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HOW BAD IS IT OUT THERE?? Feb. 16, 2016

ALERT, ALERT :  Friends, so so much is happening so fast, I absolutely cannot keep up.  It’s mind boggling, like yesterday’s news is old hat.  With that being said, HENCE FORWARD, every article will be WEEKLY to keep you fully informed on breaking prophetic news in America, in Israel, in Russia, in Tin-Buck-To.  Although my viewership is down 55% and my Facebook is down to 4,918 from 5,000, I’m going to stay the course, run the race, week by week by week until He gets us “outta here”.  FYI, 80% of all Blood Moon Websites have become inactive/shut down since the 4th Blood Moon and all the September hype on them.  Not right because we have to fulfill Matthew 24:14 :  “And the gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world…”.

Welcome everybody.  Like the title says, it’s bad, very bad.  So much bad stuff is reigning down from God’s judgements in this, His Final Final Jubilee year.  Remember, 50 years per Jubilee x 120 Jubilees as per Gen. 6:3 so explicitly stipulates equals 6,000 years.  Case closed.  From the Muslim refugee mayhem in Europe to Justice Scalia’s death and it’s horrific conundrum it is creating for America’s further demise, to the Global Financial chaos now in full vogue, and to the over “dozen” countries now in Syria going “gaga” with each other, dada, dada, dada.  How can we not see the forest before the trees with such profound earth changing events about us as we go to Walmart to exchange a little Christmas gift or buy a new video game or listen to the candidates debates.  Friends our Creator’s words on Biblical prophecy coming down on us is bursting at the seams and all at once and just after the Biblical Blood Moons so filled with omens that are now in full fruition in the form of our Lord’s judgements in His Jubilee year, remember, Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the ACCEPTABLE day of the Lord AND THE DAY OF VENGEANCE of our God”.  Why else would God who does not lie as per Titus 1:2 :….God that cannot lie…”, say this.  And such a more perfect timing scenerio couldn’t be matched within this messy world today.  So, please view my Graphs in Categories above, remember not to trust me on the following things I report on, as per 1 John 4:1 : “Believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world”.  Verify for yourself, my reports are pure, frank, and honest from credible Internet sources and Fox News.  So be it.  SO LET’S GO :


Prophecy, prophecy, prophecy, nothing but prophecy.  Read this :

1.  On Mount Zion, a donkey to redeem Israel is blessed in RARE BIBLICAL RITUAL.  Friends, don’t freak out, this isn’t a voodoo thing at all.  Look : On Feb. 13th, a baby donkey was brought to the tomb of King David to be redeemed.  That is, redeeming a first-born donkey is the joyous celebration for the imminent coming of the Lord.  In the Torah, it is necessary to do this to commemorate a first-born donkey for carrying out on their backs the Israelites out of Egypt in the Exodus after the 10th plague from God killed the first-born of every Egyptian.  And on Mt. Zion, King David’s Tomb, this is the place where all Israel will be redeemed as per Rev. 1:7 : “Behold, He cometh with clouds and every eye (including Israeli eyes) shall see Him, and they also which pierced Him….”.

2.  Hamas leader Hanieyeh, so full of vile and “vowels” in his name, says : “East of Gaza City, our heroes are digging through rock and building tunnels.  To the West they are experimenting with rockets every day”.  Whoopie whoopie do.  Read Isaiah 54:17 Mr. Hyena : “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”.  What a scripture fit : I.D. Forces are now building the “Underground Iron Dome” to seek and destroy Hamas border tunnels under construction.  Wow, can only be technology from God.

3.  Also, 1 week after pompous Hamas brags about their state-of-the-art tunnels to be used to war with Israel, 5 tunnels collapsed, killing 11 Hamas butchers.  Too bad.

4.  Let’s not forget in 2012 that 138 nations at the UN voted “yes” to recognize the non-existent fantacy of State of Palestine.  Also, last February, the world’s first Palestinian Embassy opened in Sweden (note all their border problems today with Muslim refugees).  Again, it’s God.

5.  Last 2 weeks France Foreign Minister Fabius : “France will officially recognize the Palestinian State if talks fail this spring”, (on a peace agreement to divide Israel).

6.  Also, 2 weeks ago Pope Francis met with Iran’s diabolical Pres. Rouhani who wants Israel dead, dead, dead.  The Vatican quotes : “The Pope and Pres. Rouhani share common spiritual values”.  Absolute rubbish.

7.  Also, Israel’s own liberal leader Herzog who lost election to Bibi -Praise the Lord- presents his “Separation Plan” : “As long as Netanyahu remains in power, it is impossible to reach a Two-State Solution…we must complete this before Pres. Obama’s term ends…if we don’t wake up now, we will be a binational state called Israestine….”.

8.  Wow, what a sight for sore eyes : The first Palestinian Embassy in the Western Hemisphere is now built and open in Brazil’s capital, Brazilia.  Seems like the Palestinian dream of a -“One”-State- Solution is alive and well with no place for the Jews.  Not to be outdone, the despotic embassy has a golden Mosque scaled down replica on it’s rooftop, just as the Al Asqa Mosque in Jerusalem.  Inauguration  ceremony also showed a large geographical map of the area, and of course, the name of Palestine replaced Israel.  Friends, will you please tell me why the recent Zika virus began and has now exploded in Brazil, turned Brazil’s economy on its head, worse than the 2008 Great Recession thanks to oil glut and possible worldwide rebuke of this years Summer Olympics scheduled for this summer in Rio.  How can anyone refute Almighty God’s hand in this: Gen. 12:3 : “….I’ll curse those that curse thee”.  FYI, to me this embassy looked like a low-Income-housing stuccado home,  Google it.

9.  America’s top female Jewish leader, Lori Polatnik says : “It’s time to move to Israel….the minds of American politics and Anti-Semitism have changed”.  Thanks Obama, you ….

10.  Talmud says in Tractate Sanhedrin (historical essays and treaties of early Sanhedrin) that the world will last 6,000 years.  By great historian Josephus and also by many others, have documented world of man began 4004 B.C.  It’s now 2016, that’s 6020 years.  We’re in Jubilee #120.  120 x 50 years per Jubilee equals 6000.  Oh yes we are so so close for Jesus’s return.

11.  Wow, 63% of Israelis rank Obama with lowest approval rating in over 30 years (Carter).  And 81% say Obama is Pro-Palestinian.  Should be 100% and 100% respectively.

12.  The score is 64 to ZERO of the number of Palestinian killers of Americans not being prosecuted.   since Oslo Accords in 1993.

13.  Best for last.  I should say worst for last instead because of the snarky UN, United Nothing : in 2015 UN had 26 resolutions condemning terrorism. And 19 of them were against Israel.  Only “ONE” against Syria where Assad has killed 260,000 and counting.  We should expect such numbers, as satan rules this world as per Eph. 6:12 : “We wrestle…..against the darkness of this world”.

14.  After a young Palestinian “animal” stabbed a mother of 6 children, in her own house, and in front of 3 of them, lulu-land Pro-Palestinian UN Sec. Ban Ki Moon blurts : “That was a youthful frustration”.  Sure wish I had the power to send him to hell on that unless he repents.  I don’t but Jesus does.

15.  Jewish Sanhedrin, in response to Moon’s statement regarding we should have compassion for those poor Palestinians “It is now human nature to react to Jewish occupation…the state of Israel must immediately leave the UN and sue it for damages and hold it accountable for its actions”.

16.  UN for a 2nd time this year of 1 and 1/2 months accuses Israel of excessive force against the poor Palestinians.  Dear Lord, when will it ever end and how bad it will be if our bad-dude President slimes his way to become UN Sec. General.  Quit ghastly.

17.  Friends, this is a sample of the devilish tentacles the UN has against Israel.  The UN is totally satan inspired to induce the 1-World system and knock-off Israel and to promote all that God rebukes.  Just google this : UN Releases Stamps Celebrating Homosexuality, Gay Parenting, Transsexualism.Friends, they did this in UN Headquarters 3 days ago to a full house joyous, emotional crowd.  One stamp depicts a male same-sex couple kissing, a homosexual coming out of a closet, a gay couple carrying a girl on their shoulders, a human butterfly as a transsexual.  Yes WE ARE THERE, the end of days where Jesus said in Luke 21:28 : “And when these things BEGIN to come to pass, look up ….”.   I stress the word BEGIN.  You who know the Lord surely knows what I mean in this world of the many deceptive dark shadows about us.


Three words front and center on America’s dire imploding future under wreckless White House which may now speed her downward spiral : SCALIA  SCALIA  SCALIA .  Just  look:

1.  Taking a break after golfing all day in Rancho, Mirage, California, Obama takes a mere 5 minutes off his busy schedule to address Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s death and his plans for a nominee.  Says : “As President, I will fill my Constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor IN DUE TIME”.

2.  Due time, friends he’s an absolute LIAR on this statement.  Why?  Look :

3.  Also says : “…. the succession process is bigger than one party”.  Within 48 hours he flies in his DC advisers and behind closed doors in secret to the world they discuss who the nomination will be.  And in media speech today, he said he REJECTS the REPUBLICAN DELAY.  JUST LIKE THAT.  LIAR, LIAR, to all America.  He’s really come undone.  Some “due time”, more like lickity split.

4.  Within 12 hours after Scalia’s death, he has slimy Democratic fundraisers going out soliciting money for the upcoming GIGANTIC nomination fight with Congress who as you know, want to “delay delay delay” till after election.

5.  No friends, “delay” is not in Obama’s vocabulary.  Like a leopard laying low and about to pounce on his prey lightening quick, he sees door wide open for Supreme Court major rulings on Immigration, Abortion, 2nd Ammendment for gun control,and redo his Climate Change green house gas emissions baby where Scalia was undisputably the lead voice against Obama’s attempts to pass the emissions ruling.  Many Internet sights, including lead radio host Mike Savage suspect a murder conspiracy because Scalia knocked out the green house gas emissions ruling on Feb. 9th and he mysteriously and untimely died Feb. 13th with a pillow over his head and not one single wrinkle in his pajamas or sheets while sleeping at the West Texas resort he was at.  And for no Medical Examiner present, no one to declare the death who was there but only by telephone from a U.S. Marshall who-get this- was PERSONALLY APPOINTED BY OBAMA HIMSELF, A very rare appointment by a President.  And no autopsy, as Judge Cinderella Guevara just decides not to order one.  HMMM!! Cinderella!! Poof.  Whatever perceptions you wish, these are truly suspicious circumstances.  Let’s WATCH this highly extemporaneous event unfold as it will surely change America to die a quicker death during Obama’s remaining 11 months.  Friends, know this : Constitution says President can  only nominate.  Constitution says the Senate MUST consent.  Case closed.

6.  FYI, Hillary, just 2 weeks ago, in a speech declared that if she was President and there was a Supreme Court opening, that she would consider Obama to fill the position if she had an opportunity to fill the vacancy.  I’d say that’s suspicious very much, but who am I to judge.  Very intriguing though.

7.  Obama loves Muslims :  Frees a GITMO detainee in 2012 called Beleedi.  Why is that so important?  Because up until last week this man was the “TOP” Al Queda leader in Yemen thankfully he was just killed.  Very poor pardon hindsight Mr. President.  Oh well, Muslim helping a Muslim.

8.  Remember, in 2007 Obama said : “The sound of Muslim prayer is music to my ears”.

9.  And for sure he’s no friend of Israel.  Said in 2013 : “Israel’s actions are a genocide against the Palestinian people”.  Obama’s cover to favor Israel is completely shattered here.

10.  Franklin Graham : “Obama faced the Dali Lama for the entire duration when the U.S. Prayer Breakfast was read. How absurd.  He did not bow his head, he didn’t close his eyes as others did…”.  You know the truth wreaks, he’s absolutely Anti-Christian.

11.   Feb. 4, Obama orders all U.S. Border and Customs Agents to “stand down” on all illegals coming through the border, calling it “catch and release”.  Orders them to release all currently detained illegals and no longer order them to appear in deportation hearings.  And also ordered to scrap all work on whereabouts of illegals their searching the country for which means no court. So these illegals are free, free, free as a bird to obtain welfare, etc.

12.  Just 1 week later word comes to Obama that Border Agents in Texas not complying so Obama “reissues” another hardline statement for them to “STAND DOWN” or they will be prosecuted.  How insane.  And this is America?  Dear Lord, I pray for Psalms 109:8 : “Let his days be few, and let another take his office”.  FYI, Obama has 339 days left, But…..

13.  Friends, sorry to say all this, but so true.  He’s a LIAR.  My goodness, just recently when he said “The country today is undisputably better off today than when I took office”.  UGGHHH.  Obama I speak for many,  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired – of you.


1.  Doomsday clock in New York which started in 1947, now reads 11:57 no date in U.S. history has ever been closer.

2.  WATCH Venezuela, in paralysis, about to implode and become a failed state with civil war.  Economy due to oil glut, political chaos, Zika virus exploding, all going south at breakneck speed.

3.  Sec. of Defense Ash Carter : “Russia is our biggest threat today in the world”.

4.  China, after much under the table radar work, has bought the Chicago Stock Exchange.  Absolutely amazing with all their own currency and stock malaise.

5.  UN says they have Syria’s back and won’t let them down after discussing a ceasefire.  Oh, what a United Nothing you are, after 260,000 dead and 12 million refugees running for their lives, 5 years and counting.  You best stick to your Climate Change and 1-World Order you’ve already got in your back pocket after your successful 194 out of 194 vote nation approval.

6.  Friends even though the stock market gyrated up 222 points today and 314 last Friday, the Shemitah wave is here.  The world’s debt, defaults, devaluations of currency and derivatives death spiral is unstoppable.

7.  Lastly, this just in on Fox News : As Obama was brashly answering questions at his suddenly set up National Press Conference to discuss why he’s rejecting Congress’ delay to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice, and bragged about the good things happening in Asia and specifically China, well special bulletin comes 10 minutes after his speech that China unbeknownst to Obama or the world, has installed a ready to go surface to air missile battery on Woody Island in the South China Sea that will destroy any plane in a 125 mile radius and an airship is now fully operational on the Spratley Islands.  Friends this is an absolute surprising nightmare and embarrasment to this blind blind leader of ours, just minutes after he pumped up good relations with Asia.  Total total egg on Obama’s face.  Tell me we are not in the Final Days in this special Jubilee year.


Oh mama. there goes that man again.  Oh yes, building that One-World-Religion for the Great Tribulation in an unceasing fashion :

1.  In an unprecedented move, Pope Francis and Russia’s top Orthodox Patriarch Communist Kirill met in Cuba this week for ground breaking meeting to “come together” after a 1,000 year rift since the Dark Ages in 1054 A.D.

2.  And thank you Pope for the new Vatican rule : Catholic Bishops are no longer required to report child abuse accusations by Priests to the authorities.  Any why not, no wonder were on the Edge of Time with this disparaging rule against innocent kids.

3.  The busy-busy Pope makes a business decision to augment his staff’s removal of sin from his people’s daunting requests for confessions by hiring and unleashing 1,000 “Super Confessors” to help him tackle special sins of sinners.  They are called “Missionaries of Mercy”.  They’ve been personally hired by him to remove these sins.  And their missions will end on the last day of the Catholic Jubilee year in December.  I’m not making this up, it is what it is – Drudge Report, Feb. 11th.  My take, what in the world then was Jesus Christ for?? Right !!.

4.  Gets worse : Vatican also designates 1,142 Priests and monks to have the power to forgive sinners in their own flock.  Also they were reminded that the Pope’s assasination and defiling the eucharist ranked above “SINS”. Whew, onward.

5.  Friends, I”m sorry to say this stuff.  I have many Catholic friends, maybe less after this writing.  But, I tell you, the Holy Roman Church, which began as a pagan-infused Church in 323 A.D. that has now added on the NOT-JESUS-apostate religious system.  Remember, they fallaciously claimed Peter the Apostle as its founder and yet chose not to heed one statement of Peter’s in the Bible.  And one guess who crucified Peter, AND UPSIDE DOWN no less.  Oh yeah, all documented facts.

6.  Hence forward, every future article, will recite exact word for word, a Pope Francis statement and I’ll surely quit this when he makes a statement that Jesus, only Jesus removes sin and is the only path to Heaven to meet God Almighty, exactly as John 14:6 says.  So, here’s this weeks from his UN and New York visit in Sept. : “Jesus Christ and His life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross”.  Ugghhh!!!


What can I say.  The Muslim migrant invasion is unstoppable, is unprecedented, is apocolyptic, is an absolutely morass suffocating the EU.

1.  However, there is one potential and imminent global killing financial event worse than the Muslim invasion and that is the 6th largest bank in the world is on life support and ready to  implode into a global financial contagion. That is the monster Deutche Bank of Germany.  Stock is all time low, from 53 to 16 owes the world, the largest amount of derivative money of $75 trillion dollars, a factor of 20 times Germany’s GDP, absolutely unbelievable, what a web they weave when they practice to deceive for greed.  CEO last week makes speech, saying : “We are rock solid”.  Friends, this is precisely what Lehman Brothers CEO said in 2008 and then, KAPOW, the global recession.  My take, the EU bank sell off is ominous and imminent and then as dominoes go, the US banks. It’s run for the hills time from all the major world banks, Jonathan Cahn’s  Shemitah wave is here.  Just look at your 401 K.

2.  FYI, Italian banks own 31% of all EUs bad loans, more than any other EU country.  Watch Italy.

3.  With that said, 81% of Germans say the Muslim invasion is out of control under Angela Merkel who’s favorability ratings hit 38% this week, an all time low.

4.   Is the EU unraveling already into oblivion and into satan’s “nirvana”.  Look : Anti-Islam protest supporter movement growing daily.  Clashes throughout EU occurring.  Clashes, violent raucus scuffles on the streets of Europe, especially Sweden, Hungary, UK, Norway, Denmark, France, and now finally, the big enchilada Muslims yearn for, Germany.

5.  Friends, please visualize this carnage of thousands of penniless Muslims coming into your city, this groundswell can exceed the ISIS blood-letting as it’s gaining unstoppable momentum and police throughout the EU are confused on who to protect, their city and ethnic roots of people and their own culture, or the deluge of Muslims.

6.  Friends, I’m very sympathetic for the “good” Muslims who’ve fled for their lives and their children’s lives.  Just think of it if we had to flee America, God forbid, BUT…..  However, it’s that certain percent of Radical Muslims imbedded in the throngs of refugees that will surely tilt the speed of the Rapture to come sooner than later.  Like why else would this mass of humanity transfer be going on in front of our eyes in this generation, in this Final Jubilee of our Lord Almighty which ends Oct. 12th.  And just remember, from Oct. 2, Feast of Trumpets – there is a 10-day period called the 10 days of Awe to Oct. 12, Feast of Atonement, where fierce judgement comes to earth from our Lord.  So, if this stuff is bad today, Judge Scalia’s death and all the mayhem I mentioned above.  Can you only imagine the world state of affairs this fall.  Remember Blood Moons were omens, the Jubilee is judgements, and this, the Final Final one, WOW, dear Jesus, come quickly we’re waiting for you, our Blessed Hope, just as Titus 2:13 says : “Looking for that blessed hope…”.

7.  FYI, WATCH Greece, it is about to implode as there too, financial chaos, pension ripoffs, higher taxes imposed on the already battered Greek citizens has spiraled out of control, especially in Athens as the EU, remember last summer, now says Greece has failed for a 3rd time to harness it’s debt.  3rd time not the “charm” this time.  Now no more bailouts like last few years.  Oh boy, Greece, Italy, Germany, remember we used to take beautiful vacations to scenic Europe.  Friends, Asta La Vista baby, those days are gone.


Friends, WOW!!  If this thing in Syria which now includes a consortium of 14 different countries isn’t the most God ordained timely, perfectly orchestrated stage setting for the coming Gog War, not ONE, no not ONE Bible prophecy expert, not Billy Graham, not Franklin Graham,  not Mark Biltz, not Jonathan Cahn, not John Hagee, not Perry Stone, not Scottie Clark, let alone not little Statistician me knows what he’s talking about and we all deserve to be called false prophets.  But I tell you, because the Lord has blessed these special men in these last days via Joel 2:29, this gathering in Syria is the Real Deal that will spearhead the Gog Magog War of Ezek. 38, 39 this Jubilee year.  Just look at this prophetic proof going on as I write this about Syria as ALL the players are all aligned to get this going :

1.  RUSSIA, ie. Gog :

1. President Medvedev says : “Other nations must stay away or we will enter a World War…Russia is fighting a new Cold War….All ground operations lead to permanent wars…The U.S. President and our Arab partners must consider whether or not they want a permanent war”.  WOW!!

2.  Orders impromptu massive military drills for war games in Southwest Russia and newly “acquired by force” Crimea and the Black Sea amid continuing tensions with NATO and U.S.  Are on combat alert.  Includes Navy, Army, Air Force, and elite special forces and that Russia will respond to ANY NATO buildup in Europe.  WOW!!

3.  Russian Air Forces backed by Iranian fighters has and is killing hundreds and maybe thousands of innocent civilians.  In 5 hospitals, 50 died today at this writing in Aleppo, Syria’s largest-used to be largest, no more with carnage-for ethnic cleansing to give back to despot Pres. Assad.  As the world watches the Presidential candidates.  And these remarkably ridiculous and feckless remarks,  Angela Merkel : “We are horrified”.  Marshmallow John Kerry : “Moscow must change its targets to respect the cease fire….we exhort Russia to heed the UN resolution from December to spare civilian populations….we have the Syrian peoples back”.  Wimpy, gutless Obama : “The U.S. is not about to do anything that would involve going up against Russia and risk a confrontation”.  You poodle.

4.  Russia warns Gulf States of WWIII starting in Syria as Saudi Arabia , Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, and 5 others prepare to send in ground troops to Syria by way of Turkey who openly welcomes this as they support the Syrian rebels in Aleppo against Russian carpet-bombing.

5.  UN brokered ceasefire presently being discussed, yet Russia claims Aleppo bombings are not subject to any ceasefire for 2 more weeks, “only other areas”.  Spoiled, merciless, I want it my way, Russian bear growls.

6.  Valentine’s Day, Russian jets kill 8 civilians plus 1 Doctor working for Doctors Without Borders in a hospital.

7.   Can you believe this gall and huddspa Russia has : They accuse Turkey of invading Syria to join and fight “WITH” ISIS.  What the heck is Russia doing?  They’ve even built an airport and all the heavy artillery in the world is utilized daily in Syria.  For crying in a bucket.

8.  At the same time, Turkey accuses Russia of invading Aleppo and slaughtering the Turkey backed Syrian rebels.

9.  Next day, Russia accuses the U.S. of bombing Aleppo.

10.  U.S. responds that it is Russia that’s bombing Aleppo.

11.  And did you know at the NW Syrian border with Turkey, both Russian and the U.S. (silently under the media radar) now have airfields there in “ISIS country”.

12.  And that Turkey is amassing troops at that exact border to alone fight Russia “and” the U.S.  How insane is that.  Friends, if this chaos of mass military humanity in Syria killing and bombing each other isn’t the most humongous glorified episode of the Keystone Cops and Abbot and Costello’s Who’s on first, no he’s on second, hodgepodge, smorgasbord, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then I’m crazy for saying this.

13.  In conclusion, putting this all into perspective on this Russian invasion, etal of an early start to Ezek. 38 and with the now “ruinous heap” of Aleppo as a prelude to Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”,  I do believe  Bible prophecy will explode even more with this aforementioned mess culminating in attack on Israel and her wealth of oil.  How fitting is Ezek. 38:21 : “….every man’s sword shall be against his brother”.  Friends, do you see it, all these Muslim nations plus Russia are going to screw each other over fighting and killing each other off like cowboys and Indians.  And remember Gen. 16:12 : “And he will be a wild man, his hand will will be against “EVERY” man, and every man’s hand against him….”.  This is exactly spot on these wild radical Muslim war-hungry jackals.  Case closed.


1.  Israel Security Chief : “Arab Gulf States are now in unison seeking contracts to acquire nuclear weapons as they’ve reached the “tipping” point…”.

2.  Saudi Arabia this week launch their largest ever military exercises on their own soil in country’s history called North Thunder to fight Iran.


1.  CIA Director Brennan, a slippery converted Muslim : “Without a doubt, ISIL has chemical weapons of mass destruction…”.

2.  Now 34 terror groups around the globe pledge allegiance to ISIS the UN says.

3.  ISIS’s latest ploy is to infiltrate America with “Radicalized” Muslim refugees is to look and speak like Americans.  And to wear necklaces with a cross to blend in.  No wonder satan runs this world so sweetly running his roaring baby lions around seeking who to devour.  Exactly 1 Peter 5:8.

4.  ISIS wolves show video of a “4” year old baby boy detonate a remote control bomb that exploded a carload of Christians.  Might as well call the boy  “Jihadi John Junior”.  Friends, I kid you not, this is what it is.  All I report is true, frank and honest prophetic events.  Google it.

5.  WATCH if this transpires : Syria’s now emboldened Assad, with Russia’s backbone, will attack ISIS capital of Raqqa to prevent Saudi Arabia coalition from coming into Syria.  Oh how explosive and yet intriguing these things are that are happening so fast that speeds up the Rapture for sure as in Rev. 22:20 : “Surely, I come quickly”.  So much for ISIS wildmen of Gen. 16:12 and so  descriptively defined in Habakkuk 1:5-10 : “For I raise up the Chaldeans (modern Syria, Iraq), that bitter and hasty nation which shall march through the breadth of the land to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs…They are terrible and dreadful…their horses are swifter than leapords…they shall come for violence, they shall scoff at the Kings..”.  Oh yeah, that’s ISIS today.


1.  What a bombshell, Baghdad now building 14 foot high wall around the ENTIRE CITY of 6 MILLION to stave off ISIS as ISIS just slaughtered 200 civilians-in BAGHDAD.

2.  First Israel, then Baghdad, now Tunisia begins constructing a security fence along border with Libya.  What the heck is all this fence and wall building coming to – we who seek the Lord, we know, Right!

3.  Iran joins 3 dozen countries to completely bag the dollar.  Yep, that’s Obama’s bed buddy on the Deal from hell.

4.  Japan, like the EU, adopts negative interest rates to lower its currency to expand trade, and boom, the Yen goes straight up almost 10%, rattling 918 points off the Nikkei stock market, all time record last Monday.

5.  China economy, without getting in the weeds, absolutely in a bear market funk, no end in sight.



Well the title says it all, exactly Matthew 24:7.

1.  How prophetic with the current global financial chaos that will take down the world, as China blindly ushers in their Chinese New Year, the Year of the Monkey.  And what does God cause on that day but a 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan, 38 killed.  This as 2 weeks ago Pres. Xi says to the world that China recognizes the State of Palestine.  Oh yeah, it’s God judgements, raining everywhere.

2.  A 5.1 magnitude earthquake rocks Oklahoma, third strongest EVER, felt in 7 other states.

3.  Possibly earth cracking Apocalyptic Planet X will make very close approach to earth in March.  There will be much news all over the Internet on this most assuredly.


1.  A Japanese volcano 30 miles from a nuclear plant  shoots out of its mouth “lightening bolts”, yes friends, “lightening bolts”.  Seismologists baffled at this unprecedented occurrence.  Yep, God again, Jubilee judgements.  So, so many volcanoes unexpectedly erupting worldwide as never before.  Just got to Google Volcanoes, it is that easy.  I was going to list some, way too many.  All about 2 Peter 3:12 : “Looking for the coming day of God wherein the Heavens being on fire shall be dissolved and the elements shall melt with fervent heat”.  My take, volcanoes and nuclear fallout said here by Peter.  Friends, you gotta know it’s coming.

2.   FYI Hurricane Patricia in October West of Mexico hit wind speed of 215 mph.  Dare I say, the greatest hurricane speed in recorded history.

3.  Dare I say, again, coldest temperature in recorded history this past Valentine’s Day on the summit of Whiteface Mountain, near Lake Placid, New York hit -114%F with windchill.  Just Google it.  I just report what God is preparing for His plethora of different judgements this Jubilee year.  Surely they will be astounding and most profound to let us know He’s had it with this apostate world who rebukes Him and His Son.  Remember, Zech 3:2 : “The Lord said unto satan, the Lord rebuke thee, Oh satan…”.  Oh well, that’s the world today cockeyed blind and backwards.


1.  Not only 20 states and D.C. with 59 Zika cases, but now China’s 1.4 billion people has its first case of it.  Can we say a prelude to the pale horse of Rev. 6:8.


1.  Evil minded Obama orders Dept. of Health to prepare proposal that Doctors may be punished for believing that there are only 2 genders, male and female.  Rule is aimed at banning discrimination against Transgenders.  Say nothing Paul (what your feeling now).

2.  Latest American marriage trend called “Sologamy” which is the marriage of one’s self to his/her own self.  As in “I love me”.  Hisness and herness are irrelevant.  These are their wedding vows-gees Louise.  I hate reporting this stuff, but it is what is is in this final generation of Matthew 24:34 – wedding vows are :”I, John or Mary Smith, self promise to enjoy inhabiting my own life and to relish a life-long love affair with my beautiful self”.  Friends, how can this be???  So much for having kids the way God meant us for.

3.  Google, the richest company on earth, receives its profits from around the world to “ONE” mailbox in Bermuda.  I know they save billions of taxes on corporate profits this way but what is so intriguing for my reporting this is, their mailbox address is so simple : Google 666, Bermuda.  Say no more.

4.  Just happened to glance while channel flipping at a decrepid new show called “The Real O’neals” on ABC, a gay show.  Showed a scene with one whackadoodle surely anti-Jesus teenager sitting at the breakfast table eating a pancake, his 4th one, each had an edible facial imprint of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on it as he carved it up and swallowed it, and bragged that he ate 4 Jesus pancakes.  Putrid shame and filth on him, director, producer, ABC.   Friends, this is today what our kids are watching even for an innocent split moment of channel flipping right out of the blue as I did.

5.  NASA, squeeky clean-cut above board NASA administrators’ new rule : “Our space program no longer allows the use of the name of Jesus when Christian organizations announce their upcoming events about us…or employees news letters or any other internal communications”. Cry a green river, they’ve totally come undone.

6.  A group of young Muslim men go into a Christians neighborhood in Pakistan, abduct a 7 year old boy from his mother, rape him several times.  Then they kill him and go about their business.  What a horror today.

7.  What the heck has happened to Beyonce?  She used to be a nice momma’s girl.  At the Superbowl Half-time show, my son and I about ‘blacked” out on her song, filled with hateful words against America’s Police officers and all for Black Lives Matter.   You saw it, all black people, all clad in black, all black haired, all raised their black fists, all about the black power of the 1960s.  Also, all about the 1-World Order with costar singer Chris Martin who sported the 1-World-Order with a badge on his shoulder/chest saying “Global Citizen”.  I say Global gluck.  And I didn’t understand the surreal choreography about the CERN-COLLIDER image  on the center stage with a “colorful worm” reaming into the 5th dimension while they were dancing.  Satanic show for sure, and I used to like Beyonce.

8.  Speaking of CERN, these mad scientists on France/Swiss border complex are frantically searching for the power and force that binds the smallest “subatomic” particles together.  And when they find it, they feel they can recreate it, and also life, as they see fit.  Diabolic jackals playing God.

9.   New York school celebrates World Hajib Day on Valentine’s Day where all the girls are strongly encouraged to wear all that Muslim head gear stuff.  And this is America?

10.  Over 50% of all new California drivers licenses issued in 2015 went to illegal immigrants.  Really, what planet are the issuers of these licenses on anyway, Planet Obamilkyway??? Right!

11.  Friends, can you see it, WE ARE THERE, JUDGEMENT ON AMERICA and the world IS HERE and JESUS is Coming sooner than later.  He is light, satan is dark.  Choose wisely, choose soon.

Well, there you have it, the writing is on the wall, exactly what Daniel 5: 5 said as pernicious and foreboding events about us everywhere.  No wonder 1 Peter 5:8 says : “Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”.  May we continue to believe in Jesus and we’re on our way to eternal Heaven with Him, how wonderful. To not believe in Jesus we are on our way to eternal hell with satan.  How ugly, Right!  So, so simple a choice.  And remember, though at times we fail Him as believers and loose faith in Him even for a moment in this satan filled world, He’ll always bless us and save us, even if we sin today or tomorrow as our Salvation is permanent.  Why else did Paul say in Romans 7:18-20 : “I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature.  For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.  For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do this I keep on doing.  Now, if I do what I do not want to do, IT IS NO LONGER I WHO WANT TO DO IT, but it is SIN LIVING IN ME that does it”.  Friends, I had to read this 3 times to get it.  Look at you and me today, we still sin, but our Salvation is “sealed” as born again believers.  And if you still feel guilty you still sin, try Eph. 1:13,14 : “In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your Salvation : in whom also  after that ye believed, ye were “sealed” with the Holy Spirit of promise.  Which is our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possessions”.  WOW, that’s a great, secure feeling to know we are “IN”.  Praise the Lord and see you next week.  And remember, if we don’t have Jesus, and Jesus FIRST, our life ends at the grave, forever and forever and forever.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas