Palestine”.  Hmmm, so “they” now think they are a full-fledged country, Right!!  Well, God surely must be saying hold on to your bippy there fellas, as He’s got other plans.

9.  Israel strikes several Hamas military targets in Gaza, 2 days ago, casualties pending.  This is largest conflict bombing since last summer’s Gaza War where 2,000 Gazans died.  Again this latest event was provoked by Hamas firing 5 rockets into Southern Israel.  Rocket sirens sounded in Sderot and “every” city in Southern Israel as Israel Defense Forces thought “here we go again”.  Friends, it’s coming any day, I tell you, any day.  Just look at all the powder kegs waiting detonation by Hamas, Palestinians in West Bank and Jerusalem, Syria and Hezbollah.

10.  Speaking of Hezbollah, now has all-time high 150,000 Iranian fed deadly missiles all aimed on every square mile of Israeli soil.  Friends, when this is put into perspective, that’s ONE missile for every 39 people.  Now, that’s how bad the despotic Iran regime abhors the nation of Israel.

11.  Yesterday, Jan. 4, Hezbollah attacks an armored Israeli vehicle and Israel responds heavily on Lebaneses  border.  Again fluid news pending.  Can you just see how white hot it is to the North, East, and South of Israel.  Any moment. “IT” can happen, ie. Psalms 83.  We who love Israel and love our Omnipresent God have no fear for His people to be vulnerable : Psalms 33:12 : “Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord, and the people whom He hath chosen to be His inheritance”.

12.  Perfect example of Bible prophecy unleashing before our very eyes to witness is Israel’s announcement last week that DAVID’S SLING anti-missile aircraft system was a “miraculous and speedy success” IDF says.  This system will destroy every incoming rocket that the highly successful Iron Dome misfires or cannot keep up with from a barrage of Iranian, etal, incoming missiles, including cruise missiles now for the first time.  What a beautiful warm cozy feeling this is against all odds that God has “blanketed” Israel with, with this “divine-like” protection.  And what a better fit for a name the “DAVID’S SLING” where 3,000 years ago a 17 year old boy slew a 9’9″ Phillistine named Goliath.  Friends, do you please get it, it’s des jeax vous all over again, this David’s Sling thing.  Eccl 3:15 : “That which has been is now; and that which is to be has already been”.  Spot on, God preserved Israel with David against all odds then and God preserves Israel with “DAVID” today.  This will be fully operational, ready for war in April.  Just in time for the imminent Psalms 83 and Gog Wars.

13.  Another volatile firecracker, again a first ever : Israel Gov’t. approves a 900 home settlement in Gilo which, LISTEN TO THIS, which “crosses the 1949 Armistice Line, ie. the Green Line, deemed by the “UN”othing and the world as Palestinian territory.  Friends, this may just be seen as the ultimate Israeli provocation of occupying Palestinian land in the entire Middle East.  Construction starts in April just as DAVID’S SLING will  be ready.  Could this be the Lord’s perfect timing for “IT” to start.  May we WATCH the Glory of God unfold, which also happens to surround the Passover Feasts.  WOW!!  What a time to be alive to witness Bible prophecy smack in front of our eyeballs, which was written thousands of years ago.

14.  Jewish aliyah back to Israel equals 12 year high, 30,500.  France had 7,900 aliyahs.

15.  Please read, can’t miss the article below under Pope Francis and Vatican accord with Palestine came officially into effect New Year’s Day where they officially recognize the Palestinian State.  Oh woe is the Poe on this.

16.  Best for last : On Dec. 29th, for the first time ever, a bill is now proposed in the Jewish Knesset that will allow Jews and Christians to pray “ON” the Temple Mount and NOT ON the far-outside Western Wall.  Their basis is two-fold :  a) Freedom of worship is a basic right, and b) it’s time to do this.  Friends, again, Bible prophecy explodes before our eyes : Micah 4:11 : “And it shall be at the end of days, that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be firmly established and it shall be raised above the hills, and peoples shall stream upon it”.  WOW!!  Friends, this is what the Prophet Micah said for the “END OF DAYS” and they are bringing it to fruition within the Knesset.  One caveat, of all I’ve mentioned above as catalysts for the apocalyptic upheaval of initiating Psalms 83 and Russia’s Gog War,  this event may supercede them all.  WELL WE ARE THERE.  A must WATCH.


Friends, if I picked the hottest hottie to report on, on the planet right now, it would not be Israel, nor Obama’s loose lips on gun-control or his delusional and absurd legacies, nor the Pope’s latest acts, nor anything else, but ASIA, ASIA, ASIA.  The fluid events there are absolutely astonishing.  Just look at the white-hot Matthew 24:7 : “Nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom…” going on now :


1.  Prelude to WWIII? : Recall America’s “axis of evil” nations : Iran, North Korea, etc.  Well guess what?  Putin on National TV tells the world media their #1 security threat to Russia is America.  This is BIG!!!

2.  Nov. 28th, Russia detains 8 Turkish ships.  Today is Jan. 5th, they’re still detained.  Dec. 16th, Turkey detains 28 Russian ships and boats in the Mediterranean and Black Sea.  Still, detained today.  TOUCHEE, who’s turn next in this mess?  Well, Putin : “I see no prospect of this improving with Turkey.   Something is going to give”.

3.  Country of Armenia allows Russia to come in and take full control of it’s Air-Defense program.  Of Course, Russia is all over that, now fully deployed.

4.  Similar scenario, final negotiations are near with Kyrgystan and Tajikistan, both parts of Magog, Ezek. 38:2, who want double ditto as Armenia.

5.  Sudan and Russia forging ahead in their , I keep saying these two words, “first-ever” strategic partnership after 14th of 14 agreements now signed, including military weapons transfers.  Friends, in Ezek. 38:5 in Ezekial’s time Sudan and Ethiopia (Cush) were one nation.

6.  Russian Defense Minister : “The Pentagon (under White House orders) refuses to transfer data on ISIS targets to Russian military”.  Friends, you gotta know Obama is moving willfully like dead molasses in slowing down ISIS to further his Pro-Muslim agenda.

7.   Friends, this stuff shows me one bright flashing billboard : Russia and Putin is Gog, a growing giant gorilla juggernaut in the midst of a foggy headed world media.  Ezek. 38:7 : “Be thou prepared and prepare for thyself, thou and all thy company assembled unto thee, and be a guard unto them”.  So so plain as day and night.  Yes, the Russians are coming, to the world and to Israel.  And then there’s God, waiting.


1.  There I go again, 1st ever, in 14 years war with Taliban and U.S.,  the Taliban are  in a “winter offensive”.  Claim swaths of land U.S. had once freed.  Being equipped, trained by more superior ISIS forces now and toppling Afghan forces left and right.  Control opium fields now, many many millions of dollars for them just like oil money in Iraq for ISIS.  We just can’t win, WHY?  Well, we’re not there save for only 9,500 troops.  Thanks again Obama, you ….


1.  ISIS Caliph Al-Baghdadi, in first ever speech about Israel : “Jews, soon you shall hear from us in Palestine which will become your grave”.  He forgets Isiah 54:15 : “Whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”.  Glory to God, Right Israel!!

2.  Captured ISIS terrorists : “Oil trucks from ISIS to Turkey are going non-stop every hour….Turkey is involved in illegal oil deals with ISIS up to the hilt”.  As Obama looks left and smiles his pearly whites in Hawaii $7 million vacation.

3.  With the new “Jihadi John”, also a Brit, he says to Prime Minister David Cameron of UK  that “your time is coming” on video after he beheaded his fourth “British spy” over the holidays.  Then, shortly after the video death threat to Cameron, as he beheads the 5th.  Oh what vicious unclean ravenous animals these wildmen of Genesis 16:12 are : “He shall be a wildman….”.


1.  Turkey will never renew ties ever again with Israel unless there is free access in and out of Gaza.  Well, there’s a done deal till Jesus comes.

2.  Syria accuses Turkey of supporting ISIS and providing cover for their invasion into Syria.  Says their goal is to restore the old Ottoman Empire.  Gees, can someone tell Obama so he can investigate this situation.  YUKK!!  Molasses again.


1.  Very very fluid sectarian conflict between Shiites and Sunni.  Is on war footing experts say. Saudi Sunni-led wildmen execute 47 Shiites, including a prominent Sheikh adored by Iran.  Iran counters with destroying Saudi Embassy in Tehran by fire.  Iran President Rohani vows “divine revenge”.  Saudi expels all Iranian diplomats in Riyhad Embassy and calls home all Saudi diplomats and citizens for fear for their lives.  Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, do double ditto also.  Friends, this could be the straw that stirs the drink for another escalated powder keg after this Sheikh’s execution where the entire Middle East will have to pick sides of Sunni or Shiite.  This boiling sectarian conflict explosive set of events will make the Arab Spring seem like Bambi the deer walking in a flower garden. Let’s WATCH again and again God’s Glory on this latest judgement he just hurled upon the earth, again, the Final Jubilee Year.


1.  China just created the world’s first ever military unit in “Space”.  Includes “nuclear missiles” orbiting earth, eletronic information forces and cyber warfare units to strike anywhere on earth in an instant.  Oh boy, we are there.

2.  China’s stock market deliberately shuts down.  Loss of 7% in SEVEN MINUTES.  Yes, I’m not just making this stuff up.  Google it.  It’s GOD, He’s talking to us.  Economic judgement.  Just like 2008 Shemitah -777.77 point loss on the Dow Jones,  oh Elul 29 with a 7% loss.  Double ditto on 7% loss in 2001 Shemitah year.


1.  First and Foremost, I am sorry and mean not to offend Catholics, etc. who revere this Pope.  But, I gotta tell you, this man honestly speaks a political Marxist agenda, a spirit of Antichrist, and little else.  How on God’s green earth can even a simple person not notice that he refuses to speak the Word of the Gospel of Jesus in his papal sermons.  He’s “hooked” on inequality and redistribution of wealth and being the #1 spokesman for the demonic UN on Climate Change, alias 1-World-Order.  By the way, just Google the Pope’s logo on the outside of the stairs of entering his plane.  On the right, big circular blue and white “ONE WORLD”.  Very creepy feeling.  His perpetual down play of Jesus and divine uplift of Mary as the true savior of our world is remarkable.  As Luke 1:46,47 unequivocally says : “And Mary said my soul doth magnify the Lord and my spirit has rejoiced  IN GOD MY SAVIOR”.  Case closed.

2.  Pope says : “Christmas is a CHARADE and for some people it may be their last”.  For crying in a green river, he’s missed the WHOLE DEAL on Jesus’ Birth and Death and Resurrection which “IS” THE WHOLE DEAL of all human life on this planet for the last 6,000 years.

3.  Pope reassures athiests again : “You don’t have to believe in God to go to Heaven, non-believers would be forgiven by God if they follow their consciences”.  Whackadoo-dle-doo,  that’s 51 cards in that deck.  Where does the Bible say that and I’ll eat it.

4.  He supports latest Vatican report : “Jews can secure eternal salvation without converting to Christianity”.  For cripes sake, I’ll eat that too if it’s in the Bible.  Right! Really why did Jesus come?

5.  And you recall : “If someone is gay and looking for the Lord, who am I to judge”.  Well guess what?  This IS in the Bible in 1 Chor. 6:9 : “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God?  Be not deceived neither fornicators. idolators, adulteres, nor EFFEMINATE…”.  And if that’s not enough, how about Lev. 18:22, Deut. 22:5, Romans 1:24-28, 1 Kings 14:24, Mark 10:7-9, they’re all GAY WARNINGS.  You can bet I will NOT eat that, it’s God’s Holy Words.

6.  Add to all this his loyalty creed of anti-Jesus and his Jesuit mania background, his longing for ONE UNITY of all faiths ie. 1-World Religion, his call for a Global Constitution, Global Court and on and on.  And with that, you can fashion a pretty wise conclusion that this man is surely a prime candidate for Rev. 13:11 : “And I beheld another beast…he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon”.

7.  What a demonstrably altruistic tiding he endorsed New Year’s Day supporting the “Vatican Accord with Palestine that came into effect”, Jan. 1, (Reuters).  That being that the Pope himself now officially recognizes the State of Palestine.  By the way, Bethlehem, where Jesus, a Jew, was born in this so called Palestine.  Dear Lord, this man just said Jesus is a Palestinian.  May this Pope bow down someday soon before God and discuss a few things, say God’s everlasting covenant with Israel as in Gen. 15:18, should this Pope not repent.  Real OOOFFDAH!!

8.  Can it get any worse?  YES, it can, much worse : On Dec. 8th at the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Pope allows Vatican an unprecedented, multi million dollar, hi-tech video and audio grand gigantic light show at night that was projected  in 3-D like panoramic view onto the facade of St. Peter’s Bascillica for the thousands of faithful in the square, and the world, to witness.  Displays were all NEW AGE SYMBOLS OF FALSE BEAUTIES of PAGANISM, and all the UNCLEAN ANIMALS and UNCLEAN BIRDS, all with DEMONIC LOOKING FACES which our Lord despised in Lev. 11:4-20, including snakes, lizards, demonic monkeys, alligators, wild lions and tigers, ravens, crows….  It had a surreal tich of Climate Change propaganda also.  Friends, I’m a grandpa, big tough tall guy, “I got scared to death” of this show full of abominations unto the Lord.  What the heck was this all about?  You gotta Google the title : “Prelude to Revelation 18:2″.  And Rev. 18:2 says : “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is the habitation of devils…and unclean birds”.  This is about my 130th article counting my Facebook page ones, (please see my last one and the one for Jan.7th coming).  I’ve never seen nor freaked out on a 9 minute video like this before and may never again.  How could this Pope ever, ever condone something as this at St. Peter’s Church.  By the way not ONE, no, not ONE second of this revealed baby Jesus in a manger, His life, His death.  This video and most creepy accompanying audio was nothing but diabolical.  SOOO, this is what I have to say for this old world’s self proclaimed sole advocate to God.  Oh, by the way again, my Bible tells me in 1 John 2:1 that Jesus and only Jesus is this world’s sole advocate to our Father, God.  Also, John 14:6 where Jesus said “I am the way….”.  We better believe it or we get eternal Hell.

U.S.A. :

So so much to report, had to pick and prune :  Obama, nice 3-week tan, man, as the world burns.  Seriously all about Obama’s ego driven legacy.

1.  Denys, then cracks, on NSA’s phone surveilance on Bibi during last years Iran Nuclear Deal.  Now says he had them do it to protect U.S. National Security.  Pants on fire.

2.  Fox News reports 101,313 Syrian Refugees in U.S. since 2012.  Obama only mentions the 10,000 he wants to bring in.

3.  Silent Executive Order (future Ex. Ord.) where he’s quadrupled # of foreign workers to U.S. for 2016.

4.  He refuses to sign 39 Congressmen’s letter to close PLO offices in West Bank to protest for stabbing mayhem.  Praise God this guy has only 380 days left in office, unless he….you know.

5.  NY Post : Beau Bergdahl : “Taliban asked me if Obama is gay”.  I say, well….

6.  Assoc. Press leak reveals after gay marriage became law, Obama and several White House staff cronies all stood up, rants and raves, high 5s, and he had the gall to tell them “stay on the offense….”.

7.  On his State of the Union message next week, Jan. 12th says : “I’ve got 12 months left to squeeze out every ounce of change I can while I’m still in office and that’s what I intend to do”.  Friends, he’s lost his moral compass to reality I swear.

8.  Also,  “I’m fired up for this year especially after what we’ve accomplished the last 7 years”.  I say whoop-de-do, you’ve already screwed America enough,  sky down.

9.  On the 10 Ex. Ords. he unveiled this morning, Jan. 5th, with phony emotional tears by side stepping Congress, he said 2 days ago : ‘I will use my executive powers because Congress has failed on gun-control”.  Such an evil man, with a wrinkled mind to speak of inalienable rights have been stripped of people’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and not mention that with a stroke of his pen he could also be saving 1.1 million babies from abortion this year.  Nah, he’s not into the latter.  God will get him for this.

10.  Never forget his true seeds are to destroy America : says “ISIS doesn’t speak for Islam”.

11.  And earlier : “We are all equal before God, regardless of religion, whether Muslim or Christian”.  Note word “Muslim” said before “Christian”.  True colors Obama, you slipped again.

12.  On way to Hawaii, he orders White House not to display any Nativity scenes on the grounds.

13,  Another pants on fire, on one of these two loosey lippys : Obama says : “The U.S. IS seeking regime change” in Syria and Kerry : “The U.S. is NOT seeking regime change in Syria”.  Real transparency friends, right!!  Although I daily repent on my “Obamaspeak”,  I’ve gotten the courage to not feel guilty to report his Godless agenda by lambasting him for his 7 years of deception and blatant remarks against Christians and our nation as he hates Christians, he hates Israel. My courage comes from when last week  I randomly ran across Psalms 139:20-23 : “For they speak against thee wickedly…Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee?  And I am not grieved with those that rise up against thee?  I hate them with perfect hatred : I count them my enemies.  Search me O God and know my heart….”.


1.  Going beyond her twilight zone of “Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism”,  and “We have ISIS where we want them”.

2.  Slippery Hillary, releases 1,000 emails Christmas Eve and 4,000 New Year’s Eve.  SSHHH!!! Nobody’s watching.  She now vows to unleash her “space cadet” savvy and promises America if elected, she will expose all alien and UFO info she comes up with.  Friends, I’m thinking “purple unicorns” on this.


1.  Gov. Huckabee : “We have a Cub Scout in Chief”.

2. Texas Gov. Abbot on Obama’s Ex. Ord. on gun-control : “Come and take it”.  Good man Gov.

3.  On Paul Ryan, who faked me out for many years as a good guy, showed his true deceptive colors by passing a $1.1 billion budget that defies many of your and my hopes such as defunding  Planned Parenthood etc. for America, look :  a)  Breitbart News : “Paul Ryan has betrayed America, b) Mark Levin : “Paul Ryan is an enemy of the Republican base, c) Rush Limbaugh : “Paul Ryan has sent our country down the river, d) Ann Coulter : “replace him now”.

4.   Franklin Graham on Christians : “Can you believe this Wheaton College Professor who says she’s going to wear a “hijab” for the holidays to show her solidarity to Islam”.

5.   Graham, after Benedict Arnold Ryan betrayal, announces he has left the Republican Party and is now an Independent : “I have no  more hope in any of the political parties…only hope we have left is God…not a dime’s worth between the Republicans and Democrats anymore”.  Yes, all pants on fire wussycrats.

6.  Look at this list of solid names : Generals Petraeus, Keane (on Fox), Flynn, Allen, McCrystal, Campbell, Sec. Gates, Panetta, Hagle.  Where have all these good men gone, gone, gone all of them.  Why? Because Obama’s way or no way.  Yep, that’s our Commander in”CHEF” the great cookbook Guru with pants on fire when it comes to telling America the military truth.

7.  Gov. Chris Christie on Obama’s Ex. Ord : “Now the President wants to act like a King”.  Friends, it’s not just me berating our feeble, weak, overwhelmed and deceptive President.  It’s many God-loving people who care for our country.


1.  There should right now be gigantic concentric circles about every American’s eyes on Russia’s remarkable aggression that is vibrating this world like a rocket taking off, and we don’t get it.

2.  UN, pushed by U.S. declares end to 13 year probe on Iran Nuclear production, that they’ve been in compliance.  Alice is in Wonderland.

3.  Yale students petition to abolish our 1st Amendment to Constitution.  They’re real smart (a__es).

4.  Get ready, here comes satan to our living room TVs this week ! Angel from Hell, and Lucifer, debut on CBS and ABC.  Friends, We Are There when little kids see this you know what….!!

5.  Professor at Rhodes College, Tenn. : “Christians are filthy in the sight of Allah and worthy of being looted and slaughtered”.  Friends, this entire 20-hours to make this website article is true fact.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

6.  Canada’s new snarky secret sauce of a Prime Minister Trudeau says he’d not attack ISIS even if they attacked Canadian soil.  So wise, Trudeau Do Doe.

7.  Friends, I close on America with a wise quote from a Mayor Hagan of Superior, Wisconsin : “Michelle Obama and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of American Democracy.

8.   Add to this 53% of all Americans and get this, 36% of Evangelical Christians accept the gay world.  What planet are we on drowning in this kind of soup.  Yes, judgements are here.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.


Yep, the EU’s politics, economics, culture way of life is in absolute shock.  It’s “gone GAGA” with the mass of endless humanity of Muslim Refugees coming.  1.2 million in EU on New Years.  Unstoppable, 2,500 per day.

1.  What’s gotten into this once powerful woman, Angela Merkel, on New Year’s Day : “I urge all Germans to see the influx of Refugees as an opportunity for the future”.  Opportunity, Shmopportunity, she’s come undone.

2.  67% of Germans, who’ve now taken in 1 million, predict mass terror acts thru out Germany this spring.

3.  Endless rapes, murders, thefts in Refugee Camps go uninvestigated, too many, too fluid.

4.  German businesses looted, ransacked at night, go unsolved.

5.  ISIS wildmen Refugees in Sweden make several sweeps of homes in several cities by posting letters on front doors, then vanish.  Letters say : “Convert or die.  We pledge to behead innocent civilians and then bomb your rotten corpses”.  With this mayhem, Sweden now closes all borders to Muslim refugees.

6.  Ever-neutral Switzerland, their top military General to all Swiss citizens, 2 simple words : “Arm your- selves”.

7.  German Gov’t. votes to recommend recognition of the Palestinian State, just like UK, France, Sweden, Ireland, several other EU nations have done already.  Friends, tell me this Muslim Refugee destruction-in-progress of EU is not God ordained judgement in His Final Jubilee Year for this despotic recognition.  Gen. 12:3 : “….I’ll curse those that curse thee”.

8.  No country on earth is pushing harder than Sweden’s world lead for a “Cashless Society” for the New World Order.  Sweden says it will be 100% cashless in 2018.  WOW!!

9.  Recall Paris concert crowd terror where approx. 100 of 130 died.  Well guess what?  The crowd was singing “Kiss the Devil” at the EXACT moment the bloody murderous attacks began say witnesses now.  Friends, can you see it, we biff the Lord and He treats us with judgement.  Oh, there’s so much more to come in these end of days.  Can’t you just see it?  Right!!  2016 will be some kind of year.



1.  There’s so so many to report around the world, it’s inconceivable to do so, over 900 even in Oklahoma.  I’ve never seen so many on the internet before, EVER.  Please Google U.S. Geological for this remarkable uptick trend.  Surely another treat we deserve of God’s judgement.  Friends, these quakes are coming in buckets.  I’ll list only three :

2.  Major 6.7 quake in India, 10 dead, dozens injured as I write this today, Jan. 5th.

3.   A swarm of 40 pelt Reno, Nev. area, biggest 4.4

4.  And just like our Lord says in Matthew 24:7 about earthquakes in “diverse” places, teeny tiny New Jersey had an extremely rare quake New Year’s Eve.  Dear Lord, we who seek you, hear you.

WHACKY WEATHER :  Unbelievable more like Whacky-McQuaky

1.  In 24 hour darkness, North Pole hits 40 degrees New Year’s Eve, warmer than Los Angeles that night.

2.  Same day, D.C. hits 75 and New York 72 degrees.  Warmest Christmas EVER in U.S. history along the Upper East Coast.  Absolute record mania in many cities.

3.  And at Antero Reservoir in Colorado, wherever that is, minus 51 degrees below zero on Dec. 17th.

4.  Unprecedented 230 mph winds roaring above across the North Atlantic Ocean made a bee-line to already super soaked Great Britain with epic rains and floods.  Google it.  Is much much worse than what carnage we see daily on TV of the American heartland flooding of the Mississippi and Missouri-both at “once”, which, hate to repeat this, a FIRST EVER.  Death toll 25 and rising.  Also, remember 25 died in Texas tornadoes 10 days ago  Will be even worse next 3 weeks in Memphis, Baton Rouge, etc. and etc.

5.  By the way, EL NINO which means in Spanish “Christmas Child” weather around Christmas.  Well, friends, here it is again, God’s judgements.  Right!!


Getting very bad.  Oh what a web we weave when we practice to deceive.  Deceive God that is.  Just a sample of the 80 I had here.

1.  School in Blaine, Minn. sings “AllahuAkbar” at Christmas concert.  Oh say it ain’t so.

2.  Scientific advances are now at stage to enable gay couples to have kids that’ll have genetic traits of both fathers and can allow up to 32 people to contribute to a new baby’s DNA.  Is called “multiplex parenting” or “invitro gametogenesis”.  Friends, this is “endogenesis” as our Lord is surely looking down at what demonics His creations are creating.  And probably with a tear in His eye.

3.  Church in Berlin, Germany, cancels Sunday sermon.  Replaces it with latest Star Wars movie.  Encourages church members to wear Star Wars gear and weapons.  My take, you bunch of Chewbakka’s….

4.  Children across plethora of schools in America told by teachers not to write the words “Merry Christmas” to soldiers oversees on their Christmas cards.

5.    No White House employee is allowed to wear a Cross of Jesus outwardly on their clothing that can be seen by others.  Thanks Obama, you…

6.  I knew it was coming : 2015 was FIRST year ever that “millions”, I say “millions”, of Evangelical Christians accepted gays and transgenders.

7.  So sorry to report this, It is what it is in the times we live today:  In Oklahoma City, police catch man having sex with a goat in public.  Again sorry, Drudge Report.


1.  In San Fernando Valley, Calif. massive methane leak is ongoing environmental disaster in slow motion.  Methane gas is spilling out of the earth from old oil field into the water, into kitchen sinks and into human lungs.  Thousands of people are in state of delirium.

2.  Underground garbage refuse fire in St. Louis is unstoppable as it nears a buried nuclear waste site.  People are frantic, forced to move.

3.  On the bright side Christmas Eve showed a wonderful FULL MOON, a rarity every 30 yrs. on average.


Well, we’ve finally done it.  Can’t you just see puzzle piece after puzzle piece of Bible prophecy falling into place.  Everything now on this planet is so mucked-up by this world that God once upon a time created for beauty and love and perfection and obedience to Him.  So, now what do we do as He’s measuring us with His volleys of judgements that are coming in spades from Heaven?  Just like Isaiah 61:2 and Luke 4:18 says : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God”.  Well, that is so so explicit in this Final Jubilee Year.  Friends, we are there, time to pay the piper as this 6,000 year old curtain of life as we know it is quickly closing.

So, we do what?  We do this : We prayerfully WATCH His Glory unfold and we who seek Him and believe in Him ask Him daily : “Dear Lord take us out of here.  We are waiting for you.  Come quickly Lord Jesus, our one and only advocate to your Holy Father and Life Everlasting with you”.

May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas