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More Biblical Blood Moon Window Events & Dates

     I reported yesterday (May 23rd) that both Arkansas and Idaho  respectively in the last several days had their lower courts rule in favor of the recognition of same sex marriage.  Although both rulings were “briefly” approved as legal, it is now on hold in Arkansas.  And Idaho’s ruling will not be recognized until an appeal is decided upon, a federal-appeals court ruled. (I am sorry for that).

Please note that under the current plethora of political National elections around the globe this week and next, there is one, the biggest of them all, that is silently flying under the radar that will surely assert it’s new President with that of the globes’s most powerful leaders (Putin and O’bama).  The May 25th election of the first ever President of the European Union by almost 400 million of it’s voting citizens will be very intriguing to watch.

Also note that May 28th is Jerusalem Day and June 3rd will be the Eve of Pentecost.  These dates may be “very special” in our Lord’s plan within this Tetrad WINDOW.

May God Bless (Luke 21:28: “When you BEGIN to see these things happen, look up, lift up your head, your redemption draweth nigh.