Feb 21, 2023 Tech

Recreating Energy through Solar Panel Mounting Systems

In today’s era where consumption and demand for electricity are increasing gradually and it is not possible to generate electricity, a new alternative i.e., solar panel mounting systems have been brought out. It is the big innovation where the solar panels are secured on the roofs or on an area where it can be in best contact with the sunlight. Here we present you different varieties of solar panel mounting systems: –

Sloped roof systems:

This system is used in residential areas in rows on the roofs which provide support to the panels. The panels are to place vertically which are to be fixed with rails with the help of clamps. The panels are installed by a particular type of bolt or screw which provides it a water seal.

These types of solar panels are placed on the tilted roofs so that they can be in direct contact with the sunlight. This category of mounting systems provides us with the options like railed, rail-less & shared rail systems.

Railed systems:

Under this system, the solar panels are attached to rails on the roof with the help of bolts or screws. It also provides with the proper flashing near the bolt or screw which gives it a proper water seal.  The panels are to be attached in such a way where the panels are facing each other, for instance, one panel is placed at the top & other at the bottom.



  • Panels are well secured with a particular kind of screw.
  • This type of system functions well at the regions of high winds.

Rail-less systems:

As the name suggests these panels are not to be attached to rails, they are attached by way of hardware which is established into the roof. This whole set-up is considered to be rail. As the rails are removed this system requires less cost of manufacturing and the time of shipping including installation time is reduced. Under this, the panels can be set-up in any direction, unlike the railed system.


  • Flexibility regarding the installation of panels with the help of the rail-free
  • Reduced cost due to non-requirement of panels.
  • Dealing with fewer objects leads to the fast pace of

Now a day, it has become important to use the natural means of producing electricity due to lack of resources. If the measures are not adopted soon the upcoming generations will suffer from a problem of lack of resources. These solar panel mounting systems are a big boon for the people or areas where there is no regular supply of electricity, especially rural areas.