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Latest Prophetic Global Events in the Current Blood Moon Window

Thank you for viewing.  Last week I said there is more verification to the Lord’s Perfect Sign on Graph 8A in the 2014-15 Biblical Blood Moon category.  Please see it, it truly displays God’s glory at it’s greatest.  (Absolutely none for me, I am nothing but a Statistician, as HE enabled me to compile this graph.  Please note there is no other graph such as this anywhere on the Internet–you can Google or You Tube “Blood Moons” to verify).  HE is truly showing us, that this is it.  HE ‘s coming sooner than we may think.  Please feel free to utilize the importance of this Unprecedented Lord’s Perfect Sign to family, friends, congregation, media, other links so that they may acknowledge that this is the real deal, because our Lord is the real deal.

Three things that enhance these Heavenly SIGNS:  1.  Amos 8:9,10 says          “In that day I will cause the Sun to go down…and I will turn your feasts into mourning”.  Well, guess what, NASA says there will be a total Solar eclipse March 20, 2015, on the Jewish New Year (Nisan 1).  And guess what, it will begin at 11:58 A.M., 2 minutes before noon, Jerusalem time.  2.  If you view graph 8B, called “Like No Other”,  this Solar eclipse is exactly 266 days from the 4th Blood Moon on Sept. 28th, 2015.  Also, on Yom Kippur, the Feast of Atonement on Sept. 23, 2015, there is another Solar eclipse exactly 266 days after our New Year (January 1, 2015).  Also, as Graph 8A displays the number of days between the 1st Blood Moon 2 months ago and the mid point of the 4 Blood Moon Tetrad is also 266 days.  Also, the number of days from that mid point to the 4th Blood Moon (Super Moon) is also 266 days.  There’s more, although I’m not yet convinced 100% that Pope Francis is the False Prophet, he IS the 266th Pope of the Vatican.  Finally, the human gestation period for the birth of a child is 266 days.  Coincidence, Shmoidence.  Again our Lord is trying to grab our attention to warn us that judgement is coming.  Please don’t believe me, use your own judgement on the significance of “266 days”.  (I pray day and night for wisdom from our Lord and Saviour and HE surely does not dissapoint.  3.  If you add the “INDIVIDUAL” digits of each specific date of the current 4 Blood Moons you get:                                                     a.  4/15/2014=4+1+5+2+1+4=17=1+7=”8″, the Biblical # in Hebrew for           a new beginning, a new order, a new creation (Feast of Tabernacles=               an 8 day period).                                                                                                                   b.  10/8/2014=1+8+2+1+4=16=1+6=7,the # of perfection                               c.    4/4/2015=4+4+2+1+5=16=7, the# of perfection                                              d.    9/ 28/2015=9+2+8+2+1+5=27=2+7=9, # of divine completeness, conveys finality  (Jesus died in the 9th hour on the cross).   Again, this is what it is.  This is 100% not Astrology, date setting, etc.  This is another of the Lord’s Heavenly Signs, I do believe.

WHEW, with that said, we are currently in the 10th week of our Lord’s Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW with 66 weeks to go.  So, So much has happened this past week in this WINDOW that we are “locked in” and will not be able to get out as the Lord has the “key”.  Doesn’t it feel like perpetual mass chaos daily?  Most assuredly, our Creator is sending  down several prophetic puzzle pieces just as he scripted (Issiah 46:9,10=”Declaring the end from the beginning…I am God and there is none like ME…”).  Now without getting to much into the weeds, let’s go.

Israel and Palestinians:  1.  3 abducted Jewish teenagers June 12th by Hamas has resulted in 4 Palestinian deaths and 350 arrests.  2.  10 Syrian soldiers killed by Israelis on the border after an Israeli boy dies from a Syrian missile hit.  3.  4 Hamas die in Gaza as retaliation from Israel for shooting 2 rockets into Israel.  (This incident is the 3rd one since the April 29th Peace Process deadline of 9 months fizzled).  4.  The Palestinian Unity gov’t now appears to be solidly intact and no talk of reversing.  The international community, the UN, and regrettably the US, all still support it.  From 3500 years ago, Numbers 23:9 is alive and well today (“…lo, the people ( Jewish) shall dwell alone and shall not be reckoned among the nations”).  5. 5,500 French Jews leaving for Israel in 2014 in their greatest exodus since 5,100 left in 1967  (year Jerusalem recaptured by Israel).         Ezekial 36:24 says “For I will take you from the heathen and gather you out of all countries and will bring you into your own land”.  Only the US and Israel have more Jewish people than France (500,000).  Yet, anti-semitism is at an all time high in France.  6.  Spain approves the “law of return” for the Spanish Jews by granting citizenship to descendants of Spanish Jews persecuted and forced into exile 500 years ago (5th Blood Moon Tetrad).  7.  Gaza residents are stock piling food and water, fearing the 3rd Intifida war with Israel during Ramadan, the Muslim Holy month beginning June 28th.  8.  General Benny Gantz, Israel’s top general says the war with Gaza and Hezbollah is now imminent, Ala Psalm 83:3,4 says “They have taken crafty counsel against thy people…come let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance”.  Wow!!!this scripture if over 3,000 years old and it’s like reading our morning newspaper today.  We are there, this Blood Moon WINDOW tells us so, and not another one for 600 years, YIKES!!!

Russia:  As the world watches Iraq and the border children and the IRS, Russia is auspiciously sending tanks and heavy artillery across the border into Eastern Ukraine.  As of today, 340 lives have been lost on both sides.

Europe:  Two things,  BUT VERY VERY BIG:  The EU President will be selected in two weeks by the EU Parliament.  (May he be “the one” spoken of in Daniel and Revelation)?  Also, Pope Francis tells the world that the Mafia is now ex-communicated from the Catholic church.

West Africa:  Doctors Without Borders say the incurable Eboli virus has now killed 360 people.  “We can’t help them.  There’s no end in sight.  It’s out of control.”  Just like Matthew 24:7.

USA:  1.  Scandal, after scandal, after scandal in the White House.  Looks like a leaky sieve or an unstoppable  flow of lava from a volcanic eruption.  2.  US Border Patrol is “changing diapers” for border children while Mexican drug smugglers are changing money.  3.  Latest executive orders bestowed on Americans from the White House who’s spinning and not leading are:  a)  gay couples now granted all medical leave from work pay, medical, social security, and a myriad of other Federal benefits now deemed lawful in ALL 50 states, if they approve of gay marriage or not.         b)  EPA given excessive regulatory powers to enhance climate change.         c)  $1 billion approved to several “handpicked” police stations around the country for obtaining more advanced security and weapons. (Now, what’s all that about??  Oh yeah…).  4.  Great news, Keystone Pipeline is approved to begin construction by Canadian gov’t.  Only one thing, the Pipeline is now going West to Vancouver and the oil then on to China… 5.  US economy GDP shrank 2.9% January thru March of 2014.  This is the worst quarterly showing for a non recession year since records have been kept in 1947, yet the stock market hit an all time high Monday–What the heck is going on here??  6.  77% of California is now in extreme drought, the greatest drought ever in state’s history.  7.  After over 30 years of slumber, Mauna Loa, world’s largest volcano (area- wise) in Hawaii is awakening with four earthquakes in the past year, each stronger than the previous one.  Oh Boy, this is a “RUF” day in America.  Remember Genesis 12:3 where the Lord says “I’ll bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee”.  Surely the Lord does not lie as we are witnessing the sour fruits daily.

Space:  An asteroid whizzes within “777,000” miles from earth.  This is the largest asteroid that NASA has ever detected so close to earth.  The eerie thing is, Nasa was totally shocked and unexpectant of its existence.  It came out of no where on to their telescopes on April 29th, 2014.  Is this date familiar?  It’s the exact date the 9 month Peace Process fizzled, brokered by the US.  Oh yes, there’s more.  On that exact date was also a Solar eclipse (NASA).  And more, NASA has named this asteroid ” The Beast” — what can one say except our Lord is literally screaming at us from Heaven with his SIGNS.  I pray we get that.  Really, 777,000 miles, Peace Process, Solar eclipse, and unexpected asteroid discovered all on April 29th, and called “The Beast” as in Revelation, I’m not a DODO bird!!!  This is not an amazing, out of no where, miraculous COINCIDENCE.  You can’t make this stuff up.  (See or, it’s all there to verify).

Iraq:  So much to say about Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) I’ll talk about next week on it’s prophetic timing for this to happen.                                 In closing, please remember to keep this in your heart:  Revelation 3:3 “….   if therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee”.  May God Bless