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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, Dec. 29, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you who Love the Lord and view this site.  PLEASE, PLEASE note that the 50% mark of the current Biblical Blood Moons (BBMs) will hit on January 5, 2015.  So, so many e-mails and Facebook inquiries to me on this midpoint date of the Lord’s Perfect Sign, Graph 8A in the 2014-15 Unprecedented Blood Moons category.  Friends this date is simply statistics 101.  This is 100% not date-setting.  However, how absolutely amazing it is for our wonderful Lord to have all 40, yes all 40  of His Heavenly SIGNS of  solar and lunar eclipses round about this midpoint from 2010 to 2019 be exactly and precisely equidistant and synchronized from its complement before and after Jan. 5, 2015, as He’s NEVER EVER done in any of the 7 previous BBMs in world history.  With that said, then maybe, just maybe either something Big is going to happen January 5th or that day will significantly ramp up the birth pangs as in “destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child…” in 1 Thes. 5:3.  And let’s not forget that the midpoint parallel of Daniel 9:27 turned as a tipping point of judgement  from the “milder” Tribulation of the 1st 31/2 years to the harsher  31/2 years of GREAT Tribulation following.  Only God knows what will happen in just a few days.  After all,  Isaiah 45:7 : “I form the light and create darkness : I make peace and create evil : I the Lord do all these things.”  Praise our one and only true God.  So much to update this holiday, so LET’S GO:

ISRAEL:  WOW and Cabunga !!!

1.  Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is currently getting literally shellacked from all corners of the world as  he stands so strong for Israel and against the demonic Peace Process where he is frantically preventing Israel from being divided on a daily basis as per Genesis 15:18 and over 800 biblical scriptures on who’s to really inherit this Land the Lord gave the Jewish people.

2.  On Dec. 9, poll shows Bibi disapproval among  Jewish people blasts up to 65% to have him be “replaced” after news that the Israeli Gov’t. is totally dissolved by a vote of 83-0 until new elections March 17th.

3. Dec. 17, Bibi rebukes entire EU for taking Hamas off their terror list and says : “It seems that too many in Europe on whose soil 6 million Jews were slaughtered have learned something.”

4.  Dec. 19, UNs Human Rights arm in Geneva says: “The legitimacy of Israel is hereby interpreted@ the UN (United Nothing) … that in 1948, Palestinians were robbed of their homeland…”.

5.  Dec. 17, Palestinians and UN set deadline for Israeli occupation to end in Nov., 2016,   with the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as capitol of newly created Palestine.   There, UN votes to recognize, the Palestinian State “in principle” and delivers stinging blow to Israeli settlement building.   Same day, UN removes Hamas from their terror blacklist.

6.  Dec. 20, UN demands Israel pay Lebanon $850 million dollars immediately for oil spill in 2006 War.

7.  Dec. 21,  Gaza rocket lands in Israel.  Israel responds by blowing up a cement factory used to construct new tunnels for war.  What leaches this perpetual hatred of 4,000 years have brought front and center today Dec. 29, 2014 (Ezek. 35: 5).

8.  Incident #17 in last 2 months involving Jerusalem area Palestinians killing or maiming Jews as a young Israeli girl is seriously wounded from a Palestinian fire bomb.

9.  If U.S. blocks the UN vote for Palestinian Statehood, their President Abbas has asked for an alliance with Russia to get this Peace Process signed.  Russia accepts and Foreign Minister Lavrov  further says : “How did we not think of this before…Here’s an excellent chance to play within the UN which will drive the Americans crazy”.   Friends, can you just see how our Lord is lining up everything to open the doors of the 7-year Tribulation, which begins with Daniel 9:27, the signing of the Peace Treaty between Israel and Palestinians.

10.  Dec. 25, Merry Christmas Israel from Bibi’s rivals : the Dec. 31, primaries have “disqualified” Bibi from running for using party resources for his “primary” campaign.  I smell a rat and it may be coming from 6,000 miles away in Wash. D.C..  Bibi in massive hurry to appeal this decision.  Just Google it.  Why make this up?  This is SO BIG!!!

11.  And never forget the earlier leak of Bibi’s opponent for P.M. was in D.C., being ,unlike Bibi,  dined and  “groomed” about getting prepared regarding becoming Israel’s P.M.

Friends,  you almost don’t have to read anymore.  We are there.  These BBMs are the ultimate unprecedented sign from the Lord that something BIG is about to explode in and around Israel,God’s time clock,  like soon.  Here’s more around the world, all in this BBM WINDOW of course.


1.  First and foremost, so important :  Nov. 16, 2014 will be a day of infamy, the day “money dies in America”.  And we owe it all to our loving Congress, Democrats plus Republicans.  Next month “ALL” of your and my bank deposits, checking, savings, CDs, you name it, will be deemed as vulnerable “paper investments” and “NOT money”.  Bank deposits will legally, via Congress, become part of a commercial banks’ capital structure and if it begins to fail ALL our bank assets will be at the bank’s discretion to utilize as they see fit to stay solvent and not have a rerun of the 2008 World Financial Crisis on the Homeland (remember Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, General Motors bailouts, cash for clunkers and on and on and on.  TARP and all those Federal Bailouts will be no more as the Federal Govt. in January transfers all but a paltry 1.15% of the risk onto America’s bank depositors.  remember  the FDIC  has only $25 Billion in reserves to cover American’s $2.2 trillion in their bank accounts.  For a simple example, if you have $100,00 in your bank, a national/global financial crisis hits, then you only get $1,150 redeemed.  The remaining $98,850 goes to the bank’s coffers to stay solvent, etc. during chaos.  Yeah, this shakes me to the core friends, and it should you too.  In essence, the collusion between banks and our Congress orchestrated this political maneuver under the “Holiday” radar these last 2 months, media knew squat.  Now, they’ll “legally” cover their losses by raping us directly upfront as they appear to know that something devastating is coming in 2015.  All you have to do is Google: Message from the Elite Chaos Approaches.  As I say this again, you just can’t make this stuff up.  Surely this BBM WINDOW is alive and well as is Jonathan Cahn’s best seller, “The Shemitah” which excemplifies this Seventh Year of the Shemitah (and also the beginning of the 120th Jubilee this Sept. Our omnipotent God is in full control.  Why else are these BBMs unprecedented in 2014-15.?

2.  On the lighter side, all Federal Currency Employees recently received “Survival Kits”, just in case…..

3.  More on Congress, 2 hours before their Christmas break, passes a bill to grant law enforcement unlimited, unfettered access to communications of all sorts of all Americans and , if needed,  to utilize this for criminal investigation (sounds like we’re caught in every direction as the earth dwellers are under the anti-christ in Revelation under the world government.  See how close we are.

4.  Mr. “slicky silk” Obama, as he’s done for the 5 previous years at this holiday time never disappoints on the nights  before Christmas, when all thru the House (and Senate)  not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (Congress home for Christmas vacation) … what does he do: like a Dictator, he re-establishes ties with Communist and US-hating Cuban Govt.  Then he releases 5 more GITMO Muslim detainees so they could go home for Christmas in Afghanistan.  No wonder his speech at a Maryland US Military Base when he blurted jokingly “The US is Santa in fatigues”.  The room went completely “silent”.

5.  No wonder his approval rating of 15% of Active-duty military is so low, shame on us for giving slicky silk 40% with the general public.

6.  Afghan War with U.S. combat troops ends today.  No parades, no speeches, no accolades, no White House praise for the twenty plus thousands returning “home”.  Only 13 years of war, only 2,224 died, only 16,000 wound up with physical and mental disabilities.  What timing as on Dec. 14th, 155 people mostly school children were slaughtered in a school by the still strong as ever Taliban at the Afghan/ Pakistan border.  And he’s swimming on the beaches of Hawaii.  Oh, come quickly Lord Jesus.

7.  Friends, (as I have always said), Obama is slippery and deceptive with his mind and tongue.  Please remember his satanic goal is to take down America, pit neighbor against neighbor (Ferguson, race bias, NY).  He’s doing very well, sad to say.  Surely our Lord is enabling satan to line up his ducks these last days in assembling his minions and world shakers like we have in the White House as he knows his time is short to do his will on earth.  Concluding Mr. Obama has 6 years  down, 2 to go.  Just, just watch what he does between today  and Sept. 28th, the 4th BBM that shines over Jerusalem via a Supermoon (NASA) and the beginning of the Lord’s 120th Jubilee (Genesis 6:3).

8.  As I write this, Obama sends 2 messages today from Hawaii:  a)  on his veto power:  “I haven’t used my pen very often lately.  Now I suspect I have to pull out my pen”.  b)  He says he has a vision of a US Embassy back in Iran again.  (Remember 1979, a bearded black garbed head to toe Ayatollah Khomenie saying his 3 favorite words of “Death to America”).  Friends 36 years later same old, same old.  Friends, you’ve just got to read latest on Iran below.  Obama’s gone gaga.


1.  Dear Lord, how clear you are on defining Gog in the making before our eyes.  Thank you.

2.  With Ezekial 38: 10,11 about to implode on the world stage, Russia’s internal economic chaos with low oil prices is fertile ground for these scriptures to forment as oil is literally tearing Russia apart.  Putin is a cornered wounded bear, intelligently radical, vicious and willing to lash out boatloads of harm if he knows he’s got no way out of a severe dilemma.  (Remember he had this type of dilemma with Chechnya terrorists and wound up slaughtering the Country).

3.  In the last 10 days Russia’s interest rates have skyrocketed to 11%, their ruble currency has lost 48% year to date.  Price of oil today, lowest of year, Dec. 29th = $53.69.  Russia needs $109 to break even.  Watch this man friends.  He’s the world’s most powerful and most wealthiest man, and to be in this position warrants extreme caution.  (Is he Gog, oh yeah a great bet).

4.  4951 now dead in Ukraine.

5.  After US invokes 3rd round of Sanctions, Putin says : “The West wants to defang and declaw the Russian bear”.

6.  China and India pitch in together and offer to help Russia out of their oil and ruble conflagration.

7.  Putin  has lead Russia for 15 years and for the 15th “consecutive”  year is Russia’s Man of the Year this time with an unprecedented 85% approval.  (Eat you heart out Mr. Obama).


1.  Spearheaded by the slicky silk Obama and his top advisor Iranian Valerie Jarrett, Iran has now recouped nearly $1 billion from releasing on monetary sanctions of frozen bank assets this year, solely to help their economy.  And what the heck did Iran do with it???  They purchased all the necessary enhancements for their Heavy Water nuclear reactor which produces plutonium for several nuclear weapons…to get Israel first, then America.  Thank you Mr. Obama.

2.   Iran “openly” vows of launching nukes to target US & Israeli forces and installations.  How bold and insane is this just as Obama is facilitating them??  Isaiah 5:20 : “Woe to them that call evil good and good evil…”.


All six Gulf States (Saudis, etc.) merge their separate national Navys into one big conglomerate under one central command as they fear world calamity against them is coming because of their decision to crash the world oil markets.  Remember, there has “Never Ever Not” been a Global Recession when oil prices capitulated first.   Friends, this is now perfectly in place for this prophecy  to occur :  As oil prices fall (average break even in America is $61.00 per barrel, today at $53.69, oil companies whose hi-yield junk bond debt is 16% of total US market versus 5% as late as 2010 will be refused new loans or debt extensions what’s due the banks.  Oil companies go bankrupt for lack of cash flow, the derivative markets (simply money that banks float around the world) implode, banks fail, deflation is rampant. stocks fail (due to no economic growth), hyperinflation is born as Fed pumps up the failing dollar, interest rates rise exceedingly, and then, and then (twice) :  KABOOM, the greatest financial meltdown in world history.  How prophetic, just like Jonathan Cahn’s book bestseller “The Shemitah”, well here it is the 7th year from 2008 meltdown.  This time with the BBMs.  This time  they’re unprecedented.  Here we go.  The real deal.  Something BIG is about to happen.  Please remember that OPEC, led by Saudi Arabia is deliberately “fixing” oil prices 2nd to take down American shale oil competition, but 1st to clobber Iran’s oil driven economy as they fear Iran will soon nuke the Sunni Arabs as well as Israel.

ISIS:  The wildmen of ISIS of Genesis 16:12 keep satan cranking in his home state of Iraq where sin was born on the earth (Adam and Eve) :

1.  ISIS converts all Christian churches into torture chambers if people do not convert to Islam on the spot.  Just like a well oiled manufacturing devil machine, they’ve shown no emotion.

2.  ISIS slaughters 156 women and teenage girls for refusing to perform sex acts.

3.  ISIS’s bloody tentacles now stretch to the border of northern Israel on the Golan Heights as 3 Islamic splinter groups of Syrian rebels pledge their allegiance to them.  Also, on the southern Israeli border another Muslim terror group has done likewise.  Israeli forces say they are ready for any confrontation with ISIS, despite this sandwich.


1.  Non financial global “birth pangs” are now everywhere.  As per Matthew 24:7,8 :

2. ” Nation shall rise against nation” (76 of the UNs 195 countries are at war either internally or between each other.

3.  “There shall be famine and pestilence” (you know about hunger).  But did you know 7,912 now dead of Ebola?  Did you know Sheryl Attikinson, conservative Christian news woman now on Fox after CBS fired her for Negative reporting on Obama’s lies, says Feds are monitoring 1400 US cases of Ebola and are preventing this collosal “volcano” from being told to the media, even liberal media.  She further reminds us this “Great Silence” was given life after Obama’s suspicious out of nowhere selection of the new Ebola Czar who had absolutely “zero” experience in Health, let alone Deadly Diseases, but was a masterful professional in assisting Govt. in “Media Control”.  Note, he was a financial contributor to both of the slick silk one’s presidential runs.  What’s next, how much more duping will we be duped with?

4. ” There shall be earthquakes in diverse places”.  You all know 2014 has had more earthquakes since the US Geological Survey began recording them.  Did you know 2014 also had the greatest number of “swarm quakes” ie. clusters of one after another in different areas.  Specifically, in Oklahoma, over 500 in 2014 of 3.0 magnitude or more, swarms in Nevada, Texas, Idaho, California, Oregon and Vancouver, Canada.

POPE:  I keep repeating I want to like Pope Francis ( 84% of EU and 61% of world like and only 11% dislike him) BUT:

1.  The Pope quotes “his” Bible that the Apostle Paul says “One day we will see our animals again in eternity… Paradise is open to all God’s creatures.  Where in the world is that scripture in the Bible?  (And I love my Sheba, Peewee, Peekaboo,Rowdy and Scruffy pet’s who’ve died over the years).  Here’s the point: Rev. 22: 18,19 : “If any man shall add or take away from the words of the book, God shall take away his part out of the book of life.”  (Remember, Mr. Obama’s exact words last week: “You know the “good book” says don’t throw stones at “glass” houses.  Well, cry a green river, who was manufacturing “glass” during the times of Jesus and why’d he call it a good book–The Bible is the greatest book in the history of the world.

2.  The Pope addressing gay marriage Dec. 9th :”The church should support families with LBGT children”  “”It’s important to welcome all gay Catholics”.  Dear  Lord have mercy (All you ever need to know about gays of how our Creator who created us in His image is in : Levit. 18:22, Deut. 22:5, 1 Corinth. 6:9, and Romans 1:24-28).

3.  Pope “praises” Mr. Obama’s call to restore relations with Cuba.  Exactly 4 days later on Dec. 22nd, 36 Cubans were executed in Cuba by the Cuban Govt.


1.  Anti-Semitism gone wild in Europe (too many incidents against Jews to speak of here, Matthew 24:9).

2.  Ireland becomes 12th EU country out of 29 to view Israel as an occupier and recognize the Palestinian State.  Woe to you, you dirty dozen Governments (not People).  You better read Zachariah 2:8 : “…he that touches the apple of God’s eye”.  OUCH!!!

3.  Gets worse : On Dec. 12th, the EU Parliament takes demonic Hamas off of their world terror list.

4.  Dec. 14th, in Gaza City, Hamas displays their latest precision rockets, future suicide bombers and celebrates with singing and dancing in a gala parade highlighting the coming eradication of Israel.  They’d better read Isaiah 54:17 : “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper” and Zephaniah 2:4 :”For Gaza shall be forsaken.”

5.  Friends can you just see all this confluence of events prophetically coming to pass, all at the same time?


1.  I hate talking on this stuff on how satan is increasingly suffocating  the world with more and more presence so, if you want, just Google : a)  satanic temple approved for holiday display.  b)  Woman arrested after damaging satanic display at Florida capitol.  c)  Satanist group mounts capitol display to little fanfare (Michigan).  d)  UK bans creationism in all schools.  e) Planned giant Eye of Sauron installation in Moscow condemned by Orthodox Church. (Surely this giant demon sitting atop Moscow’s largest skyscraper celebrating The Hobbit is why God caused the Russian ruble and Russian oil crisis to absolutely capitulate and annihilate the Russian economy in a 2-day period Dec. 17 & 18.  Today is Dec. 29th and both Russian currency and low oil prices (70% of Russia GDP) have remained “crashed”, are worsening. Again, could this apostacy play a role in the 7th year “Shemitah’s”beginning of world financial chaos within these BBMs.  f)  Most popular board game sold in the world this Christmas is ta ta, let’s hear an encore: the Ouiji  Board, how fitting.

So much more could be said and am very sorry to disclose so many sad and horrific events.  However, I believe in Ezek. 33:3  : “If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet and warn the people.”  And remember, Luke 21:28 : “…. When you begin to see these things happen…” .  Well friends everything above written here are prophetic pieces of our Creator telling us that the glorious appearing of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior is imminent.  These Biblical Blood Moons tell us so.  May God Bless and please remember Jan. 5, 2015, the Tetrad midpoint is upon us.  Come quickly Lord Jesus!!