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My name is Paul Grevas.  My wife, Karen of 40 years and I have lived in Helena, Mt. in the same home for the past 38 years.  We have three children and are grandparents.  I am Greek (and speak and write it fluently).  I have been a Statistician my entire working career in Gov’t and the private sector and am now retired.  We believe in Almighty God, Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit (3=1=Trinity).  We believe Jesus was also a “Man” on earth, was crucified, buried and resurrected to our Father in Heaven.  We believe he’ll come again twice, in the Rapture before the Tribulation and also at the end of the 7 year Tribulation.  We believe that the Bible is truly the inspired word of God and that God does not lie.  We believe in John 14:6 totally.  We are devout Evangelical Christians who confess the Lord by mouth. I teach and examine Bible Prophecy in relation to today’s current events.  Lastly we believe our Creator who created anything and everything that was ever created is presently supplying our world with a plethora of Heavenly SIGNS as a last call, a Clarion call that we are now at the door of the “Edge of Time”.

The coming Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad is astoundingly Unprecedented and Unique.  It is all about the “Astronomy” interpretations of Almighty God.  It is 100% not Astrology, etc. which are interpretations of “humans”.  We are so absolutely intrigued at the high correlation between Bible Prophecy and the confluence of events converging on the world today  all in concert together.  This, we believe is no Coincidence, of course not, as God doesn’t do Coincidences, but what he is doing is literally screaming to Grab our Attention with the coming Blood Moons and their “entourage”.

For those of you whose website is large, credible, established, and popular with your viewers, and because our fledgling website is small and new and late for what God is planning in his coming Blood Moons of 2014-2015, I urge you to please consider utilizing your communicative expertise in promoting Graph 8A titled the Lord’s Perfect Tetrad (Matthew 24:14).   This graph is astonishing mathematically of how awesome Almighty God truly is.  The absolute perfection He has displayed in aligning all these Solar and Lunar Eclipses BEFORE the Tetrad Midpoint to be “exactly” perfect to the number of days AFTER the Tetrad Midpoint is nothing less than Issiah 46:9 : (I am God and there is none like Me).  And for the Biblical Blood Moons not to happen for another 600 years (2582-2583) as per NASA, can you visualize how short time is. This is the Real Deal, for what Mighty events these Blood Moons foreshadow.  (Why else would the previous 7 Tetrads “warn” the world of the greatest events in world history)?  The answer is simply Almighty God tells us so.

With that said, we hereby give our total unfettered  permission and encouragement to promote this graph 8A (and all the others).  We waive all and every privacy right, copyright, patent, and all other legal rulings and arrangements because time is just too short.  Our Lord is coming sooner than we may think, these Heavenly SIGNS tells us so.  May you verify and judge this data for yourselves  by doing the calculations yourselves. Although it is laborious time wise it is quite simple, all you need is a regular calendar and NASA website dates on all the Eclipses.  Don’t believe me, believe 1 John4:1 and you’ll know.  May God Bless.