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Dark Nights Ahead; Birth Pang Judgements Burgeoning Across The Globe 1/19/16

Welcome.  As the title says, our awesome God never ceases to amaze us with such a preponderance of Bible prophecy judgements exploding about us daily.  One would have to be in an extremely remote rural tribe that bans technology today or a social liberal not to see our Lord at work on casting His judgements to and fro on this old earth in His Final Jubilee Year as per Gen. 6:3 : “My spirit shall not always strive with man…yet his days shall be 120 years”.

This is NOT 120 years,years.  It is 120 J-U-B-I-L-E-E-S.  There’s 50 years per Jubilee as per Levit. 25:11.  And 120 Jubilees x 50 = 6,000 years = 6 days of earth and God rested on the 7th day, exactly Gen. 2:2.

Like why else did Aaron, Moses’s brother live 123 years, Numbers 33:39 or Jehoiada live to 130 years in 2 Chron. 24:15.  Or  fast-forward 4,000 years to today to the French lady, Jean Calment who lived  122 years, with VERIFIED CREDENTIALS no less.  And remember, God DOES NOT LIE, Prov. 30:5 : “God’s word is pure”.  For 120 years to = 123 or 130 or 122 is NOT PURE.  But 120 Jubilees, His “Holy” Jubilees of Levit. 25:12 IS PURE.

How can this possibly be implied differently.  It can’t, it’s God’s word.  Can you just see how close we are in these last days when we shall soon be with our Savior.  Why else would He send His Biblical Blood Moon ( see Charts Categories above)  omens and warnings last year, the 7th year of 7 Shemitah cycles.  And now the Final Jubilee of Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the vengeance of our God”.  Yes, where our Lord comes to claim the earth and it’s harvest which includes the Rapture.  So, with all that said, LET’S GO :


It was the “worst” of times; it was the “worst” of times as Charles Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities “sort of” started out.  Such is the insanity going on about little tiny Israel’s borders.  Had to screen so much out. So much happening :

1.  President Abbas : “All Jerusalem communities are cancers”.  And he wants a Peace Process.

2.  Palestinian stabbings reach a new level : a)  Pregnant woman stabbed, yet survives,  b) Mother of 6 stabbed to death in front of 3 of her 6 children in their own home in Otheil.  So now these wildmen are laying low and killing Israelis in their own homes, not satisfied with their slaughtering on city streets in the day.

3.  Now 27 Israeli and 158 Palestinians have died since the Blood Moons last September.

4.  Palestinian Islamic Army has now formed in Gaza.  Friends, this is soft words for ISIS.  They plan to take over Gaza and dismantle the Hamas heathen who ISIS says are too easy with Israel.  Show a 30-minute video which is proof positive they are there.  FYI, ISIS hates Hamas, they hate Hezbollah, they hate Assad in Syria, they hate Abbas in the West Bank, they hate Israel.  You know, they’ve got an “Alpha-bet soup” going on.  Again, wildmen of Gen. 6:12.

5.  Two Hamas savages indicted for conspiring to assassinate Bibi, Jan. 8th.

6.  Adela, a legal center for minority rights in Israel has received millions of dollars from the Ford Foundation, George Soros, the EU Commission, etc. to replace Israel as the Jewish State with a “Multi-Cultural State”.

7.  Facebook’s true colors show as it yanks all articles of stabbings by Palestinians and keeps showing all articles showing Israeli shootings of Palestinian stabbers.

8.  America’s 7 million Methodists asked to blacklist investing in Israeli stock markets.

9.  Sweden asks UN to investigate Israel Defense Force (IDF) shootings of Palestinian stabbers.  Bibi replies : “Their remarks were outrageous, immoral and stupid”.  Same day, Israel closes it’s doors to all official-business Swedish visits.

10.  The United Nothing. UN selects Jordan to form a committee to start criminal procedures against Israel violations on the Temple Mount and threats to build the 3rd  WOW, God is Great.  Build it.

11.  IDF: “Damascus the city has more chemical weapons than anywhere else on earth, no wonder Isaiah 14:1,14 says : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.  Spot on, any day.  Approx. 50 sites.

12.  Whoever calls ISIS, the phony name ISI”L” is smacking God straight in His eye as the letter L which stands for “Levant”, all the land in Gen. 15:18, which the Muslims claim is theirs.  One problem you thieves, God gave the land to Abraham and his seed : “Unto thy seed have I given this land from the river of Egypt unto the great river Euphrates”.  Friends, did you see that, all of God’s Israel He covenanted with Abraham includes Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, North Saudi Arabia, the Sinai, Gaza, West Bank, Northeast Egypt.  It’s ALL I-S-R-A-E-L-S.  Got that Obama, you ISIL lover.

13.  Speaking of, Obama is still spying on Israel and Bibi.  He’s obviously not read 2 Samuel’s 3:25 : “Thou knowest Abner that he came to deceive thee, and to know thy going out and thy coming in and to know all that thou doest”.  WOW!! Spot on, right?

14.  Finally, on the bright side for Israel :  On Dec. 24,25, prominent Jewish Rabbis collectively issue statement calling for a renewed voice on Jesus saying : “We are not ashamed to exalt the name Jesus   and to welcome the carpenter from Nazareth back into the fold”.  Friends, this is absolutely beautiful for them to say this at this time.  Surely a prelude to Ezek. 39:7 : “So will I make my Holy name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let them pollute my Holy name anymore…”.  Friends, again, spot on and absolutely beautiful how this 2,600 year old scripture has come alive today after this long.

15.   Talk about the End of Days quickly approaching, Rabbi Baruch, the Baba, relates what’s written in the Zohar, regarding the rise and fall of Ishmael.  Here it goes : “Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a Sage of the 2nd Temple said that the ministering angel of Ishmael stood in front of God and petitioned him saying : “Anyone who does a mitzvah, or good deed, should receive a reward.  So, Ishmael circumcised himself, not just at 8 days, but at 13 years old.  Does he not earn merit for this”?  The Zohar says God answered, saying that the land of Israel will be given to them (today’s Muslims) during the time it will be empty of Jews, after the destruction of the Temple.  Further, Zohar says, “God gave Ishmael 100 years for every year until he was circumcised; that is, 1300 years to rule in the land of Israel.  And now the end has come, they received their reward.  Now it is time for the Nation of Israel to rule in their land.  It is time for the Messiah to come when Israel will rule over all the land.  Not this part belonging to them and this part belonging to us”.  Friends, how profound this is.  Mohammad and his Islam began to rule Israel in the mid 600’s AD.  Add the 1300 prophetic years above, you get about mid 1900’s.  Kind of like 1948 maybe when Israel miraculously became a Nation.  Well, here we are, that generation.  Case closed, Google it : “Son of Baba Sal : proclaims : “The Days of Ishmael Ruling in the Land are Over”.  Remember also Gen. 15:18 above, as in Psalms 83 War with Israel’s border neighbors ever so imminent.  Again how awesome is our God to have this Rabbi reveal this to the world for the first time in 2,000 years.  Glory to God.

16.  Finally, Google this : “800 Year Old Prophecy Declares When King of Persia will provoke King of Arabia; Redemption Is Around the Corner”.  Latest largest conflict in the world today is between Iran (Persia) and Saudi Arabia where the Sunni Saudi’s just executed a prominent Shiite cleric.  Iran is absolutely on fire with hatred of this Saudi act.  Enter the prophecy of 800 years ago where the Yalkut Shimoni predicted that “THE YEAR THE MESSIAH WOULD APPEAR, the King of Persia will provoke the King of Arabia”.   Well friends, case closed, the EXACT EVENT, prophecised  800 years ago happened for the first time ever in 1,200 years.  Sooo, game on.  We will WATCH this play out and prayerfully do a Luke 21:28 and look for him.  What a time to be alive, right!  After all, why would these last 2 Rabbi reports come out of the dusted drawers of the Zohar from centuries ago, I tell you why : Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17 : “It shall come to pass in the LAST DAYS I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophecy, and your young men shall see visions and old men shall dream dreams”.  That’s why.  Oh yeah, we are there.

P.S.  Just over the news wire, dear Lord say it ain’t so.  True, 4 U.S. hostages were released from the Iran despots over the weekend.  Obama and Kerry proud, proud.  BUT, one was not, Bob Levinson is his name, a JEW.  News pending on whereabouts.  May Obama be on his knees with super-thick knee pads when he bows before God soon to discuss this situation about one of God’s chosen people being held back because he was Jewish.  Oh woe is Obama on this foolish move.


1.  Best way to start is Psalms 109:8 : “Let his days be few and let another take his office”.  DING DING DING.  Obama has 366 days left as of this writing to do his gunsligning.  Unless he…

2.  Associated Press leak : White House wants Syria’s Assad to go but not until after “I’m squeeky clean” Obama is gone Jan. 20, 2017.  Surely, so he can hustle into his BUNKER and hide, unless of course he’s the new UN Sec. General of which he’s expressed an interest in and said he’s very qualified for.  Bibi : “8 years of Obama’s judgements and marginalizing Israel was not enough.  Now he wants to be in position to cause us more trouble in the International forum…we want to counter this campaign”.

3.  On GITMO, 10 Muslims are released, 5 are “hi-level” risks.  Now 93 left, 32 already approved for release.  FYI, one GITMO GOUCHO said prior to release that he will “slit American’s throats” when released.  Another is now the Al Queda “LEADER” in Yemen where 2,900 people have died.  Let me say this spur of the moment line before my mind goes defunct and that is Obama has more love and more in common with these GITMO’s, Iran, Castro brothers, the 35 Muslim Brotherhood buddies in the now creepy, ghostly White House which includes his newly converted Muslim Chief of Staff no less, McDoughnah, and abortions and the LGBT stuff than for the 75% of Americans who say America is on the wrong track.  I tell you, I finally believe his evil and delusional mind is a dog and pony show for something very surreal coming.  Such as satisfying his leftist creeps and specifically, that certain “Man of Deception” lurking out there in the world somewhere- TODAY, just waiting for the right moment Obama maybe setting up.

4.  Did you ever think this Obama “duped” the world as being the “silent supporter” of the Arab Spring to “shake” this world.  I certainly do.  Why? How about former adviser Tom Pickering’s e-mail that got caught 2 weeks ago by FBI he sent to Ha-Ha-Hillary by recommending her to push harder on the “sparking” of Palestinian demonstrations, especially the women, to force Israel into a Peace Treaty.  And how about Obama’s blind eye on letting dictators Khadafi of Libya and Mouhbarek of Egypt implode to broaden his beloved Muslim Brotherhood movement across the Middle East.  The pivot on Syria red lines, the slow molasses moves against ISIS.  Oh yeah, he’s a slippery man.


1.  This phony, impotent but dangerous little man is absolutely enjoying his living in a bubble world.

2.  Speech appeared like a lecture to you, and me, and the world to follow him because of his 7 years of  victories he bragged about.  So shallow.

3.  I tell you, I was so disheartened to see him float like a butterfly up to the stage with such optimism and not a care in the world, as the world burns in Radical Muslim terror.

4.  Called the Pope “his holiness”.  You know God only and His Son only is Holy.  Nobody but.

5.  Coldest quote : “Sure I’ve divided the country, but it’s not like Civil War divided”. Ugggh!!

6.  I’m a Statistician, I had pen and paper listening to speech.  Guess what, I had 8″ strikes on his defending of Muslims and “zero” on Christians.  That’s a FACT, 8-0.

7.  Friends, this less than a man is NOT, I say NOT asleep at the wheel, he’s left the wheel.


1.  Mike Huckabee : “He’s building sand castles when terrorists are storming the beaches.

2.  Chris Christie : “Our President is foolish.  He lives in fantasy land.  Iran has picked his pockets and made a fool out of him and he doesn’t know it”.

3.  Franklin Graham : “It’s now open season on Christians.  Sin is openly celebrated by the highest office in the land.  We are perilously close to the moral tipping point for our survival.  Our nation is broken morally, broken spiritually, broken politically”.

4.  Chuck Hagel snapped as Sec. of Defense when Obama told him all future briefings from Hagel to Obama had to go thru blabbermouth, know-nothing,  Susan Rice.  So he quit.

5.  And then there’s panty waist Kerry on the release of the 10 US sailors by Iran who were so violated in forced surrender photos : “I want to thank Iran for a quick and appropriate response”.  Then he anxiously high tails his potato to be the first to congratulate Iran in Vienna for lifting of sanctions and releasing $150 billion because the “darn” UN certified Iran as being in full compliance on their nukes.  AY AY AY AY AY .


1.  The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where world’s richest elite meet yearly promotes  LGBTs by setting up “rainbow walls” 8 feet high and 1 block long to welcome them.  WOW, entry walk what a ……..sight.

2.  Seriously, Davos’ main world concern for 1st time ever is not about business and world economy but the EU flood of refugees.  Davos President Schwab : “Refugee crisis could be precursor to something much bigger as world’s oil woes is carving up countries as much as ISIS is.  Imagine 1 billion people moving North as this oil crisis will spur a substantial social breakdown”.

3.  Friends, this breakdown plus China has produced the largest point loss in the entire history of the U.S. stock market in 1st two weeks of January, including the Great Depression.  Hello, Jonathan Cahn’s Shemitah wave.  Froth bubble will pop, Fed is absolutely helpless, no more bullets, so so many economic stats have literally “CRUSHED” the 2008 debacles, can’t mention here, too technical.

4.  Say it ain’t so : Southern Baptists start to ordain homosexual pastors and perform gay marriages.

5.   45% of Democrats think Christians are a greater threat to U.S. than Muslims.  That’s insane.

6.  Philadelphia Mayor Kinney, after a Muslim who shot a cop in the name of Islam in his car point blank : “Shooting in the name of Islam has nothing to do with Islam”.  Cuckoo, Cuckoo.

7.  U.S. asks UN to screen 85,000 refugees in Central America to come to U.S.

8.  UN to expand internet to every man, woman, and child on earth by 2030.  That will really help the Anti-Christ, right!

9.  Walmart shuts 270 stores, 17,000 employees. Can you say tip of the iceberg of global financial chaos in this Final Jubilee Year.

10.  Faiths that deny Jesus’ birth : Lutherans 19%, Baptists 34%, Episcopals 44%, Presbyterians 49%, Methodists a whopping 60%.  2 Peter 3:3 to a tee : ” In the last days there shall be scoffers…”.

11.  In 2011, there were 388 billionaires whose net worth equalled the lower 50% of all mankind.  In 2012, was 177.  In 2013, was 115.  In 2014, was 80.  Last year just 62 of the richest peole on earth.  Friends, the trend is your friend, the 1-World Gov’t. which began Jan. 1st so subtly, ala Climate Change, is currently being shaped by these few.  Soon, that 62 will be O-N-E as in that man of perdition.

12.  And you can gas up your car in Michigan for 47 cents a gallon.  Whacky, Whacky, Whacky.

13.  More WHACK : Obama slams his fist for more gun control which he says guns kill 30,000 yearly.  Well, Obama you mathematician you, God says your “authority” kills 1.1 million babies per year in America.  Whew, that’s enough on America and Obummer.  What planet is this man on??


Yes mama there goes that man again.

1.  If there are still doubts in anybody’s mind about this Pope’s unfettered call for a 1-World Govt. and 1-World Religion, just look at this :  In his first prayer video and the Feast of Epiphany, Jan. 6th, of 2016, his sermon blatantly stresses the need : for the unity of ALL faiths to come together and, as he says : “produce fruits of peace”.  Just look :  “I greet you all dear friends belonging to other religious traditions.  First of all, the Muslims who worship the one God, loving and merciful, and all of you as well…it is a tangible sign of the will to grow in mutual esteem and cooperation for the common good of humanity”.  Two things here friends : a) The words “merciful God” are plastered all over the Koran; b) Note how he mentions Muslims before ANY OTHER RELIGION.

2.  Remember he also said when referring to Christian Fundamentalism (ie. Evangelicals like you and me) that :”…they are a sickness…as Fundamentalism being a strict literal interpretation of scripture”.

3.  And also his 1st Ecumenical meeting as Pope : “Many think differently seeking God in different ways.  In this range of world religions there is only one certainty we have for all, we’re all children of God”.

4.  Also, in 2014, remember he authorized prayers and readings from the Koran as a good thing.  Like what about one named Jesus in John 14:6 : “I am the way…”..  For crying in a bucket, this Pope believes all Christians and Muslims worship the same God.  Friends, my God has a beautiful glorified Son and His name is Jesus Christ.  Where is that EVER mentioned in the Koran?

5.  Friends, please don’t believe me on what the Pope says.  I just report the above what was reported by the Catholic News Agency and the Christian News Network.  Google it.  Also, Google the photo and accompanying article of Pope with 14 world religious leaders consisting of Muslims, Hindu, Buddists, Orthodox, Christian, and several others by : Prophecynews article titled “Pope Francis says All Major Religions Are Paths to Same God”!

6.  Surely “WATCH” his words and actions in 2016.  Specifically his trip to Juarez, Mexico, Feb. 17th, on the border with El Paso, Texas mind you, where he is expected to voice his support for immigration rights and freedoms.  As in illegals are all OK to cross “OUR” border.  He calls this : “…the dramatic situation at this border…”, to let them into USA.

7.  Also from his sermon this past week which focused mainly on a plea “…to accept and accommodate all the new arrivals into Europe”.  WOW, bent city, some of these Muslim Refugees are traumatizing the entire European Continent  of almost 600 million people.  Good Night and Geeze Louise.  Friends, this is what it is.  This most prominent cheerleader for the coming 1-World religion talks a good “sweet love” talk , but beware…  Beware as in Revelation 13:11 : “…he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon”.  Do you really really think this Pope would agree that our soon coming of Jesus as Lord of Lords and King of Kings for this final generation that he will accept this as the greatest day in the history of the world as you and I do???  Hmmmm!!

EUROPE: Friends, it’s near impossible to glean any economic, political, or any other “normal” news anymore out of Europe other than the “Apocalyptic mass Muslim Refugee crisis.  This cultural suicide has brought the EU Parliament to it’s knees with the realization now that the unprecedented and unstoppable Islamic Fundamentalism is swallowing up memories of the old EU as its unity is absolutely shattered.  This prophetic event has forever divided the EUs 28 nations as each nation is now acting on its own, despite the EU leader’s powerless dead-end rhetoric.  Just look :

1.  There are now 44 million Muslims in the EU.

2.  There are 1.2 million new Muslim Refugees since Jan., 2015 to today.

3.  Over 2,600 coming per day.

4.  When winter got to -10 below zero in the Baltics and Germany, deaths by freezing, respiratory and bronchial problems, killer flues, frost bites, daily as Doctors cannot keep up with in the camps.  Most deaths are children and the old.

5.  Let alone starvation, and rapes, murders, a plethora of crimes go uninvestigated, not either enough “nor willing” police available.

6.  Last article you heard of all the groping and fondling of thousands of women in Germany on New Years.  Well there’s more : Thousand more complaints of sexual assaults from France, Baltics, Sweden, Helsinki, Finland.  It’s a metasticizing cancer the horror now being created across Europe, and New Years is over.  And all by YOUNG MUSLIM MEN.  Whew, a dollar is a dollar and a cookie is a cookie.

7.  Angela Merkel can be so proud now to see what her “softness on refugees edicts” have sprouted so many black roses.

8.  Several responses of those Muslims arrested to the police: “Mrs. Merkel said you have to treat me kindly”.  Why would I kid you on this ridiculous remark?

9.  German Development Minister, Gerd Mulles : “…8 to 10 million more are still on the way as more people than ever now hear about our prosperity in the West in this digital age…the situation is irreversible”.

10.  Most Senior Constitutional Judge in Germany : “Merkel’s government is violating the German Constitution by failing to protect its borders”.

11.  Within hours of this judge’s statement, 220 ANTI-REFUGEE protesters are arrested as violence is now bourgeoning through-out Germany by its own German citizens.

12.  Czech President : “It is impossible to integrate the Muslim community with the European one”.

13.  EU President Juncker : “We are now called the weakest and poorest part of the world”.

14.  Hitler’s satanic book “Mein Kampf” is republished for the first time in Germany after 70 plus years.  All about ethnic cleansing of the Jewish nation.  Is absolutely sold out throughout Germany in hours.  Rumors of the book selling on for $900.  Remarkably insane to bring this book to life after the Jewish Holocaust .  Again, Bible prophecy today in our face.

15.  Remember when it was so “cool” to take a summer vacation on the beaches of France, the Swiss Alps, the tulips in Amsterdam, and Dutch cottages and windmills in The Hague,  or Big Ben and the Queen in London or just trapsing across Europe cruising the Autobon highway.  Kiss that off.  This is the new world that satan the greatest anti-Semite the world has ever known has brought to Europe.  Yeah, Europe, where every country here except Poland who is “lukewarm” at best supports the Palestinians against the “occupying oppressors” of Israel.  My Take : God’s judgements are now here in the EU for this hatred of Israel.  I believe this ugly root of migration will shake the world to its core.  Gen. 12:3 : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.  Well, we are there.

In closing, what a super facilitator this EU  migration catastrophy is to have the Anti-Christ come on the scene and “fix this mess” and become Europe’s hero.  Friends, it’s all in the mix.


1.  The Russian bear is arming Iran to the hilt openly now that they can instantly get paid for the weapons they’re sending Iran.  Thanks O”bomb”a.

2.  Hezbollah leader : “Russia is now arming us with no strings attached as the 5 year Syrian Civil War goes on…Hezbollah, Assad, Iran and Russia are operating as one”.  WOW!!! Can you say Gog is alive and well in Ezek. 38, 39?

3.  Never in the news, Russia and Ukraine rebels of Russia now killed 6,600 Ukrainians.


1.  Mike Morril, ex-CIA Chief ; “ISIS is growing faster than Al Queda ever even dreamed of…ISIS is now 36,000 strong and in 20 countries”.

2.  Kurds of Iraq show the world horrific photos of ISIS handlers burned and blistered from odorless and colorless chemical weapons and teaching young classes how to produce them in mass quantities.  Oh, those jackals.

3.  Now they send brainwashed 10-14 year olds to the front lines to fight.  U.S. military commander : “We don’t know if we should kill them but if we don’t, they kill us”.

4.  ISIS terrorists kill 41 in Baghdad.

5.  Kill 11 in Istanbul.

6.  Kill 10 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

7.  Video now shows ISIS terrorists how to operate and shoot missiles in a weapons college lab in Racca.  May as well call it Jihad Tech.  What’s next, suicide football team there?


1.  There cannot be another more deceptive satan-tonged nation on earth.  Remember, in Jesus’ Olivet discourse in Matthew 24, no other word mentioned 4 times as is the word DECEPTION, in the final days.  And that’s Iran.

2.  Against Israel, millions of Iranians chant around country : “My blood is the beginning of your end”.

3.   Ex Israel Mossad leader : “The Iranian Shia and Saudi Sunni conflict is boiling, going to explode”.  Friends, I believe Israel’s war tested leaders words to a tee.

4.  Worst for last, yesterday, Jan., 18, they began receiving their Christmas present of $150 billion from O”bomb”a, delusional Kerry, etc.  And Iran had all the snake-filled gall to fire successful ballistic missiles last year that can carry a nuclear warhead.  Throw in they fired shots directly overhead of the USS Naval ship Roosevelt.  Throw in they ridiculed America with photos of 10 captured US sailors in pre planned propaganda surrender pictures for the world to see and Obama just sucked it right up and said squat.  Oh what a fool he is.


1.  Saudis, all Gulf nations except “neutral” Oman, including Libya, Jordan close down their embassies in Iran and bring their diplomats home.

2.  Saudi warplanes attack Iranian embassy in Iran-backed Yemen where Saudis have killed 2,900 Shiites.

3.  And now Al Queda joins Iran, et al, vowing death and revenge on the Saudis.

4.  The deadly world oil glut has hit the Saudi expense bottom line as for first time EVER in the kingdom their call to crush oil prices in America has given them a $90 billion deficit, and 2 years ago were the richest country on earth besides UAE and Qatar.

5.  And on Jan. 17th, 3 days ago their stock market plunged 7%.  Friends, the Saudis are now in helter-skelter mode fulfilling their prophecy puzzle part in great fashion with the judgements God has bestowed on the Arab world.  Let’s watch this Sunni/Shea explosion explode in Matthew 24:7 : “Nation shall rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom”.  Oh, you Ishmaelite wildmen of Gen. 16:12 : “He shall be a wildman; his hand will be against every man …and he shall dwell in the presence of his brother”.  So fitting.

6.  Jordan’s King Abdullah and top General make a B-line to D.C. demanding to speak to Obama.  Obama refuses to deal with them.  They fly back to Jordan mad as a 1-eyed hornet cursing America.  Thanks Obumma, again, and again for biffing Israel’s only so-so friend in the Middle East, save for Egypt.

7.  Libya issues cry for help to UN, US, the world as ISIS has taken over.  And nobody is listening.


1.  Not much, only in unprecedented territory of a market free fall and unstoppable currency devaluation, that’s all.

2.  Forget about the 2 failed stock market circuit breakers on the Blood Moon Midpoint day Jan. 5 and 6.  Forget about a correction.  Forget about a Bear market, Forget about a recession, Forget about the Chinese market is off 48% since summer.  Chinese leaders clueless on how to fix this stock market carnage and utter chaos.  They try to keep the yen from devaluing – their #1 fear – by selling our U.S. Treasury dollars.  Friends, when they get to the critical point of selling our Treasury dollars big time, may we just sit back and WATCH the worldwide financial shock waves of contagion dominoes coming in spades.    And you know what our God Almighty is doing with all this.  How about Psalms 2:1,4 : “Why do the heathen rage…he that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision”.  Oh how our omnipotent, omniscious, omnipresent Lord has created these judgements at this time in His Final Jubilee Year that we are so perfectly timed in these final days for us to witness these prophetic events.


Planetary Phenomenon:

5 Planets, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn will all be seen in alingment at same time in pre-dawn hours. Jan. 20th

Earthquakes :

Most significant to us :

1.  On Jan. 4, a 4.5 magnitude 50 miles East of Los Angeles strikes smack in the middle of a torrential El-Nino rainstorm -hmmm, Los Angeles, right!

2.  On Jan. 7, double whammy 4.7 and 4.8 magnitude in Northern Oklahoma, fracking mecca of USA.  And a total of 26 all told in that same 24 hour period.  Largest town hall meeting in State’s history held to discuss this “fracking thing”.  About time, after 910 earathquakes last year.  Mid-America, Hmmm again.

3.  On Jan. 17 extremely rare yet although insignificant 3.0 magnitude quake hits 30 miles North of D.C.  Hmmm again for the third time.  Friends, it’s God talking on America’s judgements in the West, in Mid-America, in the East, because our leaders have mocked and scoffed and rejected Him and Israel.


1.  Although no apparent devastation, a first ever double due : A hurricane (Alex) forms in the Atlantic.  AND AND I say on exact same day a Tropical Storm (Pali) forms in the Pacific, Jan. 13th.   Again, possible “bookend” precursor judgement on America, as per Matthew 24:7.

2.  Also unprecedented torrential rainstorms and mudslides drench California during this El-Nino.


1.  Is it “He” or “She” :  State of Washington passes law that if a man EVEN says : “I am a woman”, do not contest as it is now a crime to stop him from going into a woman’s bathroom, locker room, etc. in any business, sports event, church, gov’t. building, anything with a roof on it.  People ask “what can we do”?  Answer they get “Have deep pockets and get a very good set of lawyers”.

2.  Never since TV was invented over 60 years ago has there been 4 weekly shows on prime-time or near prime-time televised in one season: a) Fox’s “Lucifer”, b) ABC’s “Angel From Hell”, c) A & E’s “Damien”, and d) Cinemax’s “Outcast”.  Friends, the trend is your friend, satan now has his ugly tentacles in our own living rooms.  And most of us have little kids. Tell me we’re not on the Edge of Time.

3.  And you’ve heard on prime-time TV’s most foul mouthed Golden Globes ever on ABC the f-word used “TWICE” by some Hollywood movie-star imbicile.  Again, for millions of kids watching in the living room.

4.  Again, ABC ( “A”gents”B”etraying “C”hrist), has been promoting its new 100% sitcom gay show with its real life gay actor, “The Real O’Neals”.

5.  Well, our diabolic White House has really spit in our Lord’s face this time on Creation as it now allows the National Institute of Health to approve gestation of growing human tissue inside pigs and sheep with goal of creating hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys for human transplants.  Come quickly Lord Jesus,they’ve totally abused your Creation.


1.  You’ve seen Flint, Michigan, over 100,000 people, their home drinking water is a killing poison toxic with lead contaminants.  Friends, man has surely mucked up this world.  What an ugly pit-stop this is for those of us on our journey to Heaven.  This world has absolutely lost its moral compass.


WOW!!  That’s a lot of dark nights.  SOOO many more to come for this final generation.  Are we ready for our King of Kings and Lord of Lords to say : “Come up hither”.  Remember, the only other way is satan’s way, the Anti-Christ’s way that’s no goodie-two-shoes or holy Joe way, it’s ugly.  So, if it’s not Jesus, it’s all hell, just as sure as unbelievers of Him are breathing today.  If there was another way to Heaven, I’d tell you.  May we prayerfully WATCH His Glory unfold this most prophetic year.  Again, just look at the world of deception and lust and war and greed around you and around me, from D.C. to Raccah, Syria, it all wreaks doesn’t it?  Choose wisely, choose Jesus, choose beautiful eternity.  Please tell your family and friends that time is soooo short.  Rev. 22:20 : “Surely, I come quickly”.  And forever Luke 21:28 : “When you BEGIN to see these things happen, look up…”!!  May God Bless You Very Much.

Paul Grevas