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ALERT ALERT :  Beginning with this report and all future Current Events related to Bible prophetic fulfillment will be done “WEEKLY” as too much is happening too fast.  Each report will be less time consuming for you; yet so very much more current and up to date.  Thanks.

Welcome, everybody.  Very honored to present to you so many building block puzzle pieces of exploding Bible prophecy before our eyeballs so filled with our Lord’s judgements in this Final Jubilee Year of His. (See my graphs above).  You who are wise that read these reports will surely understand that we are living in the final generation mentioned in Matthew 24:34, for the End of Days.

My only regret is most of us because of time, work, kids, school, health, etc. will not be able to actually visualize how close these prophetic events today correlate so descriptively with Bible scripture.  Remember Bible prophecy is 27.4% of the entire Bible.  Cannot stress enough that WE ARE THERE, Jesus Is Coming Sooner Than We Think.  So Let’s GO :


Henceforth on God’s CHOSEN PEOPLE, a scripture attesting to this: Psalms 125:2 : “As the mountains are roundabout Jerusalem, so the Lord is roundabout his people from henceforth even forever”. Friends we must watch Jerusalem every day now as “the time-clock of the world”, especially where just a mere 70 miles away all hell (sorry) is breaking loose with border neighbor Syria.

1.  Palestinian envoy to UN : “All Jews should return to their own country of origin.  Our problem is that Jews came to Palestinian from outside the region and colonized it.  It may be useful if they ask many countries – Arab, European and Asian to allow Jews to return to their former lands.  Then we, the Palestinians will return to be the way we were”.  The WAY WE WERE, he sounds like Barbara Streisand’s backup singer, except he’s in LA LA LULU LAND.

2.  UN Ambassador to UN, Samantha Powers, in Israel,  tells the nation : “Bias has extended beyond Israel, Israel as an idea.  Israel is just not trusted like other countries”.  May God bless this woman for saying this and let’s hope Obama and or the United Nothing don’t fire her for her remarks.

3.  Israel-hater Obama reluctantly signs the BDS Trade bill that recognizes the surrounding territories (West Bank, etc.) as PART OF ISRAEL.  This bill was criticized by Obama because he says : “….it contravenes our policy with Israel including with regard to our position on their Settlement activity”.  YESSS, thank you Lord, Obama lost that one.

4.  Remember Bibi’s speech Feb. 7th : “I worry Obama may go against Israel as his term expires…”.

5.  Friends, it is now 253 days since June 15, 2015 when Obama was sent a letter from Congress to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  He’s still knitting, still hasn’t done so as yet.

6.  President Abbas says his Palestinians will never again “negotiate directly” with Israel.  His devious plan is to roll the dice, clinging to the hope that all kinds of gifts filled with goodies and leverage will come from the “sympathetic” international community who supports the poor Palestinians.  Also, the Palestinian leaders daily beckon the UN  in propaganda reports to send in UN troops to protect their children.  Yes, as their teenage children are prime perpetrators of the “Stabbing Intifada” where now 29 Israelis and 172 Palestinians have died in 5 and 1/2 months.  Friends the poor Palestinians NEVER EVER NEVER want peace.  They want Israel DEAD, DONE and GONE.

7.  Note, this past week France presented a 2-State-Solution plan both to Israel and the Palestinians to review and “tweak” so that France can now take the lead with a consortium of countries in the latest chapter to resolve this conflict.  Also, note the U.S., because of our pernicious White House, will only be a mere participant.  Also, France will boldly recognize the Palestinian State immediately if this consortium of countries fails to get this thing signed and resolved.  Yeah, signed as in Daniel 9:27 : “He shall confirm the covenant with many….”.

8.  Not one single Palestinian official who’s pleaded for peace, peace in the last 23 years (Oslo), has condemned the savagery of killings of Israelis. They only glorify them and name streets after them.  They merely call it “a peaceful uprising”.  Friends, do you get it, a piece of this Jew, a piece of that Jew.  Beware their call for peace, peace it’s 1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh…”.

9.  Three Israeli air strikes hit Syrian army posts south of Damascus.  As in Isaiah 17:1 : “…Damascus shall be a ruinous heap…”.  It’s coming, any day, I tell you.

10.  Hezbollah threatens it can now hit anywhere in Israel with a low-tech weapon that packs enough punch of a nuclear bomb and can kill 500,000 with 1 hit.  IDF is taking this threat seriously as Haifa, Israel’s 3rd largest city, contains several toxic and flammable gas storage tanks.  Very scary.  But, not to worry : Amos 1:9,10 : “Thus sayeth the Lord; for three transgressions of Tyrus (Hezbollah today), and for four….I will send a fire on the wall of Tyrus which shall devour the palaces thereof”.

11.  Hamas terror cell of 6 Muslims in the heart of Jerusalem had planned a mass casualty attack with the added goal of assassinating Bibi by planting and detonating a series of bombs at Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue where Bibi was speaking.  Friends, do you see it, everything everywhere in the Mid East is so “white-hot” do not touch, but just WATCH the power and glory of God unfold in the coming days of His Final Jubilee year which ends Oct. 12th.  May God Bless Israel Forever.

U.S.A. :


1.  Well, the Obama Nation keeps sinking more into committing evil levels, as in “abomination” style, in our White House.  I know I don’t claim our White House anymore until he leaves.

2.  Remember last fall our poodle petulant of a President was sheepishly asking the Pit-Bull Putin in talks to “DECONFLICT” in Syria.  Well that scenario is 100% trampled.  Russia is everything now in the Middle East, Obama has retreated with his tail between his legs.

3.  Note also he called the Russian invasion of Syria “a sign of weakness”.  How so NOT SO.

3.  Obama lies : said Monday the U.S. backed Syrian rebels control 75% of Syria.  Bull-ony.  That would leave a mere 25% for ISIS, Al Queda, AL Nusra, and the Assad regime.  Friends, total flip flop in #s and he expects us to believe him.

5.  Obama’s weak and has a deeply tainted acumen when he warns Turkey to stop fighting the Kurds.  Like an insignificant fly, Turkey swats it away, fully ignores him and keeps shooting.

6.  Obama refuses to allow our military to strike the ISIS capital in Libya despite ISIS’s mastacizing spread across Libya to the North, South, East, and West, despite our military leaders’ request to do so.  Says he’ll keep them on the back burner.  So, this Liar of lies lied when he said : “We will go after ISIL anywhere they appear”.  And also, what about : “I will stand with Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”.  This is an honest man here???

7.  On his last day at “once” beautiful Rancho Mirage , California vacation : “There is NO DOUBT that we are better off than when we were when we came into office”.  Absolute Bunkoville.  Yesterday his Dept. of Health has decided to let immigrants in with HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, STDs, will now be legalized.  They also insist: “We don’t believe the cost to taxpayers will be significant for those who have HIV and STDs. UGGHH, how many more blows can this country take?  Right!!

8.  Obama Administration doing all it can with crony Attorney General Lynch, NAACP, League of Women Voters, (maybe Acorn, I don’t know anymore), etc. to make sure that all illegals vote this fall for President.  You know, my cynicism for Obama is thru the roof.  I truly believe he deceptively lies not just profusely, but so arrogantly that he thinks we’ll believe him.  And I know he doesn’t have a disease.  At least I don’t think so.

9.  There are liars and then there’s Obama.  You saw his speech on closing GITMO and transferring all but 35 of the remaining notorious GITMO detainees to U.S. prisons of the remaining 91 Muslim prisoners left there.  The other 35 already have homes outside our country.  And don’t forget, 40% of them in the past have returned to the terror war to kill us.  Knowing we’re rather stupid in his eyes he delayed this bomb to the very very end.  Note also, one of his primary reasons for this was his  stipulation exactly 5, F-I-V-E times that GITMO was just “too costly”.  Yes sir, $80 million per year.  Then closes, “Let us do what is right for America,….Thank you everybody”.  And he goes his merry way, as radical Islam is on absolute fire against America today.  And how about his $9 trillion debt he’s put on our kids.  That’s a 112,000 to “1” ratio of debt to GITMO cost. How insane to use the cost of GITMO as an excuse to bring 56 of these killers into America. WOW, Mr. Obama, WOW.  And to say GITMO repeatedly that: “it is a stain on our record and our values”.  Oh for crying in a bucket, let’s be done with this Obamanation man.  OOFFDAH!!


1. Ben Carson : “Muslim Americans are schizophrenic”.

2.  Franklin Graham : “While the U.S. is focused on politics, the world is unraveling from North Korea to the Middle East.  The danger signals are everywhere : beheadings, rapes, murders, bombings, nuclear threats….Jesus is coming”!!  God bless you Franklin.

3.  Michelle Bachman : “Obama will reveal he’s the Anti-Christ when he will take over the UN”.  Friends, I don’t make this stuff up.  These are credible, God loving people.

4.  And then there’s Hillary.  Of course you know if you play the game Scrabble, 4 distinct letters of mention are in her name : L,I,A,R.  Seriously, did you know that one of her 1,740 classified emails (Not Yoga, not Mama, no not one to Slick Willy Billy) discusses the presence of a Hezbollah base in CUBA.  No wonder GITMO’s closing, no wonder he re-established relations with this communist country.  No wonder this Hillary email.  No wonder God wrote Psalms 52:4, for you and me today to see the light : “Thou lovest all devouring words, O thou deceitful tongue”.  Both congenital liars.  I’m so sorry to say all this.  It IS what it is.

UN :

1.  Did you know the new One World Trade Center is topped with an Islamic Minarette and has been signed by Obama.

2.  UN tells U.S. it will face serious consequences if U.S. selects a Republican President who will abolish Obama’s portion of the agreement as a member of the Paris Climate Change Summit.  Of course, they want their 1-World-Gov’t. billionaires to tell their millionaires to keep their middle class global citizens to properly eliminate the Christian extremists and the poor.


1.  Friends, please don’t forget that the extreme volatility of the U.S. markets of +200, then -200 the next day, is in a high gear for tremendous capitulation, Shemitah style.

2.  Lastly, the “New Wave” of several foreign countries is now appearing in their insatiable appetite for selling of U.S. Treasuries debt to buttress their own economies and failing currencies.  Friends, this is the bunji cord, when snapped when many countries sell U.S. Treasury debt, then this will forever crush the American dollar and America.  Just you wait and watch this fiat fiasco explode before our eyes.


1.  Oh mama, there goes that man again : Pope has given his blessing to mix human and animal DNA to create “CHIMERA” for the sake of medical research.  Friends, this word in the dictionary means “a fire breathing she-monster represented as a composite of a lion, goat, and serpent; an absurd and foolish fantasy”.  Well guess what, in the Days of Noah were the Nephilium who had a hobby for genetic interfering and that ended in a world destroying flood to rid them all.  Well, here we are again, except worst, because of modern day clones, our medical scientists are also playing God.  And that’s a vile abomination of satan’s mockery of God.

2.  Catholic Church in Israel blames the Jewish nation for their violence against the “poor Palestinians”, stabbers and all.  And the Pope says squat.

3.  Again my weekly Pope quote as to why I say this One World Government and Religion advocate is contra to God and Bible scripture, PROOF : “All the world’s major religions are paths to the same God”.  Friends, this is absolutely incorrect as per John 14:6 : “Jesus said to him, I AM THE WAY, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the father but by ME”.  ME baby, as in Jesus, only Jesus.


1.  Repeat, repeat, the Muslim refugee floodgates are still unstoppably wide open.  So far in 1 and 1/2 months of 2016, a staggering 111,000 Muslim refugees have entered Europe.  Last year the 100,000 mark wasn’t reached until June and yet 1.1 million arrived last year.  Hardship Smardship, this Muslim apocalyptic weight on European culture is about to be changed forever.  Well not forever, but for 7 or 8 years for sure, Hint, Hint!!  Right!

2.  Germany alone expects 500,000 more this year which would make the total Muslim population in Germany almost 7,000,000.  Surely no mere pittance.

3.  EU Pres. Tusk : “The risk of an EU breakup is real…and if Britain exits the EU, it will start an unraveling that no-one knows when and where it might end”.  Hmmm!! How about at the Anti-Christ’s feet who will miraculously in a deceptive way solve this mass of humanity displacement dilemma.  Pres. Tusk also quotes : “A BREXIT (British exit from the EU) will turn into a full-blown “EU”XIT…the process is very fragile, handle it with care.  Whatever breaks cannot be mended”.

4.  UK now becomes latest nation in a trail of nations to boycott all Israeli goods and products produced in the West Bank in show of support to their poor Palestinian friends.  UK, just watch what happens to you from our great and powerful God on this latest move.  Gen. 12:3 : “…I’ll curse those that curse thee”.

5.  Several reports from credible sources say Merkel will resign should the EU summit implementations for the migrant solution put together over the weekend fail.  Friends, please visualize, how can this now 1.3 million mass of helter skelter Muslim refugee humanity be rectified at this stage with the EU economy and large banking default miseries all stuck in muck.  FYI: Deutche bank, Credit Suisse, HSBC are all on life support.

6.  Over 60,000,000 Britains will know their fate on June 23 referendum election to secede from the EU, now approx. 50-50 in support of it.  Must Watch.


Remember last week we discussed the Heinz 57 smorgasbord with 13 Muslim countries all warring with each other in Syria as a prelude to Ezek. 38:21 where “every sword shall be against his brother”.  Well,  that all just got mixed up even worse this week.  Why?


1.  Turkey is absolutely livid at the U.S. supporting the Kurds on Turkey’s border in North Syria and now threatens both U.S. and NATO.

2.   At the same time, Turkey blames the Kurds as a “pawn” of Russia, whom Turkey hates because they are in bed with Iran helping Assad of Syria.  So, now Turkey has over 50% of their current fighting forces in this gobble-dee-gook fighting not Syria, not ISIS, but ethnic cleansing of the Kurds who by the way are the only respectable brains and fighters in this entire conflict.

3.  Turkey Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan is basically a literate Kim Jong Il of North Korea.  He is a calculating madman with his own personal sites set on becoming the superior Caliph of the Middle East.  He’s tricky, he’s slippery, he’s an outright LIAR.  It’s wise to look at him as the common denominator fulcrum point in the entire Middle East conflict.  Not Assad., not Putin, not Obama, not ISIS.  Friends, WATCH Erdogan.  So be not surprised if news comes out soon that ISIS will be called a “Turkish Army” under him.

4.  Turkey is also threatening war with Greece for air-space violations.

5.  Turkey has also invaded Mosul, Iraq, to protect ISIS by managing ISIS’s oil and money with “ISIS approval” no less.

6.  Turks are in a shouting war TODAY, with Russia.

7.  Turkey is also preparing for a “BIG WAR” with Iran. GOBBLEGOBBLE.


1.  Finally, finally, Russia has physically sent the Israeli dreading S-300 anti-aircraft missiles that are able to take out Israel’s sophisticated jet fighters.

2.  It took Russia, not the whimpy marshmallow Sec. of State Kerry, etal to dictate the bulk of the ceasefire that is “supposed” to begin in Syria this weekend, Feb. 27th.  Remember the American motto in the world now : Our “enemies” don’t fear us and our “allies” don’t trust us.  No wonder America’s not in Bible prophecy.  Thanks Obama, you….  Either way, after over 1/4 million Syrian deaths, this peace process is surely a joke, it will crumble instantly.  WATCH.


1.  If anyone, ANYONE, ever tells you we are not at the cusp of Isaiah 17:1 : “….Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”, friends they do not believe God’s word.  Three days ago, 130 die in 4 bombings in Damascus.  The ISIS barbarians are at the door and Israel will surely finish this scripture in a one-night air-attack barrage as per Isaiah 17:14.

2.  Despite the ISIS and soon to come Israel onslaught on the horizon, the power balance in Syria against U.S. backed Syrian rebels has most decidedly turned to favor Assad as Russian and Iran are mercilessly eliminating thousands of Syrian rebels backed by the U.S. who are running for the hills.  Friends, you’ve got to implicitly realize the fog-headed media news, TV, all of them are so drunk with Trump and Hillary campaigns, and debates, etc. that Psalms 83 and Gog/Magog war is at our and Israel’s door.  Then what?   Just possibly, in this Final Jubilee year of God’s vengeance, dare I say the Rapture.  Yes, I’ll say it, R-A-P-T-U-R-E so close.


Iran warns Saudi Arabia not to intervene in Syria, exactly as what Russia is telling the Saudis.  Why? Just look what the Saudi’s are doing to perpetuate Psalms 83 and Gog Wars :


1.  How about this : 350,000 soldiers (visualize that number, that’s 1/4 of the entire U.S. active Army), 30,000 tanks, 2,450 bomb carrying warplanes, 1,460 military helicopters amassing in North Saudi Arabia for “extreme” military exercises called North Thunder, I only briefly mentioned this last week because that’s all the world media did.   Well, now we got details.  This will last for 18 days, supposedly to transpire into a massive ground-invasion of Syria in March.  Their goal : To take out Assad before dreaded enemies Russia and Iran can react to such a gigantic mass of a Saudi-led military humanity in MARCH as their dream of ISIS busting Assad is failing.  Saudi’s have already sent fighter jets to airbase in Insirlik Turkey.  Saudi officials say this front is irreversible as it means the future of the Sunni world, thus they’ve unified this “Sunni nation” to counter the “Shite nation”, led by Iran and backed by Russia.  Basically friends, the RED LINE just got crossed.  Let’s again WATCH God’s glory unfold.  And the media says squat, as the band played on.


1.  Financial Armageddon still in full vogue.  You just don’t fix decades of “fantasy tinkering” of China’s economy in just one week of stock gains.  As they say, the “dead cat bounce”,  of a positive week in financial markets the world just witnessed is an absolute head fakes.  Shemitah wave is alive and well, bet on it.

2.  China sends surface to air missiles onto the islands they built in the South China Sea.  Obama’s cronies side of the military says only arf,arf, like a poodle with 2 broken legs.  These missiles will destroy any aircraft in a 125 mile radius.  Truly, this is a major escalation.

3.  China’s Foreign Minister barks back at U.S. feeble request to dismantle them : “Not one weapon will be removed from the South China Sea…it’s just like you and Hawaii….”.

Oh please, if you can just read – OR RE-READ – Ezek. 38, 39 you’ll unequivocally know this is the Real Deal for the End of Days.



1.  Los Angeles, on Feb. 15th hits 91 degrees, smack in the middle of winter and New York on Valentine’s Day hit -1 degree below zero, coldest day in its history and in 48 hours hits 64 degrees.

2.  Cyclone Winston hits Fiji, leaves 21 dead.  Was the most powerful cyclone in world history to hit the Southern Hemisphere hitting wind speeds of 215 mph.  And constant speeds of 185 mph.


1.  Just like it was nothing, BOOM, China evicts 9,100 homeowners to set up a giant telescope area to search for alien life in space.  9,100 lives ruined forever on this insanity.

2.  Speaking of insanity, it may be insane, yet it may be the real deal as Planet X, or its planetary tail, ie Nibiru is purported to either strike or come close enough to “shake” the earth in just a few weeks, on March 26th.  FYI, this is 24 hours after Good Friday which is just 24 hours after the Feast of Purim.  Must WATCH, how prophetic would this coming event be should it take place – WOW!!

3.  Also, may we prayerfully WATCH March 9th, Adar 29, where the planet will have a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of the sun.  Only God Almighty knows what may happen here.


This is very coyote ugly : Church of England Church Party in London has members perform a play that portrays Jesus as a “transgender woman” who refers to God as “Mum”.  Play is called : The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven.  Friends, please forgive me for saying do not pray for these type of evil people anymore or their audiences that condone these wicked, malevolent acts.  Why, how about Jerem. 7:16 : “Therefore pray not for these people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me; for I will not hear thee”.  Friends, double ditto for people like this in our own backyard, especially our evil White House.

Well there it is, like Charles Dickens said, : “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.  Well, we are surely skewing to the latter.  Jesus is coming soon.  Nobody on this earth is going to stop Him.  So, with that said, what do we do now?  Well how about: Romans 10:9 : “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in thy heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, THOU SHALT BE SAVED”.  OHHH, so so simple.  Even if you can’t see Jesus, and we can’t – He’s as close as our breath.  We love you dear Lord, wonderful Lord for sending us your Son, Jesus our love.  We love you cause you’ll never leave us or forsake us.  To God be the glory who gave us His Son.  May we soon see each other in one another’s mansions.  Mansions built for us by an absolute ace, spot-on carpenter.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas

REPORT SOURCES:  The Blaze, Drudge Report, Reuters, Assoc. Press, World News Daily, Breaking Israel News, Jerusalem Post, Fox News, CNN.  Friends, I’m only as good as these credible sources report,  I simply “package” them for you.