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Welcome everybody.  Surely, we have never ever imagined so much Bible prophecy on the cusp of fulfillment in our lifetime.  Look left, Russia’s ugly tentacles surrounding the nation of Israel and Ezek. 38:11, 12 : “And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land…to take a spoil”.  Look right, Damascus after a 1/2 dozen terrorists bombings that killed 72 just yesterday is looking like the “ruinous heap” of Isaiah 17:1.  Look straight ahead, the UN, the EU, our despotic White House is in full mode swing today to rip the heart out of Jerusalem and split it up just as Zech. 12:3 : “In that day I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people that burden themselves with it”.  And on and on and on.  I tell you, all the prophetic countries in the end of days are now in place for the first time in your and my life.  Just as Jesus finished His work 2,000 years ago at the cross, He is now unveiling before our eyes the work He is finishing the 2nd time.  So, as per Rev. 2:11 : “Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown”, let’s fasten our seat belts and batten down the hatches for the remarkable events that occurred this past week, most events “left behind” by the reporting of the enebreated media ostrich-head-in-the-sand which has totally succumbed to the Iowa caucuses.  Do you want to caucus? Let’s caucus.  For crying in a bucket, so much more we need to know, so to better prepare ourselves for Jesus’ soon return for us who are “just visiting” here for a while on earth.  SO, LET’S GO:


Let’s put Israel’s current status with her foreboding events into a clear perspective :  So much Bible prophecy fulfillment for these End of Days has transpired about Israel during the 2014-15 Biblical Blood Moons to the present Final Jubilee of our Lord, the 120th.  The “Fab-Five” colossal Apocolyptic events surrounding Israel are still lurking on the ever closing horizon of man’s 6,000 year stay on earth as we know it are, in order :

1.  Psalms 83 War between Israel and her border neighbors.

2.  Gog War with Russia and Iran, and also when the Jews acknowledge once and for all that the Lord is their Lord as Ezek. 39:7 says.

3.  The United Nothing UN brokered Peace Process that’ll divide Jerusalem and the nation of Israel as in Daniel 9:27.

4.  The building of the 3rd Temple

5.  Israel’s recognition of Jesus as their Messiah of Zech. 12:10.

With that said, let’s look at the prophetic puzzle pieces our Lord has given us this past week that will “most probably” lead up to these first two, which are both imminent, the Psalms 83 War and the Gog War :

1.  Breaking Israel News reports Palestinian President Abbas and the PLO are about to implode into different warring factions among each other as Abbas has now lost all credibility with his inability to move the Peace Process forward.  To fuel the fire more, Hamas terror cells are now in the West Bank to really shake it up, both among feuding Palestinians in West Bank and the 3rd Intifada.

2.  There are now 28 Israelis and 164 Palestinians dead in this unceasing “knife Intifada, latest a beautiful 24 year old woman stabbed to death at home.  Yes “home”, this is a game-changer now.

3.  Nothing irks the Palestinians more than messing with the Temple Mount.  Well guess what, the Israel Cabinet voted to allow “prayer groups”, both male and female, Jewish/Christian to pray at the Western Wall.  This is big, this is prophetic.

4.  Senior Palestinian official : “Any 2-State Solution with Israel would only be a ‘phase’ in the ultimate dismantling of Israel”.  How ugly these guys’ minds are!!

5.  China President Xi tells the world his nation now recognizes the State of Palestine with full sovereignty .

6.  Hamas is getting War-antsy :  Is maneuvering soldiers and weapons around their newly built tunnels along the border that they are so proud of.  Hamas leader Haniyeh : “The new tunnels are a preparation for war with Israel….we’ve built tunnels two times more than Vietnam tunnels”.  The idiot.  Bibi responds : “In the event we’re attacked by tunnels in Gaza, we will operate with great force against Hamas, with much more greater force than we used in Operation Protective Edge in 2014….I wouldn’t recommend anyone to try us”.  Bravo, Bibi.  By the way, the U.S. Heritage Foundation think tank rates Israel as the 8th most powerful nation on earth, military-wise.  Teeny, tiny, weeny, Israel, size of New Jersey.  Thank you dear Lord for your omnipresence for your chosen people.

Now for the Israel haters and Anti-Semetism :

1.  None better than Obama, who’s fueling his latest ploy of hatred towards Israel by ordering his Ambassador to Israel, Shapiro to blatantly accuse Israel of failing to properly investigate crimes against too many attacks on the poor Palestinian stabbers claiming Israel has 2 standards : 1) “The Rule of Law Standard” and 2) the “Israel Standard”.  Some day little Obama man, God will get you.

2.  Obama scheming on how to stifle Israel next as he’s reportedly “vehemently rejecting ” Israel’s decision to expropriate 370 acres for Jewish settlers from the Palestinian infested West Bank with his staff goons in the White House.  I say “build baby build”.

3.  Not again, first school-book map makers having Israel disappear from their maps for school kids around the globe, then anti-Jewish CNN. Money sharks and carps articles drop map of Israel and replace it with the poor Palestinians.  This time the culprit is National Public Radio, NPR, doing the same thing.

4.  Did you ever witness such sports insanity : David Blatt, the Jewish head coach of the 2nd best team in the NBA this year, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the man who brought them to the NBA finals last year, is fired in the middle of the season.  Go figure that one out.

5.  Anti-Semetism is now the highest it’s ever been since WWII in EU land.  No wonder our Lord is cursing the EU with the mass-humanity of Muslim refugees that are bringing the EU to its well deserved knees as per Gen. 12:3 : “…I’ll curse those that curse thee”.

6.  Kuwait Air suspends all flights to and from America as they refuse to carry any Jews on their planes.

7.  Bibi on Holocaust Remembrance Day : “Europe and the rest of the world must stand up together with us.  Not for our sake, but for their sake”.

8.  Bibi on Ban Ki Moon of the United Nothing : “Comments by the UN Sec. General encourage terror…”.  Oh, Bibi just wait for the next Sec. General, if he is who he says he wants to be; well may we thank Obama for speeding up the Rapture and the Edge of Time as he’ll have a plethora of plans to destroy Israel.

9.  Regarding the EU’s relentless push for dividing Israel : French Foreign Minister, Fabius has formed an international committee “to preserve and bring about the Two-State-Solution for all…and if it fails we need to face our responsibilities and we (France) will recognize the Palestinian State”.  Friends, no wonder Jesus mentions Matthew 24:9 : “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you; and ye shall be hated by all nations for my name’s sake”.

On the brighter side :

1.  Pure, pure 100% pure olive oil has just been produced in Jerusalem to be used for the Menorah of the 3rd Temple.  No olive oil like this since 70 AD, 2nd Temple.  Getting closer and closer I say.

2.  Levithian natural gas field goes on line, the one of the 3 Jewish oil finds this century, all 3 of which are in the top 10 in the world.  First contract with a Turkish consortium worth $1.8 billion.

HOWEVER,  the imminent Gog War has Russia licking her chops on this oil as in Ezek. 38 and all it takes is ONE, I say ONE, little “shake or rattle” of a mistake just like in World War II for this 7-year precursor to Armageddon to begin.  We WATCH with many prayers and we always do a Psalms 122:6 : “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”.  Yes, friends, we are just about there.  This Final Jubilee harvest tells us so.

U.S.A. :

This little man Obama has, as of today, just 351 days left in office to do his thing.  And surely he will.  Just look this past week :

1.  Book of Daniel talks that “lawlessness will abound in the last days”.  Well, Obama man thru 2015 has had 35% less criminal prosecutions in American courts and 72% more prison releases in 7 years than Bush in 8.

2.  On America Pro-Life day, you and I prayed for abortions to end.  Now, 58,586,256 to date, babies have died.  This, as Obama deliberately missing that Right To Life Prayer Day across the nation so he could be at the 43rd anniversary of Roe vs Wade to celebrate with Planned Parenthood executives.  And what a smooch he laid on their short haired blonde, good is evil evil is good, brazen hussy president, whatever her name is when she introduced him to speak.  He said : “Today we mark the 43rd anniversary….for women’s freedom to make her own choices about her body:.  Someday Obama, you’ll meet with God.

3.  a)  On Obama’s quest to be the King of the World at the UN.  Friends, please don’t laugh, very viable, very timely for this to prophetically come about.  He has the arrogant ego, the aspirations, the will to subjugate America and Israel into a severe deadly pounding and totally inspire his Muslim ways and Muslims period to the forefront of the New World Order.  His knack to inspire people into believing he can lead the way to wipe away war, poverty, injustice to perpetuate global peace and prosperity via the newly implemented Sustainable Development Climate Change platform, to me is a bona-fide, yet delusional and deceptive reality.  It’s like it’s just a perfect storm from our Creator at this time during this Final Jubilee to initiate the end of days this way.  We gotta WATCH his every move to see if this little petulance of a man will be going BIG TIME in 11 months at the UN.

4.  Obama is first President in U.S. history to attend a mosque service tomorrow, Feb. 3, in Baltimore.  That’s OK, only thing, this mosque is full of Muslim Brotherhood extremists and they have and continue to support Hamas against Israel.

5.  Obama boldly states that not less than 100,000 but not more than 200,000 Muslim refugees will be welcomed into U.S. in 2016.  Friends, if the trend is your friend as per EU recently, expect many gropings and sexual assaults on our American women.

6. Under Obama, as per Heritage Foundation,” America’s Economic Freedom Index” has slipped from 6th to 11th under this little man, the worst ever under any President.

7.  Obama’s latest Executive order : A 50% across the board cut in border monitoring control by ICE along Mexico border.  Texas Gov. Abbot is ballistic.  Friends, do you get these things, Obama is scrapping America every which way.

8.  Obama must have smoked a long Cuban cigar when Iran started getting their billions.  Yes, Bush’s axis-of-evil Iran is Obama’s bosom buddy Iran.  Yet look at the messy egg on Obama’s face when after sanctions lifted, Iran says : “We welcome war with the U.S.”.  Fool, Fool, Foolish man to approve the Deal.

9.  And John Kerry’s reprehensible statements on the $150 billion Iran is getting : “I’m sure some of this money will go to this endeavor (meaning weapons to Hamas, Hezbollah) over time”.  YISHSHSH!!!  What planet is this man on?

10.  Others’ remarks on Obama : a) Senator Rubio : “If you kidnap an American, Obama will make a good deal with you”.  Also says : “Obama believes the U.S. is the radical global power and Kerry carries his water on this all over the world”.  b)  Donald Trump : “Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to Israel”.  c) Glenn Beck instructs his staff to prepare to move to Jerusalem to continue broadcasting freely.  Says : “We have to pick up our pace to broadcast freely….I need to know if we can get to Jerusalem where they won’t shut us down”.  d)  My take : Obama is a LIAR, flat and cold.  Double ditto on Hillary after FBI exposes 22 “above” top secret emails she vigorously refuted last year – pants on fire lady.  I really wonder which house she’ll be in next year : White House or the “Big House”.

11.  How delusional is the UN?  They say : “We will never abandon Syria and her people”.  HMMM!! 260,000 dead, 8 million are refugees, the rest living day to day just to survive.

12.  In Davos, CEO of Duetch Bank : “In 10 years time cash can become history…we won’t see cash anymore”.  WOW!!

13.  Most popular word at Davos, Switzerland where world’s elite just adjourned talks on world economy : “SUSTAINABILITY”.  Yes, as in Climate Change Charter which just started Jan. 1, as in 1-World Order, double ditto, as in the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 where the Anti-Christ will be the head honcho-if not before.  FYI, I say most probably “before” as in 2016, this Jubilee Year when all debts are paid and the harvest is sown.  Harvest as in Rapture, God willing.


1.  Dow Jones goes up 396.66 points Friday to 16,466.  Despite the fanatically unreasonably rise, do you see God’s hand writing on it?  As in “666” and “666”.  I do, that’s harbinger city friends.

2.  US GDP in 2015 was 2.1%, very feeble.

3.  U.S. Gov’t. Debt hit $19 trillion last month – DING, DING, DING.

4.  George Soros on flailing, phony world markets : “This is the 2008 world financial crisis all over again”.

5.  Friends, oil which is down 75% since May, 2014, is the straw that will stir the drink for the world economic contagion of dominoes like meltdown.  As you know, emerging markets are not emerging, look at China and their currency devaluation malaise.  Thus world growth is a ghost.

6.  Int’l Monetary Fund : “If these challenges are not successful, global growth will derail”.  Friends, this is sweet music to Jonathan Cahn’s Shemitah ears for world economic collapse of last fall.

7.  Major banks report if oil hits $25.00 which is less than the cost of the actual barrels it comes in, then 50 to 60% of oil companies will go bankrupt and this will collapse several U.S. banks that loan to them.

8.  Finally, Chairman of OECD : “The 2016 financial stresses are worse than 2007-8.  All the macro-economic ammunition (our Fed, World Bank, etc.) is all used up to fight the 2016 downturn”.  Friends, dare I say : WE ARE THERE.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.


Only because the Edge of Time is upon us, if you think there is another front-runner to capture the diabolic prize of the False Prophet in Revelation, you gotta e-mail me.  Why?  Just look:

1.  Start with his quote : “Some think they can have a personal and direct relationship with Jesus Christ outside of the communion and meditation of the Church, …… such temptations are dangerous and harmful”.

2.  “Gay lobby now verified to be present in the Vatican and the Pope acknowledging this has adapted “a gradual approach to address it”.

3.  Pope gives his blessing to a Spanish scientist for his cutting edge research to mix human cells into animal’s bodies.  For crying out loud, I could stop right here right now.  Right!!  This is an Anti-God blessing and act.

4.  Diabolic President Rouhani of Iran visits the Pope who greets him with open arms, and Pope’s exact words : ” In the interest of friendly Iran/Rome relations…”.  They talk in Pope’s quarters 40 minutes in secret.  They come out in public and Pope calls on Rouhani for Iran “to play a key role in stopping the spread of terrorism.  And the Iranian Pres. agrees that that is a good thing.  Charade. charade. charade, or dumber than a fallen post.

5.  Then Rouhani visits Palestinian Pres. Abbas in West Bank for more secret talks, both men are great advocates of annihilation of Israel.  Yet May 2015 Pope called Abbas an “angel of light”.

6.  This Oct. 31st (Halloween, satan’s birthday of course), Pope to attend the 500 year anniversary of Protestant Reformation ceremony in Sweden.  WHAT!!  Protestants and Catholics merging together.  This has been absolutely unthinkable except for that this is now an End of Days a prophetic puzzle piece from our Creator for the 1-World religion formation of Revelation.  Friends, this Pope is working overtime with his seductive charm to lure all world religions into his fold.  No wonder delusional “America’s Pastor” Rich Warren said : “Pope Francis is the Pope of all Christians worldwide”.  Friends, if only ONCE this Pope could speak 1) of the Son of God’s salvation for us all from what He did at the Cross,  2)  the Rapture,  3)  that the “only” mediator between Almighty God and you and me, that being Jesus Christ; well, I’d sure clam up quickly on reporting his deeds and actions for you to judge.


1.  EU leaders going absolutely helter-skelter on how to cope with the mighty Muslim Refugee Machine.

2.  George Soros : “Europe is on the verge of collapse….”.

3.  France’s Hollande : “Europe will be totally destabilized if it takes in all the refugees.

4.  Most powerful woman in the world, Christine LaGarde, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), : “This crisis has now pushed Europe to the make or break point.  The EU has lost all authority because of the crisis”.

5.  Angela Merkel receives her worst polls ever as Chancellor of Germany; 36% favorable.  Socialists are 75% aligned against her accepting the refugees.  Because of this poll, she backtracks : “The Syrian and Iraq refugees only have temporary accommodations here and will need to go back to their countries once the conflicts end”.  Can one say : “easier said than done”.  She better be knitting a LONG LONG very LONG sweater for even a “smidgeon” of this to be achieved.

6.  Now Austria builds fences to keep out Muslim refugees, joining 7 other EU nations.

7.  Sweden arresting Muslim refugee gropers of women left and right.  One arrested molester : “I’ll kill 10 people and eat humans on a bus”.

8.  Denmark reports Diptheria, Malaria, Tuberculosis, frost bites galore.

9.  Italian Cabinet bracing for 400,000 Muslims by Valentine’s Day.  In a state of flux, don’t know what to do.

10.  And with all that said, EU Commission in Brussels this week, for first time EU was formed with it’s “anchor”, ie. free borders from country to country has now decided to SCRAP the FREE BORDERS.  The EU has voted unanimously for each country to reimpose border controls as they deem fit to stop the Muslim refugee mayhem Apocolypse.  Friends, do you see it?  This vote just killed the U.S. of Europe, something many others and myself have been harping on for years.  The EU Superstate, the Lisbon Treaty, have all come to an astounding screeching halt with this edict.  This suspension they say will last for 2 years only however.  We gotta WATCH this, a true game changer that will surely cause revolts, violence, chaos, enough for just maybe that certain person, the “man of perdition” to enter the world stage to settle all the uproar that evolves.  Only God knows.

11.  New topic: Cashless Society Cometh :  As of Jan. 1st, 2016, all across the EU, the new “BAIL-IN” system began for all EU banks.  In essence, if a bank appears to be going bankrupt, then it will legally be entitled to take all it’s bank depositors’ checking, savings, etc. to stave off and to survive bankruptcy and innocent depositors can’t do squat about it as depositors will be forced to be stockholders and part owners of the failing bank.

12.  Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark all racing to become the very first Cashless Society Country in the World:  a)  Sweden’s retail sales were 95% cashless in 2015,  b)  Largest bank of Norway calls for elimination of cash, implementation now work-in-process,  c)  Denmark bragging it will be first Scandinavian country to go cashless.  Friends, this is all about the 1-World-Currency our banks will control, and thus the masses of people, under the Anti-Christ.  Rev. 13:17 : “And that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name….for it is the number of a man and his number is six-hundred three-score and six”.  Friends, this is happening before our very eyes.  Do we get it?

12.  Other : Merkel on Israel : “We admit that Anti-Semetism is more widespread in Germany than we thought”.

13.  Other : Nobody ever talks about Iceland. That is good.  Exactly  “0%” of Icelanders 25 years or younger believe that God created the earth.  Also 40% of all Icelanders are devout atheists.  That is bad.

Come quickly Lord Jesus, this world is GONE!!



Last summer I knew Russia’s economy was in the tank due to world oil glut and that oil was 80% of their economy and the ruble currency to the dollar swan dived to 60 from 24.  With that said, I also felt that Putin-wickedly smart that he is- was proceeding after gobbling up Crimea and E. Ukraine like the Russian bear in a planned methodical and calculated advance on Syrian rebels and ISIS, as part of his master plan to recreate the old U.S.S.R.  Stop right there friends.  This oil malaise has catapulted Russia into a “wounded” Russian bear as the entire Russian economy is at freeze-mode, 82 rubles to the dollar, no end in sight to this free fall.  So what is Putin doing?   Like a sling shot, Putin now appears to be running rough shod all over the Middle East without a plan or methodology, beckoning the West to start WWIII.  Look :

1.  With Trump and Hillary, and Iowa caucuses the primary focus of the media, Putin has now amassed troops and weapons along the border with Turkey to gobble them up.

2.  If this isn’t a blatant provocative action for WWIII nothing on earth is : Russia’s Strategic Combat Force’s 10 missile regiments are now strategically arrayed and set up for combat-ready-in-place-mode, all positioned around Russia’s 8 million square miles and at the highest level of alert.

3.  And Putin’s sights, among everywhere else, you can bet are secretly set on Israel’s 3 mammoth natural gas and oil finds.  And when he hits the dire straits button when his comrades back in Moscow start to crumble economically with Russian riots and violence…..  Well, enter Gog War.  We gotta “WATCH” this once a “bear”, now a “wounded bear”, which is more disturbing.


1.  What took these lying snake rulers so long?  Just 96 hours (4 days), after sanctions lifted and billions flowing in, Iran announces “2” new nuclear plants.  Obama, can you say “foolish me”?

2.   Iran invites China Pres. Xi after sanction lift.  They sign 17 accords involving oil, weapons, things of that nature and to increase bilateral ties by a mere $600 to $700 billion in next 10 years.  Obama, can you say “my bad”?


1.  As I write this report, just over the news wires, Saudis arrest “9” U.S. “terror suspects” they call them.  Let’s “WATCH” this, yet another under the radar from the medias’ belly dancing with the U.S. Presidential candidates.

2.  Saudi War with Iran in Yemen continues in fast and furious non-stop fashion.


1.  Iraq now tallies 18,500 deaths to terrorism in 2014, 2015.

2.  In Tunisia, where the 2010 Arab Spring sprung, which Obama and Hillary glorified as a model nation starved for democracy, a peace and security beacon for the entire Middle East, well it just fizzed.  The entire country is under a nationwide curfew due to violent demonstrations from economy that appears to be irreversibly imploding and poverty worse than when the Arab Spring began.  Oh, Mr. Obama, do you remember the comedy show with that kid Erkel who always said : ooops, did I do that?


1.  Without getting into the weeds on China’s economic doldrums of their stock market down 40% since summer, depression numbers, or lowest GDP in 25 years or lowest producer manufacturing index all time record of 7 straight monthly declines or their $2 Trillion shadow shady banking that is now crumbling, or their currency devaluation and monetary reserve cancers, thing are doing okay in their “Year of the Monkey”.  Sorry, friends, for my being sarcastic in these reports; I do it to keep my sanity, as I’m a statistician not a journalist.

2.  China threatens Taiwan with severity if it does not cease to abandon any thoughts on “independence hallucinations” with Taiwan’s newly elected Anti-China President.

3.  President Xi, “out of the royal blue” calls for the creation of a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as Capital.  Might as well join the crowd Mr. Xi.  Everybody else is flogging Israel these days on their land .

4.  China Central Bank announces it is now in planning stages to launch its own digital currency.  Yes, friends, the world currency frenzy of attempting to control all the world’s money is alive and well here as well as Europe.  You know, they are surely facilitating and assuaging the work that the coming Anti-Christ needs to do to get his 1-world currency up and running.  And to get 1.4 billion of the world’s 7.2 billion people to swoop it up in 1 country, that will surely appease him.

5.  Speaking of world currency, Japan now following Europe and for the first time in Japanese monetary history, is adopting a negative interest rate policy.  That is where you “pay” the bank to store your money.  Gees, friends, we surely live in chaotic, prophetic times.  No wonder “live” spells “evil” backwards.

All these reports are vectors forming the 1-World Gov’t. with 1-World Currency and 1-World Religion that the nations of the world called for under the name of Climate Change and Sustainable Developments which was birthed 30 days ago.  Want you to know, I’m not purposefully fitting this Final Jubilee of our Omnipotent Creator into a “pre-conditioned notion” .  It is what it is.  We are there.  I tell you with all my heart and all the prayers I do night and day, we gotta WATCH as Luke 21:28 says : “When you BEGIN to see these things happen look up….”.  Friends, they are happening here, they’re happening now.  We gotta hang in there Prayerfully Watching and Waiting.  This generation is THAT ONE Jesus talked of in Matthew 24:34 : “This generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled”.  Remember the Biblical Blood Moons last year?  I do.



1.  Largest earthquake since last report is Anchorage, Alaska, a 7.1 and 6.9 magnitude.  Also, a 7.3 in Eastern Russia.

2.  Fifty-five minor earthquakes strike Italy in a 24 hour period.  Largest a 4.3 magnitude.  Never in Italian recorded history has there been so many in such a short period .  And they don’t even FRACK like in Oklahoma.  So, it must be God, Right!   Yes it is.


Storm Jonas which in Hebrew means “Jehovah’s Gift” unravels the East Coast with record-itis : Most snow EVER in D.C., 28″, New York, 28″, Baltimore 27″.  Left 40 people dead, billions in losses, 13,500 cancelled flights axed.  Again, it’s God Almighty with the flick of His nostril.


You’ve heard it, ZIKA, a mosquito-born virus.  Surely satan enjoys this toy.  Mostly affects size of the brain development of babies and paralysis in adults.  World Health Organization : “Zika is an International emergency spreading explosively…may hit 4 million cases this year”.  Expect to be epidemic in North and South America.


1.  Open Doors, a 60 year old organization that follows Christian Persecutions says : “2015 was the worst year of persecutions in modern world history”.

2.  A good samaritan man in North Carolina gets out to help a stranded motorist during storm Jonas.  Motorist pulls out his gun and shoots him dead.  Totally Eph. 6:12 : “For we wrestle against principalities, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness”.

3.   Say it ain’t so : Texas grand jury indicts the 2 Christian pro-life producers of videos who went thru hell capturing testimonies of the wretched Planned Parenthood greed mongers for baby fetal parts.  Yes, Isaiah 5:20 : “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil…”.  Spot on, right!

4.  You knew this would happen : World Olympic Committee now allows men transvestites to now officially compete as women in 2016 Olympics.  What can I say?

5.  Idolatry at its best : Maniacal sales of Thailand’s new supernatural dolls which look almost human (they faked me out) have swept the country.  Called “child angels”.  Oh, God must absolutely detest this.

6.  Satanic Temple group invited to speak Feb. 17th to the Phoenix, Arizona, City Council.  What the heck can they possibly say?  KOWABUNGA !

7.  This is remarkable, and I drink Pepsi : Pepsico, Kraft Foods, and Nestles in partnership with a wicked company, Senomyx, a biotech firm that conducts research using aborted fetal cells to develop tastier artificial flavor into their products.  I’m now into Royal Crown or Dr. Pepper.  Friends, what raw sewage do this country’s entrepreneurs breed for greed?

8.  Athiest Capital of America is Portland, Oregon = 42%, next Seattle ties with San Francisco, 33%, Denver 32%, Phoenix 26%.  Most religious large cities : Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Pittsburgh.

9.  Regretfully, must report the dang show Lucifer-we never or ever will see it-debuts last week with an audience of 8 million American viewers.  Come Lord Jesus, we’re waiting for you.

Well, so there you have it.  So much so fast.  After all, please remember, it’s our Lord’s final final final Jubilee Year – For Final Judgement.  You see those Blood Moons, that’s why they’re Biblical and that’s why He sent them – for SIGNS.  (Please see Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Charts on Home page).  So so simple is eternal life.  It’s like an elevator : It goes “UP” for Jesus and His eternal Heavenly mansions He’s prepared for us, like it’s only taken Him 2,000 years to do so, so can you only imagine how undescribably awesome they must be.  OR, it goes “DOWN” for satan and his haneous, deplorable eternal unquenchable red, yellow, orange, and black hellfire.  Oh my goodness, dear Lord.  What a simple yet beautiful choice to pick “UP”.  Right!  Yet the world is in “Rumplestiltskin and Alice in Wonderland” mode with greed, lust, and material things.  Please tell others : “He’s coming sooner, sooner not later, so  deal with it”.  Like how many more prophetic events do they think they need before they choose for UP or DOWN.  UGGHH!!   Mark 13:37 : “And what I say unto you, I say unto all, WATCH”.  Until Valentine’s,   May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas