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Blood Moon Window End Times Prophetic Events, May 14, 2015

Welcome, Just like when we were young, our parents told us the riddle of “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall; all the King’s horses and all the King’s men  couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again”.  Sorry, yet so fitting for the turbulent mess this world is in.  49 of the world’s 192 Nations at war with each other or within themselves as per Matthew 24:7 :  “Nations shall rise against nation”.  Also, 61 countries now persecuting and or killing Christians and Jews.  The America most of us grew up in just doesn’t exist anymore.  Can you only imagine the  BIG and MIGHTY confluence of events that will transpire in the next 41/2 months as documented history has verified from the previous 7 Biblical Blood Moons, (BBMs), and maybe a period of 12 more months with our Lords final final 50 year Jubilee which ends Oct. 12, 2016.  These BBMs are now 74% completed in their divine work of being God’s omens and warnings to this lost world.  It’s like there’s no way so much can happen in such a short span to bring us to the End of Days as we know it, despite these unprecedented BBMs our Lord is showing us in such a compelling Heavenly way, HIS WAY.  PLEASE REMEMBER in the next 2 weeks to see the Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Charts.  It will shock you as to how serious our Creator is speaking to us with His Heavenly display of Signs.  SO, LET’S GO:

ISRAEL :  Before we investigate our foolish President’s poisonous bombshell he just put on Israel yesterday, you just gotta read the article on Pope Francis below, it will amaze you to the core as Bible Prophecy explodes before your very eyes.

1.  Soooo much astonishing news from The Times of Israel, May 13, 11 hours before Israel celebrates her 67th birthday on May 14th.  Nation of Israel “despiser” Obama calls on new Israel Gov’t, to pursue 2 State Solution,  (2-S-S). What gives him the right to delegate Israel’s sovereignty.  What Sword of Domacles is this delusional man doing to a nation the size of New Jersey, 7,000 square miles, 0.00014% of the world’s land mass and 0.00079% of the world’s population.  He looks for a “genuine commitment” to a 2-S-S and this agreement will also have to resolve the Gaza Strip’s humanitarian conflict.  Give us a break, Obama, WOW, was Michelle Bachmann ever right that this man is speed- balling the End of Times for Bible prophecy.

Further, Obama says : “I will “never” give up the hope for peace between the two.  The U.S. will “never” stop working to realize this goal”.

Further, going towards Hell if he doesn’t repent soon, says : “The U.S. is taking a hard look at our approach to the conflict”.  Surely as I live, his ultra deceptive Harvard sneeky pete talk is alluding to either voting for the first time ever (for an American President) along with the UN Security Council anti-Israel majority against Israel or he’s sheepishly abstaining entirely, letting Israel fall alone. Like he and Hi Ho Hillary say over and over like a broken record for a “2 State Solution : living side by side, in peace and security “.  Yeah, right out of 1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child…”.

Going further into robbing Israel’s sovereignty, he says : “Addressing Gaza’s conflict should also be central within a 2-S-S, including reinvigorating Gaza with the West Bank…”.  What a delusional arrogance this man has planned to make a reality soon.  If Obama could only read this outcome in Joel 3:2 : “I will gather all nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat and will plead for them for my people and my Israel whom they have scattered among the nations and parted my land.”  Friends, when the Lord says “plead”, may the world watch out what He really means, as in Great Trib.

2.  Oldest 2,000 year old copy of Dead Sea Scrolls and 10 Commandments goes on display for first time ever to the public, heavily guarded, very brittle.  (Another sign to see how close we are to the last days).

3.  Do not forget, deceptive Obama orchestrated this divisive rhetoric after world is told that Bibi’s coalition has the slimmest coalition majority rule by the skin of their teeth, 61 of 120, since the rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948.  Knowing Bibi’s coalition is very vulnerable, Obama is now attacking, hoping for cracks that the gov’t. implodes.  Reminds me of a tiger (paper tiger in this case), shadowing a prey antelope, waiting to pounce, and then he goes for the kill.  This will be Israel’s most right wing, anti-peace process gov’t.  Anti-Palestinian State leader Naftali Bennett’s party is now in charge of the Justice Dept. and Housing and Settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.  Praise the Lord.

4. Despite all this, Israel is so so gutty as they approve another 900 settlements in East Jerusalem.  Oh, how I love Israel for how tough God has made His chosen people.  Surely, can you just see that this dynamo collision course is now set for a final showdown with an Intifada uprising, Israel’s border neighbor war (Psalms 83), the Gog war with Russia and Iran, and yep, the final war of Armaggedon, in that order.  May you please tell your people that don’t believe this prophetic trend to go into a cave or live on a carnival, it is Sooo predictable to visualize this coming carnage.  It’s all there, the stage is set, we wait for the final act, it’s coming.  Thank you you BBM omens and warnings,  prominent pieces of God’s prophetic puzzle that He’s enabling us to watch His Glory be unveiled in the Heavens.

5.  Bibi to Obama on Deal from Hell : “Tell us that this deal will not endanger Israel’s security, it endangers Israel’s security, it endangers the region, it endangers the entire world”.


1.  Much was said above with respect to our arrogant White House’s stance on Israel for sure.  Oh well, there’s more snarky miss steps our White House is blindly leading our nation.

2.  This Federal strategic military drill presence in 7 states called Jade-Helm that begins July 15th to September 15th (oh, how fitting BBM wise in September) has alarmed 45% of Americans in a poll as to their concern of Gov’t. intrusion from this operation.  Especially concerned are Texans including Governor Abbot and movie star Chuck Norris wondering what in the world Obama is doing with this operation.

3.  Asia takes 5 top spots in global school rankings, US is a distant 28th.  How have we regressed in this generation?? Even Vietnam and Estonia beats us.

4.  Obama’s sordid lies:  weapons investigators find chemical weapons serin gas and VX nerve agents in Syria on military sights.  Again contradicts Obama saying none there.  Not a “smigeon” right.

5.  Obama lies on 2,000 page Trans Pacific Partner Treaty, keeps it ultra top secret on it’s details and can only be seen in a “secret” room in the White House by only certain people.  WOW, sounds like Nancy Pelosi on steroids on Obama Care.  This man absolutely has lost his clock on all his transparency talk he so proudly boasts of.

6.  Speaking of, comment here’s a lulu : Hawaii’s going broke on Hawaii’s Obamacare program, to shut down completely Dec. 31st.

7.  Moody’s down grades Chicago’s credit rating to junk staus.  WOW, last 2 are big double whammys for this guy.

8.  Senator Rubio : “This world has deteriorated under Obama”.  Now that’s a doozie.  Senator Rubio is a good man but way too kind and generous on this statement.

9.  HSBC, a world top financial giant : “The world’s economy now faces a titanic problem, …there are no more life-vests in the world’s economic arsenal”.  They see a great great worldwide financial capitulation on the immediate horizon.  Their reasons are very believable and legitimate : a)  China is collapsing,  b)  wage growth is non-exsistant, therefore the Fed has no magic bullets for this as all the phony money quantitative easing stimulus of over $4 trillion went POOF!!  c)  people losing confidence rapidly as the Unemployment rate is not Obama’s pull out of the air 5.4%, but actually 10.5%,  d)  Pension Funds payouts are now in dire-straits.  e)  Wall Street implosion is imminent,  f)  Fed cannot lower interest rates anymore, they are 0%.  Hello, 7th year of the Lord’s 7 Shemitah cycles of this final Jubilee.  Please never forget Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the “DAY OF VENGEANCE” of our God”.  Friends just look at all these prophetic signs in this post today, they are so profound and blaring right at us.

10.  How about in 2014, recent Pew Poll last week, only 70.6% Americans say they are Christians (78.4% in 2009) and 23% say no religious affiliation, only 16% in 2009.  (Trend is your friend).  We’re backsliding everywhere.

11.  U.S. State Dept. has overwhelmingly accepted Muslim visas from foreign countries and has denied Christian based visas for US/International Agency meetings such as the Institution for Peace, Institution for Global Engagement, many others.  Our White House, especially it’s Muslim leader has sure left God behind.

12.  Best for last : Billy Graham’s daughter, Ann, calls on Americans to pray and fast for 9 days May 15-23.  This 9 days is actually the time from Jesus’s Ascention to Heaven and the arrival of the Holy Spirit on the earth, Feast of Pentecost (May 24th).  She calls it the May Day Distress Call for Prayer and says : “God is warning that His judgement is coming on America and the world, and it’s going to be ugly”.  Do you recall, she, nor her dad Billy, nor her brother Franklin Graham have EVER talked about anything but salvation which is totally totally wonderful.  BUT, now all they are talking about is the End of the World, just like so many of us that love the Lord are.  Right. Yes, we are THERE.  What a beautiful truth of a scripture is Acts 2:17 and Joel 2:28 : “And it shall come to pass  in the last days saith God, I will pour out my spirit among all flesh, your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall have visions and your old men shall dream dreams”.  Oh dear Lord, yes I have had some of your visions and dreams, this past year, especially since March in the middle of the night.


Friends, if the following article from The Times of Israel yesterday, May 13th doesn’t leap frog us towards the Edge of Time and gives us both fearful and at the same time exhilirating chills that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is coming back sooner than we may think.  Just listen to this : “Vatican recognizes State of Palestine in New Treaty”.  Friends, Pope Francis and the Roman Catholic Church has officially recognized the State of Palestine Treaty, as it was finalized yesterday, the first legal document ever negotiated between the “Holy See” and the Palestinian State and constitutes an official recognition.  Palestinian President Abbas will see Pope Francis on Saturday, May 16th.  The finalized agreement will be signed in the near future between the two.  Ruffled feathers, Bibi’s Foreign Ministry spokesman says : “We’ll study the agreement and consider our next steps accordingly”.  Unbelievable, to see this in our lifetime, the precipice of Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm “THE  COVENANT” with many for one week…”.  WOW!! How fast forward this speeds up the BBM omens is absolutely indescribable.  And for the Pope to be with Obama and the UN (United Nothing) all together in 4 months, smack in the middle of the Lord’s two Holy Feasts of Atonement,( Yom Kippur) and Tabernacles, night of the 4th BBM, Supermoon over Jerusalem, the one and only Supermoon in a BBM in world history.  Shakespeare, just got trumped, no one could have directed and produced a play like this. Only God Himself, with the blow of His nostril has done this.  YIKES, KOWABUNGA, We Are There.  And for this to happen 3 hours before the 67th birthday of Israel as a nation, May 14th, 1948, how prophetically timed is that for our Creator.  Don’t forget, now 1.4 billion Catholics, as represented by the Pope, have been asked to just trash God in the fullest.  No fear, He’s in full control, just waiting for Zach. 12:9 : “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”.


This reprehensible ICC kangaroo courts demands Israel produce a full report on last year’s Gaza war where 2,200 Gazans and 72 Israelis died, totally unproportional in their dastardly and mean spirited minds.  This request is as a result of the Palestinian’s official legally written claim to the ICC and accepted by the ICC on May 12th to hold Israel and her leader Bibi responsible for the Humanitarian Crimes and Criminal War Crimes against their people.  Israel calls this a “scandalous act”.  Further, if Israel fails to submit this report- and they have denounced it vehemently – then the ICC “will perform their own investigation and issue remedies accordingly”.  Well take a flying leap into any of the world’s 36 currently erupting volcanoes, ICC.  These feckless nut jobs along with the Palestinians who became a full-fledged member nation of the ICC on April 1st, those “fools”, have provoked our Lord’s anger.  Zeph. 2:10,11 : “…they (the nations) have magnified themselves against the people of the Lord..The Lord will be terrible unto them : for He will famish all the gods of the earth…”.  Friends, other than Canada’s leaders, its 190 out of 192 UN (United Ninmees) against Israel in this post today, is it not?

EUROPE :  “Greece is the word” as per John Travolta, I keep saying.  They’re on life support as never before.  They just paid the IMF, $900 million on debt owed with a “loan from a loan”.  Kind of like a revolving credit card to pay another credit card.  Cataclysmic dominoes will roll as gov’t. employees and all Greek citizen’s pensions and disability and social security payments are due May 31st.  This we will watch.



1.  Just look at this dose of over 100 earthquakes total that have hit the U.S. this past week :  3.7 magnitude Snohomish, Wash., 3.3 Redding, Calif., a 4.3 East of San Fransico, (5 of them in total), 4.6 in Alaska, 3 North of Dallas 2.7 to 3.7, and more in north Texas, a 4.0 was largest in history for the north 1/2 of Texas, a 4.5 on Big Island of Hawaii, 2 in Arizona, 3.2, and east of Los Angeles, a 3.7.  Although no casualties, who has heard of such a cluster in so short a time?  Friends how can it not be from God?

2.  a)  The California drought is so serious, for 1st time ever in State’s history, the State Water Control Board is now enforcing a mandated water usage cut up to 36% for Every “man, woman, child, home, business, city, county, state office to be fully in effect June 1st for all.  b)  Drought has now spread to Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, just like magma or lava and the “ooze” in the Ninja Turtles movie long ago.  Main reason is Lake Mead, America’s largest reservior is down to 38% of capacity an all time low record, 55,000,000 people affected.  c)  Oregon, 34% extreme drought, Nevada is 50% extreme drought, California, an unprecedented 96% extreme drought, and 47% of that is exceptional drought, highest category.

3.  Mid May : 18″ snow in Black Hills,South Dakota, snow in Denver, 5″ in Flagstaff, Ariz. 95 degrees in Charlotte, 90 degrees along the East Coast.  What wacky weather.

4.  Largest ice breaks since records kept : 16 mile iceberg breaks off Antartica, NASA warns of major ocean and weather pattern threat in 2015.

5.  40% of the world’s remaining “40%” beehives died in 2014, meaning only 24% are left on earth.

6.  2nd quake just west of Mt. Everest, 7.3, May 11th.  Friends, do you just feel God is talking to us with all this, especially, since he “pounded down” what just so happens to be the tallest point on earth, Mt. Everest, with these 2 quakes, shrunk 31/2 feet from it’s record heighth as the highest point at the top of the world.  Just like He “pounded down” Tower of Babel when man got too giddy and full of pride and strived to be god’s themselves, fast forward 5,000 years to today, des jeax vous all over again.  Again I’m sorry to be so reiterative, but His BBMs tell us WE ARE THERE.  If this stuff isn’t Matthew 24:7s “earthquakes in diverse places”, shame on me.  He’s coming soon.

7.  FYI, Drudge Report, 5-10: To pass a final exam in a course at Univ. of Cal. , San Diego, all students had to show up “naked” for entire class period to get a passing grade. How ridiculous.  Friend, satan is doing his thing.


1.  Because of their hate of Obama’s pathetic nuclear deal with Iran, who Obama promised a $50 million dollar “bonus baby” side-deal enticement if they sign the agreement. All Gulf nations, led by Saudi Arabia, in hi-level summit, agree to institute an embargo to refuse purchase of all U.S. military equipment if they are dissatisfied with the contents of the Deal from Hell.

2.  WOW,  Iran welcomes their new baby into the world, called “Afghanistan” Emma.  The two countries sign multi-year trade, intelligence sharing, and oil agreements.  The oil deals further increase Saudi Arabia’s fear and hate of Iran and her spreading tentacles as they’ve fed the Afghan’s oil for decades until this week, now nothing.

3.  All 6 Gulf states along with Jordan, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Canada, 3 Benelux countries, Australia taking part in multi-nation military exercises.  Hmmmm!!!  So many nations, is there anybody they left out?  Well, tick-tock, the game is locked, and nobody else can play.  Thanks again, for isolation America, you Obama.

4.  China’s quest to make the “yaun” the world’s currency gained a major stride with the Int’l Monetary Fund as the IMF declares the yuan for first time, “fair-valued”.  They will now evaluate how to integrate the yuan into the World Currency Reserves and Special Drawing Rights along with the Dollar, yen, euro, and Swiss Frank.  In essence, this is the step China needed to assert itself to destroy the dollar.

5.  Gog War Alliance : President of Turkey (Ezek. 38:2), Edrogan goes to Tehran, Iran (Ezek. 38:5) and makes major alliances with their Pres. Rohani to “fully” align each other with political economic, oil and natural gas “strategic” partnerships for the future.  Friends, it’s another of God’s last day prophecy fulfillment exploding before our very eyes at this time for “this” generation to witness.  Thank you BBM WINDOW.

6.  Much more, China’s President Xi and Vladimer Putin sit together side by side for hours before a worldwide photorama of the 2 leaders celebrating Moscow Victory Day Parade.  Only other time 2 leaders of China and Russia together was in 1949 with Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin, both responsible for the most Christian persecution and murdering of millions of innocents the modern world has ever seen.  Here we go again, Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now and that which is to be HAS ALREADY BEEN”.

7.  Another first, Russia and China naval military undergoing secret naval exercises.  That’s unheard of.  But in the Mediterranean Sea, with no foreign ships or patrols allowed in their area, WOW!!!  That is very remarkable.

8.  Gulf States, led by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, and Italy meet in Cairo May 18th to consolidate strategies to take-over terror-infested Libya.  Oh, Obama, oh America, where are you, you ALWAYS used to be there.

9.  Iran, the world’s naughty nuclear deceivers, flaunt their ego after “weasel” statement of Obama ordering all U.S. patrol ships to no more “partake” anymore in any participation in the Straits of Hormuz.  (Part of his “chicken pivot” out of the Middle East).  Iran stopped a 10th foreign ship entering the Straits and had to fire upon it to “inspect” it (a Singapore ship) they say.

10.  Lastly, little egg on Obama’s pearly whites : Yep, another first ever, Saudi Arabia’s King and 13 of 15 other Arab leaders “snub” Obama’s American/Arab summit today in Camp David in defiance of his love for Iran and the “Deal from Hell”.  One leader even went to a horse show in the UK with Queen Elisabeth.  This shows they won’t put up with Obama’s naive charades .  They send only 2nd level officials.  Oh well, 2 out of 16 that go, not even as good as a Major League pitcher’s batting average of .125.  Friends, I can see it soooo clearly why America is not mentioned in the Bible.  Oh, what a web we have weaved as our President continues to deceive, our nation, Israel, and the world.

Well, there you have it, we are closer than ever Bible prophecy-wise and physical date countdown wise to September, 2015 and as only God knows, to possibly Oct. 2016. end of His Jubilee year, His acceptable year.  And as per BBM discoverer Mark Biltz, says God does not do things out of sequence with “HIS” calendar of Special Feasts, Shemitahs, Jubilees, and how about adding these unprecedented BBMs, so perfectly symmetrical for what He is implying for us to WATCH and PRAY, because it will soon be Rapture, then Rupture as in Great Tribulation as a wise follower/friend has told me.  May you stay on fire WITH THE LORD and have all “faith” in Him, especially these next 4 plus months, I tell you He’s going to close His Book of Life soon.  Mark 13:37 : “And what I say unto you, I say unto all, Watch”.  May God Bless.